Freya Za Crueset

An agent of Zeon

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a character in “MS Gundam 0095: Ghosts of Zeon”, as played by CherrySwirl


Freya Za Crueset

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Rank: PO1- Demoted from Lieutenant

Physical Description:
She stands slender and curvaceous at 5'8". She's light and nimble weighing at a mere 120 lbs. Her eyes are the shade of ice, sharp and flirtatious. The complexion of her skin has a soft peach tint. Her hair is pale and long with an ethereal shine even in dim lighting. Before a battle she may plait it into an elegant pony-tail.
Personality & History:
Dangerous. An advocate of chaos. Self-reliant and independent. Cold and unapologetic. She enjoys goading others into anger. Cruelty is a past time which is why she thrives in war, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a pleasant side. She grew up in the republic of Zeon. Last of her name she joined the military using her charisma and family name to constantly increase rank in order to satisfy her own sociopathic lust for gaining power and spilling blood.

Thank to her exceptional skills on and off the battle field, she gained a following among the Zeon forces. Instead seeing her as an asset, her superiors saw her a growing threat. Four years into her service an horrible incident occurred orchestrated by her superiors. Due to compromised information Freya's unit was lead into an ambush. it was a slaughter and she was left as the only survivor. She developed symptoms of PTSD on the battlefield and was demoted then sent off to a reserve unit.
Za Creuset is a skilled pilot, capable of piloting a number of suits with ease. She is also skilled with firearms and tactics, capable of seeing through feints and decoys to determine the enemy's true plan. She prefers mid-range to close combat instead of long range. Most often engaging in shooting duels with her opponents.

Mobile Suit:
Model: AMS-119 "Geara Doga" 30 Points
Unit Type: Mass Production Mobile Suit
Manufacture: Anaheim bell
Operator: Neo-Zeon
Layout: Single-Seat; 20m Tall
Armor: Titanium Alloy
Stock Weight: 33 Metric Tons
Powerplant: Minovsky Type Ultracompact Fusion; 2160 kW Output
Propulsion: Thrusters: (2) 14,000 kgs, (2) 13,000 kgs, (15) Vernier Thrusters
Performance: Maximum Acceleration 1.06G, 180-degree turn time 1.2 seconds, run speed 90 KPH
Electronics: Sensors w/16,400m Range

Description: The standard mobile suit of Char's Neo-Zeon and commonly used by remnants today, the "Geara Doga" is an underrated design that combines features absent on Zeon's first designs. Its reactor can easily handle beam weaponry, unlike the early Zaku family it takes many design cues from, and the Doga packs a very respectable number of thrusters. Electronics are greatly improved over predecessors, while the armor has finally been improved into the titanium that was used in most Federation mobile suits. For all of its boons, however, the Doga is not a particularly fast or agile mobile suit, as its bulky design and weight dimish the punch of its rocket engines. The armor is also not on par with Federation designs, making the Doga quite weak against beam and projectile weaponry compared to the Geara Zulu or GM-III. It is a very difficult suit to pilot effectively, especially compared to the Jegan series. Many pilots consider these issues minimal with the amount of equipment in the Doga: a rotating shield with two reloadable Sturmfaust launches on each side, a beam axe on a hip-mounted recharge rack and an electric wire taken from the Gouf series.

Fixed Weapons: Beam Axe on waist recharge rack, Electric wire, Shield w/(4) Sturmfausts
Optional Weapons: Hyper Bazooka, 120mm Machine Gun
Add. Thrusters: N/A
Equipment: N/A
Other: N/A

Extra Power Use: 50 / 560 kW
Extra Weight: 13 / 17.8 Metric Tons

[360mm Hyper Bazooka] 6 Points
Description: An extremely powerful recoiless weapon frequently used by both EFF and Zeon / Remnants forces. Can easily destroy a mobile suit in a single hit, given the slow projectile doesn't miss. With a very slow and difficult reload, these weapons are typically abandoned after they run empty in a combat situation.
Compatibility: Standard EFF & Zeon attachment points.
Ammo: 6-shot Magazine
Power Drain: 50 kW
Weight: 6 Tons

[ZMP-50D 120mm Machine Gun] 4 Points
Description: An iconic weapon that was the standard machine gun of the Zaku-series mobile suit, the 120mm ZMP was designed to penetrate the armor of Federation warships. While effective, it was large and clumsy for a projectile weapon, its large magazine making reloading very difficult. The immense recoil made it very inaccurate, and it was almost always fired with two hands, opposed to the handier, lighter Federation designs. It actually possesses slightly less range and power than the 100mm EFF machine gun.
Compatibility: Standard EFF & Zeon attachment points.
Ammo: 100-shot Magazine
Weight: 7 Tons

So begins...

Freya Za Crueset's Story

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Character Portrait: Freya Za Crueset

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Freya Za Crueset sat as still as a painting, her legs crossed and her cheek cradled by her open palm as she her eyes stared lazily at a spot on the wall where the events of her life seemed to have been replaying over and over again for the past couple of hours. Reduced to a reserve unit. A lieutenant demoted to PO, her ambitions realized and instead of being fed they were being starved...

...to death.

That's what would please them, to have her dwindle to nothing. A flame snuffed out from fear that it would burn them.

"It was a set up," she said to herself in a whisper. It wasn't something she had just realized. It was something she hadn't forgiven herself for not anticipating beforehand.

Six months ago they received a report to investigate a seemingly abandoned EFF base on Earth in the jungles of Vietnam. Once inside the EFF forces snuck up behind them, cutting off their only exit. Za Crueset's unit fought there way through. Outnumbered and desperate, Freya alone crawled her way out of the underground base after decimating the opposition. She stood there in the jungle, battered and bloody, then said the exact same words to herself:

"It was...a set up."

Her superiors feared her so much that they were willing to send an entire group of their own soldiers to their deaths, just to eliminate one person. Despite their efforts they couldn't kill her so they demoted her and even then she kept appearing in their faces so they transferred her to the edge of the universe- to a Neo Zeon reserve unit.

The door to her room slid open. A subordinate stood in the doorway wearing in uniform. "Shouldn't you be getting ready to move out?" He said with a cocky tone. Za Crueset didn't respond, she continued to sit still in contemplation. "Isn't this supposed to be your 'last chance' to prove yourself?"

Last chance, it was an insult. Her rank would increase again, under her own circumstances. She didn't require "chances" to be handed to her. Freya Za Crueset created her own opportunities.