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Marcelle Ubir

The youngest son of an Imperial slave trader

0 · 209 views · located in Morrowind, Tamriel

a character in “Morrowind's Salvation”, as played by XavierDantius32


Marcelle is a typical Imperial, medium hight and build with sallow skin and a hooked nose. His blue eyes bulge from his head, giving him a rather repulsive appearence not helped by the crescent shaped burn scar, that runs from the corner of his left eye, to the corner of his mouth. Marcelle is covered with numerous burns all over his back, chest and hands.

* Power: Star of the West - Absorb Fatigue Absorb Fatigue 200 pts on target
* Power: Voice of the Emperor - Charm Charm 25 to 50 pts for 15 seconds on target


Marcelle is deeply scarred, mentally as well as physically, by his past. He suffers from nightmares, practically every time he puts his head to pillow, forcing him into nights of pacing and little sleep. This does little to build his temprement, making him angry and prone to flying off the handle at the slightest things. He is also capable of great malice and cruelty, especially to those he sees as lesser races, the argonians and khajit for example.

Major Skills

  • Long Blade Marcelle learned the fine art of fencing from a breton tutor hired by his father.
  • Mercantile From following his father to and from the slave markets, Marcelle quickly learned how to haggle.
  • Speechcraft From an early age, it was clear Marcelle would be a smooth talker, and now despite his rather hideous appearence, he can still charm an argonian out of the water.
  • Unarmoured Along with the fencing, Marcelle learned how to take a hit without the need for armour. This skill was fostered by the constant beatings he took from his brothers during his youth


Marcelle used to dress to impress, but since the tragedy that befell his family, he sticks to functional clothes. He wears a pair of black pants, coupled with a pair of battered netch leather boots. Over his slightly muscled torso, he wears a long sleeved canvas shirt, and a set of sturdy leather gloves that disguise more burns on his hands. Around his neck he wears a signet ring on a simple silver chain. The ring is enchanted with a basic restore health spell that keeps away the pain of the numerous burns on his body.

A simple steel fencing sabre, with Marcelle's family crest worked into the hilt

Enchanted Items
The signet ring worn around Marcelle's neck carries a simple restore health spell


Marcelle was born in Vvardenfell, to a pair of Imperial settlers who arrived in Ebonheart before the eruption of Red Mountain. His father was a rich noble hailing from the maritime city of Anvil. Using his connections in Anvil, Marcelle's father set up a lucrative slaving racket throughout Vvardenfell.

Marcelle was schooled at home, by his mother and three elder brothers. He was given a broad education, but the focus was largely on good business practice and how to make a bargin. He suffered at the hands of his brothers, due to his small stature at a younger age. However, he became a rather good swordsman due to the attention of a private tutor. At the age of 15, Marcelle began to work along side his father at the slave market, where his creul streak became evident. He adminstered many beatings with the flat of his sabre and was responcible for the deaths of at least four slaves.

It was on his 18th birthday that the tragedy struck. During the party, a pair of Argonian slaves slipped their chains in the fields outside Marcelle's country estate and overpowered the guards. The brothers grabbed flaming torches and set fire to the house. Marcelle was on the second floor, engaged in a rather lewd act with one of the serving maids when the flames started to lick around the windows. The heat from the fire caused the large windows to explode, showering Marcelle with glass shards. Escaping from the room, he became trapped as the roof caved in, pinning him under a roof timber. From this position, he watched in horror as the Argonians entered the house, smashing his brothers to the ground with make-shift clubs and brutally raping his mother. His father, appeared in time to pull the timber off Marcelle's chest, but not before he had been sevearly burnt on the face, chest and hands. The pair of them managed to slay one of the Argonians and escape the house as it collapsed behind them.

As the pair ran out, Marcelle was overcome by his injuries and passed out in the wet grass. He awoke, in the middle of the night, the ghostly light from Tamriel's moons shining in the sky, to find his father dead, hanging from a tree with slave manacles wrapped around his neck. Still greviously wounded, Marcelle staggered out into the wilds, beset by rage and pain. After a few days stumbling blindly through the forests, he arrived on the outskirts of Balmora, where a mage's guild healer found him and healed his wounds.

For months after the tragedy, Marcelle haunted the streets of Balmora like a ghost, his nightmares keeping him from the embrace of sleep. He suffered from visions while he was awake, the nightmares emerging from sleep into his waking world. These visions were of demons, born of the fire that had destroyed his life sweeping across Vvardenfell and the rest of Tamriel. As he looked on, Azura appeared to him, taking the guise of his mother, telling him to seek others to help prevent the demons and that he would be rewarded with a chance of seeing his family again. This was the last vision Marcelle suffered from. The scar tissue on his face changed. The red angry mass formed a crescent shape, like the moon of Azura, from the corner of his eye, to the corner of his mouth. This is how the others would recognise him.

So begins...

Marcelle Ubir's Story