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Mount Olympus Academy

Mount Olympus Academy


a part of Mount Olympus Academy, by StitchSaysHi.


StitchSaysHi holds sovereignty over Mount Olympus Academy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Mount Olympus Academy is a part of Mount Olympus Academy.

48 Characters Here

Halley McClain [29] Daughter of Hephaestus
Emmett Francis Meade [25] 'Trust me, I'm a big deal'
Sage Fitzgerald [24] "You look more confused than an emu trying to fly. Need help?"
Xavier Richards [21] "It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not."
Selyse Hendrickson [19] "Bet me... I dare ya."
Rosalie Tate [19] "You sometimes can't chose what happens in life. Sometimes it's written in the stars."
Abby Rae Jarvis [19] "If you've got a problem with me, grow a pair and say something to my face. Otherwise shut up and make me a sandwhich."
Harry Cricket [18] ". . . ."
Rose Gracey [18] "We sit on front porches and swing life away..."
Arielle Liu [17] "Strong women wear their pain like stilettos. No matter how much it hurts, all you see is the beauty of it."

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Sage Fitzgerald

The boy looked up at Sage with slight anxiety in his intense greenish-blue eyes. Both of the demigods' eyes were similar. Sage's had more of a gray hue to them, but compared to Leonard's, they had a corresponding light shade of colors. Noticing this, the sixteen-year-old girl realized that light-colored eyes must have been a trait of Athena's. Her father possessed dark blue eyes, nowhere near the color of Sage's. Perhaps it was the same case for Leonard. Just by approaching him, she was already learning about her godly parent.

She watched as his hands trembled as though he had been electrocuted. She was expecting him to be shocked or annoyed, but not frightened. His hands managed to mark the page where he had stopped reading, and as his book dropped to the surface of the desk, it made a faint echo in the classroom. He grabbed her hand, and briskly shook it. He looked as though he was choking on his own words. Finally, he calmed down, and although he stuttered, his voice came out oddly powerful.
"You... you can call me Lenny." he said after he initially removed his grip on her hand. It was the quickest handshake Sage had ever received in her life.

Contemplating the fact that this boy seemed to move rather hastily in everything he did, Sage continued the conversation.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Lenny." she said, taking a quick glance back at Halley afterwards. Would the daughter of the god of blacksmithing and crafting join the conversation? It was hard to predict. To Sage, Halley had a certain complexity about her that was quite complicated for her to understand. Children of Hephaestus always had questionable qualities that down-to-earth children like Sage just couldn't comprehend.

She placed Halley in the back of her mind and turned to face Leonard again. It was then that she caught sight of the title of the book he was reading. A certain spark of excitement lit up in her head and spread throughout her body.
"Jeremy Sanshone, "The String Theory; A Brilliant Branch of Theoretical Physics". That's what you are reading, correct? I picked that one up exactly one week ago for a bit of light reading. His definitions are prodigiously coherent, aren't they?"
She spoke fluently, yet utterly fleeting that someone with poor ears would have a hard time understanding what she was saying.
"Believe it or not, Jeremy Sanshone was actually a demigod himself! A child of Momus, in fact. I would continue reading more of his works, but I've been awfully caught up with circle constants and tau that, well...I've almost forgotten to go to the library and pick up more of his books!"
She gave a slight chuckle, and then the raised lines on her face dropped into their original positions as she calmed down.
"Well, it was nice meeting you, Lenny. I hope we can chat again sometime soon. I have many questions to ask you, but I'll hold them until classes for today are over. Just wanted to give you a warning."

She gave him one last polite smile, and then promptly walked over to her desk located towards the front of the classroom. She sat and wrote notes until history class began.

Rowan Tinne

It was interesting to see that Rosalie and Brandon had different reactions when inspecting Rowan's eerie green arm. They made light of the situation instead of making it darker and more serious. "Nice going, buddy." Rosalie said in playful sarcasm. Brandon, on the other hand, had a reflex of burly laughter. It brought a smile upon Rowan's face to see at least SOMEONE laugh about his condition. After a while, though, he seemed to contain himself. He then apologized, confusing Rowan. What Brandon was apologizing for was exactly what the son of Hecate wanted to happen.

"My buddy Jayce is a child of Hecate, just like you, he's been here a while and is pretty good at minor magic like that. If you like, I could talk to him about helping you remove it. He's always looking into some pretty goofy stuff, so I bet he's got a seal for that."
What Brandon had said threw Rowan off guard a little. "Jayce?" he asked. Rowan knew Jayce. He was his brother. Like Rowan, Jayce knew how to cast spells. He could perform magic, and quite well to say the least. There was only one thing about Jayce that Rowan was simply perplexed by: his multiple personality disorder. He knew that if he did it right, he would be able to remove the pigment off of his arm without the help of Jayce. But then again, that was if he DID IT RIGHT. With his bad luck, he'd probably cause the pigment to become permanent on his arm. He didn't want to risk it, and so Rowan knew that Jayce, being better at spells, would probably be the one to cure his condition. Although the thought of Jayce curing his arm, of all people, was a bit worrisome, it was also intriguing.

"Alright, sounds good." Rowan replied to Brandon. What was the worst that could happen? It would be rude to turn down the offer. Afterwards, Selyse helped Brandon up onto his feet, and he accepted Rosalie's invitation to the cafeteria. As Rowan walked with the group, breathing in the fresh scent of the late-summer air, a nerve struck in him as Brandon spoke yet again.
"So Rowan, Arielle's been picking on you again? Why not stand up to her and her pathetic little friends? You're such a nice guy, and there's nothing wrong with that, but don't let her step all over you like that. You can always come to me or one of our teachers if you're feeling bullied."

The fifteen-year-old could feel his face turning red and a tiny trickle of sweat building up upon his forehead. Arielle Liu; he hated that name. The girl was so pathetic, so arrogant, and so....powerful. It made the boy furious that snotty whores like Arielle could get whatever they wanted. Unfortunately, whenever he was in a room with the child of Khione, he was forced to take cover, as he was always the target for her constant criticism and bullying. Not wanting to talk about the subject, Rowan gave a fainthearted, "Yeah, you're right." to Brandon as he walked through the door that Rosalie had so kindly held for the group. "Thanks," he said as he slipped into the cafeteria, not even noticing Ray Chami and his guitar, as he was too focused on his thoughts about the ever so stupid Arielle Liu.

As Brandon was always so popular at the academy, the four found themselves being called over by one of his friends; Nate Sterling. Nate was an exception to the rule that children of Aphrodite were always so air-headed. As Rowan took a seat at the cafeteria table, he glanced at who was around him. There was Thayer Hendrix, a sarcastic child of Hephaestus who took pride in his witty remarks, Gwen Swann, another child of Aphrodite who had her head on straight, (and undoubtedly the most attractive out of the Aphrodite kids) and Nolan Yarley, a son of the all-powerful Zeus who seemed more like an Athena kid. Rowan wondered why he hadn't talked to these people before, as they seemed to be in his crowd. Noticing Rosalie with her cup of coffee, he excused himself from the table, and went to go get his own. He never drank coffee, but he figured that with his new green arm, he might as well become a different person for the day. After pouring the hot beverage into his own foam cup, he grabbed the biggest bagel he could find and balanced it back to the table, taking a glance over at Arielle before sitting down. Hopefully she wouldn't notice his arm. As the demigods around him conversed, Rowan took big bites out of his second breakfast. Once he finished, he would make his way over to his first period class.

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Harry smiles briefly at Rose when she sits down beside him with her own plate of food, but is soon concentrated once more on the eggs and bacon before him, as well as the cup of water that helps him to eat the food far faster than he really should be doing. Still, he can see the clock hanging over the door to the cafeteria from here, and is well aware of the fact that he needs to hurry so that he doesn't show up late to class. His eating is definitely too fast, and he nearly chokes on the bacon at least once, but this is a secondary concern for the hurrying young man.

When he looks over, it is to see that Rose is also looking up at the clock with a vaguely concerned expression- she likely is thinking the same things as he is at the moment. While his friend has never really been the sort to worry too much over tardiness, he knows that she dislikes having to walk in alone when that is the case. Of course, as children, most of their tardiness was at the same time- at least, when they were in the same classes. Because they went to school together, it wasn't uncommon for the two to go to class together as well. Only once middle school started, and therefore the separation of classes, was it less likely for the two to walk into class together with twin sheepish grins. To this day, that remains the case for the classes that they share together. Not to say that they are always late, of course. Both are usually quite punctual students- Harry, at least, prides himself on this much.

Taking a drink of water to rinse down the last of his food, Harry turns to face Rose, gesturing towards the clock that he knows she has already seen by this point. "We should go," he says softly, no more really being required for this simple message. It would be especially bad to be late within the first week of school, wouldn't it? Hardly the best way to keep the teacher in a good mood, even if they'd all had the same teachers for most of their high school careers. Classes don't change much here, it should seem- only the intensity of them. This is to be expected, though, because there probably aren't enough demigod teachers to staff every possible class that the students in attendance here might be inclined to take, right?

Harry stands, taking both Rose's plates and his own, before making the short trip to drop off the trays and back. The plastic trays are far more eco-friendly than the Styrofoam ones they had been using up until two years ago. Harry suspects that the children of Demeter had made a fuss over it or something- in fact, he can vaguely recall signing some sort of petition that was, more likely than not, involved with the movement. He brushes his hands off against his pants, because he'd already thrown the napkins used to wipe off his mouth away, and then makes his way back to Rose.

Let's walk together, he signs to her, standing over the table but not sitting. It's quite obvious that he's in a rush at this point, especially because several students are getting up and leaving, and he suspects that the bell might have rung without him hearing it. Of course, Harry is hardly the sort to simply up and leave without his friend, and on that thought, looks over towards Taran to see her sitting alone. He hadn't noticed that she'd been doing that, actually, having been distracted by a grumbling stomach and an overpowering desire to satisfy the hunger.

Harry waves at Taran from where he is, trying to get her attention without leaving his current spot near Rose. He feels a bit of guilt for letting her go off to sit by herself, and certainly doesn't want her to have to walk to class alone in the case of tardiness- the whole 'only one to walk in late' thing again. Well, tardiness is actually a bit of an epidemic at this school, to be honest, especially among certain crowds. In fact, he can't think of a single class he's had with Paige Harrison in which the girl hadn't either come in late, or already been sleeping by the time he had entered the classroom. She's not alone in this, but the sleeping thing does make her stand out in his mind a bit.

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#, as written by **Ava**
Halley McClain

History class was Halley's least favorite class of the day, good to get it over with right away. But she desperately wanted it to start so at least people would be forced to sit down around her and she would blend in with the other students. The classroom was small fitted with many desks and Halley had chosen one right in the center. There might have been a better chance of her sitting in the back but Leonard was already there so she had panicked. Sage had also walked in the room but decided to go for a front seat. The bookworm probably enjoyed history. Sage had then walked to the back of the room and had a quick chat with Leonard. Halley listed to them but kept her eyes down at her desk. When the conversation ended Halle watched Sage move back to her desk. The bookworm then took out a notebook ready to take notes...or had she already started and was trying to get ahead? Halley turned her head to look back at Leonard hoping he would see she smiled and gave a friendly wave. What if Mr. Guess assigned a project? She needed Leonard to be her partner, who else would be... After waving to him she remained in her seat and put her elbows on the desk and her head in her hands. Slightly bored and really nervous about who else might walk in to the room. She already had a list going of who she hoped wouldn't walk into the room.

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#, as written by Kugorie

Taran had been sitting alone playing her card game. Yes. Solitaire. She hadn't even noticed that Rose and Harry hadn't joined her. She didn't even notice the time, until she noticed everyone getting up. She looked up and felt alone, where were her friends? Why hadn't they come to the table she was saving for them. Were they mad at her? Had she done something wrong? Had they just got up and left because she ignored them? Taran didn't know what she had done. She felt alone and cold, uneasy even. Her stomach flip flopped inside and she didn't know what to say.

That's when she saw him, Harry. He was waving to her from across the room almost. Obviously they weren't mad otherwise they would have just left but why hadn't they come to sit with her? Taran knew Harry and Rose were closer to each other then they were with her, and it hurt sometimes but it was something she lived with. Either way though Taran wouldn't get angry at her friends in fact she wouldn't even bother asking why they hadn't come over, when Harry was around Taran hardly bothered to talk at all. She didn't see a point half the time when she spoke to him he wouldn't catch everything and when she tried to sign, well let's just say it either came out gibberish or it took to long to say. So she figured the two would live without her talking. Maybe that's why she didn't feel as close to them as she wants. But, what could she do? It was useless, she was useless. *They won't even know I'm upset. I'll just pretend everything is fine and that I didn't even notice them gone.* Her face would show that she was fine, her body on the other hand didn't know how to play along.

Taran walked over with a polite smile on her face trying to hide her sadness. She wouldn't look either one in their eyes, it was something she was always afraid to do. With Taran if she looked you in the eyes her gaze would be locked there and she would be paralyzed until you looked away from her. She didn't understand why this happened to her, it just did. It also was the only way she could tell your life aura she used to just know by glancing at you but she hated it so she learned to only tell life auras if she actually looked at you. Making it much easier to walk around school without knowing when you'll die.

Remember how I said her body didn't want to play along? Taran began to close up; her arms came into the middle of her body, her legs came close together, she stood perfectly still and lowered her head a bit as she spoke. " Hey guys, so we headed to room 212?" Her voice was soft and slow, a bit quiet but hey remember she is a bit upset. However she did try to keep the smile on her face, even as she turned to face the exit. Soon she would forget about it though. She was good at forgetting, it saved her from having to remember and stay hurt.

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Saoirse had quickly recovered from the incident and put it aside, for now, remembering that she has to get to History class - Immediately, or risk feeling the wrath of Mr. Guess; while yes, Saoirse was technically his half-sister, she was almost certain he wouldn't let her off.
And so, the girl ran back to her dorm and quickly grabbed a change of clothes before rushing out again, off to History.

After bounding in through the door and almost falling over, Saoirse takes a deep breath and takes a seat next to Leonard, he was nice and she really couldn't deal with anyone that would bring up anything to do with Xavier or she might sock them in the face.
Saoirse takes her books out of her bag and looks over to Leonard, smiling "Hey Leonard," She says softly, knowing that if she were too loud or in his face, the boy would cower back and probably become uncomfortable.

Giving a brief smile to Sage as she re-took her seat, after talking to Leonard, Saoirse guessed. The girl had given her clothes back to Saoirse after all.

Her mind wandered a little, back to the Ocean of course - Where else? She relieved her first finding out about being a Demi-God, of course she hadn't believed it but, in time, her father did help her. How Saoirse wished she could go back to living with her father, not that she didn't love it here but - It was different out there.

Shaking her head a little, Saoirse regained focus and smiled, waiting for Leonard's response.


Sighing, Xavier supposed it were time to get to class; lazily, he walked out of the dining hall, semi-following after Arielle and Paige until he spotted something that piqued his interest - Darling little Halley in room 212, History, ah, brilliant.
Usually the girl wouldn't even merit Xavier's glance but as there was seemingly nothing else to do and History was his next lesson, a lesson he despised with that awful teacher Mr. Guess, he found himself waltzing toward the door before entering with a grand, "Yes, I am here, I have come to lighten your tedious little lives - Thanks are not necessary."

Xavier then glided over to Halley, greeting her with a marvellous, "Halley darling! Fancy us meeting again so soon - Are you stalking me? I think your stalking me, that's adorable but I'm afraid I am taken by the one and only girl who can't quite get my name right, which is surprising seeing as I am the loveable darling of the school, Sage."

His theatrics were cranked up to full blast - He felt like being a little over dramatic today - as he joined Sage and kissed her on both cheeks before sinking into the desk next to her.
Xavier then looked at Mr. Guess and smiled, "When you're ready, sir." Leaning back leisurely in his chair.

Taking a quick glance around the, rather quiet, room, Xavier spotted Saoirse and gave her a quick wink to which she replied with a rather crude gesture.
Grinning, Xavier spotted Leonard sitting next to her - One of his other 'victims'? Was that the right word? Never mind, the boy was much to easy prey and as of right now, Xavier just wanted to get this lesson over with as quickly as possible.

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#, as written by Issa
Emmett Meade

Most likely Emmett should have expected Kate's reaction. Her eyes snapped open and before Emmett quite knew what had happened she was lying on his back with Kate's hands pinning his arms to the bed.

"Отстань от меня вы--Emmett?" She seemed to fully realise that it was Emmett a second later, and not some crazy killer. She let go of his wrists and jumped off the bed. Emmett smirked. He crossed his feet at the end of her bed and rested his arms above his head, lying as casually as if it was his own bed. He watched as she composed herself. Her initial reaction was to apologise and, for a moment, Emmett thought that he had gotten away with it. Then Kate seemed to remember that Emmett was the one who had broken into her room.
"Wait, no I'm not. What the fuck are you doing in my room?!" She punched his arm. Emmett pulled his hurt, puppy dog face while drawing his arm down and giving it a rub. Emmett shrugged,
"I was bored and I thought it was about time the school saw your lovely face." He ended that last comment with a cheeky wink.

"You know, I'm pretty sure I keep my door locked for a reason." She said, barely concealing her own smirk. Emmett laughed and held his hands out in a 'what can you do' pose.
"What can I say, locks just open for me." He told her. He pushed himself up and around so that he was sitting on the bed, his feet on the floor.
"'Sides, I know you love waking up to my beautiful face." He added, flashing her a winning smile. Emmett and Kate were friends. Emmett knew that his flirtations would just slide right off the girl, which was why he enjoyed them so much. She didn't take him seriously and was able to give it back as good as she got it.

Leonard Moreland

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Lenny." Sage said. Lenny was pleased, despite his shyness that his half-sibling had approached him. He was surprised to find that he didn't mind her presence as much as he would someone else.
Her attention seemed to be grabbed by the book Lenny was reading on String Theory. Before he quite knew what was happening Sage and began a spiel on her thoughts on the subject.

Lenny found himself nodding along as she talked, almost opening his mouth to add his own thoughts. In fact he had come up with several points of difference between Sanshone's work and what Lenny believed to be a more accurate way of approaching the idea. Before he could voice any of his thoughts, however Sage said her farewells and made her way to her seat. Her last farewell promising Lenny that she would talk to him after class.
"Sure." Was all Lenny could voice before Sage left.

The prospect of discussing anything with Sage left Lenny with a curious combination of nerves and excitement. Already his mind was whirling up ideas and questions, while also conjuring up horrible scenarios that fed is anxieties.
Lenny was so engrossed in his thoughts that he almost missed Halley sending him a friendly wave and smile.
Lenny cringed into his seat at the sudden friendliness, biting his lip as he thought how best to reply. Should he wave back? Or say hello? What would she think if he didn't reply? Before Lenny could come to any sort of conclusion Halley had turned around again, leaving Lenny to hope that she hadn't thought he was ignoring her.

A moment later Saoirse entered the room. She chose to sit next to Leonard, greeting him softly
"Hey Leonard,"
Leonard gave her a shy smile, his shoulders hunching up slightly. Truly, he felt as if he had already used up his small amount of confidence for the day. But he liked Saoirse, she was nice to him, and he felt that he should make a effort to speak to her. The problem was that his mind, as usual, was analysing every option. He couldn't think of anything to say without wondering if it would offend Saoirse or make her laugh at him. So, thoughtlessly he blurted out the first thing that managed to creep through his filter,

"Did you know the male squirrel monkeys sometimes assert dominance by urinating on subordinates." His eyes widened as soon as the words were out of his mouth and he felt his cheeks redden.
'Well done, Lenny.' He thought to himself, 'Talking about urinating to a girl when all she said was 'hey'.'

The room was slowly filling up with people, Xavier had just entered. Luckily for Lenny he seemed to have found his target in Halley. Lenny quickly ducked his head, waiting for Saoirse's reply. Hopefully she wouldn't draw attention to his strange outburst.

Sybil Nolan

When Sybil judged it was time to start making her way to class she left her room, making sure to lock it and wondered out of the dormitory buildings. She took one glance down the corridor towards Kate's room. She wondered how Emmett had fared against the girl. Kate could move pretty fast when she was surprised.

The walk to the classroom didn't take that long. In all honesty Sybil would have shadow traveled into the classroom but she often found that too much shadow traveling in one day made her irritable. She had already done it once today. Besides she didn't mind the short walk. It was pleasant outside and she would soon be stuck indoors listening to Mr Guess talk about History.
Sybil didn't actually mind Mr Guess and his lessons weren't the worst she had had, but history was not something she was passionate about. She would much rather have been out practicing her sword fighting or in the power control class.

Other students were making their way to their classes and Sybil, upon entering the room, found several people already occupying the room. She spotted Leonard and Saoirse in the back row. Leonard was, as usual, ducking his head while his cheeks burned a bright red. Then there was Xavier and Halley. Sybil disliked Xavier and had little to do with Halley. The remaining student was Sage, seated up front and already scribbling notes. Sage and Sybil weren't friends but Sybil had nothing against the girl.
Sybil would have preferred to sit next to Saoirse, but could see that Leonard was already having a hard time with one person seated next to him. So Sybil simply waved to Saoirse and made her way to the back corner seat on the other side of the room to Lenny.

The darker corner suited Sybil well enough and gave her a decent view of the whole classroom. She put her bag on the table, placed her hands on top and then rested her chin on her fingers.

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Adam McKinley

Adam eyeballed the bacon, warding off the cafeteria lady with a glare, lest she try to remove the tray. He turned to regard his roommate. He had hardly heard Miles' question through the intensity of his stink eye, "Just something handheld so we're not too late."

"What about you?" He said making his way along the buffet line with a napkin in hand. Grabbing the tongs he scooped seven or eight strips of the ultra-greasy, paper-thin cafeteria bacon that he loved so much onto his napkin and folded it in half. There was something about its sometimes crispy, sometimes floppy texture and sodium-rich dripping grease that he liked even more than real bacon from home.

He also got toast, sans butter, and a coffee with four little cups of flavored creamer, all three held in his hands taking turns visiting his mouth. Few students remained in the cafeteria, Adam noticed as he slid a bacon strip from its napkin and used a combination of gravity and careful chewing to eat the whole thing without dropping bits on the floor. It meant they had just enough time walk to class, breakfast in hand and find a decent seat before class started. He took another bite, toast and bacon together as he started out of the cafeteria with Miles.

"So," he said with crumbs spraying out of his mouth,"We've got History, right?"

He struggled to remember which day of the week it was, every day he'd gone on the same walk and sat by the lake, nothing had been memorable enough to signify today as the day after Monday or Wednesday. He was pretty sure History came first which just happened to be one of his favorite classes. He enjoyed History, he liked the idea of viewing the world from a perspective other than the present. In History, events are simplified, there are a few great characters, it can be told like a story in which a lot of the confusion and chaos has already happened and everything is viewed through a lens of hindsight. Besides, Mr Guess was sensitive to the fact that it was early in the morning and even though Adam was fully awake, his fully awake when it came to class was as good as anyone else's just rolled out of bed.

As the pair strolled into class it was just full enough for the ideal spot by the window not to be taken by the handful of Children of Athena, people that wanted to mooch off their genius and those who clearly didn't care where they sat. Adam sauntered up to the chair like it was a hottie in a bar and he wanted to buy it a drink. Sliding into the seat he ate the last strip of bacon, stuffed the greasy napkin in his backpack and took a sip of his pale, mud-colored coffee. It wasn't long before he was at eye level with his desk slouched and sighing blissfully in the final minutes before class.

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#, as written by **Ava**
Halley McClain

Halley had been minding her own business sitting at her desk when no other than Xavier Richards walked in the room. He was at the top of her please don't walk in the door list. He gleamed when seeing her and burst out saying "Halley darling! Fancy us meeting again so soon - Are you stalking me? I think you're stalking me, that's adorable but I'm afraid I am taken by the one and only girl who can't quite get my name right, which is surprising seeing as I am the loveable darling of the school, Sage." Halle was most definitely not stalking him. If anything she was avoiding him. Halley failed to communicate back to Xavier any real words. She just seemed to keep her head looking down at the desk waiting for him to go away.

She watched as Xavier left her side and went over to Sage. If one person scared her the most in the school it was Xavier, just the way he looked and how tall he was made her want to never ever look at him. Mr. Guess was in the room and Xavier had told him "When you're ready sir." Was that rude of him to say? Halley couldn't tell, he was the teacher so he deserved respect. Halley tried to make herself as small as possible while she waited for the lesson to begin. Then she quickly slipped her phone out of her pocket and began to play Angry Birds as a time passer til the class started.

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Fay had a good feeling about today as she closed the door to her room and began strutting down the hallway, an impish smirk already resting on her lips. Though she was dressed innocently enough, one could simply glance at Fay's expression and see that mischief was on her mind. Her mind began to wander as her shoes clicked and clacked against the floor. For some reason, the world felt relatively at peace. She definitely needed to change that.

As she walked towards the cafeteria, she wondered who she'd play with today. Maybe that shy Leonard boy. His meek nature was fun to mess with and the way he'd get red when she flirt with him was just soooo adorable. Or, maybe she could talk to Abby, the daughter of Ares. With her explosive temper, Fay would barley have to do a thing to set her off. She sighed, her heart fluttering at the though of it. This school needed someone to stir things up every now and again, and it was only natural for the daughter of Eris to do the honors.

When she reached the cafeteria, Fay was greeted by the scent of fake bacon, fake sausage, fake eggs, and fake...well, everything. It smelled decent, but Fay wasn't exactly in the mood for a big meal and her internal clock was correct, she needed to get to class soon. She skipped all the breakfast foods and went right for the fruits, picking out a nice, juicey red apple. "That should be good for now." She began walking to class, History, if her memory was correct, which she wasn't exactly thrilled about. Sure, she had a good grade in the class, but still, it wasn't as exciting as sparring with a son of Ares or learning how to properly severe Hydra's head. But, where there there were classes, there were students that Fay could mess with.

She entered Mr. Guess' room, her eyes instantly running over all the faces inside. Quite an interesting bunch. Leonard was there, so was Sage, Adam, Miles, Halley, and others, but a foxish smile found it's way to Fay's face when she saw her sitting in a dark corner. She began walking to the back of the room, smiling at everyone she passed. She put down her purse and waved at Sybil, sitting down in the desk next to her. "Heeeeey." she said, dragging out the e in hey like a dead body . Her lips contorted into a twisted grin as she looked at the daughter of Hades. "So. How's it going?"


"What the hell is a Manchurasian-candied nut? That sounds like a weird sexual position." Tricks pouted slightly when Q shot down his proposal that the milk shakes were chocolate. He didn't spend much more time thinking about it, however, because he got distracted by Quentin's wiggling eyebrows and the arm around his shoulders. "Oh stop it!" Tricks feigned embarrassment, playfully making his voice higher and more feminine. "You're making me blush!" He giggled slightly before continuing. "Well, yesterday I watched the Beyonce documentry and realized that she has to be a goddess. She's just too perfect to be mortal. Then, I wanted to watch Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter on Netflix, but Rabbit wouldn't stop talking and I just turned it off before I even made it 10 minutes in. Uhhhh....Oh! I got Injustice: Gods Among Us and I could totally beat your ass with Harley Quinn. I think I might go on a run later. Or I could finish Hansel and Gretel. But I kinda want to watch Pitch Perfect again. Or Mean Girls. Is that still on Netflix? It should be. It's a classic."

He scrunched his nose slightly at the sight of Quentin making his coffee. It wasn't because of all the sugar and creme he put in was just because it was coffee. It didn't matter how many packets of splenda and milk he used, anytime Tricks drank the bitter dark liquid, he'd spit it right back into the mug. The son of Eris looked back at Q when he said the other guy didn't show up for Fishi-cuffs, or whatever he said they were going to do, and nodded silently. "Yeah. Oh and I forgot to tell you." He stared gravely at Q and looked around, as if someone was listening. "I've been ordered to kill you. Turns out, your dad pissed off my mom, so she kinda wants to- you know, get back at him by killing one of his sons." He slunk over to the counter that had Q had fixed his coffee at and grabbed a handful of sugar packets and shoved them into his pocket for later. He took another one and ripped it open before looking back at Q. "I forgot my ceremonial knife in my room though, so I guess you can live for now. If you want to."

He stuck out his toungue and poured the sweet white powder into his mouth. It shocked his tastebuds, but in a good way, and he gave Q a large toothy grin. When the subject of class came up, Tricks bit the inside of his cheek. Did he really want to go? Everyone else probably would. But there was just so much he could do if he skipped. He could- Well....He could find something to do. "You should go to class." said a light voice from behind Quentin. "Shut up, Sunshine! No one likes you!" "You're a very mean person." Tricks sighed, cartwheeling over to a basket of fruit, from which he took an apple and a banana. He skipped back towards Q, quickly peeling the banana and taking a bite before offering his arm to Q. "I'm ready when you are, Bud." he said with a wide, goofy grin and a full mouth.

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Abby Rae Jarvis

Rage, white hot and paralyzing consumed Abby as Wesley walked smugly away from his unwelcome seat at her table. She hated how easily he got under her skin, and she tried her best to cool the murderous wrath that was currently trying to take hold after Wesley had effectively blackmailed her into being his entertainment for the evening. She’s be willing to bet the prick just wanted to watch Abby squirm out of her element for a couple of hours in a room full of people she had next to nothing in common with. It seemed like the kind of crap Wesley liked to pull. Screwing with people’s heads was his specialty, and she had no doubt this was his aim now. Once he was out of sight, Abby quickly yanked the fork she’d embedded in the table out, setting it down with perhaps more force than necessary, though she’d mostly fought down the urge to throw it at his retreating back like a knife by that point.

Abby had always had a short temper, but lately it had been morphing into something that was less controllably, which was terrifying to think about. Children of Ares didn’t exactly have great track records as far as losing control went, and a part of her was seriously concerned that one of these days she wasn’t going to be able to get a handle on the anger, and someone was going to get hurt in a permanent way. She’d been combating this by upping the ante on her workouts, which oddly helped to calm her in ways nothing else could, and mostly that helped. Abby wasn’t sure what was making her more volatile lately, maybe it was the increased contact with her godly father, or hell, it could be the resent unwanted drama in her personal life, but either way she knew it was something she needed to get a handle on. Even someone as stubborn and rowdy as she was could recognize that losing yourself in a haze of red with the overwhelming desire to hear bone crunch beneath your fist wasn’t healthy.

Abby stood up from her table abruptly, and started heading for the door. She felt more in control of herself when she was moving, and her first class would be starting soon anyway. On her way out the door, Rose caught her eye, her gaze offering an open invitation to talk. Rose was probably the closest thing Abby had to a real friend here, and there was a part of her that wanted nothing more than to turn around and walk over to join her table and talk to her about everything she’d been dealing with lately. But Abby wouldn’t. Rose didn’t deserve to have that kind of crap dropped on her, and while Rose was unquestionably a good listener, Abby wasn’t very good at sharing. So instead she sent Rose a reassuring smile, though she was afraid it probably looked more like a grimace than anything else, and headed towards her locker. Abby didn’t really do homework per say, so she kept most of her school stuff in there. Grabbing her bag and history book (which occasional moonlighted as a pillow during class time), Abby headed toward Mr. Guess’ room. When she entered, she noticed there was already a group of students gathered. Normally, Abby would have headed toward the back corner, but as there already seemed to be a crowd, oddly enough situated around the painfully shy Leonard, she was forced to look elsewhere. She sure as hell wasn’t going to be sitting next to Sybil and Sage, Abby wasn’t in to mood to deal with thinly veiled disapproval or hostility, so she began scanning the room for open seats that would leave her with the least amount of people to deal with. When she spotted Xavier sitting with a very uncomfortable looking Halley, Abby almost groaned. Halley wasn’t anything close to a friend to Abby, but there was something fragile about her that always sent Abby’s protective instincts into overdrive. There was just something about watching Xavier harass her that reminded Abby of a helpless kitten being dunked in a bathtub, and it had her moving before she could think better of it. She dropped her textbook perhaps more loudly than necessary on the desk on the other side of Halley before claiming the seat. She shot Xavier a warning look exuding the vague menacing air that all children of Ares could pull off when they wished to, but refrained from comment.

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" Seems as good a day as any, oh and please, call me Nate. Only my dad..."

Nolan felt as if he overstepped his boundaries without actually meaning to, he looked at Nate with an expression of embarrassment, luckily he never noticed, instead Thayer seemed to take his attention off the subject at hand, something that Nolan was only slightly thankful for, as he felt he needed to apologize, it was merely just his mind, and manner controlling him, but he didn't say anything as Thayer and him exchanged less than polite conversation, Nolan was about to quell the moment until Nate went over to a serving table and the three were left alone. Nolan scowled at Thayer, and spoke up for the first time since Nate's departure from the table.You really ought to be nicer Thayer, maybe then you'd gain even more friends."

Thayer scoffed at the suggestion, an eyebrow was raised on Nolan's head, then then furrowed with a bit of urgency.
"Unlike you, that's not exactly my fuckin' prerogative, I've got enough friends if I say so myself, and besides you basically take up half of that list."Gwen then spoke in the middle of this.

"As interesting as the day seems so far, I'm going to say no. Definitely not looking forward to today."

I'm in the same boat here too, coffee on my pants, on my papers, having to wake up this early, it's really killing my vibe."

"Eh, never mind. Ready for class soon?"

The Demigod thought about it for a moment, but then looked off in the direction of the serving table to find a group heading there way with the help of Nate. He mentally groaned, but knew he wouldn't be able to avoid making awkward conversation with people he hardly knew. "Doesn't look like any of us are going anytime soon.'

Before Thayer and Nolan could get back into a verbal argument, Selyse and a group of her own friends followed behind her, Nolan smiled, and Thayer made a rather confused look, not that he didn't mind their presence, actually...he did....slightly, he wasn't good in groups of people, and Nolan was almost in the same situation, it was just that he had a tendency to grow anxious when too many people were around them. Suddenly the table was turning into a Dining Hall of sorts, and the two of them couldn't believe how attractive the Table became to the passerby. Nolan looked at Nate, and assumed that at his suggestion that so many people came over, he wondered if more would come, and if he could keep himself afloat by just talking.

"Hello, everyone!'

Nolan smiled despite himself, it was something he was apparently good at.
"Good Morning.....Selyse wasn't it?

Thayer took a sip from his cup of coffee which was quickly running on empty, he acknowledged he group by tipping his cup in their direction, as they all sat down. Among the people in the group, it was Rosalie that caught Thayer's attention immediately, she probably knew that Thayer had a tendency to ignore a good amount of things, but Rosalie was among the few things he took great care and attention to. Hey Rosalie. How's your morning been?" he asked.

Nolan looked around to see if Santiago had left, but the cafeteria had been brought down to the point where it was impossible to locate just one single person, he figured it was as good a time as any to leave and head to class, or maybe even walk around aimlessly for a few minutes, though he doubted his ability to do even that, and it would conflict with the urge to follow rules despite himself. He glanced around the group, then stood up, and dusted imaginary dust off his pants before speaking.
"Apoligies, but I have to get going, class is about to start soon, it'd be a good idea for everyone else to get going too as suppose, don't rush or anything." He then chuckled, and began to walk over to the single table he previously occupied, and of course, as he was leaving Thayer just had to have the last laugh. He ad his mouth in the palm of his hand, but it was obvious that he was smirking to anyone sitting around him, and then he fake coughed.

"Ass Kisser!"

Nolan looked back at Thayer with a disapproving look on his face, then gave a rather devilish smile, unlikely for someone like him. "See you later, Thayer" He uttered in the most annoyed voice he could manage, before making his trip back to his table, gathering his things, and disposing of his food. They would probably meet again at Lunch, Nolan never took anything Thayer said to heart, but Thayer could make himself seem like the rudest of individuals, something that made Nolan relish in the fact that he was the only one Thayer couldn't make feel unnerved, not that Thayer was a bad person or anything, he just liked to give that vibe off and test people who truly desired his friendship. Nolan sighed to himself, it was just another day for him to be honest.

"Morning, 'bout time you opened up, I was beginning to think you were sneaking my sister out"

It took a laudable effort for Rueben not to laugh at the assumption, he wouldn't have done that to one of his best mates here, and he thought of Caro more like a sister that he occasionally argued with from time to time, it was safe to assume there were far more interesting guys she could have been after than Rueben. He gave a hard slap to Christian's soldier.
" I'm pretty sure Caro can find a better guy than me." he joked before turning to close his doors, so others wouldn't have to see the mess that accumulated due to his negligence.

"You know, in your closet there are these things called hangers, quite a nifty invention really, frees your floor up good and proper."

Rueben scratched at the back of his head and yawned, bored, and unmotivated by the suggestion, back home, his room wasn't half as dirty as the one here, but packing had been such a frustrating event to start that often times he gave up the hope of being able to organize all the items properly. He wondered if Christian's room was any ''proper' than his was, he planned to ask him one day if he really does keep all those things together, or if he gets someone to clean it up for him. Either way, Rueben wouldn't have been surprised. " It's a lot harder than you think Christian, perhaps you'd like to borrow me some hangers? Ah,¿Qué estoy diciendo? (what I am saying?)...all this talk about hangers isn't going to get us to class any faster..."

If anyone was close enough they could hear the monstrous gurgling coming from Ruben's taut abdomen, whose appetite had only been sated by the oddly flavored toothpaste in his bathroom, courtesy of the Academy as he felt the mint pass between his lips, if there was anything about mint that Rueben surmised, it was that it only made him hungrier, of course, Christian had plans to make his way to the cafeteria as well, and Rueben wold be damned if he didn't agree. He felt an unwarranted guilt about not heading outside, though it was mainly his fault for not waking up an hour earlier than he usually did, he sighed for a moment, feeling a little anxious about returning to class without breathing in some fresh air, he supposed it would have to wait, but surely the first instance he'd be able to bask in the sun's warmth he would take it. He asked Christian, whether or not he got his morning's worth activity as he seemed as content as ever as they headed over to the Cafe.

"So I'm guessing you didn't spare any time getting your day's worth of activity huh?"

He chuckled at the sentiment of it, and wished he could turn back time to wake himself up for the day's proceeding. Alas, that could never be now.

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Arielle turned her attention to Paige as she asked her a question, "Is that an actual question?" Ari looked up, acting as if she was thinking if it was or not before shaking her head and looking back at the small girl. "No, not really. Just asked to seem polite." She said with sarcasm in her voice and a shrug of her narrow shoulders. She gave off a some what sweet smile before drinking the rest of her coffee and walking over to the trash can to throw it away just to see four of her targets entering the cafeteria together; Rosalie, Seylse, Brandon, and oh so adorable and defenseless Rowan. Who seemed to be a bit more... nervous and awkward as usual. Then again, it was probably because of her. She knew how to read body language and Rowan's made him out to be terrified of her... Which was understandable. If Arielle was in someone else's shoes, she probably think she was a bitch but, she honestly didn't care. Once her best friend got back from getting their other coffees, she grabbed it before standing up and speaking to him, "Bout time you got back. What? Texting your little boyfriend?" She said in a teasing voice before being nudge by the Hawaiian. "Shut up and he's not my boyfriend... Not yet anyway. Besides do you want this coffee or not? Because I could accidentally drop it all over you pretty hair." Arielle scoffed before grabbing the coffee from his hand and taking a sip. "You wouldn't do that." Santi raised an eyebrow before hearing her finished. "You value me, our friendship, and your reputation too much." She said with a small snap of her neck.

She would never do that to her friends, especially Santiago, Q, Emmett, and Vanity. They were seriously four of the best people she has ever met and she adore being around them. But, hey, things can always change if they stab her in the back. After rolling his eyes, Santiago and Arielle started walking out of the cafeteria, that was before he saw Ari look a brief second towards Rowan and Rosalie who both seemed to just look away before Rose actually gave her a small smile, obviously fake before turning back to her older brother, Thayer. He saw Arielle rolled her dark brown eyes towards her before having Santiago hold the door for her and her half-brother Xavier who was stringing not far behind them. "Get to class, Williams. I have a class not in this building." She said to him not even looking at him but directly in front of her to the glass doors leading outside. He shurgged before walking to his class, Ms.Daniels. Also known as the best teacher ever. He took out his phone and began to text Nolan who he knew had to be somewhere.

Meet me after class.

Ok, a little demanding but, hey he was the dominate one in Nolan and his relationship. He was the guard dog to Nolan who was frankly too kind and naive sometimes. So, Santiago made sure no one ever messed with hi or they would end up regretting it and that includes Arielle. He really cared for the doll faced boy and be damned before letting him get hurt. He walked into his class and took a seat in the far back corner where he always sat before going back to his phone messages.

Meanwhile, Arielle had exited the building not before waving and smiling towards two of her partying friends, Rayna and Ray. They weren't her best friends ever but they defiantly were good friends to have around especially during a party. "Hey sexy bitches." She winked towards them both before walking right out into the courtyard, shielding her eyes from the sun as she walked towards the building where her class was located. First class of the day; Psychology with Miss.Lyre. Not the most interesting class but, it wasn't so boring that she decided to skip it. Besides it let her get into the mind of other peoples. People who could either be of used to her or be her next target... She liked that.

OOC: I should be posting for Rose soon. :)

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Brandon Faust

Brandon chuckled. "So it would appear." He said with a smile, waving to Nate and the rest of their group. "Hey guys!" Brandon said, genuinely happy to see them all. "Thanks for saving us a spot! Gimme a sec and I'll be right back. I'm so hungry..." He said, making a bit of silly face and rubbing his empty tummy. Brandon set down his bag right next to Selyse's and walked over to the line where food was being served. On his way to the breakfast line, Brandon nonchalantly wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead.

"Calm down, calm down, she was just bantering with you. Making conversation. There's no reason to get so nervous." Brandon thought to himself. While he waited in line, as he still hadn't heard back from Jayce, he sent him another quick text. "You up yet? Breakfast is almost over dude. Also Rowan, your brother, managed to get his arm turned green. Got something for that?" He typed quickly as he waited his turn before smacking his lips with delight. Breakfast had always been one of his favorite meals, and today there were waffles. Brandon had always had a sweet spot in his heart for waffles. His mum used to cook them for him every day when he was still going to primary. Brandon smiled bittersweet, piling waffles, bacon, hash browns, and some fruit onto his plate. He made his way to the coffee line to grab a cupful of hot water and some earl gray tea with honey in it. Brandon couldn't stand coffee, but he loved tea. As he walked back, he couldn't help but start digging in, carrying his tray with one hand and eating an apple with the other. He smiled at other friends who were eating their breakfasts along the way. He noticed Harry sitting with some of his friends and waved to the group, apple still in hand. Brandon was very fond of the son of Nike. He was a great guy, a good competitor, and an even better friend.

Finally, Brandon made his way back to the table, sitting next to Selyse and saying a quick prayer; preparing himself to eat. The more Brandon could keep his eyes off of Gwen and on something else the better. Gods know how many times Brandon's done something stupid in front of the daughter of Aphrodite. However, before he began, as he shouldn't just sit down and eat while ignoring his close friends, Brandon addressed the group. "Hey guys," Brandon said through a smile. "Nate, Thayer, Gwen, Nolan, how are you today?" He asked, noting each of them in turn. As he listened to their replies, Brandon finally managed to get breakfast in him, pulling up his sleeves, exposing the thick leather wristband that hid his mother's bracelet, and placing his napkin on his lap. He ate quickly, but he did not slack in his manners. Brandon prided himself in the manners his mother had drilled into him; they were one of the few things left he had of hers. Besides, he mostly just wanted to talk with everyone and it was rude to talk with your mouth full. Therefore the quicker he finished, the quicker he could socialize.

Once he was finished eating, he looked down and took his phone out of his pocket. "Dude... it's this time already?! Where you guys at, the caf? Meet you there, I'll bring a tattoo for Rowan." Brandon read aloud. Brandon smirked. "Jayce is on his way." As Brandon put his phone away, his hand brushed ever so slightly against Selyse's. He couldn't control it, as he hadn't meant to do that. He blushed bright red for a moment before the heat faded from his cheeks. In an attempt to turn attention away from the small unmitigated disaster that stemmed from his own shyness, worse yet he was with two of Aphrodite's children and they could smell it on him, Brandon turned the conversation elsewhere. "So, who's got what class next? I can never remember my own schedule let alone everyone else's. Anything particularly interesting?" Brandon chuckled nervously, asking questions about others to lead them away from himself.

Jayce Porter

Jayce was having another of his bizarre dreams. Though it was really more of a nightmare. In this one he was a little boy, apparently made out of some sort of cheesecake cookie, and was running away, full tilt, from a group of angry zombie cucumbers armed with pitchforks and flaming dachshunds. He woke with a start as his phone buzzed. Someone had texted him.

"What the fuuu....." Jayce yawned. Stretching and rubbing his eyes. "That was even weirder than the time I was a talking dolphin who made a living as a traveling bible salesmen in the sahara desert." He chuckled. "At least mum's giving me dreams, better than none at all. Poor Hypno's kids." Jayce murmured. He sat up and promptly fell out of bed with the kind of thump and accompanying crack that can only mean that something was broken. Sure enough, however, Jayce was perfectly fine. Though he'd landed face first, he didn't hurt, and his body was in order. He'd simply landed on Bookworm Jayce's glasses. "Oops... Sorry dude, bad luck." "Augh! Bad luck?! You idiot, I need those to see!" Jayce complained at himself. His tone was slightly nasal and grating. He couldn't help it. After all, he had sinus issues. "I couldn't help it. You know how I get in the mornings." Jayce said defensively. "Easy boys, look on the bright side." Jayce butted in, trying to mediate the bickering and bring it to a halt. His inflections were soothing and magnetic. They could make a lion pur. "Now that we aren't wearing those nerdy glasses maybe a girl will date us." Jayce supplied, attempting to slick their hair back, but its curls defied him. "Ooh..." Jayce pondered, stopping the argument for a moment, it had sounded very nice after all. "That's all well and good for you guys, but no girl will ever date a loser like me." Jayce snapped at himself. "Shut up you idiots. I'm sleepy." Jayce said, in his usual dangerous tone that ended the conversation. "Fair enough. Let's get going." Jayce suggested, and they got up to get ready for school while Jayce slept.

The boys showered, picked out an outfit with Jayce's help, and organized their school supplies at Jayce's behest. He liked to have their supplies placed ever so nicely in their bag. Finally, Jayce checked their phone. It was full of text messages from their sister, Reyna, who loved to bug them. She wasn't a half sister. Though they had different dad's, she loved him as much as any real family would have, and Jayce loved the attention. After all, he'd grown up without siblings. Jayce smiled at the myriad of pictures, funny jokes, and silly little jibes that she'd sent him. He responded with a simple smiley face. After all, his smiling was another joke of theirs. Finally, he noticed he had two messages from his good friend, Brandon. He sent his response and made sure to grab a few extra seals from their jar on his shelf. Poor Rowan. Jayce would love to help him out, after all, they were brothers.

The Jayces made his way down to breakfast and loaded up a plate with eggs, bacon, toast with raspberry jam, and orange juice. He walked over to where he saw Brandon, though Thayer was with him, and Jayce knew Thayer didn't like him very much. "Um... yo godlings. How it do?" He asked the group, before turning to Rowan. "Use this seal like a fake tattoo. Put a wet cloth on the back of it for a minute and let the magic seep into your arm. Once the tattoo is finished sticking, the magic should kick in naturally and return your arm to its regular color. The tattoo should fade after the magic has run its course." Jayce said, handing Rowan a small piece of paper with a sealing circle drawn on it. "Sorry for the nerdmeister's bossyness. You know how he gets when he's showing off. If that's all, I gotta be going, I've.. umm... got something I need to do. Yeah?" Jayce said. He liked the rest of the group well enough, especially Brandon and Gwen, but he knew Thayer wasn't his biggest fan.

(OOC: Just a quick reminder about Jayce's personalities. They are organized by color. Green is nerdy Jayce, Red is badass Jayce, black is dominant Jayce, or the "REAL" Jayce, and blue is Suave Jayce. They are listed below for clarification.)
Bookworm Jayce
Badass Jayce
Vanilla Jayce
Porter, Jayce Porter

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“I’m sure Caro can find a better guy than me.”

Christian couldn’t help but chuckle at Rueben’s statement, god now that he thought about it, the image of those two together sent a shiver down his spine, their arguments were bad enough just being friends, he dreaded to think what they would be like as a couple, but thankfully that didn’t seem to be an issue. Don’t get him wrong his sister and Rueben were two out three of the most important people at Olympus for him, the other being Kennedy, but the pair were worse than stubborn and both seemed to have the uncanny need to be right, so no, those two were definitely would not make a good match. Still he could play on the situation a little more.

And he did.

“What makes you think I was on about that sister?” Christian smirked, dumping his rucksack to the floor as he fell on his friends bed with a loud thump “dude, I swear this mattress is comfier than mine” he sidestepped briefly, the words falling from his mouth before he could stop them.

Rueben closed the door, which Chris had kindly left open, before turning back to glance at his room, shrugging as Christian passed the comment about hangers. He had to smile at his own hypercritical quip, his room was no better, at least Rueben’s was only clothes and probably still clean- which reminded him, he seriously needed to get some washing done that evening. From the bathroom, Christian heard his friend talk about class, followed by a rather unpleasant gargling sound, he groaned at the prior. For his part, Chris had been so excited in catching up with his friends and checking out the new talent around the campus that the fact that they were here to learn had slipped his mind, it had always been a second thought with the Demi-god; then again most things came second to sports with him, but he supposed the teachers were at least decent and not total jackasses.

Christian nodded at his next question “Yeah, I’ve been up since bloody five. So can you please get your ass in gear and lets go eat!” He boomed, his voice echoing louder than he had first anticipated around the room, but hell, if one thing did come close to sport for Chris, then that would be food and right now, he was starving.

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Upon entering the cafeteria, Rose had responded to Selyse's question of what to read next. "I actually have a lot of recommendations that I think you would enjoy, so you can come to my room to make your pick if you'd like." As she sat at the table, Selyse's mouth was practically salivating from staring at her healthy breakfast, and as she took a bite of yogurt with granola, she let out a small sigh of happiness. She took another few bites, realizing she had been more famished than she thought. She took a swig of her apple juice, then looked over at Rose. After getting some food in her stomach, she decided to answer Rose's response. "I would love to come by after class!" she fold her friend with a smile, excited at the idea. As everyone said their hello's and filled into the table around her, she decided to just focus on her food. While Selyse was generally well liked, and got along with practically everyone, she wasn't great friends with anyone they had joined at the table, not hanging out with them on a regular basis.

Nolan was the first to speak directly to her. He was a child of Zeus, she knew, and had heard he was extremely intelligent. Again, they had very rarely spoken, never hung out, and Selyse wasn't exactly sure why. Most likely because they hung out in different crowds. But Selyse generally liked to be friends with everyone, no one being too different to scare her away. "Good Morning.....Selyse wasn't it?" She smiled in his direction, nodding a few times to affirm his question. "You got it. Morning Nolan." she said, still smiling as she began to eat her fruit salad. The Academy was gifted with plenty of good looking students, and while she didn't have crushes on all of them, she surely didn't ignore it. Nolan was no exception. He had a jawline that seemingly was gifted from Aphrodite herself.

She coughed slightly, embarrassed by her thoughts. Brandon appeared back at the table, and she smiled up at him, generally happy he was back. He took a seat next to her, and the smile stayed on her face as they all ate, silence taking over as food became more important. Nolan was the first person to depart. "Apoligies, but I have to get going, class is about to start soon, it'd be a good idea for everyone else to get going too as suppose, don't rush or anything." He chuckled, and began walking away. "See you later Nolan!" she called after him, waving goodbye. As everyone finished up their breakfast, she noticed Brandon checking his phone. He smiled at whatever message he was reading. "Jayce is on his way." Selyse looked over at Rowan, whose arm was still that sickly green color. She was relieved for him, glad that hopefully Jayce could make Rowan look completely normal once more. She would hate to find out that Rowan got picked on by Arielle.

Brandon went to put his phone away, his hand brushing softly against her own. Her eyes looked over to him, and she noticed his cheeks were a bright, bright red. It slowly faded, and she couldn't help but smile to herself. He was such a strong person, but his one weakness was women. It was so unbelievably cute. "So, who's got what class next? I can never remember my own schedule let alone everyone else's. Anything particularly interesting?" He seemed to be avoiding the subject of their hands touching, so she let it go. "I have Physical Training with Mr. Bennett first," she said, before taking her last sip of apple juice and setting the cup down. She actually really liked Mr. Bennett and his class. While she wasn't crazy into exercise, it always felt good to exercise in the mornings with him. The only downside was that she always looked positively atrocious after sweating like a pig. Thankfully, she always had enough time to shower before her next class.

She reached down to look at her phone, eyes widening at the time. Crap, she needed to get going. She stood up, taking her dirty dishes and disposing of them properly. She headed back to the table, grabbing her bag and placing it over her shoulder. "Anyone heading the same way I am?" she asked. She'd rather have company while walking than going alone. She hoped Brandon would come as well, she didn't feel like leaving him so soon. She had the urge to ask him to do something later tonight, but didn't want to embarrass him in front of so many people. So she just stayed silent, waiting for someone to come with her.


Colton sat beside Abby, close enough to irritate her, but not close enough that she would do something about it. Hopefully. He would hate for her to mess up his perfect face. To a child of Aphrodite, that would be one of the worst things that could happen. Worse than bad grades, greater than any other fear. Their appearance was their entire world, their greatest power. As he sat beside her, he wondered what she was thinking. Did she think he was so incredibly vain? Did she recognize there was actually more underneath his appearance? After all, he did care very much about being a good person. Some would think not, just because of the company he kept, but he couldn't control his friends' lives, only his own. For one moment, he wished he could have been the children of a different god or goddess. Perhaps then he would have been taken seriously by Abby.

“Don't you have a fan club to pick from or somthing? I’m sure you won’t feel too shook up if I call pass.” she responded, but he noticed her voice become slightly more gentle, more soft than when she spoke to Wes. He didn't exactly know what to think of that. He was about to respond when Wes cut in instead. “See I think he would Abby, and you know, seeing my best friend like that just might compel me to make a trip to the headmaster’s office and inform him of some weekend extracurriculars of yours." Colton's eyes darted between the pair, wondering exactly what Wes was talking about. What information did he have that he hadn't shared with Colton? Abby and Wes' eyes were locked, Colton apparently forgotten as they squared off. Colton's eyebrows furrowed. He knew exactly where this was going, and it wasn't going to turn out pretty. "Guys..." he said, but his words were ignored.

“Is that a threat?” Abby hissed at Wes, and Colton closed his eyes, not wanting to watch the rest of the scene play out. Wes was his best friend, but that didn't mean Colton always agreed with his tactics. He wanted Abby to generally like him, not to completely loathe him. For some reason unkown to Colton himself, he generally cared about Abby more than he would admit. He seriously wanted to get to know her, and there was something her cared about underneath her appearance. Perhaps it was because she was extremely different than most of the others, that she didn't play up her looks so much. She was simply beautiful without it. There was just an unknown factor that drew him to her, but the more he got to know, the more he had a suspicion she didn't feel the same at all. “No, love, it’s a promise. And as I don’t foresee you giving up on fixing up the piece of junk you call a motorbike, you might want to rethink your position.”

Colton opened his eyes once more. Wes was looking rather predatory, a look Colton had seen many times before. And Abby had a look of pure hatred, one Colton hoped she was never going to give to himself. “It’d be hard to talk to anyone with a broken jaw.” Damn, now Wes had done it.

"Now that sweetheart, is a threat, and you can go through with it if you like, but then we’ll have teachers involved anyway for that unprovoked assault.” Colton looked around the cafeteria, wondering if anyone was watching this little showdown. Gratefully, everyone seemed to be absorbed in their own conversations. Colton really didn't want any extra eyes on him... for once. “Whose side do you think they’ll take when giving out occurrences, the girl with anger issues or the honor student? We wouldn’t want to see you expelled now, after all where would you even go-?” Colton practically jumped out of his chair, the sharp crack catching him off guard. His eyes widened as he saw Abby's fork sticking out of the table, extremely close to Wes' hand. There was a moment of pure silence as the sound echoed through the hall, and then slowly conversations started up once again. Although Colton could feel all of the eyes staring in his direction.

“We’ll pick you up at eight.”

That ended the conversation, and Wes stood up abruptly, motioning for Colton to join him. He stayed frozen in his seat for just a moment, wanting more than anything to reassure her that Colton didn't want her to hate him. That he cared about her. Just something genuine. "Abby.." he whispered, but he didn't get to finish. She stood up and stormed away, not even caring that Colton had tried to speak with her. He sighed, standing up and walking over to Wes. "Damnit, was that necessary?" he asked, as they began walking out of the cafeteria. Colton hadn't even eaten, but food was the farthest thing from his mind. "She's probably going to open the door with a pistol aimed at our heads..." he said, shaking his head slightly.

The cafeteria was emptying, meaning it was time for class. He had physical training with Mr. Bennett first, and he was for once happy for the exercise early in the morning. It would help him clear his mind. "Well, I suppose it's time for class."


Dimitri had been up early, just like most of the students at the Academy. He was the Physical Training professor, which meant he had to live up to the job. He was extremely fit, having a vigorous workout routine that he followed daily. It started with a run through the grounds, to get his heart rate up and ready for what was coming next. He saw various students around, waving as they greeted him when he ran by. After he was warmed up, he went through his weight training, working out his specific muscles. When that was complete, he cooled down doing various stretches and yoga poses. Finally, he was finished. He took a detour on the way to his room to grab something to eat. He ate relatively healthy: some fruit, toast, and orange juice. Although he couldn't resist grabbing a waffle and dousing it in syrup. Everyone had their weaknesses.

He made it back to his room, in a building where the teachers lived together, and hopped in the shower, letting the hot water sooth his aching muscles. He dressed simply, as he always did, in a white cotton shirt with a slight v-neck, and a pair of brown pants with boots. He checked the clock, realizing that he needed to head over to the pavilion where he held his class. He liked to be the first one there and greet all of his students as they arrived. The day was sure to be a beautiful one as he stepped outside. He refused to let his class be taught in the middle of the day, when the heat was almost unbearable. It was offered only in the morning or evening. He didn't want any of his students passing out from the heat.

As he walked, his mind wandered, ending up on the topic of Anastasia. Just thinking of her made him smile. They had many conversations, mostly about literature, and could talk for hours at a time about it. She was the teacher he was closest to, and he even actually felt a connection with her. He wanted to explore their relationship further, but he didn't want to put her off. She would be getting ready to teach, just as he was. He pulled out his phone, after all he didn't live in the dark ages like some of his student thought. He found her number and pulled up the message window.

"Hey, so I was thinking... we should have lunch together. What do you think?"

He hit the send button and put it back in his pocket. He had reached his destination anyway. The pavilion was semi-secluded from the rest of the Academy, because he needed a lot of outdoor room. The pavilion held every type of workout equipment you could imagine. He liked to have weight training at least once a week, and then also liked to play various outdoor sports and do weapons training, trying to make it as fun for his class as possible. He wanted them to enjoy it, but it was also important information as well. He stood at the front of the pavilion, looking over the rest of the buildings, and waited for his class to show up.

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#, as written by throne
Miles Endicott III

The incipient anxiousness was held in check by a far more powerful emotion: disgust.

Miles' usually blank face looked much more severe as he surveyed the “offerings” of the cafeteria. His lower lip curled outward. His upper lip pulled back, and his small nose wrinkled ever so slightly. He might as well have just walked into a room full of mimes. The sound of his perfect teeth grinding together might have been audible as he watched Adam scoop up nearly half a day's worth of calories (most of it from fat) and a week's worth of salt in one fell swoop- never mind the nitrates and other preservatives that likely went into the “curing” process used for the meet.

He distracted himself by seeking anything resembling something he might eat. Scrambled eggs? Not even if they weren't from powder. Sausage patties? Even worse than the bacon. Hash browns and home fries? The worst offenders by far were the donuts and bagels.

”Did you know that it takes nearly two entire days for your body to digest a single bagel?” The question was obviously rhetorical; simply his way of putting that information out into the ether. After a few more moments of scowling, he finally settled on a meager fruit cup and a bottle of water. Even his disapproval was starting to become more animated; most days, he simply drifted along the line, staring through the food rather than at it, his features blank and vacant. ”Meanwhile, even if you're tempering your diet with nutrient dense food, that block of carbs is just sitting in your gut, interfering with the absorption of everything else, feeding your body cheap, easy energy.” He wasn't being particularly quiet, and had earned himself some very dirty looks from the cafeteria staff. His indignation and a life spent not noticing those who served him allowed him to ignore the ire easily enough.

Still, the fact that Adam could eat such unhealthy fare only made Miles consider his appearance further. By all accounts, Adam should have been sporting a face covered in pimples swimming in grease. Youth and perhaps a matter of divine genetics kept him slim and clear, though. Miles had no expectations that being the offspring of Hades would leave him similarly endowed. He wanted to look young forever, and he wouldn't do so by dint of inheritance.

He acquired a slim plastic fork and was content to walk to class in silence, every so often spearing a somewhat mushy piece of fruit on the tines of his temporary weapon. Amusingly enough, a fork was quite close to one of the weapons associated with his father; everyone knew Zeus' lightning bolt or Poseidon's distinctive trident, but very few knew the symbols associated with Hades. Miles and most of his siblings chalked it up to bad PR. Some went so far as to claim that their uncles had exerted their considerable influence over mortal affairs to [i]suppress[/i[] their father's historical footprint.

It was an interesting thought to be having as they walked into Mr. Guess' classroom. With a light flick of his wrist, Miles sent the empty plastic cup in a loose, wobbly toss toward the trash can by the desk. It rebounded off the rim, nearly tumbling out, but with a simple curl of his finger, Miles caused the shadow cast by the desk to congeal ever-so-slightly, becoming just solid enough to “knock” the refuse back in. His lips twisted into a brief smile, and then his expression was stony once more.

He nodded cordially to Sage, and couldn't help but let his gaze linger for a few seconds on Leonard. The children of Athena were the only worthy academic competition that their massive extended family had to offer, and as such, they deserved a bit of respect. He watched as Adam slunk toward the sunlight and bonelessly slouched into his desk, shaking his head by fractions.

Others were filtering or had filtered in as well. Halley, Xavier, Sybil. Miles made his way toward the front of the room, taking a seat in the front row, but toward the door rather than the windows. Laying his backpack down gently on the desk before him, he began to meticulously remove his notebook, his pen, and his texts, arranging them on the desk before him with a degree of precision that suggested architectural plans and astrological alignment.

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#, as written by Issa
Sybil Nolan

Sybil, from her spot in the corner, watched as more students filled into the classroom. The classroom was becoming crowded very quickly. Fay Pomme entered, her eyes scanning the classroom of students. When those eyes fell onto Sybil a grin spread across the girl's face and she began to make her way towards her. Sybil watched as she came, her lips slightly pursed as she watched.

"Heeeeey." Fay greeted Sybil, placing her purse and self down at the table next to her. "So. How's it going?"
To Sybil's mind the twisted grin that contorted Fay's face was not altogether a friendly smile.

"Fay." Sybil replied in greeting, pushing herself into an upright, seated position. Sybil gave a noncommittal shrug as Fay asked her question, "I've been better, but I'm not dead so I can't complain." She pulled her lips into a brief smile. Once this girl would have earned a full on grin from Sybil, but things had changed and now Sybil preferred to keep Fay at arms length.

Fay and Sybil's relationship, at least from Sybil's point of view, was complicated. They had once been great friends. Sybil had enjoyed hanging out with the girl and together they had always been guaranteed a good time. Then Fay screwed Sybil over. Sybil held grudges. She always had and she always would. It wasn't a trait she tried to improve or work on, in her mind once someone had wronged her then they had no place in her life. Only, Fay had somehow managed to wiggle her way back into Sybil's life. Perhaps Fay didn't even realise that she had wronged Sybil or didn't think it was that big an issue? So to describe their relationship Sybil would most likely use the word Frenemies. They were friends, of a kind, but at the same time enemies. But, like the famous saying 'Keep you friends close and you enemies closer.'

"Ready for a thrilling history lesson?" Sybil asked, the hint of a smirk flicking across her face. Her words were, obviously, sarcastic. Sybil had never loved nor hated Mr Guess' class. Sybil just cruised through, doing what she needed to pass and little more.

Her attention was caught briefly by the arrival of more students. Abby received the subtlest of frowns from Sybil as she entered and sat beside Halley. Adam came into the classroom with Miles, Sybil's half-brother, a moment later. Sybil glanced at the classroom clock, hopefully class would start soon. The sooner it started, the sooner she could move on to classes that she actually looked forward too.

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#, as written by **Ava**
Halley McClain

It seemed the class should be starting about then although many more students filtered in filling the seats quickly. Something turned Halley away from her phones screen and it was Abby Jarvis. Wow, she wants to sit here? But as soon as Abby slammed her books down almost harshly the Hephaestus girl knew it was not to have a casual conversation. In fact it was to possibly meant to ward off Xavier. And Abby was good at giving looks, she glared at Xavier threateningly. Of course Halley would need to thank Abby later for that but, know was not the time. Quickly she tucked her phone into her backpack pocket and pulled out a history note book. Then she looked up to Abby pulling out a packet of gum. To the fragile little girl candy or gum was a great way to thank some one so with courage she shyly asked "Want a piece?" It wasn't a best friend treaty Halley was asking her to agree with. Just a piece of gum that might confirm she wasn't completely alone in this world of Gods and Goddesses. Have at least one person she could count on if necessary.

Class was going to start soon, that is as soon as Mr. Guess made a point to quite everyone down. It seemed he wasn't quite paying attention. The class was full Halley noticed Adam, Miles, Fay, Sage and Sybil in a group talking. So many people