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World of Oarth

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Alyania kept her eyes watching the people of the tavern as she sipped her drink. In and out they went. Alyania's eyes drifted over to the table where two human women spoke from time to time... well one of them spoke.. the other just made some unknown hand signs. Alyania soon grew bored of the two and let her eyes wonder yet again... That is when the Dwarf walked in. Alyania couldn't help but watch the dwarf. How he stood out with his red outfit and strange gear that seemed to pulse with magic. She couldn't place the strange tattoo no matter now many times she looked over it's design. Alyania noted the brief glance to the two women before the dwarf went to join the hooded elf. Alyania glanced back to the women wondering if they knew him but they seemed as puzzled as she was. Alyania decided to keep watch trying to see if she could make out anything the dwarf and elf said.