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Season of Giving 2020

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Killer in training

0 · 147 views · located in Teller-Morrow (TM)

a character in “MRPP Sons Of Anarchy”, as played by SOA_Girl


My name is Marisa (@killer_trainee), and I guess you could say my special skill, or the skill I am training for is the killing business. I haven’t always been a killer, once upon a time little Marisa was a good ol’ American girl, and from the outside looked like she was living the American dream. My mother and father were the perfect couple, my dad a wealthy banker by day, and my mother his gorgeous trophy wife. Well, and me I was the perfect daughter, going to the best schools, making top grades, and hanging with all the right people. Then one night the dream came crashing down all around me.
The first night my daddy snuck into my room I was about 15 years old, and clueless to the ways of man. Despite the fact I had a well developed body, and look for such a young girl, I had never even had a boyfriend. My daddy robbed me of my innocence when he raped, and beat that night. I will never forget how it felt to have something so precious just ripped from me. My father was had always been my hero, my protector, but in the ended he was my worst nightmare. The feeling of hopelessness, powerlessness, and grief was overwhelming. I hung my head in shame for over a year thinking it was my fault that he raped me, and continued the assaults on an almost daily basis. Daddy was a smart educated man even though he was a closet drunk at home, something I had never realized until that night. Still I wake up smelling the liquor on his breath, and feel him breathing down on me talking about all the dirty things he would be doing. My mother she knew daddy’s dark side, even though she remained silent about it. We never discussed daddy visiting me, but I saw it in her eyes, the knowledge of my fate most nights, and I saw it eat away at her. The once beautiful trophy wife began to wilt like a dying flower, her beauty faded, and she began reaching for a pill bottle to make it all better.
I meet my savior by accident one day as I was walking through the local mall, her beauty, her sleek prowling walk, and the smooth demeanor in which she carried herself left me starring at her in awe. She drew me in like a moth to a flame, and so being a curious 16 year old I followed her. What I saw her do that day though, well it changed my life forever. Natasha (@bikerhitwoman01) was her name, and she was on the hunt for her prey. Her target a corrupt business man, she had been hired to track, went to meet the grim reaper that day, and judging by the look on his face never saw her coming. Natasha saw me though, perhaps she knew I was there all along, it’s something she has never to this day shared. I still remember her coming over to me moving like a black panther saying, “Howdy, you purdy lil thing, looks like ya happened upon a lil ol’ business that didn’t concern ya.” As I looked into her eyes, and saw the gun in her hand figured my life was ending. I was just a poor little girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then she saw it, the bruise I thought was hidden on my upper arm, and the bruise that was clearly my daddy’s fingers where he had held me down in bed two nights before.
Natasha didn’t kill me that day; instead she took pity on me and offered to rid me of my problem. Nothing in this life is for free she explained, so it did take a little stealing of the $30,000 rainy day fund that Daddy had hidden in a safe in this library. I had often thought of taking that money, and starting a new life, but didn’t have the courage to face the cold world along. I didn’t have the courage to leave my momma even though she looked the other way. So, I hired Natasha and well true to her word she took care of my father. Natasha slit his throat. Slit his throat so deep his head was barely attached when they loaded him up and took his lifeless body out of our home. The investigation ended up revealing my Daddy had a whole other evil life that not only included the secret raping, and boozing when he was at home with us, but he was also a crooked man. Seems he had been embezzling money not only from the
bank he worked at, but from some pretty high end clients as well. So, Daddy’s death was ruled a homicide, one that too this date has never been solved, but it is assumed he took money from the wrong person.
My mother’s fate would soon come at her own hand. Between her feelings worthlessness, from allowing her daughter to be raped and beaten repeatedly at the hand of her own husband, she didn’t deal well with daddy’s death at all. I found her shortly afterwards on the bathroom floor her color looking grey, her body cold, white foam coming out of her mouth, eyes rolled back in her head, and a pill bottle clutched in her hand. She took her own life, the easy way out in my opinion, leaving me all alone. That’s where Natasha found me; standing over my momma’s grave not knowing where I would go and who would take care of me. Suppose she could have been heartless and just left me standing there at that grave site but she didn’t. Natasha took my hand, and put me on the back of her bike that day. We drove off together with me hugging her for dear life, that was five years ago, and I haven’t looked back since then. Now, I am her apprentice, her killer trainee as she likes to call me, gone forever is the vulnerable girl that takes abuse from any man, or woman for that matter. My hands that were once so helpless to defend myself against my father’s brutal attacks are now lethal weapons that can kill easily. Anyone dare to touch me that I don’t give permission, will end up with a bullet in the head, and a nail in their coffin. I owe Natasha everything, my life; my freedom, my sanity, and I would gladly die for her in with a moment’s thought. She is everything to me, my mentor, trainer, best friend, and together we travel the world, hit woman for hire and her killer trainee.

So begins...

Marisa's Story