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Vanity Blond

"I just want...I NEED to be beautiful. I will not exist in any other form."

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a character in “Mount Olympus Academy”, as played by ZoeyAutopsyx




'You can't love someone else if you don't even love yourself...just ask me, I would know.'

Full Name: Vanity Elaine Blond
Nicknames: Vanity does not have any nicknames, except perhaps the nickname ‘Blondie’, but she has never encouraged that one and hates it when people call her that.
Age: Eighteen years of age
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Birthdate: 15th of April
Home Town: Mount Juliet, Tennessee
Sexuality: Heterosexual


+Ball gowns
+Chanel No. 5. Perfume
+Fall weather
+Herbal tea
+Dancing, especially ballet
+Figure Skating
+Chanel red lipstick
+White kittens

-Not wearing makeup
-Casual clothing
-Bulky phones
-Oatmeal raisin cookies
-The color teal
-Waking up early
-Alcohol of any kind

Fears: Vanity has a fear of things being disorganized and uncoordinated, which is why she always has to have everything planned so that she can function through-out her day. She has a fear of growing old, as well as a fear of cuts and bruises, or anything that can permanently damage your appearance. And, even though she won't mention it out loud, Vanity has a fear of ending up alone.


Personality: Vanity is a perfect example of why so many people do not like children of Aphrodite, for she fits in right with the stereotype, and in all honesty, has no problem with it. This self-centered, arrogant young woman is very much childlike, even infantile, for she wants what she wants when she wants it. Not only that, she doesn’t do very well with the word ‘no’, and is known to raise hell if she does not get her way. Ironically, even when the blonde does get her way, she still finds something to complain about.

That’s the thing with Vanity, nothing is ever good enough. This is probably because Vanity expects too much, of people and of the situations that she’s in. This is a big problem for her, because usually, she ends up being disappointed. She takes out a lot of her frustrations on people around her, people that truly have no fault. Not knowing how to accept things for how they are, she will continue to drag out a situation, and find some way to fix whatever the problem is, even if she ends up just making it worse in the end.

Because of her ego, Vanity is always focused on herself, to the point where instead of listening to someone during a conversation, she is mentally preparing what she will say next. This is almost like something she cannot control, though, sort of like OCD. She always wants to have the last word in something, and to be right, because she just can’t see something from anyone else’s perspective than her own. This is why she is good at debates, because she has a reasoning behind everything she says.

She is smarter than she lets on, and people don’t come to expect much from her. This is exactly how she wants it, for she finds out things about people that they don’t want others to know. She is extremely sneaky, manipulative, cunning, and depending on the circumstances, a great liar. That's not to say she enjoys lying, though, because to some degree, Vanity does have a conscience. And if you get to know her, you will realize that she is a good person to have on your side.


History: Mount Juliet, Tennessee, a place that isn’t known to many people except well, the people who are from there. This is the place that Vanity’s ancestors settled after arriving from Paris in the late 50’s, in search of a simple way of living. Ironically, that simple way of living turned into something more extravagant, when Vanity’s great-grandfather established an Apple Orchard in the heart of the state, which in turn became instantly successful and began bringing in huge money.

To put in simple terms, it’s no secret that Vanity was born into a wealthy family. She never met her mother growing up, and was brought up by her father, that is, when he was actually home and not on business trips. When he was gone, however, Vanity was left in the care of her aunt, AKA her dad’s sister. Since her Aunt is so young, Vanity always saw her as more of an older sister, and because of that, her aunt never disciplined her. This left Vanity’s grandparents to try and discipline her, but that didn’t result in anything.

She was enrolled into school early, and received great education from the private schools that she attended. Vanity never made any friends, though, because truth be told, she did not know how to. The little friends she made were the children of other wealthy people that were invited to parties that Vanity’s father held.

Nevertheless, who needed friends when you had horses to ride, an orchard to stroll to, and plenty of books to read? That’s what Vanity told herself growing up. She had learned to do most things by herself since no one took the time to teach her: play the piano, ride a bike, swim, and so on. It was almost eerie how she picked up on these things so easily, and soon enough, her father and grandparents noticed. She had even taught herself some French from the books her father had in their home library.

By age thirteen, Vanity was already becoming bored, for she had learned everything that she wanted. Life was almost moving too slow for the blonde, she knew that she wanted to something more, but she didn’t know how to express herself to anyone. She was frustrated, to say the least. This period of time did not last long at all though, because this was when Vanity’s mother came into the picture, and presented herself at Vanity’s Apple Orchard. She had explained everything to her, why Vanity could do things others couldn’t, why she always felt so different.

Naturally, Vanity did not believe the woman at first, but after her father had confirmed everything, she had no choice but to believe it. After all, her father had never lied to her before, had he? And so, after some careful consideration, he agreed to let her attend Olympian Academy so that she can figure out what she is.

So begins...

Vanity Blond's Story

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Rosalie woke up to the sound of nothing but the sound of her book, The Great Gatsby dropping to the hard wood ground and as it did the Romanian was up. She rose up so quickly before looking to the ground and seeing the cause of the noise. She breathed out and closed her dark brown eyes to calm her now raising heart. "Goddamn it." she whispered. Now that she was up, Rose picked her book off of the ground and began to walk towards her bookcase. She looked for the proper space to put it right there with the G's. She then knew there was no way she was going to sleep another moment because once she was up, she was up. She walked over the her closet and looked over her numerous pairs of jeans, hoodies, and t-shirts. Before deciding on what to wear for the day. And, with her clothes in her hand, she walked into the restroom to take a shower. And for the next ten minutes Rosalie just let the warm water relax her from the morning scare. After washing herself up Rose turned off the water, grabbed her white towel and wrapped it around her small and thin body before stepping out of the shower and into the steamed bathroom.

She wiped the mirror down to see her reflection before putting the towel around her dark brown hair and reaching for her clothes. She slipped on her white tee and jumped into her rather new black skinny jeans. After doing so, she began to dry her hair and began to watch her small curls return to natural form. Which took about another five minutes with her hair dryer on low. She grabbed towards her teal beanie and put it on before walking out of the bathroom, leaving the door open to let the steam all out. While walking, Rosalie grabbed a pair of her flats and slipped them on. After that, she sat up and looked into her full length mirror. She sighed as she looked herself up and down and shook her head as she grabbed her Edgar Allen Poe book and placed it in her old messager bag and walked out of her room, closing the door behind her. As she walked down the hall, she slipped her headphones in and ignored anyone who might be looking in her direction. Once exiting the dorm rooms, she walked to the lake and took a seat on the grass right under a tree that she always sat under in the morning. As she did so, she looked for a blank page in her notebook and began to continue on a picture of a very blurry photograph of her family with her mother and her father and older brother before being left with her grandparents. She never seen her father and brother but was determine to finish this picture in order to know at least what they looked like. Or if it brought back any memories of her hated past. And as much as she wanted to quit trying, she couldn't. She turned her music lower before keeping her eyes steadily on the picture, stapled to the piece of notebook paper to keep it from flying away.

And the longer she set her eyes on the picture, the more blurry her eyes got. The Romanian rubbed her eyes and blinked once or twice before looking in her brown leather bag for her sunglasses. And when she looked up she saw her friend, Selyse reading a book that Rose already got her hands on a couple of weeks before. Rose was happy to finally see a friendly face seeing that the other around and in the lake, weren't exactly her friends. She gathered her belongings and walked over to her friend before sitting down not too far from her but no too close either. She fixed her sunglasses before looking over to her friend and giving a small smile. "Hi Lysa. Are you enjoying the book?" She asked as she looked at the cover and to her notebook. She reached out her book which was pretty... daunting ad bleak compared to most of the books she read. But, it was by far the most interesting and well, literal of the hundreds of books she owned.


Arielle was sound asleep in her bedroom right before having her phone go off with a text. She groaned loudly before opening her eyes and rolling them. Who was dumb enough to wake up the ice queen? What kind of person was that big idiot to interrupt her sleep? Looking at who is was from, she shrugged her shoulder. It was from her very close friend, Santiago. And, for him rules were different. He was like her Hawaiian gay brother that she never thought she needed. But, now she was happy she had him. She looked at the text message asking-- well, telling her to meet him in the cafeteria when she was done getting dressed. She rolled her eyes and set her phone on her nightstand before sitting up and stretching her hands over her head with a loud yawn following not long after. "I hate him so much right now." She said to herself with her accent coming out, like it did most mornings. And after a while of just trying to wake herself up, the small Asian girl slipped out of her bed and slipped on her slippers so her feet wouldn't hit the cold floor. "Now to get beautiful." She said to herself as she let her hair out of the high ponytail it was in for the night before. She walked over to her large wardrobe and grabbed a pair of her favorite shorts, a black undershirt and an orange one to go over. After doing so, she grabbed a pair of her brown heels and held them in her right hand as she walked gently to the bathroom.

When she walked into the bathroom, she closed and locked it behind her before turning the cold water on. She tossed her clothes in the hamper by the door before hopping into the rather freezing water. Arielle hated warm water and just loved the cold water even since her birth. She washed her long black hair lastly and then turned the water off. She slipped her soft pink towel around her body and began to dry her body before wrapping it around her hair and began to slip her clothes on along with her heels, adding three inches to her overall height. She then walked out with her heels clacking along the wooden floor. She walked over to her vanity and sat down to do her hair and makeup. She looked at the photos around her mirror of her and her friends. She grinned at the photographs before beginning her makeup. And for the next forty five minutes, Arielle was getting herself ready for the day. With getting two more text from Santiago saying to hurry up. She just shrugged and finished. She then looked at her reflection and her outfit. With a smirk on her baby doll face, she gave a twirl before speaking again. "On a scale from one to ten: fifteenth." She then grabbed her purse and walked out with her phone in hand getting ready to text her best friend, Vanity.

Vanity, meet me in the cafe.
<3 Arielle

She then slipped her phone into her small bag and began her walk to the cafe. She smiled and waved at her friends and then gave smug looks to a few of her targets. Some looked away and at the ground while others gave her the stink eye. Either way, it didn't matter to her, she still got a reaction out of her which is what she always wanted from people. She flipped her hair over her shoulder before walking out of the dorm rooms and walking towards the cafe only to see Halley running to the cafeteria. Arielle would have said something but it wasn't worth her time. She was too easy to mess with and she was near the bottom of her list of people to mess with. Lucky for her but her day will come. Ari just rolled her eyes before entering the cafe to see Santiago at their regular table in the middle of everything. She smiled towards the man and gave a small wave before sitting down and taking a strawberry from her friend's salad and a small piece off of his bacon. "So, one hour later and the queen has arrived." The Asian girl rolled her eyes once more before speaking to the Hawaiian. "Shut up. It takes time to look this nice." She said to him as he chuckled. Looking her friend up and down, she nodded at what he was wearing. And, getting approval from her wasn't easy to do.

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Harry is very rarely taken aback by signs of affection in any variety, and therefore seems only willing to hug Taran back when she jumps up and embraces him in greeting. After all, the two are quite close as far as friends go, and so he is very rarely surprised by her actions anymore; this includes the ones that others would consider incredibly bizarre for the typically ignored young woman. Anyway, he remains smiling amicably when she releases him and backs up, and when she sizes him up for a moment as though afraid that the burst of affection will have scared him off or anything. He rolls his eyes at her concern, but in doing so misses her words, only catching the very end of them. This, naturally, makes it rather difficult for him to have the slightest of inklings as to what the girl has said to him, other than the word pin- or maybe been? Alright, whatever word she has just said definitely needs a bit better context for him to have any idea what she is saying. Rather than saying something that doesn't answer her question at all, the young man just smiles and nods, somewhat succeeding in saving face.

"How are you?" he asks softly, though he isn't really too much in the mood for small talk. If anything, he is considering dragging Taran off to the cafeteria and forcing her to eat breakfast with him. This thought is backed up by a grumbling in his stomach as his body tells him that the granola bar he had earlier was definitely not enough nourishment to hold him until lunch. He's an athletic young person, after all, and is having a craving for eggs and bacon at the moment- especially the eggs part, in fact. He makes the sign for breakfast, one which he had taught Clarissa a while ago, and gestures towards the cafeteria. "Come eat with me. I'm Starving," he says, though his smile makes him seem to be exaggerating his hunger. He notices a motion from the corner of his eye and glances over to see Rose walking over towards them, waving when she grows closer. He, in turn, waves back with his own smile. Of course, he also waves at Brandon when the son of Ares jogs by them.

His greeting is slightly less genuine in its friendliness when one Mr. Wes Taylor comes by, greeting the group. Wes's greeting to Harry is far from warm itself, and Harry knows the courtesy is given only for the sake of Taran, who might be slightly miffed if he is to snub Harry. Harry merely nods at the Taran's brother, his expression having lost its cheer just a bit, though it doesn't necessarily appear to be hostile either. They simply don't get along, but that doesn't mean that Harry is going to hiss at his presence, right?

"Breakfast?" Harry reintroduces his suggestion to the group just before yawning and stretching upwards. He hadn't properly stretched after running this morning, and is thinking that he may regret it. Still, the desire for food prevails above slightly stiff feeling joints.


Paige doesn't bother to survey the cafeteria or anything like that, as her focus for the moment is not preemptive table searching. If need be, she can always go eat in the courtyard or on the roof or something like that. Rather, she makes a sort of beeline for the buffet, which seems to primarily consist of eggs, bacon, and toast. Well, that would be the part she stands at for the first few seconds, anyway. It isn't long, however, before the young woman makes a face of disdain for the foods, not being a fan of any of the aforementioned breakfast dishes, and moves on towards the section which offers a colorful selection of foods and yogurts. Paige, as far as breakfast goes, is not the sort of person who goes for much variation. In fact, her breakfast has been fruit and hot tea for the past several years, starting when she was perhaps seven or eight years old. Old habits die hard, whether they be of sleeping in or eating a monotonous breakfast for every day of your life. Paige seems, to some extent, to embody this cliche.

Only after preparing herself a cup of hot tea, which is bland at best, and a plate stacked with pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, and cantaloupe, does Paige think to look around and try and find a group with whom she might sit, if a group at all. She'd be perfectly content sitting on her own, after all, but that doesn't make her an entirely unsocial creature. She's good enough friends with Thayer, and occasionally hangs out with Gwen -though only at night-, but doesn't know Nolan or Nate very well. Another table seats Arielle, something of a friend, and Emmett, with whom she occasionally banters. It's a rather even tossup, especially as she doesn't really care too much. In the end, she takes a seat with the larger crowd, simply melting into the group without a sound. While she may have some sort of friendship, or at least respect, with Arielle and Emmett, she is otherwise very loosely related to this group, and therefore enters without asking but offers little greeting to the people there, other than a nod and a murmured good morning that is lost within a yawn.

She doesn't need to be involved in the conversation- Paige is content to simply eat and observes. She likes to watch things unfold, after all, and were she not so lazy has the potential to be a far more malicious force than she is. After all, she would be the sort, if passivity did not translate into some shifty sort of kindness, to purposely move people like pawns so that she can watch things for her own amusement. This side, however, is rather suppressed, and she is content to watch the natural course of things instead, without offering intervention.