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Jayce Porter

"Weird is a side effect of awesomeness. Does that make me four times as awesome?"

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a character in “Mount Olympus Academy”, as played by XShishioX


Jayce Porter

"The world's greatest mysteries, can be found in your own mind."


Full Name: Jacob Leonard Porter
Nicknames: He much prefers Jayce or Jay to Jacob, allowing anyone to call him that without much fuss.
Age: 15
Godly Parent: Hecate, the Goddess of Magic, is his mother.
Birthdate: June 2nd, 1998
Home Town: Chicago, Illinois
Sexuality: Heterosexual

~"Man, that lucky punk hoards 'em all to himself. So cool..." His powers. He's so jealous of Badass Jayce.
~"Dude, those lil' guys are so soft." Baby animals, of literally any species. As long as it's a baby, Jayce's heart will melt.
~"I wish I could be like that man. So not my style, but still..." The ability to be organized and have a plan. Jayce will never have one ever, so he likes people whose heads are screwed on right.
~"The air dude, I wish I could stay up there forever." Jayce's powers, though only limited to Badass Jayce, are capable of limited flight, more like decently big jumps. Regardless, the feeling of being airborne is something Jayce loves.
~"Smiles dude. People who smile from their heart make the best friends. They show you who they are in that smile." Jayce smiles frequently and for good reason: Smiling is the single best way to make friends. A smile will tell you everything you need to know about a person, even more than a handshake.

~"Smiling without your eyes. Ain't genuine, ain't cool." Jayce dislikes dishonest people. There's no reason to lie when you'd rather not talk about something. Just say so.
~"Why people gotta be so focused, like, too focused. What good did panicking and freaking out ever do?" Jayce is crazy relaxed, so when people get set in their one-track minds and stop considering all the options, it really ticks Jayce off. He's the type of guy who's got six contingency plans.
~"Don't get me wrong, I like chillin' as much as the next guy, but that ain't right." Excessive laziness. Jayce hates people who sit around all day waiting for their life to hit them. While he's a big fan of naps, he knows that, eventually, stuff does have to get done.
~"Don't judge a book by its covers. Screw you dude." Jayce hates people who judge him or look down on his because of his "disorder." He doesn't like people counting him out because he's, "Not right in the head."
~"So embarrassing man..." Jayce can't really handle loneliness. He needs someone there with him at all times or he starts to freak out. Even if it's just another one of him in his own head, he can't sleep unless someone's talking with him.

~"Loneliness. It'll kill you without lifting a finger." Jayce is terrified of being completely alone.
~"I... I still need a night light, even if it's just a candle." The dark makes him feel alone and it freaks him out.
~"Small spaces." Too close, too tight, too much to handle.

Demigod Powers/Skills:
~"Gifted Speaker" Porter, James Porter, is a fantastic linguist. His words and expressions have a way of making themselves understood by anyone who at least partially knows the language he's speaking. Further, Porter, Jayce Porter, is a skilled Polyglot. He knows Spanish, Latin, Greek, and English. His magic is sort of odd, and more than a little specific. He has a small, unmarked cologne bottle, that he keeps with him always. After he takes a "finger picture" he can "capture" that person's most desired smells and craft them into a cologne that will make him seem attractive, to the ladies of course, and respectable to men. He calls it, "Pheromone Picture" Magic.
~"Mind Like a Steel Trap" Socially inept Bookworm Jayce has a photographic memory and is very skilled at using the information at his disposal. Further, SIB Jayce never forgets. This Jayce's magic is exceedingly specific. He can create a magical archive by casting a spell, which takes the shape of a large book with moving pictures, that houses all of their knowledge. Sure it can't find any new information, but it makes wracking their collective brain a whole lot easier. He calls it, "The Book of Souls." This of course, has nothing to do with Necromancy, Bookworm Jayce is just a little strange is all.
~"Might and Magic" Card Carrying Badass Jayce is the only one in possession of Jayce's true magical powers. The others can all perform their own utility magics, but they aren't much in the way of offense. This Jayce is the only one in control of Jayce's strength, which manifests itself in the ability to cast a spell that creates several hand-like orbs of power. This orb is a deep blue and has the ability to interact with anything like a hand might, further, it can be manipulated, and moved, to do anything and move anywhere as long as Jayce can see it and it's within 50 ft. of himself. However, the farther away the orb is, the more effort it will take to do something with it. Therefore, Jayce likes to operate within a 12 foot sphere around his person. This keeps his power maxed and his range dangerous. The orbs can grab and lift, (as long as Jayce is physically capable of doing so himself, meaning each orb is only capable of exerting as much force as Jayce can muster at that given time) as well as push and strike. Currently, Jayce can only summon forth three balls at a time, each roughly the size of a softball. These balls are summoned with the snap of Jayce's fingers and the speaking of the words, "éla se ména, ischyró chéri." A Greek phrase, meaning, "come to me, mighty hand." The use of these balls is limited only by this Jayce's imagination. This Jayce hasn't named his magic, instead, he just calls it what it is, "Magic."
~"Jack of all Trades, Master of None" Vanilla Jayce can do just about anything, with help from the other Jayce's. As a result of doing lots of different things as the other Jayce's, Vanilla Jayce can make pretty astute guesses of how to do something without much help from the other Jayce's. Often times he'll still have to switch to perform said action, but this allows the other Jayce's to go in with a bit of a plan, as opposed to going in blind. His magic is pretty straight forward. He creates a sealing circle and uses an incantation to achieve the desired result. Pretty standard for kids of Hecate. This magic is also not named, but he does prefer that people refer to it correctly as "Sealing Magic".

Personality: Jayce enjoys his Altered Dissociative Identity Disorder, though he much prefers to think of it as his "Rack of Thinking Caps". His DID is a form of multiple personality disorder that is NOT psychotic/schizophrenic. It can best be described as Jayce having four different identities for the different situations that he finds himself in. They're a form of coping mechanism. There's Socially Inept Bookworm (SIB) Jayce, who holds all of Jayce's raw knowledge, memories, and higher brain functions. There's Card Carrying Badass (CCB) Jayce, who gets stuff done when it needs to be done in the most awesome manner possible. There's Porter, Jayce Porter (PJP) who shows up when stealth, seduction, and general suaveness (SSS) are required. Finally, there's Everyday Vanilla Jayce, who is most frequently the dominant one and is the Jayce we all know and love. Jayce's case of DID is relatively severe in the sense that he has multiple personalities that are responsible for his coping methods and reactions to real life. Further, the personalities are all aware of each other and are relatively cooperative. They each recognize that their personal strengths balance their weaknesses and are vital to the success of the whole. Further, the Jayce's are capable of switching out at a moments notice, though they usually always let each other finish their sentences first. Finally, the Jayce's are always all "present". They sense input in real time according to what the dominant Jayce is currently perceiving, however, there can only be one that's, "awake" at a time..

Vanilla Jayce: He's a lovable scoundrel to say the least. While he's by no means as prank-oriented as the Hermes kids, or as thieving, he's very the same type of free spirited individual, who just goes where the wind takes him. He's generally relaxed, easy going, and just a fun guy to be around. He's by no means a designated scoundrel or delinquent, but he's got a willingness to break the rules that comes with having done so before on a decent basis. He's the catch-all Jayce, the one who comes out for interacting with most everybody or trying their hand at anything. He's the one who's most active (willing to come out while the others are resting/not willing to play), and he's the one who ties the other Jayce's together into their cohesive whole.

Socially Inept Bookworm Jayce: This Jayce is pretty self-explanatory. He's the smartest of the bunch, but he's got no social skills. He's the best at remembering the Jayce's shared memories, doing any brainwork, recognition of patterns/puzzles, and general "smarty-pants-ness". Unfortunately for this Jayce, it received his uncomfortableness around women, animals, men, adults, and other beings in general. This Jayce is exceedingly gentle, very soft-spoken, and incredibly polite. THis Jayce is a fantastic student, learner, and analyzer. He is a bit of a narcissist, but only when he's triumphed over a particularly brutal puzzle or encryption. Otherwise, he's pretty stereotypical of a nerd. While all the Jayce's have a shared pool of knowledge, memory, and brain power, this Jayce showcases these attributes the best. He is by no means accessing information he shouldn't have/couldn't know, he simply recalls and uses their shared information the best.

Porter, Jayce Porter: This Jayce is the magnificent godling child of James Bond, Casanova, the Fonz, and Bruce Wayne. His smile can light up the room, and it's full of genuine kindness and concern for others. This Jayce is a lover, not a fighter, and is easily the most diplomatic, charming, and caring Jayce of the bunch. This Jayce is not a womanizer by any means, like his title would imply. Instead, he is a passionate, caring, and genuinely friendly individual who wants nothing more than everyone else to get along. This Jayce is the one the others turn to for talking with anyone they don't know, but need to make a good impression on. This is the social butterfly Jayce who goes to the parties and chats up the VIPS. He's not a schmoozer or a con-man, just a generally charismatic and caring individual.

Card Carrying Badass: This Jayce is the fighter. He responds to high stress, high impact situations and does what he does best: solving the problem swiftly and effectively. This Jayce has one thing the others don't have: powers. Badass Jayce is the main holder of all of Jayce's powers, and he doesn't allow the others to use them unless immediately necessary. The strain Jayce's powers create on the body are not something the others are as easily capable of handling. As such, he does it more to protect them than to deny them the power. This Jayce doesn't quibble much with words. He says what he needs to say then stops talking. He is a decent tactician as well as a good fighter, but he relies more on the power of their magic than actual fighting skill.

History: Jayce's story starts just like everyone else's. His parents courted, fell in love, and had him like couples fall in love and have children all over the world. This is where the normalcy ends. Jayce's mother was a Goddess, and I'm not saying that because Jayce loves her. She is Hecate, the Greek Goddess of Magic. Further, as if one strange parent wasn't enough, Jayce's father is a composer/musician who plays cello in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, one of the best in the world. His father is also an accomplished athlete, having competed in Nationals as well as the Olympic Qualifiers in track, and shot put. Finally, Jayce's strange father is also in the process of writing a Science Fiction novel about a biologically advanced species. Anthony, or "Tony", Porter is one of those people whom the gods just decided to be kind to. He's an attractive enough guy, he's funny and caring, he's very smart, he is in peak physical condition, and he has a creative, artistic mind. This is probably what made Hecate fall in love with him. He's too perfect.

Jayce grew up without the comfort of a mother, which was fine, as his Aunt was always over to watch him while his father went to work to pay the bills. It was on Jayce's fourth birthday that things began to change. Jayce couldn't remember a lot of stuff at all, even less than other children his age. He had peculiar speaking patterns, and addressed himself as we. His Aunt and Father were concerned, but it seemed like a childish thing. It shouldn't be something to worry about. If it persists when he's older, it's something that might need to get checked out. Luckily for Jayce, it did, he was diagnosed with High functioning, Low Impact DID and the Jayce's have been around ever since.

As the "true" Jayce grew, so did the others. They may have grown inwards, and in different directions, but they all had Jayce's rapacious desire for knowledge and enjoyment. One developed the gift for speaking and quickly learned four languages, all while maintaining a perfect social portfolio. Another delved deeper into the aspects of the mind, ensuring Jayce's grades were always stellar, though he does have dyslexia. Another still became an athlete, a fighter, and a protector of the other Jayce's, his ADHD and fast reactions kept Jayce safe from bullies who sought to pound on the odd little Jayce's. Then, finally, the outward Jayce grew as well. Though he was a free spirit in every sense of the word, Jayce was a reliable, loyal, and steadfast friend. He was a guy who was always good to have around, even if his whimsicality and lackadaisical disregard for the rules and organization made him a bit of a hassle to plan stuff for.

When Jayce turned 13 he moved out of his father's house and went to the Academy. He learned about it from his mother. By that time, Suave Jayce was picking up greek with astounding speed, Badass Jayce was developing their powers, and Vanilla Jayce started having really strange dreams about witches and cupcakes and chihuahua monsters. He woke up one morning, after a particularly nasty dream about chimichang-ameras, the cruelest of the ancient burrito monsters, to find a letter waiting for him at his bedside table. It was a letter from his mother; the only one she'd ever sent him. Inside the letter wasn't much, but it was more than Jayce could have ever hoped for. There was a picture of her, small enough to keep in a locket, which he wears around his neck at all times. The letter was simple, it simply told Jayce who and what he was and that there was a place for him. So, Jayce followed his mother's instructions. He packed up his bags, asked his dad for train fare, had a heartfelt goodbye with his Aunt/Mama, and left for the Academy. He's been there ever since

Anything else? As stated, Jayce has a locket that he is always wearing. If he's ever showed you that picture, you're about the closest thing he's got to a soulmate. Jayce loves mexican food, being part Hispanic himself. His socks never match, and his hair is a tangled mess no matter what he does with it.

So begins...

Jayce Porter's Story

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Brandon Faust

As Brandon sat next to Selyse, she clapped shut the book she was reading and turned to face him. "I just finished, actually, so you're more than welcome." She brought her eyes up to meet his, a soft smile on her lips. Brandon smiled in return, his eyes momentarily gazing down to his feet to keep himself from blushing. "I hope you didn't 'finish' just because I'm here." Brandon chuckled, making a bad joke, complete with air quotes. He laughed softly for a moment, then looked over to Rosalie as she spoke.

"Actually, I was just about to go to the cafeteria to get some breakfast before class starts. Rowan, do you want to come with me just in case Arielle and her followers are there." Brandon scowled. "That girl is a menace, picking on Rowan like that just because he's a little bit shy." Brandon thought to himself, but he was pulled from his musings by an invitation. "Actually, food sounds delicious," Selyse agreed, and Brandon nodded. "That sounds great, I'm so hungry." He said, complete with a small roar coming from his stomach.

All that was left was Rowan's agreement, and though he seemed timid at first, considering Rose's offer, finally, he agreed. He'd already had breakfast, but he was being kind enough to come with and keep the group company, if not to snag a muffin, or something of the sort, for a snack later. He seemed eager to show them something, and pulled his arm out from behind his back, where he'd been hiding it. "If we're going. I might as well show you this... this is what I managed to do to myself today." He lifted his right arm, which was an eerie shade of lime green. Brandon laughed as a reflex, as it was a very shocking shade of green, but quickly stifled himself. "Sorry, I didn't mean to make light of your situation." He offered. "That's just such an odd color." Brandon explained, allowing Rowan to continue. "I bump into a girl on my way here, and then as soon as I get up, I find that my damn arm is lime-green!" Brandon nodded in sympathy.

Selyse placed her book back in her bag, then stood, making sure her dress still modestly covered herself as she rose. "It will fade, though, won't it?" She asked Rowan, genuine concern in her voice. "Yeah, I should be fine." He said, "The girl I bumped into was one of Iris's daughters, so I don't think it should last long..." He then twisted and turned his arm in the sunlight, and a smile crept onto his face, "In fact, I think it's starting to grow on me. I might use it to scare people or something..." He said, putting on a brave face. Brandon spoke up. "My buddy Jayce is a child of Hecate, just like you, he's been here a while and is pretty good at minor magic like that. If you like, I could talk to him about helping you remove it. He's always looking into some pretty goofy stuff, so I bet he's got a seal for that." Brandon suggested, offering the expertise of one of his friends as an apology for laughing. As he finished speaking, Selyse offered him her hand, to help him stand up, as he'd just sat down but it was time to go. "What do you say," she said, her hand outstretched to him. "Breakfast?" There was a bright smile on her face. How could he refuse?

"Well," he said, pausing for a moment, as if to seriously consider being a loner and eating by himself. "Sure!" He said, taking Selyse's hand and allowing her to help him up. "Thanks. Next time, I'll owe you my hand." Brandon offered lamely, feeling kind of stupid. "Shall we?" he asked, slinging his backpack over his shoulders and motioning towards the cafeteria. He hoped no one would read too much into his dumb little line and that they'd just continue on to the cafeteria. To aid in that quest, he offered some subject matter, turning to Rowan as they began the walk to breakfast. "So Rowan, Arielle's been picking on you again? Why not stand up to her and her pathetic little friends? You're such a nice guy, and there's nothing wrong with that, but don't let her step all over you like that. You can always come to me or one of our teachers if you're feeling bullied." Brandon offered. As he finished, he pulled out his phone and quickly texted Jayce. "Hey dude, breakfast is almost over. You might wanna get up. Also, your half brother's managed to get his arm turned green, got something for that?"

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Brandon Faust

Brandon chuckled. "So it would appear." He said with a smile, waving to Nate and the rest of their group. "Hey guys!" Brandon said, genuinely happy to see them all. "Thanks for saving us a spot! Gimme a sec and I'll be right back. I'm so hungry..." He said, making a bit of silly face and rubbing his empty tummy. Brandon set down his bag right next to Selyse's and walked over to the line where food was being served. On his way to the breakfast line, Brandon nonchalantly wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead.

"Calm down, calm down, she was just bantering with you. Making conversation. There's no reason to get so nervous." Brandon thought to himself. While he waited in line, as he still hadn't heard back from Jayce, he sent him another quick text. "You up yet? Breakfast is almost over dude. Also Rowan, your brother, managed to get his arm turned green. Got something for that?" He typed quickly as he waited his turn before smacking his lips with delight. Breakfast had always been one of his favorite meals, and today there were waffles. Brandon had always had a sweet spot in his heart for waffles. His mum used to cook them for him every day when he was still going to primary. Brandon smiled bittersweet, piling waffles, bacon, hash browns, and some fruit onto his plate. He made his way to the coffee line to grab a cupful of hot water and some earl gray tea with honey in it. Brandon couldn't stand coffee, but he loved tea. As he walked back, he couldn't help but start digging in, carrying his tray with one hand and eating an apple with the other. He smiled at other friends who were eating their breakfasts along the way. He noticed Harry sitting with some of his friends and waved to the group, apple still in hand. Brandon was very fond of the son of Nike. He was a great guy, a good competitor, and an even better friend.

Finally, Brandon made his way back to the table, sitting next to Selyse and saying a quick prayer; preparing himself to eat. The more Brandon could keep his eyes off of Gwen and on something else the better. Gods know how many times Brandon's done something stupid in front of the daughter of Aphrodite. However, before he began, as he shouldn't just sit down and eat while ignoring his close friends, Brandon addressed the group. "Hey guys," Brandon said through a smile. "Nate, Thayer, Gwen, Nolan, how are you today?" He asked, noting each of them in turn. As he listened to their replies, Brandon finally managed to get breakfast in him, pulling up his sleeves, exposing the thick leather wristband that hid his mother's bracelet, and placing his napkin on his lap. He ate quickly, but he did not slack in his manners. Brandon prided himself in the manners his mother had drilled into him; they were one of the few things left he had of hers. Besides, he mostly just wanted to talk with everyone and it was rude to talk with your mouth full. Therefore the quicker he finished, the quicker he could socialize.

Once he was finished eating, he looked down and took his phone out of his pocket. "Dude... it's this time already?! Where you guys at, the caf? Meet you there, I'll bring a tattoo for Rowan." Brandon read aloud. Brandon smirked. "Jayce is on his way." As Brandon put his phone away, his hand brushed ever so slightly against Selyse's. He couldn't control it, as he hadn't meant to do that. He blushed bright red for a moment before the heat faded from his cheeks. In an attempt to turn attention away from the small unmitigated disaster that stemmed from his own shyness, worse yet he was with two of Aphrodite's children and they could smell it on him, Brandon turned the conversation elsewhere. "So, who's got what class next? I can never remember my own schedule let alone everyone else's. Anything particularly interesting?" Brandon chuckled nervously, asking questions about others to lead them away from himself.

Jayce Porter

Jayce was having another of his bizarre dreams. Though it was really more of a nightmare. In this one he was a little boy, apparently made out of some sort of cheesecake cookie, and was running away, full tilt, from a group of angry zombie cucumbers armed with pitchforks and flaming dachshunds. He woke with a start as his phone buzzed. Someone had texted him.

"What the fuuu....." Jayce yawned. Stretching and rubbing his eyes. "That was even weirder than the time I was a talking dolphin who made a living as a traveling bible salesmen in the sahara desert." He chuckled. "At least mum's giving me dreams, better than none at all. Poor Hypno's kids." Jayce murmured. He sat up and promptly fell out of bed with the kind of thump and accompanying crack that can only mean that something was broken. Sure enough, however, Jayce was perfectly fine. Though he'd landed face first, he didn't hurt, and his body was in order. He'd simply landed on Bookworm Jayce's glasses. "Oops... Sorry dude, bad luck." "Augh! Bad luck?! You idiot, I need those to see!" Jayce complained at himself. His tone was slightly nasal and grating. He couldn't help it. After all, he had sinus issues. "I couldn't help it. You know how I get in the mornings." Jayce said defensively. "Easy boys, look on the bright side." Jayce butted in, trying to mediate the bickering and bring it to a halt. His inflections were soothing and magnetic. They could make a lion pur. "Now that we aren't wearing those nerdy glasses maybe a girl will date us." Jayce supplied, attempting to slick their hair back, but its curls defied him. "Ooh..." Jayce pondered, stopping the argument for a moment, it had sounded very nice after all. "That's all well and good for you guys, but no girl will ever date a loser like me." Jayce snapped at himself. "Shut up you idiots. I'm sleepy." Jayce said, in his usual dangerous tone that ended the conversation. "Fair enough. Let's get going." Jayce suggested, and they got up to get ready for school while Jayce slept.

The boys showered, picked out an outfit with Jayce's help, and organized their school supplies at Jayce's behest. He liked to have their supplies placed ever so nicely in their bag. Finally, Jayce checked their phone. It was full of text messages from their sister, Reyna, who loved to bug them. She wasn't a half sister. Though they had different dad's, she loved him as much as any real family would have, and Jayce loved the attention. After all, he'd grown up without siblings. Jayce smiled at the myriad of pictures, funny jokes, and silly little jibes that she'd sent him. He responded with a simple smiley face. After all, his smiling was another joke of theirs. Finally, he noticed he had two messages from his good friend, Brandon. He sent his response and made sure to grab a few extra seals from their jar on his shelf. Poor Rowan. Jayce would love to help him out, after all, they were brothers.

The Jayces made his way down to breakfast and loaded up a plate with eggs, bacon, toast with raspberry jam, and orange juice. He walked over to where he saw Brandon, though Thayer was with him, and Jayce knew Thayer didn't like him very much. "Um... yo godlings. How it do?" He asked the group, before turning to Rowan. "Use this seal like a fake tattoo. Put a wet cloth on the back of it for a minute and let the magic seep into your arm. Once the tattoo is finished sticking, the magic should kick in naturally and return your arm to its regular color. The tattoo should fade after the magic has run its course." Jayce said, handing Rowan a small piece of paper with a sealing circle drawn on it. "Sorry for the nerdmeister's bossyness. You know how he gets when he's showing off. If that's all, I gotta be going, I've.. umm... got something I need to do. Yeah?" Jayce said. He liked the rest of the group well enough, especially Brandon and Gwen, but he knew Thayer wasn't his biggest fan.

(OOC: Just a quick reminder about Jayce's personalities. They are organized by color. Green is nerdy Jayce, Red is badass Jayce, black is dominant Jayce, or the "REAL" Jayce, and blue is Suave Jayce. They are listed below for clarification.)
Bookworm Jayce
Badass Jayce
Vanilla Jayce
Porter, Jayce Porter