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Tate Everett

"I don't swim in the ocean. I become a PART of it."

0 · 157 views · located in Mount Olympus Academy

a character in “Mount Olympus Academy”, as played by ZoeyAutopsyx




'Sometimes, you don't need to swim. You just need to...float.'

Full Name: Tate Alexander Everett
Nicknames: He simply refers to himself as Tate, there is no way to turn that into a nickname.
Age: Eighteen
Godly Parent: Poseidon
Birthdate: 24th of April
Home Town: St. Michael’s, Maryland
Sexuality: Heterosexual


+Chamomile tea
+Visiting England
+Green eyes and brown hair
+Star gazing
+Learning songs on Guitar

-Strong perfume
-People touching his hair
-Hot, dry weather
-Horror movies
-American football
-Loud people

Fears: Tate is afraid of tight spaces, rooms with no windows, and any kind of physical pain.


Personality: Tate is the kind of guy that doesn’t say anything until he is summoned. Most of the time, when he is in a room, people won’t notice him until he stands, which is the way he likes it. He does not like drawing more attention to himself than necessary, because that means having to talk to people, and he isn’t exactly the best at socializing with new individuals.

Often seen as awkward, most of the things that Tate would typically say to a person aren’t what you would expect. He is very straight-forward, and doesn’t see the point in trying to get along with someone if he doesn’t like them. Because of his straight-forwardness, he often hurts peoples’ feelings, even if he doesn’t mean to. That is another reason why he likes staying quiet most of the time.

He spends a lot of time exploring his own mind, and is usually the person in class who is staring out the window with a vacant expression on his face. To him, a lot of the things he has to do in class are irrelevant to him either way, and he does not see a point in wasting his time with them.

If something is too complicated to comprehend the first time, Tate won’t take the time to understand it, because to him, everything should be simple. Complicated things make him distrustful, such as people who have double standards. He is a person who’s opinions are set in stone, and nothing that anyone says will change his mind, even if that person has more of a valid point than Tate does himself.

He is a sweetheart, the type of guy that most girls think don’t exist, but because he is very quiet, he doesn’t exactly know how to approach a girl in that way. That is why he has never had a girlfriend, and doesn’t see himself with anyone in the near future. Nevertheless though, if you take the time and try to figure him out, you will realize that is a very trustworthy, funny, and protective friend. He will never let you down, if you mean a lot to him.


History: Tate’s story starts out with his mother, a woman who had her future set in stone and always knew what she wanted in life. Born and raised in Oxfordshire, England, she wanted nothing more than to move to America, where she had plenty of pen pals. She got that opportunity when she signed up for a foreign exchange program, and that is what landed her in Maryland, where she finished High School and settled in St. Michael’s, a little place settled by the shore. It was in her mid-twenties when she met a man, the most beautiful man, in her opinion, and started a relationship with him. Before she knew it, she was pregnant, and it was around the time that she found out that her true love seemed to have just disappeared.

Though heartbroken, she knew from the beginning that she wanted to keep this child. And so, Tate was born on a beautiful April afternoon, and life moved on. From the beginning, he was a quiet, awkward child, not one for school. He had much more fun with a few other kids from the neighborhood, and they spent most of their days on the shore playing until it was time to go home. Against his mother’s orders, Tate also used this time to swim, something that he knew how to do without even learning. In fact, he could do a lot of things in the water that everyone else couldn’t…

It was at the age of eight that he went to England for the first time with his mother to visit his relatives, and he loved it so much that he decided that he wanted to permanently stay there for school. He made new friends, and his mother hesitantly went back to Maryland where she had a really good job. At the age of eleven, Tate moved back to Maryland, realizing that he really missed living with his mother. To his surprise, he came back to find his father, and his mother sat him down to explain some things. Tate was told that he had to go to a certain school, a school where he would learn why he can do things in water that others couldn’t. Though confused, he agreed, and that is what landed him at the academy.

Anything else: Tate does have a British accent, and it’s stronger on certain words than others.

So begins...

Tate Everett's Story