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Aimi Nakamura

a cold hearted person who sometime keep to herself when not in the mood

0 · 158 views · located in Mountain High Academy

a character in “Mountain High Academy Boarding School”, as played by Carey Beary


Name: Aimi Nakamura

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Grade: 11th

Dorm Number: 7th floor room 180

Day or Night Class (Which you are in or which you teach): night

Pets: Image

Blood Type: O

Birthday: June 6, 1566

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Appearance: Image

Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Britian, and french

Race: Vampire

Likes: witch craft, Demon, night and

Dislikes: Sunlight human, and anything that pure goodness

Fears: being loved, and fire

Powers: fly, illusion and a power scream to kill


Aimi keep to herself and love any where that dark, he room have a special thick layer curtain that once you shut it you can only see her red blood thristy eyes, love to scary the young human kids if they cross her path in the hall way, Aimi is usually seen in the woods where it is peace and quite. Loving to scary the heck out of kids Aimi sometime go to the pool and sit in the chair curl up watching the water.


necklace amulet - never taking off this special necklace is equip to tell Aimi that someone is lying to her

Cellphone- before being place in the school, Aimi stole a phone from a random guy she suck blood from and since then she never change the number

Witch craft book- book that is fill with spells, Aimi love going to the book to use or add more spell she learn.

Wings- that she grow ever night to fly around with her bat


Today Aimi Nakamura is cold and bitter to the world, but in the late 1500s Aimi was this sweet girl who live with her mother and grandmother (on her father side of the family). Her father die when she was only 3years old from a sickness that threating her mother life, having to work the field every day just to keep their little home. Aimi trust and love everyone without of the fear of betrayal cause she didn't believe in none of that, she smiled even while taking care of her sick mother and her old grandmother and smiled when everyday when people threating to kick them out, her only reason for all this was that someone had to have hope. Aimi hope and smiled was lost and her trust in people grew short after one day coming home from the village with some urb she got from a old women who was selling them, Aimi was shock to see her house, mother and grandmother burn away trying to stop the growing fire she soon lost the crop, everything was gone and she didn't know who started the fire. Crying Aimi got worst at the time she was only just 14 years old. 3years on her 17 birthday Aimi stumble to a group of people with red eyes and was around a dead body, one of the member was holding the body neck up to his mouth appallause about what she saw, Aimi try to make a dash but was too slow. A female caught her and bit her neck drain her blood, Taking turn drinking her blood it was finally the leader turn, drain of almost all her blood Aimi though that she wasn't going to make it until, the leader saw something in her that made him leave her, for 3days. Aimi had 3days to think about everyting she lost and instead of throwing it in the pass she dewell on the darkness of losing it all. years later after searching for a meaning in life, Aimi came arcoss a school in the mountain where any creature was allow and their heart was openly pure like she was back in her human life. Sensing her old pass heart Aimi joined the school in order to get peace and hope back into her heart. If this would ever work Aimi would love to be a person who care for orpharan like herself.

Years later, Aimi came arcoss a baby bat that was crying for it mother instead of killing it like she dose with all the pass bat she pick up and stare at the bat hiss, the baby bat was muted at that moment but instanstly became Aimi pet, living in a cage the school gave her he only come out at night while she in class and sleep in the day.

So begins...

Aimi Nakamura's Story