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Willow Fuller

"Don't think - just jump."

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a character in “Move Into The Light - Remade”, originally authored by Sanarith, as played by RolePlayGateway


A Lesson In Me

Full Name:
Elle Mae Fuller

She doesn't really have nicknames, just Elle


17 Years old

Student/Coffee Shop Worker
The Half Angel

A Lesson In Anatomy

Hair Color:
A light, sandy blonde with tones of darker blonde near to her roots and gradually getting lighter as you go down her hair.

Eye Color:
An ocean blue, often made more obvious by the dark eyeliner ringing them.

She is tall, at 5 ft 11 inches

She weighs nine stone exactly.

She has no tattoos

She has her ears pierced.

She has a scar in the shape of a nine pointed star on her shoulder, and a scar just above her left eyebrow, about the width of her fingernail.

Character Color:
Elle is a very pretty girl, with blonde hair in ringlets. In length, her hair is down to just below her middle back when curled, and when straight, it is just above her bellybutton in length. Elle is also very tall and slender, and has little to no muscle on her. She often has make up on, too, and compliments her pale skin with very light pinks, and darkens her eyes with eyeliner. She also tends to wear very light clothing, in texture and weight, and colour. She tends to wear light tops and leggings, or dresses mostly. She also tends to wear necklaces, mainly her locket, which has a picture of her birth mother and father together. Or so she's told.

A Lesson In Psychology



{Shy, Affectionate, Loyal, Protective, Friendly, Good-Natured}

Elle is a great person to talk to - assuming you can get her to talk to you. A shy girl by nature, she hardly talks at all, except to people she's very close to. Heck, she doesn't even talk to her foster parents that much! However, once you've made acquaintances, Elle is a worthwhile friend - she is extremely loyal and protective of people she trusts - which is not that often. She has a good nature, she always wants the best for people around her.
When in love, Elle is very loyal and affectionate. She will always look out for her other half, make sure that they're safe. She always puts everyone else in front of herself, except in the case where she does not feel comfortable. She is not afraid to refuse, but she hates to make people upset nevertheless.
Her hobbies include drawing, reading, gymnastics, and volunteering.
-At least 2- (Allergies, Sickness, Addictions, Traumas, habbits etc)
Elle is allergic to lanolin, and has IBS, so if she eats specific foods such as spicy foods she can get sick.

Elle also has night terrors and doesn't sleep because of them. She also has a bad habit of biting her nails or fiddling with the hem of her clothes if she gets nervous.

  • Blueberries
  • Animals - especially horses
  • Gymnastics
  • Adrenaline
  • Helping people out
  • Getting things wrong
  • Seeing people upset
  • People chewing with their mouths open
  • Smokers
  • Being cold
  • Rudeness, bad manners and bullies


Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Elle is extremely flexible and acrobatic!
  • She is great at drawing
  • She's very intuitive - she can tell who is lying and who isn't well.
  • She doesn't know it yet, but she's great with a dagger

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • Elle is AWFUL at cooking.
  • She has a low pain threshold
  • She puts herself in danger for others
  • Isn't physically strong
  • Believes that everyone has a reason for everything - she's too soft and forgiving.

Elle has always known she was different. She doesn't know how, but she knows that there isn't something quite... Human. About her. Elle is also terrified of intimacy. But that's a secret!

Elle is terrified of intimacy. She also has arachnophobia, a fear of spiders, atychiphobia, a fear of failure and algophobia, a fear of pain.

A Lesson In History


Place Of Origin:Her mother came from Pennsylvania, and her father's origins are unknown. She herself was born in North Carolina.

Birth Date: 3rd of August.

Elle was born on the 3rd of August in North Carolina, to a lovely lady named Grace. She looked exactly like her daughter, apparently... Unfortunately, though, she did not live to see her daughter grow up. At just three days old, Elle's mother was murdered, and Elle was placed into care. No records of her father were found, and Grace had no family left to place Elle with. Many people came to adopt the small child, but most were edgy and were refused right away. Others tried to care for her and she was placed back into care within a few weeks, after odd going ons occured in the household after she moved in.

When she was 6, Elle began to have night terrors. She would wake up screaming in the middle of the night, and then refuse to tell her foster carers why she had woken up. She grew very quiet, and would never tell anyone anything about how she felt. There were also reports that the lights would flicker off and on when she got upset or angry. Elle learned to hide this and not tell anyone, for fear that somebody would find out.

As Elle grew, she was bounced around the states from carer to carer, as she never stayed in one place for very long. Finally, after several years, Elle was placed into permanent foster care. She could not be adopted any longer.

The strangest event that occured when she was growing up, was the visit from the golden-eyed man. He wore a trench-coat, and approached her just after school had finished. She was only 10 at the time. He approached her and asked her if she knew who she was. She looked him in the eye and shook her head. He stood up and left her alone, leaving her shaken and wondering if there was anybody else that would approach her. And she could have sworn that out of the bottom of his trench-coat was the tip of a white feather.

A few months prior to the start of the roleplay, Elle moved in with her current foster carers, Mark and Julie Andrews. She tries to be kind to them, but she finds it hard to talk to new people, even foster carers. She made a few friends, but she's gotten this bad feeling in her gut, like something bad is going to happen. And soon...


So begins...

Willow Fuller's Story


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Character Portrait: Willow Fuller
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#, as written by Dumisa

Troy sat up with a sharp gasp escaping over his parted lips, his pillow drenched from his night sweat. He raised his hand up and wiped away all the sweat he could but it just drenched his hand as well. While sitting up, his eyes danced towards the clock as he read the time - 5 A.M. He leaned back down on his pillow then immediately sat back up because of the now cold, drenched pillow. Knowing that he wasn't going to be able to go back to sleep, he got out of bed after slipping the covers off of him and going over to the bathroom.

Upon entering the bathroom, he turned on the light and walked to his mirror. He ran the water then cuffed his hands underneath it then splashed it against his face. While turning the water off, he reached out to the left and grabbed a small cloth then dried his face off with it. As he looked back up into the mirror, he saw a light figure standing there and it made him jump and turn around but nothing was there. His mind was playing tricks on him early this morning. A soft sigh escaped over his lips as he ran himself a warm shower.

After a few minutes of showering, he stepped out of a steamed filled bathroom and back into his room. His hands outstretched towards the doorknobs of his closet, which he opened widely. His finger tapped at his chin then the rest of his fingers made their way to stroke his chin. "Now..." He breathed. "What to wear?" Troy questioned towards himself as he pulled out what seemed to be the perfect outfit for him.

Before leaving his room, he reviewed himself over in the mirror. He had an all black shirt, which had a design on the front of flames, his long black jean pants matched along with a pair of black motorcyclist combat boots. Troy nodded his head then grabbed his phone and keys then rushed off towards school.

He arrived just in time as when he got out of his car, the bell rang for the kids to get their day started. Troy felt a strange aura in the air and seen the female angel. His face had a slight look of disgust plastered against it as he walked past her car, banging his fists on her trunk, hoping to scare her. He laughed a little then turned back around and winked at her then turned heel again, only to bump into the principal.

The principal, Mr. Helms, leaned down and whispered in Troy's ear. "Mess with my angel again and I'll have your head." He straightened up and smiled while lightly shoving him away. "Now, get out of here, kid." Mr. Helms said as he turned to face Elle's direction and gave her a wave along with a thumbs up.

Troy scoffed at the comments then continued to walk around like the words of the angel didn't get to him - Which they did. He stopped by his locker then headed off to his first class, which was Miss Day's English class. Troy was surprisingly the first one to enter the classroom as Miss Day raised a brow. "What's wrong, Troy? Are you sick?" She joked towards him because it was unlikely for him to be the first person in class. She laughed while walking towards her door, standing there in a greeting manner as she welcomed the students to her class once again.

This was going to be a long ass day. Troy could just feel it in his bones that it was.