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Wendy Case

loyal to AOD

0 · 262 views · located in Stockton State Penitentiary

a character in “MRPP Sons Of Anarchy”, originally authored by SOA_Girl, as played by Angelicassistant


I was born into one of the wealthiest Mafia families in existence. My father was second only to the Don of the Angelino crime family, who's younger brother is Sal 'Skull" Angelino (@AOD_President), and also one of my father’s closest friends. Since birth Angel 'Princess' Angelino (@AOD_MCPrincess) and I were best friends, inseparable. We played on the same baby blanket together, rode our first motorcycles together, got our first tattoos together, learned to shot guns and play with knives together. Hell we even found a couple of boys we liked and lost our virginity the same night. We were two gorgeous fine ass girls that rocked both the MC world and Mafia world. We attended the same prim and proper private school together, and spent our afternoons at the Angels of Death MC compound in the world we both loved. When we graduated high school our fathers sent us to college together, Angel always wizard at numbers majored in finance, and me I majored in social work/counseling. College life was good, but a few years prior to our graduation from college, life turned upside down briefly when Angel was kidnapped by a rival MC. Her daddy though a real legend in the MC world sorted the issue quickly, and my best friend Angel took a gun and blew the head off each man who hurt her. Yeah, some besties would be turned off by that kind of shit, but me I cheered her on, and even took a few photos for our scrape book. Shortly after graduation from college we returned to Long Island moving back to the MC compound. We were two fine ass girls on top of the world with bank accounts overflowing; the sky was the limit for us. Life has a way of taking turns we don’t expect though and mine was about take a complete 360. I can still remember it like yesterday, beautiful summer day and one of the best bike rides of our life. It was the annual Hells Angels bike rally and we had decided to hit it up with the AOD crew. Walking those grounds with Angel in tow, that’s when I spotted him his long blonde hair, baby blue eyes, rock hard body and just enough danger for this fine ass bitch to love. Jackson Teller, known as Jax to the MC crew Sons of Anarchy, yeah that was his name. Things moved fast for us at that rally. I jumped on the back of his bike and never looked back. Angel was pissed and we lost touch, a lifelong friendship ended, but hey I was Jax Tellers ol' lady and for me that was enough. Little did I know jumping on that bike would be the worst mistake this sister ever made, before I knew it was deep into the SAMCRO life and didn’t even know myself anymore. Dealing with Jax had its ups and downs, combined with his controlling mother Gemma it was hell. I needed a release from it all, so this once honor roll college student turned into a heroine junkie. During our rollercoaster ride of love I got pregnant. Jax he couldn't handle the thought of being a father, and tried to push me to not have the baby. When I refused to end the pregnancy he walked out on me, and filed for divorce. I tried to get off the drugs, but was weak, 9 months pregnant with Abel took one of my last hits. I work up in St.Thomas no longer pregnant being told I almost killed my boy. The good Dr. Knowles, Jax first loved had moved back into town, now a pediatric surgeon saved our sons life. She took my man, and she took my kid. I begged and pleaded with Jax he refused to let me see Abel. Overnight he decided being a daddy was cool, but me being his ol’ lady wasn’t. When I didn’t give up trying to get my baby so I could leave town he banged an 8-ball into my shoulder and left me laying on the highway outside of Charming for dead. In what I thought were my last moments of life I grabbed my cell phone calling the one person I could always count. When I woke up over a week later there she was my best friend Angel sitting at my bed side. She and her father cleaned me up, and gave me back my life. Now, I live in an apartment next to hers in the biggest, bad ass MC compound around Angels of Death. I have been clean for years now and spend my time helping with AOD charity work, and counseling other junkies. I'm loyal to The Angels of Death bike club, to Angel, and her father. They are my real family and I'll never turn my back on them again. My life is good, and I am back on top, but I crave revenge. Even though life is good, not a day goes by that I don’t miss my baby boy. Jax Tellers I am going to come after your ass someday, and when I come bringing death with me.

So begins...

Wendy Case's Story