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A fledging member of the Thieves' Guild, full of both energy and conviction.

0 · 186 views · located in Morrowind, Tamriel

a character in “Morrowind's Salvation”, as played by Imehal


โ€You will find this lash-marked thief ridding you of your possessions. Her energy may irritate but have patience."

Name: Porithia.
Alias: Por.
Title(s): None.
Age: Forty-two years old.
Gender: Female.
Race: Altmer.
Racial Abilities:

Resist Common Disease: 75%
Fortify Maximum Magicka 1.5x Intellect (150% more Magicka)
Weakness to Shock: 25%
Weakness to Frost: 25%
Weakness to Fire: 50%
Weakness to Magicka: 50%


Nerves did not seem to bother this new initiate outwardly, clothed in dark green from head to foot, save for a brown cincher around her waist that has various pouches and leather wraps clipped to it. Even her boots were dyed green leather, which contrasted favourably with her pale skin and fiery red long hair, which was plaited tightly.

Her expression was one of quiet contemplation, ordinary shaped eyes looking alert at everything around her with suspicion before sighing and inclining her head towards the leader of this town's guild. She wasn't exactly deferential but knew where was respect and obedience was due. Then, she smiled.

โ€œI'm Por. Thanks for not just killing me outright. So what happens now?โ€

Blunt, cheery and observant no matter the circumstance and full of confidence to boot. Those around Por quickly learnt that she took things as they came at her and followed failure with personal reflection. Even if she wasn't always successful, she never made the same mistake twice and definitely had never been caught.


- Two nondescript daggers of different lengths.
- A blackjack.
- A worn leather tunic and trousers, patched in various places with scraps of leathers, covering sturdy and relatively clean neutral underclothes.
- A set of hand-me-down but well crafted thief's tools, along with a few numerous loose standard lock-picks in a pouch on her belt, hidden in a secret compartment. String, marbles and even coins make up her make-shift equipment.
- Backpack that contains a spare pair of dry clothing, a few candles, flint and tinder, a few day's rations and perhaps a few things that did not really belong to her. There is a bed roll strapped to the bottom of the pack, tightly wrapped.

Major Skills

Restoration - Por appears to have some ability when it comes to wielding magic, particularly of the healing variety, using it both to her and rare allies' advantage. However lack of training means that although she can cast well enough to heal broken bones and sometimes even severe injuries when given time and quiet. Casting on the fly still proves interesting however.

Security โ€“ Despite being a new 'initiate' into the Thieves' Guild, Por has spent the majority of her life teaching herself how to break into most locks and even using her magical ability to detect spelled items.

Sneak โ€“ Whether in public or when working, Por is always careful to remain soft-footed and unnoticed which her small stature assists with. Often people do not hear her approaching and even when they are watching her, the lack of sound behind her precise footsteps is unnerving. Shadows are her friend, utilising them to keep herself hidden in situations that are not in her favour.


There isn't much that Porithia likes to tell of her past but that does not mean there is not a lot to it. Her father โ€“ Amarilus - served in the Imperial Guard and her mother, Partia, was a capable seamstress who found much work around the town of Anvil, which they lived just outside the borders of. Their life was simple but content until the day Porithia was born. There was a terrible storm so that no one heard the screams of her dying mother, forced to give birth to her child and then die with the small babe crying and covered in blood at the end of the bed.

The child was found early the next morning by a customer calling to check on her clothing's progress. There was a brief funeral and word was sent to her father in the Imperial City. It was not until two weeks later that her father returned to Anvil and found his daughter not in the care of a kind family or friend but in the small orphanage a day's ride away. He had been trying to obtain a transfer to the town's guard but no one would grant his request. Thus arrangements were made for the child to be cared for well by the orphanage and he would donate part of his monthly wages to the place to ensure this.

So for a time, life was endurable and the child grew up without either of her parents, save for the occasional visit. Contentment until word was sent from the capital. Amarilus had suffered a grievous wound against a fleeing murderer just outside the city. It had been fatal and Porithia was alone in the world at the age of five but aside from grief at the loss of the only family she had ever known she continued on. After all tragedy that surrounded her birth she had endured through, all smiles and kindness despite her inner pain.

Life passed peacefully until Por was twelve years old. To this day, she cannot quite recall the exacts of the events that took place over the days that carried her from the fields surrounding Anvil far south to Skingrad.

Those years still only come in shards of memory to Porithia though the lash marks across her back and thighs are indicative of an oppressive existence. Loneliness, dark and seemingly never-ending pain.

She remembers her escape; the sweet taste of fresh air and smell of nature made her feel so grateful for her life, no matter what she had been through. Never forget this moment. Her silent vow to never let go of the joy and excitement that life brought and to force through hardships without dismissing their importance.

Those first few years were hard. Sleepless nights haunted by nightmares meant that even her waking hours were sluggish, having the energy to find food each night before retiring into the closest city. She never settled for fear that they would find her again and take her freedom once more. It took in excess of a year before Porithia was finally able to settle, choosing to pay for a room in an inn in the Imperial City for a week. It was not time wasted, the young Altmer finding having a place to come home to very comforting but unsure of how she would fund such an existence.

An opportunity came about in the form of a shop assistant in the Elven district. Her past was not the concern but appearance. Elves serving elves. The right image. For a few years she was grounded and even started to make friends amongst her boss and some frequent patrons.

Then the Oblivion gates came.

Chaos descended over Cyrodill like a heavy woollen blanket and although the Imperial City escaped the devastation until the very end, life changed. Refugees from the worst hit areas poured into the biggest city. Things began to go missing from the shop periodically and eventually, Porithia took drastic measures to figure out who the culprit was. Her survival skills from the years alone came into play now, hiding in the shadows of the shop.

The thief, who came at midnight, was a bumbling idiot in comparison to her. Later she would learn he was an initiate who had been given a specific item from the shop to steal to become a fully fledged member. An item of no consequence but that did not matter to Porithia, nor did she believe in the guild itself. All that mattered was getting the item back.

That night Porithia came across the entrance to the Thieves' Guild and fled from what it meant. Soon, she began to hide out in the shop more often at night, watching the thieves come and pass their tests by breaking the lock and stealing little items. Curiously they were always returned but it was the principle of the thing to her and after months of improving and honing her skills to the point of an expert the ruin brought about by Oblivion gates reached its climax.

From there came the repairs of rule and society but whilst she helped around the city doing her part, some of Porithia burned with curiosity about the guild she had been forced to stop observing in the wake of all the things that needed to be done.

So, once she had a spare moment the Altmer took a risk that would change her life forever. She went down to the guild entrance she knew and walked in the front door. Really, she was just damn lucky that it had not been the Assassins, not that she believed in them.

It turned out that they'd been aware of her actions alongside them for as long as she had been following them, impressed by both her tenacity and ability. The conclusion after a long discussion was that she was set her own trial, obviously not to steal from her workplace. She passed easily and progressed in the guild alongside her job for a short time before being invited on a flagship job to Morrowind and most specifically Balmora.

The revelation of the Grey Fox and the rumours of the Khajiit prompted the guild to desire to make their presence known in the Dunmer homeland. Thus with only a few other members from various other guild houses, she left Cyrodiil to navigate the oft dangerous journey towards the destroyed region. They have finally arrived at Balmora, enjoying the peace of the town by comparison to the journey.

Porithia herself is intrigued by the town's diversity and intends to explore as much as she does mean to make the guild's presence felt within one of the few still standing towns of the damaged area.

So begins...

Porithia's Story