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Carter West

Just smile, no one will suspect a thing

0 · 208 views · located in Morrowfield

a character in “Morrowfield's Bloody Night”, as played by _Midnight_


Full Name: Carter West

Nickname (or, if you’re a killer, are you known by a certain Alias?): N/A

Age: 20

Personality: Carter stays quiet, as to not get noticed. If someone approaches her, she just smiles and acts nice. She has discovered that smiling is the best way to cover something up. Underneath the nice/quiet persona, Carter is rather insane. She only longs for seeing blood shed.

Physical description (realistic picture or written or both): Image

Carter's dark brown hair is the natural shade to accompany her olive skin. Her grey eyes with a tinge of purple are probably her most unique feature. She stands tall at 5'7, and is quite slender, weighing exactly 102 lbs.

Past: Carter never followed the rules. She loved to see blood, and would "accidentally" slice her classmates with scissors as a child. When her parents found out about this, they were infuriated, and took away all of her privileges. She ran away at age 14, to seek places with more blood. She ended up in Morrowfield.

Witch/Human: Human

Power (don’t go overboard. Keep it simple): No super human powers, though she is rather cunning and smart.

Killer or victim: Killer

For Killers-Signature weapon: Knifes, scissors

Killers-Why were you cursed?: When she was a child, she once accidentally killed a classmate instead of just stabbing them.


So begins...

Carter West's Story


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"yessss," Jack replied to Trinity, "She could be used for that. Very well. We'll keep her around. But as for myself, I would like to claim either Renee or Artemis. Whichever is more...available. But then..." he looked around, "where is our darling Carter? Should she not be here now?" he sighed.
Candice smiled at them all. "you know what? I have to go. I forgot something at home, but I'll meet you all there! Just unlock the window for me!" she said to Lacey who knew Candy would scale the fire escape and come in through the window. She smiled and stood up. Then she ran for the parking lot before anyone could offer her a ride because of the rain. She fumbled with her lock on her bike. Which she had quickly done when she went out to get Otter.


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"Yessss. She could be used for that. Very well. We'll keep her around. But as for myself, I would like to claim either Renee or Artemis. Whichever is more...available. But then... Where is our darling Carter? Should she not be here now?" Trinity noticed for the first time Carter wasn't here. She tried to recall the rather quiet girl ever telling her she wouldn't be here for some reason, but she couldn't remember anything of the sort. Strange.

"Well, I'm afraid I must go. I have a boy to capture." She said, standing up straight. And with that, she gave a nod to Jack, and silently slipped out of the cave, gone with in a minute, sprinting towards the general direction of the town.
"...glad you are coming." What? Christine saw the girl smiling at her, so she was pretty sure it was directed towards her. She shrugged and took the last bite of the burger, fishing the money needed for the food out of her pocket and standing. She threw the crumpled 10 dollar bill on the table and walked over to the door, not bothering to announce she was leaving. She simply walked out, and walked over to where her car was parked.