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Flint Silverlight

I think you need to just relax a bit.

0 · 274 views · located in Morrowfield

a character in “Morrowfield's Bloody Night”, originally authored by Lux_Disraeli, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name:Roger Flint Silverlight

Nickname (or, if you’re a killer, are you known by a certain Alias?): Flint


Personality:Roger is cocky and reckless never one to not speak his mind. He is friendly and likeable has a bad habit of talking before he thinks, He is overprotective of Lacey and of Candy as well.

Physical description (realistic picture or written or both): Image

Past:Flint is really protective over Lacey but tries to pretend he doesn't care what she does. He went to school and was friends with Juliet. He views Candy as a little sister as well and is a bit more overprotective of her then Lacey mainly because Lacey tends to be a spitfire when he get all big brothery.


Power (don’t go overboard. Keep it simple):emotional projection, he can force peoples moods to be better or worse

Killer or victim:Vic

Victim-How well can you control your powers?:He has much better control over projecting happy feelings then projecting the negative side.

Other: He lives in the apartment across the fall from Lacey

So begins...

Flint Silverlight's Story


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Flint stepped out of the shower checking his phone seeing a handful of texts from Lacey. He sat hsi phone down as another text came in. Par-tay you want to come join?"He rolled his eyes and shot her a "sure that cute little redhead will be coming over to it right?" He smirked as his sister sent back just what he thought she would Yes she will be but ewwwww sleezy she wouldn't go for you He flipped his phone closed and went to get dressed and went to wait for her to get home.


Lacey laughed as she read Flint's text asking if Art would be going, She glanced over at her as she got up "Flint asked if you'd be there Arty." She grabbed her keys up "well I can drive a handful over, um so who ever wants to head over with me come on. She smiled at Christine "And I am glad you are coming." She slide her hand into Cal's speaking softly to him "And i am glad you are too." She arched a brow at Lexi-Anna "You ok Lexi you kinda look like you saw a ghost." She arched a brow as Candy bolted out "I swear she gets weirder all the time." She started to head out when her phone buzzed she flipped it open reading the text over a few times before tossing her keys to Cal "Do me a favor and give who ever a ride over to my house." She turned back to him "And Cal if you hurt my baby I will so be upset." She hurried out of the dinner when Flint sent a "outside now" text

She left the diner getting on the back of Flint's bike. "Did you really do something so stupid as to not lock your door before you left seriously Ace you aren't that stupid are you really?" Lacey glowered at him "No I am not that stupid Flint." He shook his head and burnt out . She made her way up to her apartment, kicking the door open her breath held until she made it into her bed room and started a coughing fit. "Thats really weird I only get that way around cats. Flint walked into the kitchen to look for anyone when Ace glanced down and saw a tail under her bed. "What the hell?" She bent to look under the bed and stifled a scream. "What in the bloody hell are you doing!" She threw a hand over her face her other hand going to her temple "My shirt why in my shirt and why the hell did you bring your beast into the apartment you know i am allergic." Flint came barreling in stopping at the door "Nate?" Lacey sighed and rolled her eyes "Look i don't care right now just take your feline back to your place before anyone gets here." She gave a dismissive wave. Flint stepped behind her putting a hand on her shoulder making her back in her chippery hyper mood. She smacked his hand "Don't do that crap brat."


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Cal nodded and took the keys from her. "Anyone need a ride?" he asked the group.


CCG breathed loudly as Ace found him. "Hi, Lacey," he said in a nerdy kind of voice. He put the cat down. Then he went over to her and lifted her arm up to smell her armpit. How refreshing!
"You smell nice. Can I borrow some of your deoderant.
His attention then turned to Flint. "Hi, Flint," he said and sniffed his face. Then he licked it. He began to cough and hack away all over Flint. after about a minute he said, "you're prickly." He then licked the boy again.
He paused and turned to Ace. He stared at her for a moment and then began to pet her hair. "You're having a party?" he asked while trying to munch on a lock of her hair.


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Lacey blinked at CCG "Are you freakin kidding me right now." She held her arms firmly at her side. "I think you should be heading home no--." She voice left her throat when she saw him like Flint as her hand flew to her mouth as he went in for another lick. Flint lifted a brow almost all the way up to his hair line. "You are the creepiest guy ever." He said simply pointing out the door. "Like Lace said I think you should be going now." Ace looked at him and nodded pulling her hair from his mouth. Her mind started to race about the Psychology classes she took and how from day one CCG fit them all to a t. "If you want to come by later when everyone else is here its fine, just no cats." She walked into the kitchen as Flint help him to the door. Lacey opened the window to the fire escape for Candy as she texted Cal. "Had a lovely run in with CCG he let himself in to my place again, hate to be the damsel in distress but you mind being here like 5 mins ago k thanks." She flipped her phone shut before quickly flipping it open and rereading what she sent. wait to go Ace might as well have just said ps i love you at the end of that... She kicked herself as she got everything set up.


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Artemis groaned a bit as Lacey told her about Flint wanting to know if she was coming. She found him to be a pain in the neck. Sure he was cute, but he was too cocky for her liking. Maybe they could play some games and then she'd show him who was boss. Lacey departed with her brother, while Candy ran out right into the rain. Why anybody would willingly go out into that down pour was beyond her.

The red head picked up her keys and headed to the door, not bothering to offer Christine, Lexi-Anna, Ford, or Otter a ride. She simply headed outside and started up her car, waiting to see if Issac would bring anybody with him.


"Candy-" he started to say, but she was already gone. Issac didn't want her to get hurt or sick. He would have gone after her himself, but the rain would probably make him trip and fall. And Artemis had already almost run him over tonight when backing out of the driveway and thinking he was already in the car. Something was seriously wrong with his sister.

He waited until Cal offered up some rides before offering as well. "My sister has two spots in the back of her bug."