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Paul King

"I honestly don't even know why I'm here...."

0 · 435 views · located in Mrs. Diegel's Home for the Mentally Insane

a character in “Mrs. Diegel's Home for the Mentally Insane”, as played by Infinity_Dance




Face Claim: Connor Franta

I honestly don't even know why I'm here....

Full Name: Paul Kennedy King
Nickname: Paul and only Paul
Age: 20 years old
Sex: Male obviously


Role?: Patient #4
Siblings: My lovely sister Tess
Health Issues?: Nothing really...
Skills: I'm stronger than the average 20 year old and faster
  • Loosing Tessa
  • Firearms
  • Crowded places
  • Death


  • Stubborn
  • Sarcastic
  • Lazy
  • Very protective
  • Humorous
  • Can be sweet at times
  • Loud and obnoxious

History: Paul grew up with his younger sister Tessa and his mother. He didn't have a father. The reason for this is that is when he was 18 him, Tessa, and his mother came home to his house robbed and his father dead on the floor. After he noticed that horrific scene, Paul out lashed. He talked back, got in trouble a lot and got arrested at least twice. Paul is only protective of his sister and mother and won't let anything happen to them.
Sexuality? Straight
Love interest?: N/A


Enemies: N/A
Aliases: His sister Tessa

So begins...

Paul King's Story


Tessa woke up in a panic. Blood....blood....lots and lots of blood.... The girl was sweaty and hot. It was a nightmare. A horrible nightmare that no eighteen year old should ever have. Tessa dreamed of coming home to find her father deceased in a puddle of blood. That scene scarred Tessa for life. Although it had happened about 2 years ago, Tessa remembered the night almost perfectly.

Trying to forget the dream, Tessa ventured downstairs to see her mother making breakfast in the kitchen. It looked like Paul wasn't up yet so she didn't bother waiting for him. The girl stole a few pieces of bacon and sat down at the island. Her mother turned around and smiled.
"Morning sunshine! How'd you sleep?

Tessa couldn't bare to explain her tragic dream to her mother. Instead she forced a smiled and answered sweetly.

"Oh great! It was so comfortable it my room!"

She could feel tear clouds forming in her eyes yet blinked them away before her mom noticed.


Waking up with long loud stretch, Paul exited his bed quickly. He could smell his mother's cooking already. Paul ran down the stairs to see that Tess was already awake and eating. Although he didn't make conversation with her. It wasn't that he was mad with his sister or anything it was that he could sense when there was a problem with her. Sticking with that, Paul left Tessa alone for most of the morning. He'd slept great! And the breakfast his mom was making, made his day even better. Paul made his plate with bacon, pancakes, and toast. Seating himself next to Tessa at the island he noticed the tears she was trying to hide away.

"You okay? You don't seem all quirky this morning like you usually are." Paul whispered hoping their mom wouldn't overhear.

Tessa kept an emotionless face as she answered sternly.

"I'm fine...just still a little tired." And with that, Tessa walked off getting ready for school.

Image Image

The school day was horrible for Tessa. All her friends ditched without telling her so basically she talked to no one, and no one talked to her. It was kind of sad because Tess only had a select amount of friends that she was almost certain just used her for her money. Her and her "friends," were considered the popular group at school. They weren't mean girls or anything, but they could be. One time her friend Tiffany poured milk on a 6th graders head because he tried to sit at their table. Tessa hated thinking about what her and her friends had done to people they didn't even know.

On her way walking home, the girl could hear loud footsteps getting closer and closer behind her. She didn't know where Paul was so he couldn't defend her. Tess calmed down and thought to herself Maybe I'm overreacting...lots of people like to walk or jog around this part of to-" Before Tessa finished her though, she was grabbed from behind. Having anxiety and asthma wasn't fun in this situation. Tess couldn't help but hyperventilate. But that did her no good because the man had managed to physically throw her into a car and slam the door shut.

Image Image

Paul ditched the rest of the school day as usual. To be honest, Paul could care less about school. He got somewhat good grades so at east he was an average student. Paul also hated school because girl hounded him. He was more attractive than most of the football team but he didn't play any sports so he couldn't understand why these girl were so attracted to him. They didn't even know him! Off in the distance, Paul heard the last bell of the day ring and he went on his home. Although he noticed something very strange. A large man coated in black forcing a girl into this car that had writing on it. Mrs. Diegel's Home for the Mentally Insane. He could hear the screams and sobs from the girl that managed to escape the man's hand that covered her mouth. Then it hit him. Tess...

The boy was angry. His sister and mother were the only family he had and someone thought they could just take them away like that?! Paul sprinted at the man only to be somehow also beaten and thrown into the car. Paul comforted his hysterically crying sister. He hugged her and held her tight. Paul felt Tessa nuzzle into his shoulder still sobbing. The boy could tell that she was scared. But what was even worse was, she didn't even know where they were headed.


Tessa slowed her sobs as the car started moving. She still didn't know where they were going but at least she knew her brother was with her. Trying to sound quiet so the man who had "kidnapped" them couldn't hear, Tessa quietly whispered to Paul.
"Where are we going Paul? I'm really scared and I think my anxiety's picking up..." Tess said with a slight tremble in her voice.
"I don't know...." Paul said sternly.
Tessa could tell he was lying and that he knew but I didn't argue. It sounded like he was just trying to protect her after she'd said her anxiety's picking up. Suddenly, the car came to a quick stop that made both Tessa and Paul jerk forward. The man opened the door on Tessa's side and dragged them out individually. Tessa watched Paul trying to resist but the man in black was too strong and managed to force them inside. She began crying harder as they entered the building to blank and dead stares.


Paul tried to fight back the man in black but his grip was too strong and eventually managed to drag both him and his sister into the old creepy building. He heard his sister's sobbing get louder as they entered the building and it felt like a little part of him broke inside. The boy loved his sister, he truly did and to hear her cry like that broke his heart. Paul almost wanted to attempt wriggling out of the man's grip and comforting his sister but he wouldn't dare. They were too many people staring and it was definitely scary. And for once, Paul could actually admit he was frightened.

((OOC: Awh! Brotherly/Sisterly love! Just a question :/ would any of you mind if I used first person? It just easier for me but if you all aren't comfortable with that it's fine! :) Btw-sorry about the format changes. Those two ^^ weren't really working out for me :/ XD))

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