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A 17 year old girl who has been at the school since the age of ten. Full information can be found in the description.

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a character in “Mountain High Academy Boarding School”, as played by Kana_Hyuuga_Sama


Name: Zahina


Age: 17

Class: Night

Grade: 11th

Pets: None.

Blood Type:O+

Birthday: March 15

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Appearance: Image

*Note: She has blue eyes and a rose tattoo on her ankle.

Languages spoken: Zahina can speak English and a little bit of Spanish, but she isn't fully fluent.

Race: Zahina is a special kind of breed. She is a Mezorabian which is half vampire and half fallen angel. She, like most of her kind does not have wings. Zahina is also part human from her mother.

Likes: Zahina likes anime/mangas, but she's not super crazy about it like most people her age, and reading and can be found reading most of the time unless she has found another activity that has peaked her interest. She also likes to search for ghosts and communicate with them. She also loves to listen to all types of rock and roll. You can also catch her listening to classical sometimes.

Dislikes: Zahina hates stuck up, prissy girls who care about being popular and fashionable. She also hates people who call anime lovers "nerds". Another pet peeve she has is when people bite the fork and it makes the scraping metallic sound. She also hates anything like balloons, popping bags, and fireworks because her ears are sensitive.

Fears: Zahina is afraid of the demons she sees because they often try to harm her. She is also afraid of centipedes and millipedes, which is odd because she loves all creatures, basically. And due to her fear of loud noises, if she sees a balloon or a firecracker she will either flinch or cover her ears.


Zahina is very kind and sweet, but she also has a very short temper and can be quite impatient sometimes, except with children. Zahina is very shy around strangers, but once she gets to know someone she will talk a bit more, although people have asked about her family history and she is very apprehensive to talk about it. She usually hangs out by herself or with a good book. Her major downfall because of her father's heritage, is her weakness to neko blood. If she gets even a little hint of it she will go after the source. She has drank human blood too, but she doesn't really enjoy the taste as much as a full vampire would. She also loves the water and to go swimming.


Books and things she borrows from the Paranormal Investigation Club sometimes.


Zahina was born to a very loving family, but sadly shortly after her birth, her father left her mother, for unknown reasons. Most people believed it was because he didn't want the responsibility of a baby. Zahina's mother raised her until she was about five years old, but her mother became very ill. But, before dying, Zahina's mother gave her an amulet that had belonged to her father. It was supposed to be given to her as a family heirloom when she was ready. Having no other family members who wanted to take her in, Zahina then spent her whole orphan life moving from place to place and trying to figure out the secrets of the amulet and its connection to her father. But as many places as she went, nobody wanted to keep her because she caused so much trouble. Some even thought she was crazy when she started seeing ghosts at age six. The foster family she had at that time thought she was crazy and had her put into a mental facility for a few days, but they could find no signs of anything wrong and she was released. Zahina continued to search for answers, but found none. Meanwhile. at school, most of the other children kept away from her because they thought she was weird. She had been through too many foster homes to count at this point. Finally she was placed in Mountain High Academy, but Zahina quickly learned the school wasn't normal and that there were all types of people here, including vampires and nekos. After a being there a few months, a bit of luck came when she met a boy whom she quickly became friends with. After alot of hard teamwork the amulet was finally translated and Zahina found out she is the princess to an ancient kingdom of a race of half vampire/half fallen angels called Mezorabians. Zahina quickly began to look up the race, which was in very few books on ancient civilizations. The Mezorabians were an ancient group of people who were half fallen angel and half vampire. Originally they had been pure angels, but a group tried to take over and they all ended up falling out of Heaven. When they did, most lost their wings, though a few of them didn't for unknown reasons and the group had then built a civilization on Earth and had gone through time since then. At one point, when there was a war going on, vampires had come to seek shelter with them and marriages between the fallen angels and the vampires ensued. The offspring resulted in being half and half until the whole city were half-breeds between the two. The king was outraged and eventually ordered that no other breeds were allowed into the city and Mezorabian citizens could not leave..ever.. so that no more cross breeds would be created, but by the time it went through it was too late, but the law stayed so no other breeds could come in and "contaminate" their city. Zahina eventually found that her father who had been king had been ordered to be arrested for marrying her mother who was not from the city itself, but a village nearby, which is why he had left the family. He had been captured the day he had left the family and was executed for marrying outside of the very strict city, which was considered treason. The history ended there, despite Zahina's attempts to find more information.

So begins...

Zahina's Story

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