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Jordan 'Bruiser' Pheonix [0] AOD New York - Sgt At Arms
Mina Padilla [0] Married to Nero Padilla
Harry 'Demon' Fairmack [0] SAMCRO Soldier
Tara Knowles - Teller [0] Works at St.Thomas hospital
Angel 'Princess' Angelino [0] Daughter of Sal 'Skull' Angelino. Sgt At Arms AOD
Sal 'Skull' Angelino [0] Founder and President of the Angels of Death Motorcycle Club

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Fighting is exercise, right?

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*Sean saw the Mexican approaching, He stood seeing the shank in his hand. He knew that he should have killed both of the Mexicans in the original attack as now they just kept coming, day after day. At least the yard had plenty of space for him to maneuver*