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Check under your bed and you will see nothing. I am already inside your mind.

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a character in “Move Into The Light”, as played by Kai


"If you look in the face of evil, evil's gonna look right back at you."
Theme Song = The Great Pandemonium


Full Name:

He is known by many names. The most common being
Devil's Shadow
or simply


Much older than he looks


Devil's mercenary

Hunter Demon


Hair Color:
Dark Brown

Eye Color:



An intricate web of black Gaelic runes that stretch over his entire back and down his right arm.



Character Color:

Standing at proximately 6'3, Amon carries a dark air of intimidation that is enforced by a strong posture. At first glance, his perpetually black eyes are deceptively kind. To stare into them too long, though, is to lose oneself forever. His hair is straight and just shy of black, falling down to his shoulders in a consciously neat style. He has sharply angled features that are almost always hidden under a thin layer of stubble. When he walks among the human world, he wears a black trench coat over dark attire.


Cruel ~ Deceptive ~ Ruthless ~ Patient ~ Charismatic

Understanding Amon is a very difficult task that not many have succeeded at. Even those with the priveledge of gaining his services often receive nothing more than his temporary loyalty and their victims delivered on time. Whether dead or alive really doesn't matter. Amon has become one of the most sought after mercenaries simply because he doesn't ask questions or judge the task before him. He focuses on the end goal and finds a way to get there no matter the odds.

He has been known, at times, to be reckless. More than once he has carelessly allowed humans to see his power, though he is perfectly capable of covering any tracks should it be needed. He doesn't particularly enjoy the company of others, though has been known to sit and chat on occassion when he grows bored enough. He is intelligent, and at times he will show this up front. Most of the time, however, he prefers to keep his knowledge and secrets to himself. Furthermore, what he says and what he means are often two very different things.

He is most alive when he is on the hunt. He enjoys inflicting fear and pain in his victims and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Contentment is not in his nature and neither is satisfaction. He is always on the move and always searching for something more.

~ Chaos
~ Night
~ The hunt
~ Wolves
~ The sound of a racing heart
~ Being summoned
~ Cold climates
~ Angels
~ The future
~ Holy relics

~ Learning battle tactics from wars long past
~ Following and toying with his victims
~ Watching humans

~ Amon's body temperature is much warmer than an average human's.
~ There are times when a small, kind smile will apear on his face. It looks harmless. It is a signal to run. Fast.

Character Skills/Talents:
~ Ability to slow down/stop time
~ Ability to jump back in time to witness events in the past
~ Ability to visit a person's dreams and plant thoughts/ideas in their minds through their subconcious
~ Heightened speed, agility, strength, and resilience as well as skill in a variety of fighting styles

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
~ He often doesn't listen if someone tries to tell him how to carry out his job
~ He can be mobilized by light magic
~ Holy relics, carried by beings of light, can do a great deal of damage
~ Cats can sense him and reveal his location to otherwise oblivious humans

~ He can be summoned quite easily if someone speaks his true name out loud while thinking of him. A fact that has fallen into legend because everyone believes Amon to be his true name.
~ Reading the entirety of the runes along his back and arm is the one sure way to kill him for good. There is only one who knows their content and he holds the true power over Amon. No one else knows of their existance. Even if they did, there is no way to tell whether it is this that keeps him rooted to the dark side or if he truly wishes to travel his curent path. He seems to enjoy it a little too much.

~ The eternal sleep
~ The Devil
~ Silence


Place Of Origin:

Birth Date:
January 27th by the modern calendar

Amon was a human once. A time that even he has trouble recalling. He was born as Aneunos, in the western region of Gaul in 79 BC. War took his father from him at a young age and the years that followed were not kind to the rest of the small family. Amon went to battle at a young age, learning many skills in defensive and offensive action before he reached the age of fourteen. Though not much is known of his time on earth, as very few accounts had survived through books and songs, what is known is that he lived a short life. He met his mortal end in the Seige of Alesia at the hands of Ceasar's men. Many fell that day. Amon expected the end to come. Instead, he discovered that this was only the beginning.

Amon did not enter the afterlife that his people had always envisioned. No deities appeared in the heavens and no light shone down on him. What he did find in the darkness was a being who would later reveal himself as the Devil. He offered Amon vengeance for himself and his family in return for a lifetime of service. At the time Amon didn't understand the meaning behind the words, and he accepted blindly. He was there for Ceasar's assassination. Put the men, responsible for deaths of those closest to him, to the sword. Watched their homes and families burn in Hell's flames. After that time, he disappeared from the earth, not to be seen again until the world had changed many times over.

In that time, Amon grew cold of heart and hot of blood. He had become a demon, serving the one who now controlled him. It was only with time that he regained some freedom, yet it was clear that the years had hardened him. He lived off the fear of others. Hated the sound of a child's laughter. The last of humanity had left him long ago. He grew into a ruthless mercenary, trading his skill for coin and making a name for himself through the underworld. To this day, he has yet to fail in a task and he does not expect that this streak will be broken any time soon. Yet he has recently become aware of something lurking just beyond the horizon. It is now up to him to deal with the coming storm.

So begins...

Amon's Story


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Tick, tock.

The pendulum of the old grandfather clock swung gracefully, side to side, as it counted the seconds that passed. Gradually, as the dreamer watched, the pendulum slowed, before gradually halting midair, hanging to the left of the clock, gravity not seeming to care anymore. She watched as the second ticked forward, and then reset itself, to count the same second over and over again. The clock read midnight.

Ahri watched as the scene in her mind changed, to one of horror. It wasn't something a person would normally call, horrific, though. The scene was rather beautiful, in her mind. A grass field that spread out for miles in all directions, dotted with tiny, coloured flowers. The sky was a light blue, almost the perfect shade, in Ahri's opinion, and fluffy clouds floated past without a care in the world. The sun shone down on exactly one half of the battlefield.

Yes, it was a battlefield. All around her, women and men fought together, and against each other. Many looked the same, but then again, she could not see their faces. However, they all had things in common, on both sides - one half had blonde hair, and pale skin - just like her. Curious, she stepped forward, just like she always did. Then all of the creatures snapped their heads towards her, eyes hungry for her, eyes that burned with such intensity and inner fire it was all Ahri could do to not scream. Then she saw the shadowy figure that always came, and a hand was placed over her mouth, and the scene turned to black. Hands reached out of the black, and grasped at her ankles, and Ahri looked up to see the face of a young man with black eyes staring back at her. He was a figment of her imagination, she was sure, but his hand brushed the place where her scar was. Shivering, she listened as the man called out to; "Amon." Fire suddenly burned bright, and then it went black.

Ahri awoke, gasping for air. She was covered in a soft sheen of sweat, trembling slightly with fear and adrenaline. She had no idea why it frightened her so much, and not just because it was only a battlefield. She had dreamed the same thing for weeks and weeks now. She looked over at the alarm clock. Only six. She had woken up...sort of on time. She had wished for slightly more sleep, but she was awake now, and so she decided to get up. She slipped on a white camisole with a lace neckline, slightly low cut, a light blue wraparound cardigan, tied at the side of her waist with a cotton ribbon, and black leggings. She completed the outfit with black converse. Comfortable yet stylish. After a quick glance at herself in the mirror, Ahri made her way downstairs.

Her foster carer's home was cosy, but it still didn't feel like her own home. Ahri was disappointed at the fact that it still didn't feel like a home, but suppressed the feeling and instead picked a breakfast bar out of the cupboard with slender fingers. She tore the fruit filled bar apart with elegance, placing bite sized pieces into her mouth as she moved around the oak dominated kitchen. All the appliances were made of laminated wood, as were the counters, floor, table, and chairs. Her shoes thudded softly every time she took a step around the kitchen, making herself a mocha.

She took the cup and the bar upstairs with her, and closed the door to her room. She placed the cup on her desk, with the breakfast bar, and sat down on the carpet, staring into the floor length mirror. She did this every morning, studying her features, trying to pick out the most noticable features, something she could identify a parent with. And then, even so slowly, her fingers crept up to where the blue cotton concealed her scar, and she pulled it away to admire the scar on her collarbone. The nine pointed scar in a shade lighter than her natural skin fascinated her, but also made her want to vomit. It reminded her that she had no memories of the past, that she never really belonged here, in this house, under the roof of her foster carers.

Hurriedly, Ahri pulled up the sleeve of her cardigan, grabbed her school bag and left for school without another word.

Ahri got to school about 40 minutes later, having walked the entire way to kill time. She felt... Strange, today, especially after her dream, just like something bad was going to happen. She dismissed this as fatigue and headed to her locker. She quickly unlocked it with the combination, and grabbed her books and pencil case, along with her agenda, before quickly slamming the locker shut again. She had sworn she had seen somebody with black eyes out of the corner of her eye, like the man from her dreams. She shuddered and hurried to class.

All through her first and second period, Ahri struggled to concentrate. She felt paranoid, conscious of her surroundings, and like she was being watched. The butterflies in her stomach grew and grew, twisting her stomach into knots until she couldn't help but flick her hair over her shoulder and peer behind her. She had heard that there was a new boy, too, and of course, she used her paranoia to search for him, yet, she had no clue who he might be, as she was pretty new herself. She looked away as soon as she got eye contact with anyone, leaving her cheeks flushed and pink. It wasn't flirting, honest.

Ahri felt no better when she wasn't sat in the classroom. She grabbed her bag and headed out onto the school grounds, intent on catching up with two of the more friendly girls that she had met. She was hurrying over to meet them, hurrying across the tarmac to greet them, laugh with them, dispel her paranoia.

Only thing was, Ahri's problems were just about to start.


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#, as written by Miyer

Ryan come conscious with a gasp, his eyes flew wide and he searched the room rapidly. His heart beating quickly and his lungs refusing to take in the oxygen he so desperately wanted. For a few seconds he lay like this, scouring the room in search of... Well what he was unsure.

He heard the familiar call of his Rachel's voice as she yelled at him to get ready for school. Rachel and Dave had been his foster parents for a little over a year now and despite having turned 18 only a few months prior, Rachel had all but refused to let him leave, even going so far as to lock him in his room until he promised to stay with them at least until he graduated. He had been tempted to just climb out the window with what little cloths and belonging he had but if he had learnt anything from Rachel over the year they had spent together, it was that she had a persistence that not even the devil could stop. Literally an unstoppable force and she would of chased him to the end of the earth if he didn't promise her this.

So he had stuck around... and ended up being moved from his old school where he had been fairly comfortable to simple live out the rest of his highschool life to here... Joy. The idea of having to start all over again and put up another stupid act almost made him sick as he dragged himself out of bed and started to get ready for the day.

He hadn't gotten the new uniform yet so he just shrugged on his old one before making his way downstairs, not bothering to look at his messed bed hair until he had sat down and heard Rachel laugh. Suppressing a sigh, he dragged him hand down through his hair which earned him another laugh and a plate of eggs as Rachel dropped off his breakfast before getting to work on his hair so that he didn't look like a total mess.

Rachel was a 50 year old, African american and was a total mother hen... if she had been the one to adopt him when he was younger, maybe everything would of turned out differently. But then that hadn't happened, so there was no point on dwelling on it. Looking up at her through his fringe when she pulled away, Ryan couldn't help the slight twinge he felt at leaving her and Dave. He liked them... But if he stayed, he was screwed... and so were they.

Getting up, he sent Rachel a wave and fake cheerful smile that worked on every person he had ever met before heading out. He was only a little way from the school and it should only take him a few minutes. He pulled his cardigan tighter around him as he felt a shiver go down his spine. Damn, It's cold again.

A few minutes later the school building came into view and he prepared himself for hell in a new form.

The day went by surprisingly quickly and it wasn't hard to work his way into the schools hierarchy and place himself right near the top. He was hot and when compared to most of the other guys in this hellhole, it wasn't that hard for him to beat most of them in both looks and personality. The down side was that most of the girls weren't much as well and he honestly hadn't found anyone that could catch his interest for more then a few seconds... Not only would this school be hell, it would also be boring hell!

Pausing momentarily he wondered why he kept making hell reference in his mind before shrugging it off as something to do with his demon side making him think of hell to much and what not, he couldn't be bothered to really give an explanation to himself.

Then she caught his attention and Ryan couldn't help but stare momentarily at the Pretty blonde chick. She was cute, sure, but not really his type... Well then again, he hadn't really met anyone who was his type so he wouldn't know... But there was something else that caught his attention, something deeper then skin and god it was making him curious. He caught her eye briefly and smirked when she looked away.

Curiosity, god he hated it. He though to himself as he made his way out to the school yard, keeping the girl in the corner of his eye as he walked over to some of the guys and girls he had manipulated this morning. A few of the girls were throwing themselves at him and he could all but feel the jealous stares he was getting, and yet that girl was always at the back of his mind...

Guess it was time to sate his curiosity before it killed him. Walking over, he offered her his fake cheerful smile that caused both the girls she was talking to to pause a moment before stuttering. Demon blood, gotta love it. He though bitterly before speaking.

"Hi, you were just in my English right? My names Ryan, its nice to meet you.", he said with a grin, his hands both in his jean pockets as he leaned back slightly, posture relaxed and confident though his eyes held a undying curiosity as they tried to figure the girl in front of him out.

(OOC: Lot longer then I expected... XD)


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#, as written by Kai
A twenty four hour cycle in the human world was but a blip in the life of a much more ancient being. People woke up, attended school and work, went about their social lives, and returned to sleep. An organized chaos that has held up and lasted for centuries. The only thing that ever seemed to change anymore was technology and the dependence that the human race was falling into head first.

The sun was rising on yet another day. From the rooftops of the small city, the view could have been lovely. If one cared for such a thing. The man standing on top of a carefully chosen building, however, did not as much as glance at it. In fact, his eyes were closed and his hands tucked into the pockets of his trench coat. The stillness around him was broken only by a cool breeze that swept over the building and the roof.

How long had he been standing there? No one would quite know. Suddenly, his eyes opened. Black and soulless, they only glanced about the area briefly before he slowly moved from his spot, making his way to the corner of the rooftop. His gaze cast down the building's facade and to the ground bellow. The area was filled with people. Young people, as it were. All walking around, talking with one another, and generally moving in the direction of the building. A school. A place to learn. How quaint.

Amon smirked softly to himself as he watched this, his black eyes flickering from one human to the next. And the next. Until he spotted her. Ahrileigh was her name. A half angel with a personality to match. He regarded her as one might regard a new toy, watching her until she disappeared inside of the school building. Then... He merely continued looking at the surrounding grounds. Waiting.

It wasn't long before his other target came into view. This one had a much more human name. Ryan. However, he carried his demonic ancestry much more prominently. Amon's gaze carefully followed him inside as well. So it would come to pass soon that the two would meet at last. Silent and unnoticed, Amon turned on the spot, walking back away from the edge.

If anyone noticed him that morning, the memory would have been washed away quite easily. Amon never lingered for long and always just out of sight. He had a job. It didn't get much simpler than that. However, even he was aware of how convoluted the day was destined to become. There were others in the area. Both Demons and Angels. All lying in wait. All conscious to one anothers' presence. One wrong move and they would be fighting each other instead of focusing on their goals. Now wouldn't that be fun to witness...

Amon would partake in none of it. Nor would he take kindly to being crossed. His goal was simple and straight forward. As he had put it himself... "A high price for something a human can accomplish."

"Do you believe they will run?" a Demon had asked him not too long ago. Amon had remained silent for a long time, testing the patience of those around him.

"They always run," he had replied quietly at last. "Trouble is... They never look at where they are headed."

Such as, it seemed, the moment when the half demon and half angel met. Amon watched from the roof as the boy approached her. Even as they spoke, however, he remained still. He was waiting for.... something. Casually staying put.

It was a few minutes later when it finally happened. A small light glint that he caught out of the corner of his eye, coming over the horizon. A smirk spread over his features as he tore his gaze away from the young pair bellow. There it was again. The glint. This time, closer. It disappeared out of view briefly. However, Amon knew it would show up again. And it did, a moment later blinking into existence in close range.

That was when he reacted, raising his hands and stretching them out to the sides. A bird, that had been soaring by, slowed and stopped in its passing. The wind calmed. Trees quieted and stilled. The odd glint above the roofs froze in mid-air and finally the humans bellow began to slow in their tracks. A moment later, nothing moved any longer. Nothing except for him and the fated pair bellow.

Amon stepped forward through the frozen time, letting his form drop the three stories to the ground into the shade of the trees. When he emerged, his steps were quick as he proceeded toward the pair, his black eyes fixed on his target. It was clear that he was intent upon only them, his expression that of convoluted aggression and excitement mixed into one. He only allowed them one piece of advice, simply for his own amusement.

"This is where you run."


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Ahri noticed with a curious pang that her friends had their jaws drop at the sight of whatever was behind her. She turned around hurriedly to notice a boy that she didn't recognize, with a tie and black cardigan, and black school trousers. Strange, he was wearing school uniform. She smiled a little at him, looking up. He was a lot taller than she was.

"Oh, um... Hello." She took a moment to breathe. Shyness was getting to her, but she swallowed the bile in the back of her throat and allowed herself to smile once again. "I guess I was, I thought I saw you at the back of class." She shrugged and looked at the ground, before flicking her eyes up to meet his. His eyes were a very pretty colour, hazel with a hint of green. They made her 'melt', and she became very lost in them. She held her breath, and broke away, looking down again, before blushing a bright pink.

Just then, as she was talking to him, did everything finally crash and burn around her. The wind that was rushing through her blonde hair suddenly settled down, like somebody that had been playing with her hair had just set it down gently. The laughter of the girls behind her stopped suddenly, and Ahri looked behind her to see her friends looking exactly the way they sounded - like they had stopped mid laugh. Confused, and slightly frightened, Ahri looked around her again, before placing a hand on her friend's arm. "Natasha, what's going on?" She shook her gently when she made no reply, and didn't even appear to move even when Ahri shook her. She looked back around to face Ryan. "What - What the heck is going on?" She stepped out of the crowd a bit, her heart beating fast. And that's when she saw the man on the roof.

Black eyes.

Her dreams raced through her head again. He had black eyes, just like the man in her dream - he looked different than in the dream, but those eyes were the same. Ahri shuddered, and suppressed another flinch. And then he seemed to offer them advice.

"This is where you run."


Ahri stood still, frozen in place, before looking up again. She could almost hear the pendulum on the grandfather clock ticking. Her heart thudded in her chest, and she raised her voice, ignoring the knots and butterflies in her stomach.

"Why the heck should we?"