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Katheryn Rigby

"Piss off."

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a character in “Multichromatic”, as played by arrowinmahknee


Full Name: Katheryn Rigby
Nickname: Kathy
Age: 15
Birthday: July 12
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight or Gay, depends on the person. She doesn't care about genders.
Likes: punk rock and goth music, faded roses, swimming, rain and thunder storms
Dislikes: bright colors, (her eyes) "humans", her mp3 player jamming
Fears: everything. except for lightning and thunder.
Kathy is pretty shy and can be pretty rude if you upset her. She is very nervous and scared most of the time but has learned to hide all that under a woven black sheet of calmness. Kathy loves water, any type of aquatic sport or rainstorm. She generically hangs in the corner during Multichromatic therapy sessions and listens to music on her mp3 player and gets kicked around alot on the grounds. The only time she can really think and not be scared or nervous is when she's head under water, with no noise or person to disturb her. However, she normally does so in the middle of the night for fear of getting caught and being though "weak" like she had by so many people in her childhood.
Hobbies: Swimming, kind of aquatic sport, listening to music
Kathy was seperated from her parents on a bid. She had a Multichrome mother who was now dead but her dad had no idea she was a Multichrome. He just thought Kathy was a big mistake and thought he could earn a pretty penny off of her, which he did. Kathy was sold to a rich family with kids at a fairly young age and she was kicked around and teased by the kids. She was instructed to come down during cocktail parties so her owners could show off and they usually whipped her every time she got out of line. She was used as a kind of valuable slave, nearly starved to death yet kept alive to show off. She was hidden by the family when the laws were passed and was mistreated more than ever. The second the police sirens could be heard, however, the family tossed her out the window (litterally, she was basically a pile of bones when she was found) A few years after when she was found, (she was fifteen by then) she was brought to the Multichromatic facility and nursed back to living standards.
How do you see your future as a Multichrome?
Well... I... erm... just want to be alone, really. Maybe a nice house, maybe a family. I'd really like to... uh... be a.... erm... *cough*actress *cough* I'd really like to be a surgeon.

So begins...

Katheryn Rigby's Story


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Katheryn wakes up with a start. Her alarm clock has been ringing for about an hour and Kathy hits it with her fist. She stands up, pops her neck and rubs her temple.
"Fucking trials."
Katheryn picks up a knife from her table and throws it at the picture of one of her trial tormentors on her door. Bullseye. Kathy pulls on a black t-shirt and pants and snaps on her choker. She walks to the bathroom, dragging her face down to look like some demented freak. As she reaches it she tugs at her ebony black hair and lazily puts on eyeshadow to cover her rainbowness and puts in black contacts to compliment her black lipstick, black eyeshadow, black- everything. She grabs her skeleton bag and slings it over her shoulder, throwing a knife over her shoulder at her bedroom door. Bullseye.


As Kathy walks down her stairs toward the pool, she sees a pale girl with crimson hair and a white hoodie smoking and doing homework. Haha, she thought, she looks like a girlier version of me when I was thirteen. She's definitely fatter though. As Kathy walked by her she tossed her an extra pack of cigarettes that land on the middle of the girl's keyboard.
"Enjoy it before the monsters get yah." Kathy walks out of the gate and plops down at the bus stop that goes to Blue Sabbath, a venue that is hosting her favorite punk band today. She doesn't even look across the street, where the school is. She just keeps her head down and her profile low, as always.


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#, as written by Byte
Camilla flinched, pulling her head away from the laptop as her eyes squinted for a brief moment. What in the name of-

On her keyboard now lay a pack of cigarettes. Yeah, because she so obviously had a dire need for more cancer-filled sticks, hadn't she?

Opening her eyes as the seemingly false danger had passed – Though not really having begun in the first place – The redhead glanced at a passing girl, clothed in all black; The ever so familiar appearance of prententious troubled teen girls.

Hell, she looked even worse than Camilla over here, and that probably said a lot! How much black could someone be wearing anyway? Shadows ain't hiding you from life, dear. And, if you dress like that to give the world the finger, here's a newsflash; It works just fine without all that emo-esque make-up. Camilla was living proof of that!

The older girl didn't regcognize her in the least. Likely, since she gave less than zero fucks about who was who and all that jazz. Then again, she could be a fellow Multichrome – Which wasn't too uncommon since the entire fucking village was filled with 'em.

Oh great! Another annoyance just popped up in her mind. That god awful village they lived in, like they were some poor wounded animal that needed to be contained within the safety of invisible walls. Thanks for the reminder that they were still treated differently.

Aaand- She was distracted from what she was doing in the first place.

β€œEnjoy it before the monsters get yah.”

Oh yeah, probably thank that girl for her random act of pretentious kindness.

Camilla hastily shrugged her head as the emo girl passed by – Though it easily could've been read as a 'What the fuck do you want?' kind of nod – and muttering a sarcastic 'Thanks.' whilst rolling her eyes, before staring the girl down until she had disappeared behind the first corner outside of the Multichrome Asylum.

β€œYou're lucky that your 'gift' didn't mess up my project.” Camilla growled, exhaling another puff of white smoke from her mouth. Anyway, the girl passing by did remind the redhead of one thing; Breakfast. Probably best to get some before heading off to her university.

Quickly packing her laptop and smoking the last inches from her cigarette, shriveling the remaining butt under her black sneakers, Camilla went back inside, instinctively following her nose to the dining room, slash cafeteria.

Ordering a quick vegetarian meal – Yeah she's a vegetarian, get over it. – that consisted of a a healthy sandwich and a coffee, Camilla seated herself near one of the large windows that looked out on the pool.


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Kathy looked up as the dust settled around the bus. She was super excited but contained herself and put a passive expression on. "Oi! You getting on or not?" Kathy checked the number on the bus and sighed. She shook her head and the bus rolled away, Kathy looking down again and clutching her bag nervously. She hoped she didn't get caught.