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Angel 'Princess' Angelino

Daughter of Sal 'Skull' Angelino. Sgt At Arms AOD

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a character in “MRPP Sons Of Anarchy”, as played by Angelicassistant


Theme Song:

My name is Angel ‘Princess’ Angelino,and my father Sal “Skull’ Angelino is a living legend in the biker world and President of the 3rd of the largest MC, Angels of Death. He named me after the only thing he loves as much as me, his MC. I never knew my mother because she died the day I was born, so guess you could say my birthday is bitter sweet for my father. He says it’s the day he received his angel, but I can see a hint of sadness in his eyes when he thinks about my mom. She was a beautiful woman, at least she looks beautiful in the pictures on my bedside and the ones my father keeps. The AOD ol’ ladies that knew her say she was one of a kind, and that my father adored her.

My father never separated me from the MC crew like some Presidents do with their children. His belief was always that the life we choose for ourselves is the life we should live in proudly. So, since birth I have lived in the Mega MC compound that houses all the major players of the original AOD charter my father started. My apartment suite which is right down the hall from my father started out as a nursery and has been converted as I have grown through the years. When not on runs and club business I have always been by my his side learning about the MC life, and at times he hasn’t been around the AOD ladies and MC crew have been my parents, my family, my everything. My father’s crew has made sure my skills are sharp and deadly. I am the luckiest girl alive because I have a whole group of men and women that would do anything in the world for me. I am truly the Princess of this MC.

Even though the MC is our life my father insisted on the best of everything for me education wise. That meant the best private school, and later the best college, not just for me but my best friend since birth Wendy Case. Her father like mine was born into one of the largest Mafia families in existence and so since birth we have been best friends. Except for a small period of our life, where she was on what I personally call a hiatus with the biggest piece of shit to walk in the MC world other than his father we have been inseparable. We spent the holidays together, vacations together, bike rally together. Oh, and the teenage adventures all of those were with her also, tattoos, getting drunk, getting high, finding fine ass boys, yeah we did all that together. When we were old enough my father bought us bikes and the taught us to ride, and the AOD crew well they taught us guns, knives and all those fun things that are my play toys. Wendy has never judged me for my MC life that I love so much like some girls in our circle did. She accepts me as I am, even the dark parts of me. After I was kidnapped and raped in college by a rival MC she didn’t even look at me horrible when I shot each of those asses in the head. She actually cheered me on and yeah took a few pictures. She is my best friend and other then my father, and the club the closest person in my life.

I have what some would call a dark side, but for me it just feels like the true me. Killing those men changed everything. Yeah, I had been trained to kill by some of the most lethal MC crew around, but actually doing it, yeah it changes you. Some people it tears them down and breaks them apart, makes them question if the MC life is really for them. For me though, pulling the trigger of that gun, killing those men it was the moment I actually discovered who Angel was. It was most incredible rush I ever felt putting a bullet in those guys heads. I have been on a kill rush ever since, and don’t mind to get blood on my hands anytime it’s needed, and even times when it’s not. Honestly if I don’t get a kill in at least every few weeks or so I start feeling a little anxious, and out of sorts. I suppose most fathers would be concerned with this kind of behavior from their daughter. They might send them to counseling, have them committed, try and get their shit sorted. My father though he was actually pretty impressed and personally threw a huge party for the crew as a thank you for helping raise such a strong daughter. As the years passed my father even made what was one of the most historical moves for any MC to date by patching me in as his Sgt at Arms. Untraditional for the MC world, well hell yes, but hey my father is a legend and we don’t live by others rules and standards. Angels of Death sets the rules and standards they don’t follow. No, one in the MC world dared to utter a word, because they knew if they did it would be the last word ever uttered from their mouth. My father doesn’t play around, he doesn’t negotiate and he doesn’t care to just put you in the ground. I guess one could say my" gonna fuck you up" nature is inherited from my Daddy O'.

So, yeah to some my life might seem untraditional, I may even seem a little crazy, almost a monster, but to me my life is perfect. I love the MC life, and all that comes with it. I could never imagine myself with a man that didn’t embrace the MC life. We are rich, we are on top, and there is no one who can stop AOD.

So begins...

Angel 'Princess' Angelino's Story