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Harry 'Demon' Fairmack

SAMCRO Soldier

0 · 178 views · located in Charming

a character in “MRPP Sons Of Anarchy”, as played by anxiousspawncow


The Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original (SAMCRO)


Harry's Theme:

Personal Description:

Harry is a large and strong man, standing at a height six ft ten in, with a weight of three hundred pounds of solid muscle. He is a walking mountain of strength. It is common for him to be seen at the gym, maintaining his muscles. His eyes are a vivid green. Count yourself lucky if you ever seen them, because he usually wears shades, but when they come off it's often not good.

Along with his natural qualities, Harry has a lot of tattoos on his large arms and the back of his neck. The theme on his left arm sleeve is of a mystical nature which consists of wizards, castles, and symbols while his right arm sleeve is more of a death and demonic theme. On the back of his neck is a dancing skeleton.


Harry had to grow up before his time when his family were murdered. Beneath his hard protective shell beats the heart of a man who is fully capable of love and caring. He usually only reveals how much he truly cares when he sees other people are in danger. It's not uncommon to see Harry rush into a conflict to defend his club brothers or a club lady if they are threatened, even if that means putting his life in danger. He is extremely loyal to the Sons to the point he will kill or die for them. He enjoys violence, but he tries to keep control of that more dark side of him, especially around the club. If someone messes with his brothers or angers him enough he will happily familiarize them with the 'Demon'. He has quite a temper which unleashed could be quite dangerous, mostly because he allows a more primal side to his nature to take full control of his body. So angering Harry is a lot like poking a stick into a hornet's nest. He will hurt you and usually doesn't feel any remorse for it either, in fact, he might even receive pleasure from it.

People will be shocked to find out that there is another side to the tough biker, that not many people get to see very often. He has a strong dislike for people who think it's alright to hurt innocent children or women. Paedophiles, child-beaters and woman beaters are definitely on his shit list and if he catches them, he will not have a problem killing them. Prospects are usually pretty close to his heart as well because of their age or inexperience in the club. If he sees anyone hurting a child, woman, or prospect it is a trigger that will set him off on a violent path.


Harry was born in Houston, Texas. At the age of seven he witnessed property developers murder his mother, father, and little sister. They were murdered as they refused to sell their house to the property developer. Harry hid when the men arrived, but watched the entire event take place. This image made him the had and brutal killer he is today.

He was then raised by his aunt who paid for him to attend college. He hated college, too many goody goody types around the place. By this time he was already a big guy, but didn't want to play football. He was finally expelled from college when he witnessed the captain of the football team hitting his girl (Captains girl). Harry went mental and put the guy in the hospital, he never played football again and walked with a limp for the rest of his life.

Out of college Harry hated seeing the sorrow in his aunts eyes so he decided to leave Houston. He moved to Arizona looking for work. When he couldn't find any he decided to spend his last night in Arizona at his favourite bar. He was sitting drinking, minding his own business when two Mayans entered the bar and started to beat the Sons of Anarchy SAMREN president. Harry watched, but when the mans ol' lady got punched in the face that was enough, no more watching. He approached the Mayans knocking the first one out with one punch. The second pulled a gun on Harry, which was quickly grabbed away by the big man. Harry beat the Mayan to death in the middle of the bar with his own gun, before making sure the presidents ol' lady was ok. The president told him to attend the SOA clubhouse the following morning, where he was made a prospect.

He did his year and patched in. A few years went by and a gash he used to fuck arrived on the scene with a kid. DNA proved it was Harry's baby. The gash overdosed leaving Harry to raise his daughter. He sheltered her from the MC life, as he believes women have no place in it.

Over the years Harry had killed many Mayans, but this caught up with him tragically. His daughter was with her friends one days when the Mayans took the girls. The three of them were brutally raped, but Harry's daughter was also killed. The girls were dumped at the SOA clubhouse. In his grief and anger Harry went after the Mayans. He entered the clubhouse and killed seven members, including the president and Vice-president. This started a bloody nationwide war between the Mayans and the Sons of Anarchy. This lead to Harry's hatred of Mexicans.

The years went by, truces were made, which Harry saw as bullshit, but he was loyal to SOA so agreed. He Eventually became the VP of the Reno charter (SAMREN). After a few more years he decided it was time for a change. SAMCRO had been taking a beating so he requested a transfer, which was approved by both charters........

So begins...

Harry 'Demon' Fairmack's Story