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Gwendolyn Swann

"Don't cry because it happen, smile because it's over."

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a character in “Mount Olympus Academy”, as played by Imagine That!




Full Name: Gwendolyn Hope Swann
Nicknames: Gwen is her only nickname.
Age: Eighteen
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Birthdate: 25th of July.
Home Town: Los Angeles, California.
Sexuality: Bisexual.

Likes: The Beach ♦ Summer ♦ Tea ♦ Puppies and kittens, actually, any baby thing ♦ Charmed ♦ The Marvel and DC universe ♦ Sex ♦ Whiskey ♦ Cherries ♦ Changing her look ♦
Dislikes: Posers ♦ coffee ♦ being turned down and ignored ♦ bad hair days ♦ seafood and shellfish ♦ gangster movies ♦ dangly bracelets that click and clack ♦ being too warm, or too hot ♦ goats ♦ people who wear too much cologne or perfume.
Fears: Gwen is only scared of a couple of things, but the idea of becoming too much like her mother is a thought that scares her. She doesn't want to be someone that uses her body and charms to get men, and that the only reason she is with someone is because she's a daughter of Aphrodite. No, she wants someone to care about her for being just her. She's also terrified of spiders, and anything that creeps and crawls along the floor.

Personality: Gwen isn't your typical daughter of Aphrodite; whilst she does like messing around and having a good time with guys, and sometimes even women, she doesn't want to be seen as someone who will only be useful for sex. She is someone who has more morals than that, and wants more in life than just being seen as a whore. She is intelligent, not enough to get straight A's, but she does study and if she has a big test, she will do her best to get a good grade, no matter how hard she has to work for it. She puts one-hundred percent effort into everything that she does, be it work, play or just when she dances around her room with a smile on her face. As much as she loves to make herself look pretty and picking out the right clothes for her day, Gwen isn't the sort of person who will stop and check herself out in the mirror; being vain isn't one of the traits that she inherited from her mother.

Gwen doesn't trust people very well, because of her past, and she doesn't like opening herself up until she is sure that the person she's talking to is a friend, not a foe. The blonde can be quite jumpy, especially at night time and she's outside on her own, but it's nothing that she can't get over with a cup of tea and a cuddle from a friend. She usually likes to take someone with her, and isn't all that fond of being alone. She can be quite quick tempered when she is pushed in the wrong direction, and despite not being the most confident of people, she will stand up for what she believes in.

History: Gwendolyn Hope Swann was born to Michael and his wife, Victoria; her father was the head of Swann Industries, a large company that own many things around the city, such as the newspaper, the hospital, and many of the stores around on the high street. Being the owner of such a large company however, he wasn't around much, and it didn't take long for Victoria to leave the family. She couldn't deal with her husband being away all of the time and felt as if she were a single mother to their daughter. Michael wasn't around a lot, and Gwen was mainly left in the care of her nanny, a Hispanic woman who took care of her, and practically raised her as her own daughter, hence why she doesn't act like the spoiled brat that she should.

Whilst Michael tried to shower his daughter in gifts and presents to try and gain her trust and forgiveness for leaving her alone with a nanny most of her childhood, as she grew, Gwen decided that she wasn't going to take it from him. She ended up keeping everything that he bought her and stuck them in a closet, because he wouldn't accept them returned to him, and had his PA send them back to his daughter. Gwen didn't want to be the daughter of an absent father, and by the of fifteen she started to rebel, smoking, drinking, and partying until the early hours of the morning. She had no regards for her health and used her body in whatever way she wanted. But soon, that turned against her, and one day, Gwendolyn found out that she was pregnant. The girl had no idea who the baby's father was, and at the age of sixteen, she knew that she wasn't apt to be a mother. She didn't tell her father, only her nanny - the only parental figure that she had, and they spoke about what her best options would be. In the end, Gwen decided to keep her child, and to try and be a better parents than her father ever had been to her.

But, she never ended up having her baby. In fact, she miscarried the child when she was mugged in the street, one night on the way home when she was in her first trimester. The girl was jumped, the muggers recognizing her face from the papers, instantly clicking her face in to their minds as the daughter of Michael Swann. They stole her phone, her handbag, her leather jacket and a few other things as well, and before they left - they threw her to the floor, and beat her, repeatedly until she was unconscious. After four days in hospital, and not one visit from her father, Gwen returned home and settled into a reclusive state, hiding in her room, staying in bed for days. She didn't see the point in getting up and moving, and all of her confidence had just been stolen. It was then, that her nanny decided to tell her about her mother, her true heritage, and a place that she could call home, called Mount Olympus Academy. Of course, she didn't believe it at first that her mother was the Greek goddess Aphrodite, but soon, she came to believe once she tested out her power on a couple of guys in her home town, and soon she was moving off to the school, to study how to harness her powers.

Anything else? Gwen has her ears and her belly-button pierced, and she also has two tattoos on her body this one which reminds her of the baby that she lost, who should would have either named Tara, or Thomas, and it is on her ankle, and the second is this a symbol representing her mother's true form.

So begins...

Gwendolyn Swann's Story

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As her alarm started to beep that morning, a small groan came from underneath the duvet covered mess that was Gwendolyn Swann. She had barely slept at all that night, and was extremely tired for some reason. Usually, the girl was fine with only having three or fours hours sleep, and she could function as if she had slept soundly all night, but today, she just felt withdrawn and absolutely shattered. She couldn't will up the energy to force herself up out of bed, and it took almost five minutes for her to be able to bring her arm out of the covers to slap the alarm, stopping the incessant noise. The girl slowly dragged herself out of the bed, almost falling on the floor when she first stood. She stayed there for a moment, trying to keep her balance, before then trundling across her room and into her small bathroom.

Gwen turned the shower on up to a hot temperature, as hot as she could stand, and hopped in. The warm water was something that she always used to wake herself up, something she knew would kick start her morning. The blonde woman spent about twenty minutes in the shower, just letting the water drip over her skin before she climbed out, wrapping a large towel around herself. As she was unlike every other child of Aphrodite in the school, it didn't take her an hour and a half to do her hair and make up and ready herself for school that day, although it did take about about an hour, shower included as well. She blow dried her hair and got herself dressed into something quite casual, noticing that outside it had looked quite warm.

There was still a little time until classes were to start that day, so the girl slung her leather jacket over her arm and picked up her back, leaving the room to head over to the cafeteria. She was craving tea, needing something to help her get through the day. Caffeine was one of her favourite things in the world, and a good cup of tea in the morning was almost the perfect thing to wake her up completely. She felt as if she were half asleep as she walked towards the cafe, a walk that she had done many times in such a state before. She made a bee-line for the drinks section and ordered herself a tea, receiving it after only a moment of waiting. The cafeteria lady knew exactly how the girl liked her tea, having come in here every morning since she arrived to order the same thing.

Gwen was usually the sort of person who sat on her own in the mornings, not in the mood to speak to anyone so early. However, today, her eyes scanned the crowds of people sitting in the cafeteria, passing over Paige, her evening friend, and finally settling on Thayer, a guy that she counted as a brother in this school. Nolan was with him, and Nate had traveled over there too, and she was sure that they wouldn't mind another person joining them. The blonde girl moved over to their table and sat down next to Thayer, her head falling tiredly onto his shoulder once she had placed her tea on the table.

"Morning." She murmered to the boys.

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Brandon Faust

Brandon, as he always did, woke before the sun. He got up, stretched, made his bed, got changed into heavy sweats, and tossed his workout gear into a simple bag that he threw over his shoulders. His gear included two well worn muay thai hand guards, a pair of shorts, and a gallon jug of water. Brandon then started his day.

Brandon liked to start his morning workout with a three mile run around campus followed by stair sprints. The feeling of being up before the sun was great. The sky was a fantastic violet that was slowly breaking into lighter blues and golds. It was a beautiful scene. As much as he'd like to share it with someone, not everyone was willing to wake up as early as he did. Throwing away such distracting thoughts, Brandon ran on, effortlessly. He had always been a good athlete, so he finished his run in about twenty minutes he wasn't too surprised; that was pretty average. His path had taken him to the school's sports stadium, and there he ran five sets of stairs in another fifteen minutes before jogging back to the school's gym in another five. By the time Brandon had made it to the gym, it was roughly 5:40 am. Brandon set to his cardio first, as it made a better warm up for his weights. Brandon jumped rope for ten minutes and then did box steps for another ten, bringing him to six o'clock. Once he'd finished, he had really started working up a sweat and decided to remove his heavier hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. He tossed on his shorts and set to weights. Today was chest and back. Brandon did bench, military, and angled presses followed by lat pulls and push ups. Once he was finished, Brandon could finally get to work on his real training.

Instead of making his way to the punching bag, which his half-sister Abby was using, Brandon made his way to a wooden cylinder, set on a rack, with a few wooden bars sticking out of it at odd angles, a training dummy. Approaching the dummy, Brandon took his stance and took a few deep breaths. Brandon allowed the sweat to roll off his forehead and down past his eyes and chin. He stood for what seemed like ages, waiting for some unknown signal. A drop of sweat, grasped tightly by gravity, succumbed to the Earth's pull and began to fall. Suddenly, like an alligator snapping at unsuspecting prey, Brandon began. He rained a hail of blows on the dummy, perfectly deflecting its built in counter strikes and using the machine's rotation to create even more combos. Brandon looked like a human blender, his hands moved so fast that it they appeared to be invisible. Loud cracks of hard bone on wood rang out through the gym, and intensified as Brandon upped his pace. Though the sweat stung his eyes and the strikes hurt his wrists, Brandon kept going until twenty minutes at the dummy had passed. He slowed and eventually stopped, making one last strike at the heart and neck targets. Brandon tiredly walked over to a bench and sat, wiping the sweat from his eyes and taking big gulps of water. He looked up, only to find Abby gone. Breakfast must be soon. Brandon looked at the clock, 7:10 am. He had a little time and there was still practice to be had. Brandon walked over to his bag and pulled on the heavily worn Muay Thai pads and made his way over to the punching bag. It had been worked pretty well by Abby, and there were still a few deformations in the pad from where the foam hadn't sprung back yet. Brandon placed his hands on the pad, mirroring her strikes. He smiled. "She's got a hell of a cross." Brandon whispered to himself, admiring the solid dent on the upper left side of the bag. "My turn." He whispered, and at that, he began.

Muay Thai doesn't just focus on using fists and feet like traditional kickboxing. It uses every part of the human body. Elbows, knees, fists, shins, feet, forearms, and the heel of the palm were all utilized by Muay Thai. Further, from practicing Wing Chun, Brandon had learned to flow between strikes, opening up opportunities for effective combos. As such, Brandon's personal style was fierce and relentless. He pounded on the bag, setting it rocking in rhythm with his strikes. Brandon's fights with his imaginary foe began with more traditional boxing strikes, a few quick jabs, followed by a right hook and a left upper. Once he had drilled his fists into the soft pad and gotten a good feel for pacing, Brandon grappled the bag and sent a loaded knee into the vulnerable ribs of his imaginary opponent. Following his enemy's blind strikes, which were deflected with elbows and forearms, Brandon set to attacking his opponent's limbs, to keep them from striking back. A flurry of blows rained on the left arm, shattering the forearm and breaking the elbow. Afterwards came a devastating low kick to the right knee, setting the foe off balance and into Brandon's waiting elbow. Once the jaw was broken, the right leg was broken at the shin, followed by the right arm, at the elbow, as the desperate, wild haymaker was thrown. His enemy completely immobilized, Brandon's final strike sent a powerful knee into the forehead of his now kneeling enemy. The skull fractured and his imaginary foe was dead. Brandon's strikes were brutally efficient and more than a little gruesome, but war was war. The sooner one was down, the sooner the rest could follow.

After that, Brandon quickly gathered his things, showered in his own room, dove into some clean clothes and a jacket, tossed his dirty clothes into his hamper, put his school supplies in his backpack, and left for breakfast. He jogged across the quad, waving to Harry, Ken, Rose, and a few others as he made his way to the cafeteria. As he walked, he noticed that Rosalie and Selsye were sitting under a tree near the lake, Selsye's nose was buried in her book like usual. Brandon smiled, she had a voracious appetite for books. As Brandon walked he noticed that Rowan Tinne was there too, talking with Rosalie. He wanted to go straight to food, but he could always grab something later; further, the temptation to talk with Selsye and his other friends was too great. He diverted from his path and walked over to the two girls, a big smile on his face. "H-hey!" He fumbled, addressing the group and tripping over a root in his anticipation to talk with Selyse. "What's everyone up to today? Mind if I join you?" He asked, genuine interest and care showing through his slight stutter. Rosalie's presence was making Brandon a bit nervous, but she was a friend, so his usual awkwardness was mostly forgotten. He kneeled down, then sat next to Selsye, on the opposite side from Rosalie, not too close, but not too far away either. Once he was seated, he continued. "Or would you prefer I left you guys alone with your books and your private conversation?" Brandon asked.

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Abby Rae Jarvis

Bacon was a beautiful thing, and it’s presence on the buffet this morning made Abby a very happy camper. Free food was unquestionably one of her favorite things about the school for demi-gods, and something she took full advantage of. Abby mostly liked to stick to protein in the morning, as she learned it was best for supporting her hyper metabolism, though sugary foods gave her a quick, if unsustainable burst of energy too. Enhanced speed, demi-god or not, had to be fueled somehow. By the time she’d come through the line, her tray was filled with bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage, and a bowel of fruit salad along with two cartons of milk. She’d seen Thayer sitting at a table with Nolan when she’d come in, and had considered sitting with him, as he was one of the few people here she actually counted as a friend. When she turned back to look at his table however, the sight before her made Abby change her mind. The table was pretty full to begin with, and as she watched Gwen Swann lay her head on Thayer’s shoulder, an strange uncomfortable feeling churned in her gut, so she looked away. They didn’t need another person worming in at their table, and other than Thayer she didn't really talk to any of them, so she walked away. Besides, Nathaniel had just joined their table too, and no one wanted to see an outburst like the last time they’d come into close proximity.

So instead Abby walked on by, and claiming a table of her own after grabbing one of the newspapers off the far wall. She turned straight to the comics section and began reading Garfield as she ate. Being alone was something she was both accustomed to and comfortable with, so the arrangment didn't bother her. Occasional she observed the other occupants of the Cafeteria, like Halley who was clicking away on one of her high tech gizmos, and Xavier who sauntered in and grabbed a muffin after tossing a set of clothing into the garbage. Her eyes narrowed at the latter, knowing his reputation, but with no victim present, and no clue as to who the clothes belonged to, her interference would be pointless, so she let it go. A rather intent look followed the arrogant son of Khione to his table though, before she found the eggs, and Jon’s sudden lack of lasagna to be more interesting.

Wesley Taylor

At times, crossword puzzles were lamentingly easy, and today was one of those days. The New York Times was usually very reliable in their quality of word puzzles, but Wesley supposed that even his city’s home paper had its off days. The Sudoku had at least proven to be a bit more challenging, but even that had only proven to last a measly ten minutes before the entire puzzle too was solved. Wesley had never been able to sleep for long periods of time, and though the young son of Hades had always been a bit of a night owl, he also tended to be up soon after the sun. Wesley did work out, but he wasn’t quite the fitness nut that some of the other men at the academy were, and he preferred to do his workouts a night regardless. In combat classes his physical strength couldn’t compare to that of the children of Zeus or Ares, though he could hold his own, so he preferred to refine his geokinesis for effective combat purposes. That wasn’t really where Wes shined though, as he’d always been more of a ‘behind-the-scenes’ kind of combatant. Psychological and covert warfare was his specialty, and he was a firm believer in working smarter, not harder.

Impeccably dressed as usual, Wesley left his dorm with his messenger bag over his shoulder and a cup of gourmet coffee in hand. Wes didn’t have the palate for cheap coffee, so he made a point of keeping his own machine in his room, that way he could brew what he wanted and how he liked it. Breakfast wasn’t really his thing, though the knowledge that a certain blonde with an endless pit for a stomach would undoubted be there tempted him to head toward the cafeteria. Abby was still angry with him, and though he seemed to have under estimated her ability to hold a grudge, he still found her stubbornness on the matter frustrating. Despite what she insisted, Wes had never lied to her, simply presented half-truths in a purposely ambiguous light. It wasn’t his fault that she filled in the blanks incorrectly and felt compelled to open up to him in an attempt to ease his perceived pain. He honestly wasn’t used to such fervent rejection from women, especially women he was actively pursuing, and while he had found the challenge entertaining at first, he was beginning to become more annoyed by it than anything else. Persistent goading had become his currently strategy, and he’d almost decided to head that way when he ran across a small group of students who included his sister and, in many respects, his closet friend.

“Getting an early start today Colton?” Wes remarked with a knowing smirk toward his friend before turning his eyes toward his sister. “Good morning Tarren.” Wes said politely toward his more fragile sister. Wes tended to keep his distance for Tarren’s sake, as her friends generally didn’t tend to like him, but Wes made a point of keeping an eye on her, and blacklisting those who distressed her. “Rose…Harry.” Wes said in acknowledgement, thought the mutual tension between Harry and Wes was pretty common knowledge. He was however, willing to stay civil for Tarren’s sake if Harry returned the favor.

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Harry is very rarely taken aback by signs of affection in any variety, and therefore seems only willing to hug Taran back when she jumps up and embraces him in greeting. After all, the two are quite close as far as friends go, and so he is very rarely surprised by her actions anymore; this includes the ones that others would consider incredibly bizarre for the typically ignored young woman. Anyway, he remains smiling amicably when she releases him and backs up, and when she sizes him up for a moment as though afraid that the burst of affection will have scared him off or anything. He rolls his eyes at her concern, but in doing so misses her words, only catching the very end of them. This, naturally, makes it rather difficult for him to have the slightest of inklings as to what the girl has said to him, other than the word pin- or maybe been? Alright, whatever word she has just said definitely needs a bit better context for him to have any idea what she is saying. Rather than saying something that doesn't answer her question at all, the young man just smiles and nods, somewhat succeeding in saving face.

"How are you?" he asks softly, though he isn't really too much in the mood for small talk. If anything, he is considering dragging Taran off to the cafeteria and forcing her to eat breakfast with him. This thought is backed up by a grumbling in his stomach as his body tells him that the granola bar he had earlier was definitely not enough nourishment to hold him until lunch. He's an athletic young person, after all, and is having a craving for eggs and bacon at the moment- especially the eggs part, in fact. He makes the sign for breakfast, one which he had taught Clarissa a while ago, and gestures towards the cafeteria. "Come eat with me. I'm Starving," he says, though his smile makes him seem to be exaggerating his hunger. He notices a motion from the corner of his eye and glances over to see Rose walking over towards them, waving when she grows closer. He, in turn, waves back with his own smile. Of course, he also waves at Brandon when the son of Ares jogs by them.

His greeting is slightly less genuine in its friendliness when one Mr. Wes Taylor comes by, greeting the group. Wes's greeting to Harry is far from warm itself, and Harry knows the courtesy is given only for the sake of Taran, who might be slightly miffed if he is to snub Harry. Harry merely nods at the Taran's brother, his expression having lost its cheer just a bit, though it doesn't necessarily appear to be hostile either. They simply don't get along, but that doesn't mean that Harry is going to hiss at his presence, right?

"Breakfast?" Harry reintroduces his suggestion to the group just before yawning and stretching upwards. He hadn't properly stretched after running this morning, and is thinking that he may regret it. Still, the desire for food prevails above slightly stiff feeling joints.


Paige doesn't bother to survey the cafeteria or anything like that, as her focus for the moment is not preemptive table searching. If need be, she can always go eat in the courtyard or on the roof or something like that. Rather, she makes a sort of beeline for the buffet, which seems to primarily consist of eggs, bacon, and toast. Well, that would be the part she stands at for the first few seconds, anyway. It isn't long, however, before the young woman makes a face of disdain for the foods, not being a fan of any of the aforementioned breakfast dishes, and moves on towards the section which offers a colorful selection of foods and yogurts. Paige, as far as breakfast goes, is not the sort of person who goes for much variation. In fact, her breakfast has been fruit and hot tea for the past several years, starting when she was perhaps seven or eight years old. Old habits die hard, whether they be of sleeping in or eating a monotonous breakfast for every day of your life. Paige seems, to some extent, to embody this cliche.

Only after preparing herself a cup of hot tea, which is bland at best, and a plate stacked with pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, and cantaloupe, does Paige think to look around and try and find a group with whom she might sit, if a group at all. She'd be perfectly content sitting on her own, after all, but that doesn't make her an entirely unsocial creature. She's good enough friends with Thayer, and occasionally hangs out with Gwen -though only at night-, but doesn't know Nolan or Nate very well. Another table seats Arielle, something of a friend, and Emmett, with whom she occasionally banters. It's a rather even tossup, especially as she doesn't really care too much. In the end, she takes a seat with the larger crowd, simply melting into the group without a sound. While she may have some sort of friendship, or at least respect, with Arielle and Emmett, she is otherwise very loosely related to this group, and therefore enters without asking but offers little greeting to the people there, other than a nod and a murmured good morning that is lost within a yawn.

She doesn't need to be involved in the conversation- Paige is content to simply eat and observes. She likes to watch things unfold, after all, and were she not so lazy has the potential to be a far more malicious force than she is. After all, she would be the sort, if passivity did not translate into some shifty sort of kindness, to purposely move people like pawns so that she can watch things for her own amusement. This side, however, is rather suppressed, and she is content to watch the natural course of things instead, without offering intervention.

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It would only take a few seconds between the two of them until company finally arrived, neither of them minded after all, since they both were people who could at least hold decent enough conversations without straying off. Nolan scooted in his chair a bit further, trying not to look in the general direction of Arielle and Santiago's table, but Santiago was clearly looking for him by the way he examined the cafeteria that much Nolan assured himself, but as soon as Arielle seemed to point his way, the young man turned away and blushed slightly, his eyes slightly dilated at the expense of embarrassment.

"Do you mind if I sit with you?

Nolan smiled at Nate, quick to forget about his previous engagement, and all too obliged to clear the chair next to him and bring it up for Nate to sit in, while Thayer acknowledged him with a quick glare, and then went back to sipping his coffee, and peering around the cafeteria to see if he could find anything interesting. Nolan let his handkerchief, which he would probably throw away later for the sake of cleanliness back on the table, he yawned, then relaxed himself into a more comfortable position to talk to Nate.

“So how are you this morning Nathaniel? I hope you're doing a little better than Thayer with his temper tantrums...”

Thayer scowled at Nolan, but had nothing to say with his coffee mug still tipped near his mouth, he knew Nate enough that they could hold a pleasant conversation, but unlike Nolan he could never give off a warm friendly vibe to save his life, it just wasn’t him. He was always interested in those who didn’t strive so hard to be different, and were resistant to change. It wasn’t that Nate didn’t embody some of those qualities, it was just that he didn’t exactly find Nate forward enough. He addressed the Child of Aphrodite for the first time since he began sitting with them.

’ solve world hunger yet?’

Thayer was poking lightly at Nate’s quiescent attitude, though he hoped that Nate got the message and that it wouldn’t seriously offend him. Nolan on the other hand gave his friend a slight jab to the rib to keep him from saying anything smart, lest he find himself in Olympus for that mouth of his. Thayer winced a little, Nolan was much stronger than most people anticipated, it was that naivete that never let him notice such things, but Thayer wasn’t intent on showing that he was in any pain, instead he took a sharp intake of breath by sipping his coffee, or at least pretending too.

’Don’t mind him Nate, like I said, he’s just being cranky.”

He honestly hoped Nate wasn’t taking in what Nolan was actually saying, it was only then that Thayer switched his attention back to the proceedings around the cafeteria, which grew a little tighter than he wanted it to be, but fortunately Gwen walked upon them, and without having to say anything; a quality which Thayer had no problem with, she sat down next to him and let her head fall on his shoulder. He did what he could only think to do which was to rub her opposite shoulder in a friendly, caring gesture.

“Morning Gwen, you ready for a shitty day too hm?..”

Nolan looked back at the two and smiled, it was his short handed way of greeting her before returning back to Nate. Thayer’s head suddenly poked a little over Gwen’s to see Abby, who seemed a little malcontent, and he could only imagine why, but figured she had her own reasons to not want to sit among them, Thayer didn’t blame her, he probably would have ignored this table too had it been anyone else.

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Nathaniel Sterling

Nate smiled, a small expression of relief crossing his face as Nolan made room for him at the table. Glancing at Thayer, Nate noticed the short glare of disapproval. He hesitated unsure if he should sit or if it would be better to move on to a different table, then Nolan continued,
“So how are you this morning Nathaniel? I hope you're doing a little better than Thayer with his temper tantrums...”. Taking that as a sign of good will Nate settled into the seat, smiling cautiously he said
" Seems as good a day as any, oh and please, call me Nate. Only my dad..." the sentence died on his tongue even now he had trouble, five years later. Everyone in the school knew of his fathers death, except maybe the incoming freshmen. Nate swallowed hard, trying not to be the wuss he knew Thayer thought he was.
Moments later Thayer interjected, inadvertently saving Nate from an awkward silence.
’ solve world hunger yet?’ Nate laughed lightly, a wry smile creeping onto his lips. "Don’t mind him Nate, like I said, he’s just being cranky.” Said Nolan, a concerned look on his face. Nate smiled appreciatively towards Nolan, his demeanor changing rapidly to something lighter, airy. "No, not today but perhaps in the future." he said addressing Thayer. He continued, "From all the drawings and musings you've got there, I would guess you're closer than me," said Nate with just a hint of sarcasm mixed with self deprecating humor. He tilted his head and looked down at the stack of papers in front of Thayer, an eyebrow lifted in question.

Just then Gwen walked over, and as she found a seat at the table Nate looked up at her, smiling brightly as she said "Morning." Returning the greeting, he began to munch on his food. "Morning Gwen, you ready for a shitty day too hm?..” Thayer's snarkiness just as thick with her as it had been with him. He was content to let the discussion at the table occur around him, only adding the occasional nod of agreement as the cafe began to fill with students all ready to face a new day.
As the conversation picked up Nate's eyes trailed over to watch the door to the cafe for no real reason.
It opened Selyse, Brandon, Rowan and Rosalie all entering together. For the second time that morning a sunny smile broke across his face as he waved to them. Catching Brandon's attention the tall boy nodded to him a smile crossing his face as well. " I'm going to go get some tea" Nate said to the table, as he pulled his chair out and rose to his feet.
Humming to himself softly he made his way back up to the food table, reaching the section with the coffee and tea he began to fix himself a cup.
" Hey Brandon." he called out catching his attention once again, "you can all come join the table over here" he said gesturing to the table with Nolan, Thayer and Gwen. The tables were banquet style holding up to 10 people so there would be no shortage of room and he hoped to start a pleasant conversation before they all were to head to class in about 20 minutes.

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With her head resting softly on Thayer's head, Gwen stayed quiet. She felt his hand slowly come up to gently rub her arm, comforting her in the way that only a close friend could. The blonde could swear that she could feel eyes on her, but she passed over that, staying comfortably resting on her friend. A small sound that could be related to a quiet murmur passed her lips as she stayed in her position, her eyes opening for a moment as she reached out her arm, taking her tea from the table in front of her to take a sip. The warm liquid slipped down her throat, warming up her insides as quickly as anything, making her smile. Tea really was one of her most favourite things in the world, and she placed her mug back down on the table, settling back down on Thayer.

"As interesting as the day seems so far, I'm going to say no. Definitely not looking forward to today." Gwen's voice was soft and full of sleep as she addressed the three men on the table, one being her brother, the others her friends. Nate was one of her favourite siblings - he was nice, and genuine, and was always ready with a smile for her in the corridors. She hadn't noticed him standing up to get himself a drink, being too comfortable and tired to notice many things around her, but her head snapped up when she heard his voice fill the cafeteria, scaring her slightly. Gwen's heart was beating almost double time in her chest and she took another sip of her Earl Grey, trying to calm herself down.

Nate had been calling over to Bradon, yet another one of her friends in the school, inviting him to come and sit with them. That thought made a small smile come onto her face, thinking about how Brandon changed from his normal confident persona into something of a bumbling idiot when he was next to her. It was quite adorable, but she was still a little unsure about him, as she was about most males that she didn't trust with her life. Gwen bit down on the bottom of her lip as she looked up, letting her eyes scan the cafe. "Thay?" She raised her head, looking up at him, after seeing Abby desperately trying to avoid looking in their direction. She wondered why, and even thought about inviting the girl over to join them, as truthfully, Gwen had never really spoken to the girl, but she definitely hadn't done anything to offend her. "Eh, nevermind." She shook her head, deciding to drop it instead. "Ready for class soon?"

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Sage Fitzgerald

The boy looked up at Sage with slight anxiety in his intense greenish-blue eyes. Both of the demigods' eyes were similar. Sage's had more of a gray hue to them, but compared to Leonard's, they had a corresponding light shade of colors. Noticing this, the sixteen-year-old girl realized that light-colored eyes must have been a trait of Athena's. Her father possessed dark blue eyes, nowhere near the color of Sage's. Perhaps it was the same case for Leonard. Just by approaching him, she was already learning about her godly parent.

She watched as his hands trembled as though he had been electrocuted. She was expecting him to be shocked or annoyed, but not frightened. His hands managed to mark the page where he had stopped reading, and as his book dropped to the surface of the desk, it made a faint echo in the classroom. He grabbed her hand, and briskly shook it. He looked as though he was choking on his own words. Finally, he calmed down, and although he stuttered, his voice came out oddly powerful.
"You... you can call me Lenny." he said after he initially removed his grip on her hand. It was the quickest handshake Sage had ever received in her life.

Contemplating the fact that this boy seemed to move rather hastily in everything he did, Sage continued the conversation.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Lenny." she said, taking a quick glance back at Halley afterwards. Would the daughter of the god of blacksmithing and crafting join the conversation? It was hard to predict. To Sage, Halley had a certain complexity about her that was quite complicated for her to understand. Children of Hephaestus always had questionable qualities that down-to-earth children like Sage just couldn't comprehend.

She placed Halley in the back of her mind and turned to face Leonard again. It was then that she caught sight of the title of the book he was reading. A certain spark of excitement lit up in her head and spread throughout her body.
"Jeremy Sanshone, "The String Theory; A Brilliant Branch of Theoretical Physics". That's what you are reading, correct? I picked that one up exactly one week ago for a bit of light reading. His definitions are prodigiously coherent, aren't they?"
She spoke fluently, yet utterly fleeting that someone with poor ears would have a hard time understanding what she was saying.
"Believe it or not, Jeremy Sanshone was actually a demigod himself! A child of Momus, in fact. I would continue reading more of his works, but I've been awfully caught up with circle constants and tau that, well...I've almost forgotten to go to the library and pick up more of his books!"
She gave a slight chuckle, and then the raised lines on her face dropped into their original positions as she calmed down.
"Well, it was nice meeting you, Lenny. I hope we can chat again sometime soon. I have many questions to ask you, but I'll hold them until classes for today are over. Just wanted to give you a warning."

She gave him one last polite smile, and then promptly walked over to her desk located towards the front of the classroom. She sat and wrote notes until history class began.

Rowan Tinne

It was interesting to see that Rosalie and Brandon had different reactions when inspecting Rowan's eerie green arm. They made light of the situation instead of making it darker and more serious. "Nice going, buddy." Rosalie said in playful sarcasm. Brandon, on the other hand, had a reflex of burly laughter. It brought a smile upon Rowan's face to see at least SOMEONE laugh about his condition. After a while, though, he seemed to contain himself. He then apologized, confusing Rowan. What Brandon was apologizing for was exactly what the son of Hecate wanted to happen.

"My buddy Jayce is a child of Hecate, just like you, he's been here a while and is pretty good at minor magic like that. If you like, I could talk to him about helping you remove it. He's always looking into some pretty goofy stuff, so I bet he's got a seal for that."
What Brandon had said threw Rowan off guard a little. "Jayce?" he asked. Rowan knew Jayce. He was his brother. Like Rowan, Jayce knew how to cast spells. He could perform magic, and quite well to say the least. There was only one thing about Jayce that Rowan was simply perplexed by: his multiple personality disorder. He knew that if he did it right, he would be able to remove the pigment off of his arm without the help of Jayce. But then again, that was if he DID IT RIGHT. With his bad luck, he'd probably cause the pigment to become permanent on his arm. He didn't want to risk it, and so Rowan knew that Jayce, being better at spells, would probably be the one to cure his condition. Although the thought of Jayce curing his arm, of all people, was a bit worrisome, it was also intriguing.

"Alright, sounds good." Rowan replied to Brandon. What was the worst that could happen? It would be rude to turn down the offer. Afterwards, Selyse helped Brandon up onto his feet, and he accepted Rosalie's invitation to the cafeteria. As Rowan walked with the group, breathing in the fresh scent of the late-summer air, a nerve struck in him as Brandon spoke yet again.
"So Rowan, Arielle's been picking on you again? Why not stand up to her and her pathetic little friends? You're such a nice guy, and there's nothing wrong with that, but don't let her step all over you like that. You can always come to me or one of our teachers if you're feeling bullied."

The fifteen-year-old could feel his face turning red and a tiny trickle of sweat building up upon his forehead. Arielle Liu; he hated that name. The girl was so pathetic, so arrogant, and so....powerful. It made the boy furious that snotty whores like Arielle could get whatever they wanted. Unfortunately, whenever he was in a room with the child of Khione, he was forced to take cover, as he was always the target for her constant criticism and bullying. Not wanting to talk about the subject, Rowan gave a fainthearted, "Yeah, you're right." to Brandon as he walked through the door that Rosalie had so kindly held for the group. "Thanks," he said as he slipped into the cafeteria, not even noticing Ray Chami and his guitar, as he was too focused on his thoughts about the ever so stupid Arielle Liu.

As Brandon was always so popular at the academy, the four found themselves being called over by one of his friends; Nate Sterling. Nate was an exception to the rule that children of Aphrodite were always so air-headed. As Rowan took a seat at the cafeteria table, he glanced at who was around him. There was Thayer Hendrix, a sarcastic child of Hephaestus who took pride in his witty remarks, Gwen Swann, another child of Aphrodite who had her head on straight, (and undoubtedly the most attractive out of the Aphrodite kids) and Nolan Yarley, a son of the all-powerful Zeus who seemed more like an Athena kid. Rowan wondered why he hadn't talked to these people before, as they seemed to be in his crowd. Noticing Rosalie with her cup of coffee, he excused himself from the table, and went to go get his own. He never drank coffee, but he figured that with his new green arm, he might as well become a different person for the day. After pouring the hot beverage into his own foam cup, he grabbed the biggest bagel he could find and balanced it back to the table, taking a glance over at Arielle before sitting down. Hopefully she wouldn't notice his arm. As the demigods around him conversed, Rowan took big bites out of his second breakfast. Once he finished, he would make his way over to his first period class.

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" Seems as good a day as any, oh and please, call me Nate. Only my dad..."

Nolan felt as if he overstepped his boundaries without actually meaning to, he looked at Nate with an expression of embarrassment, luckily he never noticed, instead Thayer seemed to take his attention off the subject at hand, something that Nolan was only slightly thankful for, as he felt he needed to apologize, it was merely just his mind, and manner controlling him, but he didn't say anything as Thayer and him exchanged less than polite conversation, Nolan was about to quell the moment until Nate went over to a serving table and the three were left alone. Nolan scowled at Thayer, and spoke up for the first time since Nate's departure from the table.You really ought to be nicer Thayer, maybe then you'd gain even more friends."

Thayer scoffed at the suggestion, an eyebrow was raised on Nolan's head, then then furrowed with a bit of urgency.
"Unlike you, that's not exactly my fuckin' prerogative, I've got enough friends if I say so myself, and besides you basically take up half of that list."Gwen then spoke in the middle of this.

"As interesting as the day seems so far, I'm going to say no. Definitely not looking forward to today."

I'm in the same boat here too, coffee on my pants, on my papers, having to wake up this early, it's really killing my vibe."

"Eh, never mind. Ready for class soon?"

The Demigod thought about it for a moment, but then looked off in the direction of the serving table to find a group heading there way with the help of Nate. He mentally groaned, but knew he wouldn't be able to avoid making awkward conversation with people he hardly knew. "Doesn't look like any of us are going anytime soon.'

Before Thayer and Nolan could get back into a verbal argument, Selyse and a group of her own friends followed behind her, Nolan smiled, and Thayer made a rather confused look, not that he didn't mind their presence, actually...he did....slightly, he wasn't good in groups of people, and Nolan was almost in the same situation, it was just that he had a tendency to grow anxious when too many people were around them. Suddenly the table was turning into a Dining Hall of sorts, and the two of them couldn't believe how attractive the Table became to the passerby. Nolan looked at Nate, and assumed that at his suggestion that so many people came over, he wondered if more would come, and if he could keep himself afloat by just talking.

"Hello, everyone!'

Nolan smiled despite himself, it was something he was apparently good at.
"Good Morning.....Selyse wasn't it?

Thayer took a sip from his cup of coffee which was quickly running on empty, he acknowledged he group by tipping his cup in their direction, as they all sat down. Among the people in the group, it was Rosalie that caught Thayer's attention immediately, she probably knew that Thayer had a tendency to ignore a good amount of things, but Rosalie was among the few things he took great care and attention to. Hey Rosalie. How's your morning been?" he asked.

Nolan looked around to see if Santiago had left, but the cafeteria had been brought down to the point where it was impossible to locate just one single person, he figured it was as good a time as any to leave and head to class, or maybe even walk around aimlessly for a few minutes, though he doubted his ability to do even that, and it would conflict with the urge to follow rules despite himself. He glanced around the group, then stood up, and dusted imaginary dust off his pants before speaking.
"Apoligies, but I have to get going, class is about to start soon, it'd be a good idea for everyone else to get going too as suppose, don't rush or anything." He then chuckled, and began to walk over to the single table he previously occupied, and of course, as he was leaving Thayer just had to have the last laugh. He ad his mouth in the palm of his hand, but it was obvious that he was smirking to anyone sitting around him, and then he fake coughed.

"Ass Kisser!"

Nolan looked back at Thayer with a disapproving look on his face, then gave a rather devilish smile, unlikely for someone like him. "See you later, Thayer" He uttered in the most annoyed voice he could manage, before making his trip back to his table, gathering his things, and disposing of his food. They would probably meet again at Lunch, Nolan never took anything Thayer said to heart, but Thayer could make himself seem like the rudest of individuals, something that made Nolan relish in the fact that he was the only one Thayer couldn't make feel unnerved, not that Thayer was a bad person or anything, he just liked to give that vibe off and test people who truly desired his friendship. Nolan sighed to himself, it was just another day for him to be honest.

"Morning, 'bout time you opened up, I was beginning to think you were sneaking my sister out"

It took a laudable effort for Rueben not to laugh at the assumption, he wouldn't have done that to one of his best mates here, and he thought of Caro more like a sister that he occasionally argued with from time to time, it was safe to assume there were far more interesting guys she could have been after than Rueben. He gave a hard slap to Christian's soldier.
" I'm pretty sure Caro can find a better guy than me." he joked before turning to close his doors, so others wouldn't have to see the mess that accumulated due to his negligence.

"You know, in your closet there are these things called hangers, quite a nifty invention really, frees your floor up good and proper."

Rueben scratched at the back of his head and yawned, bored, and unmotivated by the suggestion, back home, his room wasn't half as dirty as the one here, but packing had been such a frustrating event to start that often times he gave up the hope of being able to organize all the items properly. He wondered if Christian's room was any ''proper' than his was, he planned to ask him one day if he really does keep all those things together, or if he gets someone to clean it up for him. Either way, Rueben wouldn't have been surprised. " It's a lot harder than you think Christian, perhaps you'd like to borrow me some hangers? Ah,¿Qué estoy diciendo? (what I am saying?)...all this talk about hangers isn't going to get us to class any faster..."

If anyone was close enough they could hear the monstrous gurgling coming from Ruben's taut abdomen, whose appetite had only been sated by the oddly flavored toothpaste in his bathroom, courtesy of the Academy as he felt the mint pass between his lips, if there was anything about mint that Rueben surmised, it was that it only made him hungrier, of course, Christian had plans to make his way to the cafeteria as well, and Rueben wold be damned if he didn't agree. He felt an unwarranted guilt about not heading outside, though it was mainly his fault for not waking up an hour earlier than he usually did, he sighed for a moment, feeling a little anxious about returning to class without breathing in some fresh air, he supposed it would have to wait, but surely the first instance he'd be able to bask in the sun's warmth he would take it. He asked Christian, whether or not he got his morning's worth activity as he seemed as content as ever as they headed over to the Cafe.

"So I'm guessing you didn't spare any time getting your day's worth of activity huh?"

He chuckled at the sentiment of it, and wished he could turn back time to wake himself up for the day's proceeding. Alas, that could never be now.

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Brandon Faust

Brandon chuckled. "So it would appear." He said with a smile, waving to Nate and the rest of their group. "Hey guys!" Brandon said, genuinely happy to see them all. "Thanks for saving us a spot! Gimme a sec and I'll be right back. I'm so hungry..." He said, making a bit of silly face and rubbing his empty tummy. Brandon set down his bag right next to Selyse's and walked over to the line where food was being served. On his way to the breakfast line, Brandon nonchalantly wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead.

"Calm down, calm down, she was just bantering with you. Making conversation. There's no reason to get so nervous." Brandon thought to himself. While he waited in line, as he still hadn't heard back from Jayce, he sent him another quick text. "You up yet? Breakfast is almost over dude. Also Rowan, your brother, managed to get his arm turned green. Got something for that?" He typed quickly as he waited his turn before smacking his lips with delight. Breakfast had always been one of his favorite meals, and today there were waffles. Brandon had always had a sweet spot in his heart for waffles. His mum used to cook them for him every day when he was still going to primary. Brandon smiled bittersweet, piling waffles, bacon, hash browns, and some fruit onto his plate. He made his way to the coffee line to grab a cupful of hot water and some earl gray tea with honey in it. Brandon couldn't stand coffee, but he loved tea. As he walked back, he couldn't help but start digging in, carrying his tray with one hand and eating an apple with the other. He smiled at other friends who were eating their breakfasts along the way. He noticed Harry sitting with some of his friends and waved to the group, apple still in hand. Brandon was very fond of the son of Nike. He was a great guy, a good competitor, and an even better friend.

Finally, Brandon made his way back to the table, sitting next to Selyse and saying a quick prayer; preparing himself to eat. The more Brandon could keep his eyes off of Gwen and on something else the better. Gods know how many times Brandon's done something stupid in front of the daughter of Aphrodite. However, before he began, as he shouldn't just sit down and eat while ignoring his close friends, Brandon addressed the group. "Hey guys," Brandon said through a smile. "Nate, Thayer, Gwen, Nolan, how are you today?" He asked, noting each of them in turn. As he listened to their replies, Brandon finally managed to get breakfast in him, pulling up his sleeves, exposing the thick leather wristband that hid his mother's bracelet, and placing his napkin on his lap. He ate quickly, but he did not slack in his manners. Brandon prided himself in the manners his mother had drilled into him; they were one of the few things left he had of hers. Besides, he mostly just wanted to talk with everyone and it was rude to talk with your mouth full. Therefore the quicker he finished, the quicker he could socialize.

Once he was finished eating, he looked down and took his phone out of his pocket. "Dude... it's this time already?! Where you guys at, the caf? Meet you there, I'll bring a tattoo for Rowan." Brandon read aloud. Brandon smirked. "Jayce is on his way." As Brandon put his phone away, his hand brushed ever so slightly against Selyse's. He couldn't control it, as he hadn't meant to do that. He blushed bright red for a moment before the heat faded from his cheeks. In an attempt to turn attention away from the small unmitigated disaster that stemmed from his own shyness, worse yet he was with two of Aphrodite's children and they could smell it on him, Brandon turned the conversation elsewhere. "So, who's got what class next? I can never remember my own schedule let alone everyone else's. Anything particularly interesting?" Brandon chuckled nervously, asking questions about others to lead them away from himself.

Jayce Porter

Jayce was having another of his bizarre dreams. Though it was really more of a nightmare. In this one he was a little boy, apparently made out of some sort of cheesecake cookie, and was running away, full tilt, from a group of angry zombie cucumbers armed with pitchforks and flaming dachshunds. He woke with a start as his phone buzzed. Someone had texted him.

"What the fuuu....." Jayce yawned. Stretching and rubbing his eyes. "That was even weirder than the time I was a talking dolphin who made a living as a traveling bible salesmen in the sahara desert." He chuckled. "At least mum's giving me dreams, better than none at all. Poor Hypno's kids." Jayce murmured. He sat up and promptly fell out of bed with the kind of thump and accompanying crack that can only mean that something was broken. Sure enough, however, Jayce was perfectly fine. Though he'd landed face first, he didn't hurt, and his body was in order. He'd simply landed on Bookworm Jayce's glasses. "Oops... Sorry dude, bad luck." "Augh! Bad luck?! You idiot, I need those to see!" Jayce complained at himself. His tone was slightly nasal and grating. He couldn't help it. After all, he had sinus issues. "I couldn't help it. You know how I get in the mornings." Jayce said defensively. "Easy boys, look on the bright side." Jayce butted in, trying to mediate the bickering and bring it to a halt. His inflections were soothing and magnetic. They could make a lion pur. "Now that we aren't wearing those nerdy glasses maybe a girl will date us." Jayce supplied, attempting to slick their hair back, but its curls defied him. "Ooh..." Jayce pondered, stopping the argument for a moment, it had sounded very nice after all. "That's all well and good for you guys, but no girl will ever date a loser like me." Jayce snapped at himself. "Shut up you idiots. I'm sleepy." Jayce said, in his usual dangerous tone that ended the conversation. "Fair enough. Let's get going." Jayce suggested, and they got up to get ready for school while Jayce slept.

The boys showered, picked out an outfit with Jayce's help, and organized their school supplies at Jayce's behest. He liked to have their supplies placed ever so nicely in their bag. Finally, Jayce checked their phone. It was full of text messages from their sister, Reyna, who loved to bug them. She wasn't a half sister. Though they had different dad's, she loved him as much as any real family would have, and Jayce loved the attention. After all, he'd grown up without siblings. Jayce smiled at the myriad of pictures, funny jokes, and silly little jibes that she'd sent him. He responded with a simple smiley face. After all, his smiling was another joke of theirs. Finally, he noticed he had two messages from his good friend, Brandon. He sent his response and made sure to grab a few extra seals from their jar on his shelf. Poor Rowan. Jayce would love to help him out, after all, they were brothers.

The Jayces made his way down to breakfast and loaded up a plate with eggs, bacon, toast with raspberry jam, and orange juice. He walked over to where he saw Brandon, though Thayer was with him, and Jayce knew Thayer didn't like him very much. "Um... yo godlings. How it do?" He asked the group, before turning to Rowan. "Use this seal like a fake tattoo. Put a wet cloth on the back of it for a minute and let the magic seep into your arm. Once the tattoo is finished sticking, the magic should kick in naturally and return your arm to its regular color. The tattoo should fade after the magic has run its course." Jayce said, handing Rowan a small piece of paper with a sealing circle drawn on it. "Sorry for the nerdmeister's bossyness. You know how he gets when he's showing off. If that's all, I gotta be going, I've.. umm... got something I need to do. Yeah?" Jayce said. He liked the rest of the group well enough, especially Brandon and Gwen, but he knew Thayer wasn't his biggest fan.

(OOC: Just a quick reminder about Jayce's personalities. They are organized by color. Green is nerdy Jayce, Red is badass Jayce, black is dominant Jayce, or the "REAL" Jayce, and blue is Suave Jayce. They are listed below for clarification.)
Bookworm Jayce
Badass Jayce
Vanilla Jayce
Porter, Jayce Porter