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Niamh Una


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a character in “Mundus alter || Remake”, originally authored by Sirius Baren, as played by RolePlayGateway




Niamh Una

White Rider, Wyrm-Tongue, Fire Speaker


❊|Birth Date|❊
June 15


❊|Sexual Orientation|❊

❊|Beast |❊
Zenith Fire-Breathing Dragon


Picture of your beast

Hair Color || White
Eye Color || Sea Foam Green
Height || 5'8"
Build || Lithe with lean muscles
Scars/Markings || A rigid scar across the palm of her hand where she sliced it with a fishing knife as a child.
Weaponry || She has a cutlass strapped to her hip at all times with a handful of short daggers stashed on her person.

Positive Traits ||
Honest // Niamh has a penchant for being honest and telling it like it is. She won't mince her words if she feels something needs to be said. This has led her into some rather unsavory situation through her life, but most people appreciate her honesty.
Determination // Once she has set her mind to do something, she will not back down. This can also be considered stubborn
Negative Traits ||
Likes ||
Dislikes ||
Fears ||
Strengths ||
Weaknesses ||

History here.

|Face Claim|
Sode No Shirayuki

Code here.

So begins...

Niamh Una's Story

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Dae raced through the jungle that he knew so well. His blond locked waved wildly across his face but his eyes were unblinking. He brought his head lower to the chimera he rode. The lioness's breathing was shallow as the tribal leader edged her on faster. The dragon head to the left hissed and the goat head bleated in response while its snake tail rattled behind her. And still, he pushed her harder. He and Aquarian beside him riding his chimera's mate, needed to get to the heart of the village and get everyone moving. Something was wrong. Very wrong. He wish he had never gone to the trading routes between his land and Amstra. It had taken him too far away from the village. His warriors raced behind him and only spurred the need to get home. They needed to protect Alre'zin.

And there was his home; a beautiful village with homes elaborately built up in the trees all connected by brides and vines. Since architecture was something Sui Generis was known for, no one had to worry about loose houses or poorly built pieces toppling over. The houses were usually facing the center of the village where they often came down to share stories around the campfire and take their meals together. In a circle around the various houses stood finely crafted wood totems and statues. The farther out you went, the story and legends of the ancestors were revealed. The network probably looked much like a spider web inside the aging circle of a tree base. It was as it should be. Everyone was interconnected and drew together. Dae thought it was a poetic metaphor for how they lived. A perfect architectural design. And the center of this tree was the heart of his village and was Dae's destination. Dae gave a click of his tongue to tell his chimera to slow down. The beast skidded to a halt with his ensemble not far behind.

The leader of the Alre'zin, panted as he sat up on the chimera and lifted the flute made out of a powdery white and pink conch shell and blew on it hard, releasing a shrill call. With the positioning of the houses, the wind carries the sharp note outward, warning the people to gather only what was necessary for survival and head for higher ground. Instantly there was an uproar as people began to do what they had been advised. Dae gave a nod, his eyes bright and piercing thanks to the black paint outlining them and going down like the cheetah tears. Blue and read feathers were woven into his hair and stuck at all angles thanks to his recent exertion and some of the extension cascaded down to his chest which was also painted. Around his upper arm a circle of russet arrows marked his skin. Down his chest and back, baby blue lines swayed and curled in an elaborate wave tattoo letting all see exactly who he was. Like the rest of his people however, he sported the lightweight pants crafted from animal skin. The right side had a black leather strip going down that was tied to the right side of his hip and did well to distract enemies from what his leg was really doing. Though he was bare chested, he did have leather straps crisscrossing to hold his flasks of water, daggers, and of course, his claw blades resting on his hips.

Then before anything else could be done, the earthquake shook the world. Everything broke into chaos. The shuttering knocked everyone off balance and humans and animals like dropped to the ground and all they could do was scream in panic. The earth split open and swallowed the poor souls that happened to be on the edge. Though it didn't trike the middle of the village, it easily disrupted the web by felling trees on the edge of the newly forming chasm. Dae and the rest of his people watched in dismay as their bridge collapsed and some of their homes dropped from their perch with people trapped inside. Dae managed to crawl towards the edge and he and the others did the best they could to help those that managed to cling to the earth. The animals stopped listening to their handles and fled for their own lives.

When the shaking finally let up and allowed for movement, Dae scrambled to his feet and looked over the edge of the chasm but saw nothing below. It was a bit eerie. How far did that go down? Maybe later he could ask Aquarian to use some water to get them both down as far as they could but he had other problems right now. An earthquake that size was going to cause a tsunami. Maybe the main village was going to evaporate after all. He turned to his people who were in various states of panic and sorrow at those they had lost. "Everyone! Hire ground now!" He called out as he urged the people to move.

When he was sure everyone was on high ground and mostly okay, he and Aquarian raced back down to the village. "All right Aquarian, I am counting on you to keep the waves from making more of a mess. Try and get that water down that chasm." Getting it to empty was much easier than trying to completely re-route the incoming water. Dae saw the waves come on quickly he tensed as the powerful rushing water came towards them. Though it was Aquarian beating back the waves, Dae remained just in case an animal decided to come rushing over to them. Aquarian couldn't lose focus or else everything would be lost.

Aquarian spread his webbed fingers and used his control to push most of the raging water into the hole in the earth as it reached for them. The forest would still flood but at least the village would be safe from being reduced to splintered wood. Just when Dae thought things were settling down, Dae felt something slam right into him like the unforgiving claws of the Harpies. He gasped and stumbled backward and ended up down on one knee as he tried to stabilize himself. The world was spinning. It felt like fire burning from the center of his chest out through the rest of his body and his mind. It wanted to take everything over but he couldn't let it gain control.

"Dae!" Aquarian called.

"Stay f-focused on the water!" he instructed. Dae touched his forehead. And if that initial invisible impact wasn't enough, something else slammed into him to. An overwhelming pressure enveloped him and a sense of dread and doom clawed at him. It was dark and depressing and all he wanted to do was curl up and cry. He took a few steadying breath as he tried to get a grip of himself. That is when he realized these... this darkness he was feeling... it wasn't his feeling. It had come out of nowhere and it.. wasn't his but it sure as hell was unnerving. He wanted the dark feeling to go away but it wasn't going anywhere.

Dae took in a deep breath and got to his feet. The waves had calmed and he realized he was wet. Aquarian had diverted the destructive wave, but there was still water everywhere and he had been kneeling in it. Aquarian rushed to his side then. "Dae... you feel weird."

"Yes, yes I do," he answered and touched the center of his chest where the foreboding darkness resided. Something was very wrong. He needed to go to Meg and May's. None of this was normal. "Damn... at a time like this... " He hated leaving his people in this situation. They needed him here. He sighed. Well, time to do some damage control and get on his way.


Dae ran through the god forsaken dessert on his way towards Meg and May's house. Since he didn't have much time to gather clothing and the like, he was still in his tribal attire, minus the body paint he traditionally wore. His chest was bear which did make him a little uncomfortable considering the other riders were not tribal and were always fully clothed. Ok maybe Amir wasn't always fully clothed since the dessert was pretty hot. There was nothing he could do about it now but it had helped make the dessert more manageable. He even still sported the dangling feather earrings.

At his side, Aquarian similarly supported the traditional garb but unlike Dae, he loved the look and liked to flaunt it. He still had the white and blue paint on his chest, back and face and shoulders that marked him as the siren. He even sported the shells in his hair. Aquarian rushed to catch up to Dae when he realized the man had gotten farther ahead of him while he was sight seeing.

"Dae! What is such the rush? We will have to wait for all the other riders to get there anyway."

"If you haven't noticed, it is the dessert. And I do not want to encounter one of those blasted worms again. And this feeling..." he grumbled. "I will feel better once we get there." And he did give a sigh of relief when he got closer to the house. He picked up the speed and panted lightly when he finally reached the door of the house. Like usual, Meg and May were standing by the door with their knowing smiles.

"Siren Rider-"

"-Welcome. did you know?"

"Those emotions are not your own."

"Those emotions are not your own."

Dae gave a nod. Yup, they knew. "Yes," he answered "Whose are they?"

"Patience, Siren Rider."
"You are not all here."

Dae sighed, a little impatient before he entered the house with Aquarian beside him. He glanced around and immediately spotted Amir sitting down with Hassan and Trytheus. Neither of them looked too happy but he couldn't blame them. Dae gave a wave to them both before he sat down in his seat with Aquarian beside him. And now was the waiting game.

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A feeling had begun to overwhelm the forest for three whole days. The birds had not graced the morning airs with their song. The busy woodland critters that had usually gone about their activities had become distant and reserved. The trees seemed to groan ominously as their limbs were punished by the rapidly shifting winds. Something was wrong.

In the center of the forest, a large stone tower nested in the base of an even larger redwood tree. A tremendous site to behold, the tower itself was four stories high and was dwarved in comparison to the tree, reaching nearly nine and a half stories. The tower had no ceiling, the large canopy the redwood provided was more than enough protection from the rain. The lack of ceiling gave Barnabus, the elegant black Pegasus, easy access to the large wooden floor that housed his bedding, as well as a large bed well Jilpryis slept. Next to the bed was a railing, enclosing a staircase that lead to the base of the tower, where her various necessities were stored. Beyond the railing was a doorway with no door, leading out to a wooden deck overlooking the forest, constructed of wooden planks and supported by slanted wooden beams bolted into the face of the tower. In the center of the deck was a large cushion, where Jilpryis currently knelt, as she had been for the last three days. She was dressed in a flowing floral dress that came to rest just above her ankles, covering a large amount of her body. Her long blond braid had been wound tightly and pinned up to the back of her head, and she wore slippers instead of her usual sandals.

She had not moved, save for once a day to drink and relieve herself. She hadn't felt the need for food, focusing too much of her attention on the matter at hand. She sat sat, with her mind cast out among the forest. Together through her mental link with Barnabus, they had been trying to come to a conclusion about the strange feeling that had settled over their home. They were very much in tune with the nature of magic, and since the first day, a disturbance, a foreign entity, a conscious disruption lingering over the trees. The worst part about this disturbance was the way it felt, it felt hungry. Like an ominous gnawing force that was feeding on the life energy of the forest. She hadn't experienced anything like it before. Accompanied with this strange feeling was a fatigue, and a pain in the base of her skull, it made her have to struggle to accomplish her tasks, but only managed to hinder her progress, never prevent it. No matter how many minds she had touched while searching the forest, none of them were capable of distinguishing where this force came from. They were all worried that the forest felt like it was shifting, like something deep below the surface of the earth was churning...moving...

Just when she had begun to think her efforts were in vain, vibrating force suddenly escalated drastically to point of destruction. An epic shift in the earth shook the entire tower, and only moments later a rumbling below the surface gave way to a large chasm. The forest floor opened, slowly at first, large portions of ground and rocks cascading into what appeared to be an endless abyss. The forest was filled with the howl of animals, the shrill screeching of birds, and the terrible trembling choir of the earth being ripped open. Trees were pulled effortlessly from their roots, heaved by gravity into the darkness below, some animals not fortunate enough to make it away before the chasm claimed them. Shock surged through Jilpryis as she was nearly thrown from the deck she perched on, slamming into the railing, gripping tightly at the wooden rails as the breath was knocked out of her lungs. Instantly she felt the panic from Barnabus as he reared from the other room, his wings exploding outward and forcing his mass toward her, clearing the small wall between himself and the deck. He remained suspended in the air, leveling off just below the railing where his partner clutched the shifting wood. "Come Jill, you cannot linger long." His commanding tone rang in her mind, urging her to her feet.

With an effort, she swung herself over the railing, falling freely for a couple seconds before landing in her leather saddle strapped to Barnabus' back. It was a less elegant saddle then they normally used, but the small leather one was more comfortable for long periods of wear, and they had been flight ready for the past three days. Once she was safely secured to her saddle, Barnabus surged forward toward the chasm, the edge of the large opening getting dangerously close to their tower. "We can't let the tower fall!" He exclaimed, coming to a hover, facing the tower. Acknowledging him, Jilpryis reached out with her mind, melding into their magic force, encompassing the tower with an invisible pressure to keep it in place. The ground gave way at the base of the tower, the magical effect suddenly draining her energy as it held the base of the tower in place. It was an extraordinary effort, overwhelming her almost immediately. "Don't be a fool! The roots, use the roots!" His tone was derisive, but he was right. She could feel his own power combining with hers as he took on the task of holding the tower in place, allowing her time to tamper with the roots of the great redwood tree. Engrossing her mind with the flow of magic, she willed the roots to grow. A straining in the roots sapped at her energy, but it was little compared to the previous task. After a moment of straining, the roots erupted in a spiderweb of thick, gripping roots. They spiraled around the base of the tower several times in matter of seconds, securing the tower to the base of the tree. As Barnabus began to release his hold on the stone construct, it shifted briefly toward the chasm, and slowed to a halt. Their tower was safe, but now angled slightly, perched precariously over the endless expanse below.

"What could have caused this? Such a terrible force..." Barnabus was silent for a moment, and she realized that the forest had become silent as well, now that the ground had stopped shifting. The only sound was the beat of his wings, and the low huff of his breath from his exertion. "I cannot say. We must consult with the twins. I'm sure the others will be heading there as well." She nodded and Barnabus shifted back toward the tower, flapping his wings to get them closer to the tower. He brought them once more to their floor, his hooves clacking on the wooden floor as he came to a stop. Jilpryis swung down from her saddle, rushing for her large storage trunk by the bed, her dress billowing lightly behind her. Kneeling in front of the trunk, she threw the lid open. Rummaging through the various trinkets until she came across what appeared to be a waterskin, but a dozen times the normal size, fitted with a large strap with several clips. She stuck her arm through the strap, draping it across her chest and resting the pouch on her back and closed the trunk with an audible 'clunk' Making her way to the staircase, motioned for Barnabus. "I'll meet you below, we'll leave immediately." With that she disappeared into the spiraling staircase. Barnabus snorted in approval, surging his wings into flight once more, circling their floor once before drifting to the ground below.


Jilpyris squinted against the heat as the soared through the desert. She clung to her partner's mane, entranced by the beat of his wings, the only other noise among the roar of the wind, pelting them with sand from the desert below. They had been over the desert for a couple of hours now, and Barnabus began to show signs of tiring. His breathing came in deep huffs, and a white foam crusted the corners of his mouth. The large waterskin she had dug from the trunk was secured to his side, full of water from a river not far from their home. Sensing her partner's fatigue, Jilpryis uncorked the waterskin and, calling upon the power of magic, drew the water from within. Using gentle motions of her hand, she funneled the stream from the neck of the skin to her partner's mouth, forming a small pool at his maw. He swallowed gratefully several times, then twitched his head to the side, signaling he had finished. She withdrew the water, willing the stream back into the skin before she secured the cork. Patting the side of his broad neck, she nuzzled back into his mane, eager for their trip to be over.

Another hour passed before they had finally arrived at the home of the twins, Meg and May. She could see the twins standing on their porch, as if they were expecting her and Barnabus. He shifted the beat of his wings, leveling off so he could land, clacking onto the stone walkway in front of their home. "Sisters, I have news of a str-"

"Strange force of magic, yes."

"We know, we have been expecting you."

"Pegasus rider. More will be revealed when the rest arrive."

Jilpryis nodded, bowing slightly as the twins made their way back into their home, and she followed. In the main room were several of the other riders, Amir, Trytheus and Dae. She bowed to the three of them, taking her own place standing by the open window, Barnabus remained outside with his head poking in.

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#, as written by mjolnir
{0Hexcode: #8126290}000000000000

It doesn't matter the season, the Ryridge Mountains always seem to be covered in snow. Thankfully for those who called this area home it was merely a light blanket of the cool white substance. Nothing compared to the sight of the untouched dusting as it made the trees glisten in the vibrant light of the rising sun. No matter how cold it was the radiance of the sun reflected off of a fresh blanket of snow made the mountains seem inviting.

Wolfbane city mimicked so much of the surrounding environment that you'd think it was intentionally designed that way. Much of the architecture was delicately crafted from the finest white marble mined from the depths of the very mountains the city rested upon. The grey veins sparkled in the light while the alabaster surface around it emanated the cold elegance of Ryridge. Buildings stood taller than those of other areas with columns, statues and apexes that towered high above resembling the crests of the mountains that were visible all around them. Everything about the city radiated wealth, sophistication and class. The societal totem pole didn't exist here but only an upper and lower class. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Wolfbane was cold and fragile much like a museum, and most of the residents looked at Enyo Custos like the unruly child that ran through it screaming and threatening the balance of priceless heirlooms. Exaggerations of course. Most who even tried to talk to her were only greeted by sullen silence. A vigilante. No good. A nuisance. Take your pick, they've all been said before. Even after Nyx came into her life the names didn't dissipate but faded to hushed whispers when her back was turned. The upper class looked down their noses at her from behind silk curtains in their marble villas.

Enyo didn't do it for them, nor did she care about their prolonged glances and words that dripped with poison. At least with Nyx they kept their distance. Her Cerberus towered high into the grey sky much like the columns that plagued the city. Something about a three headed beast with eyes as big as a child's head set their teeth on edge, but only those who feared her and her companion.

That day was nothing different than every other day that passed in the Ryridge mountains. A light steady snow fell continuously, only seeming to add to the magnificent splendor the city had. Enyo didn't stay inside wrapped under exotic fabrics, huddled near the fire with tea that was far too expensive for its worth. She was in the heart of the city in the open courtyard many of the young children played in. Nyx took up nearly half of the rectangular clearing, sitting upon her haunches as the orphans of Wolfbane ran around her. Although she seemed like a terrifying monster to those who dare not get to know her, to the children she was their friend.

Every time a little one no older than four ran past Nyx, one of the heads would plant a large sloppy lick on them which took up nearly their entire face. But they only giggled and continued to play in the snow. Enyo liked this spot more than any others. She felt like she could have an eye on everything when she was at the heart of the city, and the orphans loved when she brought Nyx to play with them. The Cerberus always enjoyed the attention and even though the children were like mice in comparison, she was always so gentle and nurturing with them.

When the first rumbled shook the ground beneath Enyo, she looked towards Nyx only assuming that her companion got too excited in the games with the children. She easily made the ground quake with an appropriately time jump, or beat of her tail. But as Enyo's gaze met the gaze of those six yellows eyes another quake sent her stumbling over into a near by column. She would have fallen to the ground if her hands didn't brace themselves against the cool marble. Then it came again. The children started screaming, some hid beneath Nyx while others went for cover inside. The Cerberus quickly moved to her feet while the little ones scurried beneath her, grasping tight to her massive legs.

As Enyo tried to make her way across the courtyard to Nyx another tremble rattled the city. The sound of crumbling architecture, structures collapsing and frantic citizens rang through the air. But all in a moment it felt like all the earth stood still, the sound ripped from the atmosphere like the still before the storm. Then a large crack reverberated off the buildings around her as the ground before her split. Enyo stood there frozen as she watched the courtyard separate before her eyes. Herself on one side while Nyx and the children too scared to move on the other.

But one child, a little girl by the name of Ophelia began to slowly creep forward. She wasn't a day over three and looked to Enyo like the big sister she never had. She extended her tiny little hand towards Enyo who was on the other side of the crater while her feet kept inching forward. "Enyo!"

"Get back to Nyx!" She yelled over the quakes, pointing towards the Cerberus. Another shake knocked Enyo to her knees and sent the ground at the edges of the crater to start crumbling inward. Ophelia screamed as the earth before her started to concave into the abysmal crevice. Without a moments hesitation or thought, Enyo scrambled to her feet. She reared back before bolting towards the growing void. Pushing off the edge, she jumped through the air. Her arms wrapped around the young girl just as the ground beneath her went to give way. Enyo brought her close to her as she slid across the ground to a halt.

As she went to stand a piercing pain rang through her head causing her to collapse onto her knees. Enyo brought her hands up to cover her eyes as she tightly shut her eyes. Images, words, thoughts raced through her head faster than she could make out their meaning. She only got glimpses, fire, death, destruction... then nothing.

"...Enyo?" Ophelia tugged at her shirt bringing her back to reality. The girl pointed towards Enyo causing her to impulsively bring her fingers to her nose. Upon withdrawing them she saw the crimson that stained them.

She sniffled before quickly wiping the blood from her face. Her gaze met Nyx in a silent interaction. She didn't know what was going on or what to do, but something in her companions eyes told her that she knew where to go. "Get them out of the city, away from anything that can be brought down by reoccuring quakes!" Enyo shouted towards the childrens' care giver. Without another word she guided the children towards the woman then mounted her Cerberus.


Enyo was a child of the winter, born and raised in the mountains never knowing anything even closely related to heat. She had no idea where she was going or where Nyx was going. And her communication with her Cerberus wasn't that of dialogue but the simple reading of gestures and expressions. She trusted her companion and knew that where ever she was taking her she'd be safe. But not knowing the destination, Enyo was enable to prepare for the harsh terrane.

Before she was surrounded by sand, Enyo already had stripped down to the a single layer of clothing and still felt like her skin would melt straight off her bones and sink into the sand to be lost forever. Hours ago she lost the ability to tell if the onslaught of seizure like visions and thoughts were real or hallucinations brought on by the sweltering heat. Her bloody noses dried up as quickly as they came making her look even more like death than she already did. With every breath or movement she could feel the sweat almost pouring off of her. Enyo almost could have cried at the sight of the house on the horizon if there was anything left in her to create tears. Nyx found the last bit of energy she could and barreled towards the building in the distance.

When they had finally reached it, Enyo tried to climb off of the Cerberus but ended up just falling into the sand. She motioned for Nyx to move towards the large shadow created by the house as she trudged her way up the steps. Beyond the point of politeness or patience, Enyo opened the doors and entered the room. She paid little to no mind to the occupants of the room, first bee lining for a source of water. She rummaged around until she came upon 3 bucket like objects, and proceeded to fill them to the brim with water. She took them out to Nyx who took a worst beating than herself due to her black fur that absorbed so much of the sun's heat.

As Enyo reentered the house she parted her lips as to speak an apology for her rudeness but all that escaped was a raspy crack. She smiled weakly while resting her back against the nearest wall, allowing herself to slide down until she sat upon the ground. Her hand raised to wipe the dried blood from beneath her nose. Her eyes squinted as felt the threat of yet more images flashing in her head, the sharp noise singing in her ear canals.

"Cerberus Rider."

"Cerberus Rider."

Enyo froze mid wiping away the dried crimson trail from her face when the elder twins addressed her. She was too tired to wrap her mind around this strange place she had never been before. But something inside said this was where she needed to be and Nyx seemed to feel the same when she brought her directly here.

"Your mind..."

"Has a visitor."

"...What?" Her voice cracked as her gaze moved about the others in the room.

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Amir swore there was a change in atmosphere before the twins could even begin to answer his question. It felt like a tepid flame of vanity had been lit in the large room, drying the air and increasing the surrounding pressure. The change instantly had his nerves grating, the boy’s already poor mood souring further and twisting in his gut. Amir could tell Hassan saw the shift, the bird was positioned towards the doorway and he was not, Hassan could see the coming storm. And then, ever so slightly, just above the never ending thudding of a heart not his own, the faintest sound of metal against metal.


“And apt question. Though of course it could be worded far better.” Disgust. It was the only thing that could properly describe the expression that blanketed the boy’s face. As the armored pain in the ass strode in with what could only be described as urgency Amir felt his lip curling, felt his eye twitch, and heard the guttural, yet exasperated, moan gurgle in the back of his throat in protest to Trytheus’s return into his life. He made no move to get off the floor though, despite the fact the marble his skin sat suctioned to had warmed to match his temperature. “For goodness sake, get off of the floor Amir. You may like to act like a dog but have some shred of decency for once.” All it took was one comment from the armored man to set his muscles tense and to have his teeth grating. It wasn’t even the worst thing Trytheus had ever said to him, at this point an insult of that caliber between the two was more like small talk between friends, but his nerves flared anyways.

“You haven’t even been here for thirty fucking seconds and your already throwing half assed insults at me. If you’re gonna be rude, at least put some effort into making it hurt. Fucking moron.” He sent a glare towards the griffon rider as he shoved himself off the floor with more force then necessary, it caused the golden ornaments he has strewn about his body to clatter loudly against each other. He could feel the twins’ eyes on him, burning holes in his shoulder blades and the boy could picture the smug grins mirrored on their faces. He was in no mood to hear one of Trytheus’ lectures of valiance and justice, nor could he take the full frontal force of an anecdote of how much of a hero the man proclaimed to be, or how tragic his past was. Everything about Trytheus pissed Amir off on a regular day, but today, with a headache that hammered a bit deeper into his skull with every thud, and the unruly heat, and the panic he was feeling, there was nothing keeping his temper restrained. Amir’s defensive mechanisms included swearing even more than usual and lashing out like a cornered animal. Hassan cooed at him from its perch on his throne, causing the boy’s attention to turn away from the vigilante rider. “Amir, please reign in your emotions before the other riders arrive, it’s so unsightly to see you like that.”

The boy felt his eye twitch in irritation, but Hassan’s voice in his head ebbed some of the anger. Honestly, at that point he couldn’t even justify his own anger, all he knew was that it still felt heavy in his gut and Trytheus was just one heroic nut job story away from Amir lunging at him. He rubbed frustrated circles into his temples for a brief moment before letting out an equally frustrated sigh. He followed it by a quick intake of breath, his eyes shooting back up to meet Trytheus’. It was a second wind to vent at the man as they had during their first journey together through the desert in a much less venomous tone than that of Amir’s first comment had been. But he was cut off by the arrival of Dae. Amir felt his eyebrows jump in surprise. Dae had been his favorite of the riders, mostly because his face looked like it had been sculpted by gods, but also because he had been the only rider to respond back to his antics with something other than annoyance or lectures. Amir had never really met the Cerberus rider, the boy was too young and he had no self restraint when it came to his language, and Melgrove had been a more toned down version of Trytheus, and Serafina… Serafina had been too broken to really understand, too close to the things Amir didn’t want to have to think about. The boy doubted he’d ever be able to treat her the same as the other riders. So instead he tried to force his usual obnoxiously flirty smiles, but it seemed to fall flat.

“Dae, glad to see the gods crafted more than just your face.” He managed to wink in the Siren Rider’s direction, but the comment didn’t carry his usual bode of energy, and it wasn’t nearly as lewd as he would usually be. He tried again for round two, taking in Aquarian’s appearance. “Fish Cakes isn’t lookin too bad either. It’s very primal, not really my thing if I’m being honest, but I hear it’s a popular kink in other regions.” That one was sort of better, but the boy couldn’t get his mind to focus, the drumming against his skull wasn’t getting any easier to drown out. He zoned out for a brief moment, feeling the beat pulse in his brain, before Hassan tugged at a chunk of his blonde hair. The boy blinked, his eyes landing on Trytheus, who just so happened to be in his field of vision, and felt himself scoff before moving towards the gathering table and lounging back into the dip of the wooden throne.

The boy allowed himself to relax in the chair, settling deeper, closing his eyes once again, and tried to focus his mind somewhere other than the heartbeat in his head. It wasn’t until he heard the empty clack of horseshoes against the marble did the boy open his eyes, perking up to see Serafina. The faint glimmer of something other than irritation was dashed from his expression when the boy laid eyes on a pitch black Pegasus accompanying a small blonde girl. She was definitely not Serafina. The small thing with blonde hair bowed to them and Amir glanced between the other two riders to see if they were just as confused as he was. Meg and May would never let someone that was not a rider into the House of Wonders, regular humans were simply not allowed. Any regular human that accidentally happened upon the estate were disposed off. The thought had images the boy wanted to forget flashing his memory, the monstrous form that was the Gemini Twin’s true self. “What the everlasting fuck is happening?”

The twins strode in not a moment after his comment, eyes squinted and smug grins abound, they bowed to the small blonde thing as they would a rider.

“Dearest Sahira, please show-”
“-our newest Pegasus Rider some courtesy.” Amir’s eyes darted between the girl and the twins for a moment, trying to put together what was going on. As a rider he was naturally well versed in the history of the other riders, even if a rider died young, a reincarnation always came back as a baby. This girl was nearly his own age, it did not make sense. It had never worked that way, never in history had something like this happen. “That’s impossible.. Serafina was still alive not even three fucking months ago!”

“Lady Sahira!”
“Lady Sahira!” The twins snapped, raising their voices at him, but not changing the serene expressions they wore. It was eerie, unnatural.

“YOU will come to find half are not who they were.”
“As not all cling to life as you three have.” Amir looked at them with an incredulous expression. They had said so little, yet the impact of their words felt as if they had just broken his ribs. Amir’s right fist clenched by his side in frustration. He didn’t understand, Serafina had clung to her life so desperately in the basement of that building in Tempress Cape. He couldn’t fathom she being weak enough to succumb to what ever had stolen her sole. His mind flashed back to the earthquake, when it felt as if someone had been searing his skin off with a scalding knife. It had to have been then when this had happened. His eyes flicked down to the ruby encrusted bangle around his right wrist, the blonde boy had stolen it from the basement Serafina had been held it, at first it had only been a trophy, but had since served as a reminder of that day.

“Damnnit!” The blonde slammed his fist against the table in frustration. “I don’t fucking get it!” The boy suspected after the outburst the room would have fallen into an awkward silence, but even that was interrupted when a girl with a bloody nose barged into the room, dissipating the suddenly tense atmosphere and appeared to have no idea she had done so. Amir looked on his surprise as the girl hurried along, in a world all her own, as she carried three buckets of water outside. The boy fell back into the dip of his throne with a sigh, so the kid didn’t make it either. As morbid as it was, at least he wouldn’t have to watch his mouth around some kid anymore.

Amir propped an elbow on the arm of his throne, nesting his cheek against his palm. The loose white cloth of his sleeve rolled down revealing the usual barrage of golden bangles he sported as the newly made Cerberus Rider returned into the room, the twins greeting her. With five of the riders here, two of them being new, Amir took the opportunity to speak up before Dae or Trytheus got the chance to ask more questions.

“So, the fucks the deal here? These guys fresh outta the metaphorical reincarnation womb, do they remember anything? Is Ben inside that one, and Serafina in other just in different bodies? Do they have a life before being riders or did they just flash into existence? Or better question, do they retain memories from life before being a rider? What should we be expecting here?” In truth, he was only really curious to see if Serafina and her memories still were retained inside that weird small girl or not, but the other questions also peaked his interest.

“Lady Sahira, the riders you see before you are just as you.”
“The Cerberus Rider bears the name Orpheus just as the Phoenix Rider retains Sahira.”

“Ok, yeah, no, my fault for asking. Won't fucking happen again.” That had been just as helpful as the twins usually were when it came to Amir asking questions. Answering in ways that made everything he asked obsolete.