Andy Reicher

"Fight not with your fists, but with the power of words."

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Full Name: Andrew Garrett Reicher
Nickname: Andy
Age: 20
Birthday: September 10
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight


~hard workers

~hammers, fires, metals, or anything to do with forging
~sleeping pills

The only thing Andy fears is a returning of the Multichrome Trials, hence his plans to change the minds of the American people.

Andy fights with words. He is a natural-born leader...charming, charismatic, and he can speak to others in an inspiring way. His very serious nature paired with his tall and muscular stature is intimidating to people, up until they hear just what he has to say. He hasn't felt affection for another or even had a friend since the Trials began, but he is willing to meet that one special girl who supports his goals and will stand up with him. Andy always knows what he's doing and always seems to have a clear head with a straight goal in mind for the future. While this may be true, he is often exhausted from insomnia and can sometimes have a temper as a result. Even so, he listens to what others have to say, but expects the same in return.


Hobbies: graphic design, layout design, drawing, thinking, debating

The worst three years of Andy's life began when he was seventeen, the day he entered the kitchen to find his parents dead. Shot and killed, they were motionless on the hardwood floor. Three strange police men were standing over them as Andy stood frozen in shock. As soon as the men noticed him, he bolted for the door. His attempt to escape did not benefit him, as there were guards surrounding his house. He was captured before he even knew what was going on.

Andy was passed around over the years from buyer to buyer. Most of the time he worked in forging from the early morning hours to the dead of night, earning nothing but a great body. He was often whipped as punishment for not working fast enough, creating large scars across his back. With just enough sleep and food to keep him alive and functioning while held captive, nowadays he often cannot eat much at all without feeling full, let alone sleep due to insomnia and nightmares. These are things he is trying to work on with help from the staff at the Multichrome Village.

How do you see your future as a Multichrome?
Andy is prepared to lead what he calls the Multichrome Movement. He wants to show the world how Multichromes are people too, and that they can't help their condition. He wants to end the hate and bring everyone, weird eyes or no, together. To compromise with the regular people, he wants to try and work out a system with the government where U.S. citizens no longer pay for the Multichromes' medication. He sees a day where this is all possible.

Andy wants to marry the love of his life...whomever she may turn out to be. He is optimistic about having children and a nice house one day, wanting to work in the field of graphic design.

So begins...

Andy Reicher's Story


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Andy woke suddenly, startled by the image he had seen in his sleep of his dead parents, shot to death on the kitchen floor. He sat up in his bed and rubbed his face with his hands exhaustedly.

Whelp. He certainly wasn't getting back to sleep tonight.

This happened all too often, nearly every night. These nightmares haunted Andy to no end. Nightmares of the Multichrome trials, his back-breaking forging job from which he was never paid, the sinister faces of his owners. And then there were always his parents. He missed them so much. They had probably been the best parents anybody could ask for. They were just gone all of a sudden.

Of course, this all happened three years ago. When Andy's parents were killed, it hadn't felt real. Sure, he had caught a glimpse of them, but he was quickly taken away. The death of his parents never fully sunk in. He kept feeling like he'd come back from captivity and they'd be there to welcome him home. But when it finally happened, they weren't.

Instead of attempting to find sleep again, Andy turned on the light and pulled out his laptop, continuing his term paper for school. Might as well. Besides, he found history interesting. He often absorbed himself into reading about all the failed societies that had been and which groups of people were mistreated for what reasons. And then he would contemplate that no group of people was ever mistreated for a legitimate reason. Just like his people, the Multichromes. They were mistreated constantly, even post-Trials. If they took one step outside the gated Multichrome Village, they'd be risking their lives.

But on the outside, school awaited. Life awaited. They couldn't stay here forever. So a difference needed to be made. Andy felt as if that was his job. All he needed was for some people to back him up, Multichrome or no.

The setting changes from central-usa to Multichrome Village

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Before Andy knew it, the time came to get ready for school. He saved his history paper and slid his laptop into his backpack, putting on his clothes quickly. If he hurried he'd have time to get breakfast. Not that he could ever eat much. Sometimes he just skipped breakfast all together. Instead of carefully reviewing his appearance, he took a glance in the mirror and ran his fingers through his long, unruly hair, deciding that was good enough.

Andy left his room and made his way down to the central pool area. From there he went to the cafe and grabbed a banana and a cup of coffee. Usually if he ate anything for breakfast, it would be along those lines. He nodded hello to a redhead girl he knew as Camilla. He didn't know her well, since neither of them had been here in the village long. But they both went to the university and he didn't have a personal problem with her so far. He knew enough about her don't-care attitude, which he supposed some Multichromes needed to move past their dark histories. Andy didn't exactly have the same mentality, but he understood.

Besides wanting to make friends, Andy wanted to create a sort of alliance. If he was going to get anywhere in this world with his plans of uniting the normals and the Multichromes, he couldn't do it alone. He needed the ideas and creativity of others. He wanted to find some open-minded normal kids at the university to help create that alliance.

Andy didn't want to live in the shadow of the normal humans anymore, especially since the Trials were over with, and he knew that the other Multichromes didn't either. But a lot of them weren't willing to try and cooperate with the normals. Convincing his kind to do just that would be, in Andy's opinion, the toughest part of it all.