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#14917 - Falshir

0 · 223 views · located in Paragon Inc Facility

a character in “Morningside Research Facility”, as played by Specmarine


ID Number: #14917
Informal Name/s: Falshir
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Floor: Lower Floor


Hair Colour: Not Visible
Eye Colour: Not Visible

Body Type: A large body composed of metal. Although his limbs are long blades he possesses a good deal of strength. His body can resist small arms fire such as pistols, blunt and sharp objects but any other weapon such as rifles and shotguns will work on the subject. Although Falshir cannot eat it uses the drill to "drain" whatever it eats just like a mosquito.
Physical Mutations Evident: Very evident. Falshir cannon hide his mutations. His arms and legs are long blades and has a long drill attached to his face

Abilities and Mutations

Type/s: Camouflage: Falshir can blend into his surroundings and does not need to be next to walls in order to blend into the environment, although it is not known how he does it.

Quiet moving: Although the subject is large and its means of walking is using its blades the subject can walk without making the slightest bit of noise even on metal floors, but it prefers to walk around noisily most of the time.

Drain life: Although the subject can't heal it's wounds overtime, when it begins to use the drill on his face it can absorb the very essence of whatever it is eating and heal itself.

Potential Utilizations for Mutation:

Flaws or Defects Evident in Subject:
-Even though Falshir can camouflage anywhere he is he can not move fast while is like that, if he does the camouflage with not work completely reaviling parts of him if he moves fast

-Sometimes the subject will be unmoving and will not respond to anything

-the subject hates all medical personally and will attack them if they are close to him, but taking off your lab uniform when around him will cause him to not attack you

Psychological Profile

Personality Traits: Falshir is normally quiet and capable of speech, although when he does speak it sound as though someone was talking in a broken radio with a static interference. When people speak to the subject he does understand what they are saying but will usually stare at them, sometimes answering a question.

Psychological Irregularities: At first Falshir was hostile to everyone when he was moved to the lower floor but in a few days he stopped trying to attack security personal and other personal besides medical personal.


Notable Skills: Falshir can easily plan things when the situation arises

Notable Disadvantages: Due to not being able to speak clearly and mostly being quiet he is not very social when it comes to talking.


Background: Supposedly Falshir was supposed to be created as a means to support units on the battlefield such as being mobile cover or long range support. The first days of the project went well, they had a subject to begin testing on and began to make their idea into reality. Following the second week in the project due to a dropped beaker caused the person who was injecting mutagen into the subject to fall over and caused the mutagen to go all over the subject causing him to convulse and then shortly "died". The project was canceled right then and there and the scientists in three room prepared to dispose of their failed subject, but that's when they noticed Falshir had gone missing which triggered a slight panic among the group as they prepared to leave. Attempting to leave the head researcher of the project doctor Morris bumped into something invisible in front of him and shortly after was impaled by two invisible blades resulting in his death. Four more scientists were killed before security personal took action and detained the subject.

Actions of note within facility: Subjects behavior is improving, he is talking slightly more and only attacks medical personal if they get to close, in conclusion he may be moved to the upper floors if he stops attacking medical personal altogether.

So begins...

#14917 - Falshir's Story

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In the lower levels, a head doctor walked through the hallway to head to one of the subjects containment cell. As he arrived he walked into a room next to the containment cell and was greeted by other fellow doctors, "how is subject 14917 doing so far?" The head doctor asked as he opened up a shutter to look in the cell, "same as yesterday, still quiet and doing nothing" a doctor replied to the question.

Falshir stood in his almost empty room, since he did not use beds or desks. All he had in the room was a table with an old fashioned record player on top playing classical music. He looked at the window and stared directly at it, although it was a one way window he knew people stared at him, watching him.

The head doctor closed the shutters to stop looking at the subject, "it always gives me the creeps...I'm going to go look at last weeks data on the subject, keep a eye on it and record anything new" the head doctor said before he opened the door and left.