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Tara 'Demi' Roman

"What goes around comes back around to bite you in the ass."

0 · 122 views · located in Mount Olympus Academy

a character in “Mount Olympus Academy”, as played by ZoeyAutopsyx




'I'd rather be hated for stating the truth than liked for throwing around lies.'

Full Name: Tara Demetria Roman
Nicknames: Usually, she simply goes by Demi, since people always seem to mispronounce her first name, which irritates her beyond belief. But she does not mind if someone calls her by Tara.
Age: Seventeen years of age
Godly Parent: Tyche
Birthdate: 18th of May
Home Town: Verona, Wisconsin
Sexuality: Heterosexual

+Doodling and Painting
+Vitamin water
+Persian rugs
+Mushroom and olive pizza
+The number eight
+Bird feathers (For her hair more than anything.)
+Customizing her own clothes
+Cars, especially old Mustangs

-Rap music
-Children of Aphrodite
-Answering questions
-Root Beer or Cream soda
-Odd numbers
-Her height (She’s 5 foot 8, and wishes that she was shorter.)
-Wearing dresses

Fears: Demi is extremely afraid of someone getting through her emotional wall, because that would mean that they have something over her. She is afraid of disappointment, and big dogs like Pitbulls, German Sheppards, or Huskies. Lastly, she is afraid of death, or near-death experiences.


Personality: To put it in simple terms, Demi is one of those people that could genuinely not give a fuck’s less what people think, and she is not one of those people who say that just to make themselves look tough. She is a person with a rock-hard exterior, not seeming to be affected by anything that the world seems to throw at her, good or bad. It is extremely rare to see her react emotionally, and in fact, if you do, something is horribly, horribly wrong.

With little patience and a temper as well, Demi does not put up with people that she doesn’t feel she has to. She is not afraid to tell someone that she does not like them, and she’s also not afraid of hurting their feelings. This is why so many people do not like her and call her ‘cold-hearted’, which, of course, doesn’t bother her, She prefers being alone either way, so keeping people away is almost an accomplishment for the young child of Tyche.

To make it clear, just because Demi doesn’t show her feelings on the outside, that does not mean that she’s not suffering on the inside. Think of her as a bone; a bone is hard on the outside, but full of soft marrow on the inside. Demi is sensitive to emotions, especially the negatives ones, and that is one thing that she absolutely cannot stand about herself.

Despite her mother being a Goddess of chance, of luck, Demi is still a cynical and pessimistic being, and she is also a strong believer in Karma. She doesn’t believe that people will ever fully, one hundred percent change, or that there’s much good left in the world. This is why she strives to be honest, to be someone that a person can come to in order to hear the truth and not sugar-coated reassurances.


History: Being of Ukrainian and Polish descent, most of Demi’s family migrated from Eastern Europe to the United States around the 1930’s, at a time of war and disorder in their countries. Some went to New York, while a few others settled in Wisconsin for a simple living.

This is where Demi’s story begins, in Verona, Wisconsin, which offers an off-the-grid way of living, for the most part. In a sparsely populated town, Demi was brought up by her grandparents, and didn’t know a single thing about her parents for about seven years of her life, nor did she wonder. Her way of life was simple: she was home schooled, and after ‘school’, she played with the other children in the open fields and pretended to be whatever she wanted to be. She always knew that something about her was different than the other children, for she always seemed to be a little more mature, and possessed a way of thinking that people just did not understand.

It wasn’t until the age of eight and a half that she began to wonder about her parents, and began to ask her grandmother. As expected, her grandmother gave her vague answers, but after it seemed obvious that Demi wasn’t going to quit asking, her grandmother finally sat her down and explained the whole story. How Demi’s father had met a beautiful woman in Milwaukee at a casino, who captivated his heart. How he chased her for years before she decided to pursue him, too. They stayed together for a while, had Demi, and then, the woman seemed to fall off the face of the Earth. Demi’s father returned to Verona with Demi, and a couple of years later, when Demi was two, he had died in a horrible construction accident that killed seven of the other workers in the process, which left her grandparents to take care of her.

Of course, Demi’s grandmother knew what the woman was, for Demi’s father had told her. But this detail was to be kept secret until Demi was about twelve, and Demi’s grandmother was sure that Demi was ready to go to the Olympian Academy. Demi had to know about her gifts and how to use them, it was mandatory. That is what landed Demi at Olympian Academy, against her will at first, and through-out all these years, she still has not seen her mother. That makes her question if she is even worthy of her mother’s love.

So begins...

Tara 'Demi' Roman's Story