Mason Sanders

Mason is 17, and has a girlfriend, who he thinks is a great girl for him, until he meets someone who changes everything

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a character in “Mr. & Mrs.”, as played by Grace<3


Appearance: Mason has brown spiked up hair, with some stumble. He is 5"12 and is skinny but to a healthy amount. He has Brown eyes.

Personality: Mason is outgoing and funny. He likes to meet new people and takes care of his family. He also buys things for his girl friend which she usually complains about. Mason gets jealous easily but tries to contain himself.

Background: Mason has a mother, and two younger sisters. His dad left when he was 8 and he has watched over his family every since. He loves his mom and is very protective of her. Mason will some times smoke which is a bad habbit that he hides from his family as he knows it would make his mom upset. He is also a great big brother and cares for his little sisters. Mason has had a rough life as his family went through a poor time and he had to start trying to work when he was 13. Now he currently has 3 part time jobs.

So begins...

Mason Sanders's Story