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Skyla Bauru


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a character in “Mundus alter || Remake”, as played by FaddedFox




Sylvia Bauru

Syl // Sky // Rogue // Hellcat


❊|Birth Date|❊
September 10


❊|Sexual Orientation|❊

❊|Beast |❊
Dragon - Ferringaw



Hair Color || Strawbery Blond
Eye Color || Light blue
Height ||5'8
Build || lean
Scars/Markings || On her right shoulder, Skyla sports the brand of cobra in striking position. This marks her as a 'cargo' and part of the Black Marsh crew. She often tries to keep it covered least people thing she is actually a pirate now. She also has various scars on her body from many sword fights and has two burn marks on her left wrist left by her captain. These are all testament to her time on the Sviper ship.
Weaponry || Skyla's main weapons are her fans. She carries two elaborately decorated fans on her person. When closed, they look relatively harmless unless she smacks you with them, but the cloth hides daggers embedded into the fans. Serrated edges also stick out so she can swipe the air with them and easily cut someone up with them. Her martial arts couples with this unusual weapon makes her full of surprises and she can easily disarm other combatants. The fan is not flimsy and is actually a bit heavy thanks to the metal reinforcement rather than wood. Since the cloth covering it often rips, she often uses money to purchase cloth to bend it. All her cloth has elaborate designs on them of flowers or dragons. Dragons had always been her favorite creature. The tail end of the fans sport a crystal charm that shines in the light, offering a distraction to catch her opponents off guard.

Positive Traits
Determined || Like all dragon riders before her, Skyla is a very determined individual. If she sets a goal for herself, she will not rest until she completes her task. She doesn't like to leave anything unfinished because then what was the point of starting it in the first place? She gets a great sense of achievement when she is able to cross something off of her list before picking up a new task. This also makes her very reliable considering. If she says she will do something, she will get it done without people poking and prodding her. She can't stand failure.
Honest/ Honorable || Skyla is an honest person and does not believe in lying or cheating. If there is something going on, it is really the best policy to explain the situation in its entirety. Hiding something will only hinder progress. Besides, lying often leads to much pain in the future. She doesn't much like white lies either but knows that sometimes those these are necessary but usually, she will do what she can to avoid a situation where she has to lie. She also does not like trying to manipulate people and playing mind games. She is bad at it and again she'd prefer a straight on approach.
Protective || Like all the riders, Skyla has a deep sense of protectiveness about her. This cannot be truer for when it comes down to those she knows personally. She knows she has a lot of strength and can do something to help others and worries more for others safety than her own. She is not exactly selfless, but she will do what it takes to help her own.
Confident || Skyla has a sense of confidence about her skills. She knows what she is capable off and whether or no she can pursue or fall back. This can make her seem rather cocky. She won't back down and will often speak her mind about a topic, not afraid to make her opinions known. This can end up with her getting backlash but she'd rather get into an argument than not voice her opinions. She knows first hand what it is like to not have the ability to do so. This confidence can also make her look arrogant and prideful.
Fearless Dominance || Again, tied in to her other traits, Skyla is not afraid to dominate. Being confident, she is not afraid to pursue her goals in the face of adversity and has no problems doing so even if it costs someone else their goals. She is not malicious and is not trying to get people hurt, but if she finds her goals far more important, she won't hesitate to go after it even if there will be casualties. Risks are natural to her and so she will often jump at the chance to challenge herself regardless of the outcome.
Negative Traits
Short Tempered || Skyla has a rather short fuse and can take offense easily. She will speak her mind and refuses to let others boss her around or judge her. She cannot stand it when others insinuate or make up things about her and will often engage in arguments to rectify the situation.
Stubborn || Being determined can also lead Skyla to be stubborn. Since she does not want to fail or become a liar, she will pursue something even beyond reasonable measure. She's like a terrier that just won't let go which can end up with her getting burned. She has a very hard time letting things go and others call this being obsessive. This also means she has a hard time letting grudges go.
Sarcastic || Sarcasm is one way she is able to cope with her own emotions and uses it whenever she is feeling defensive and trying to lash out verbally rather than physically. This doesn't mean she is good at it, but she does use it.
b]Impulsive[/b] || The dragon rider is rather impulsive. She lives in the moment and doesn't often think about the future, just what is right and wrong in a given situation and what she needs to do to get what she wants. It may seem like she is doing things randomly but even her impulsivity has some sort of driving force. She is a lose cannon and it wouldn't be a surprise if she went head long into something without realizing the full situation. Considering each each day is a gift, she has the motto that the best thing to do is live in the moment.
Likes || Art / flying / honesty / being independent / nature / exploring the world
Dislikes || Pirates / Liars / Silence / bindings / Slavers / most criminals
Fears || Drowning / Failure / closed spaces / having to rely on others
Strengths || Martial arts / Confidence / Flexibility / Determined / Risk taking
Weaknesses || Long Distance fighting / temper / impulsive / brute strength / risk taking

Though Skyla hails from Melgrove, she did not live most of her life there. When she was a little girl of no more than 3, she was taken aboard the pirate ship Sviper. Her father had been a pirate and her mother was ailing at the time so her father took her aboard. She tried to be a good little girl and tried to emulate her father. As she grew, she began tasked with cleaning the ship as a little girl to earn her keep. She was fascinated with other cultures and so she didn't much mind the labor she had to go through to earn the right to see the beautiful sea and then stopping in strange places. She has already been to a variety of places though she was never able to fully explore considering she was just a child and her father had other duties to attend to. It wasn't until he father died in a fight that Skyla found that the world had just as many horrors. She was only 10.

The captain of Sviper, the notorious King of the Marsh branded Skyla and marked her as cargo. At first nothing much had changed and she continued to clean and do her duties but she was never allowed off of the ship and her food had become meager. She was often forced to sit below deck when she was done cleaning so she didn't even get to see the world that fascinated her. And of course, with growth came lust. The captain had turned her into his personal attendant and slave and she found how much crueler life could be. She was often beaten and raped. Instead of breaking her however, this mistreatment ignited a fire in her belly. She would find a way to be free and she would make them pay for what they did to her.

She found an opportunity to escape when they had reached one of the Melgrove ports. Many of the pirates had been drinking so they were passed out an the captain had taken her to his bed and fallen asleep. While he slept, she took his keys and unlocked herself. She would have killed the bastard right then and there but getting away was her first priority and if she killed the captain, she was sure someone would hear something and come after her. She crept away and jumped overboard and fled into Melgrove. She became a beggar and often took refuse at a temple. One of the priests took pity on the wrench and taught her how to defend herself. She stayed at temple a few years before she decided it was time to move forward. There was a lot of evil in the world and she knew she had to do her part to stop it. She became a bounty hunter that targeted pirates and other hardened criminals and she either brought them to face justice or killed them herself to rid the world of the unjust. The pirates are still a huge threat to Melgrove so her main focus is eliminating their influence in the port city and making the streets a safer place. She of course is waiting for her chance to get back at the King of the Marsh.

Then, she met Ferringaw. An earthquake erupted in Melgrove and she had nearly been rushed by a falling building but the great dragon had saved her from the rubble and told her she had a hire purpose. She felt an instant connection with the beast and gladly took up the task. With a dragon by her side, she knew that she would be able to do things she hadn't been able to before.

|Face Claim|
Milla Maxwell


So begins...

Skyla Bauru's Story

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Having someone agree with him shouldn’t have made Amir’s skin crawl. In fact, he should have been ecstatic, beaming, or at least comforted by the knowledge that his opinion was shared by a comrade, but the sheer fact that the person who spoke up was Trytheus still left a stale, unsatisfied, taste in his mouth. He couldn’t really retort back or pick at the man when their opinions aligned, the most he could muster was a condescending lip curl in the man’s direction when Trytheus happened to glance his way. Amir briefly pondered the idea that he might be a little too obsessed with hating Try if he was still attempting to think of excuses to piss the man off when they were on the same side of an argument. It was most likely because the man started his speech with, ‘As utterly deplorable as this boy is.’ He did not have an obsession with the Griffon Rider, it was just everything the man did grated his nerves.

“As you have noticed, Amir and Trytheus don't get a long but when it comes down to life or death, they will have each others back because it is our duty to do so.”
Amir had turned his attention to his forearms, where the bruising was already showing from the grip of the Gemini twins. He traced his fingers lightly over the tender skin. He had been listening to Dae take his crack at the fake riders. The Siren Rider was much more gentle, much more willing to accept them, than Amir or Trytheus had been, but the fact that all three of their opinions aligned was surprising. Amir, Try, and Dae had such drastically different outlooks on life that opinion sharing was rare, especially between Amir and Try, maybe the true purpose of these new riders was to unite their divided minds. Until Dae brought up Trytheus having his back in a life or death situation, the boy couldn’t hold back the disbelieving scoff followed by a short bitter laugh.

“Yeah, life and death situations. Except that one time you fucking abandoned Serafina and I in the middle of Tempress Cape after alerting the entire goddamn city to our presence. Good times, you really had my back there buddy. Remember my arm being fucking sliced off? Cause I sure as hell do.” It was a short interjection, and the boy quickly went back to fussing over his arms as Dae continued expressing his opinion on the new riders. The boy only took a slight moment to look at the new Cerberus Rider, most of the criticism was being directed at her, and the boy felt himself stiffen.

She looked like she was about to burst into tears. Her expression quivered ever slightly, just enough to tell she was holding back the build up of emotions. He swore under his breath, and flicked his eyes towards Jilpryis. She seemed to be taking the attack a lot better than the other girl, but he had actually forgotten for a moment that yelling at people elicited responses other than rage. It seemed he had spent so much time literally screaming at Trytheus, who was dense as a rock and seemingly could not have his feelings hurt, that he had forgotten that other people had emotions. His intention weren’t to make this girl cry, he was just so upset about Serafina. He hadn’t even spent a long time with the Unicorn Rider, but after seeing so much of himself in her he couldn’t help but feel like losing her was losing that part of himself he wanted to heal.

When she got up from the gathering table and left the house the boy felt his gut churn with something that had to be akin to guilt. His eyes darted over the the Pegasus rider, she seemed much more confident in herself, but she still hadn’t approached the table. With all the rambling speeches over it let an awkward quietness roll over the group, a silence made more awkward by Enyo getting up from the table and leaving. He cleared his throat and shifted his weight.

“You can come sit at the table at least. Standing there must be fucking awkward.” He hadn’t even meant to swear in that sentence, but cussing after every other syllable had become so engrained in his system that he was doing it without even thinking. His eyes darted between the already sitting riders, unsure what else to say. He had already apologized for his outburst, which was no doubt the cruelest, but the apology hadn’t been well received by either, probably because Hassan made him do it. But apologizing again would seem like an overkill, he’d much prefer if these girls would be more like Trytheus, as god awful the thought, and just yell back at him when he said something rude. He instead jabbed his thumb at his own chest, introducing himself.

“I’m Amir, ah, Amir Taheri… Phoenix Rider I guess… This is Hassan, he’s kinda like my conscious, and the reason I still retain all my limbs, been with me almost my entire life... aaand yeah that’s it.” And horribly, horribly uncomfortable was how he felt. He didn’t cuss a single time in his rambling introduction, and it actually made him uncomfortable. Forcing himself to be nice to someone probably made it even more awkward for everyone currently present, no doubt it was too entirely out of character for him to not be crass.

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"Now you've gone and done it," Aquarian answered idly and let his fingers of his free hand walk on the armrest. He was resting his head in the palm of his other head a bit bored and tired with the situation. He didn't particularly care that Dae was lecturing the others and the whole conversation was getting old really fast. He was more upset that Dae hadn't let him have his fun and Amir hadn't responded to his flirtatious invite even if Dae shoved him to the floor like an over grown dog. Still however, Dae sometimes needed a hint. Dae wasn't a social butterfly so when he spoke, he often was far too blunt or spoke in a manner that ended up in situations like this and word vomit. Dae really needed to stick to saying little. When the new girl Enyo departed from the house, Aquarian rolled his head to look up at his rider."For a sensitive person, you can be insensitive."

Dae himself had deflated. He looked after the rider that hat left the room feeling very guilty for what he had said. Yes he was emotional about the situation but he should have taken better care with his words. He hadn't meant to hurt her but looking back at his words he realized that though he didn't say any profanity or degraded the new riders the way Trytheus and Amir did he was no better. He acted as if he were far superior than them. That was not okay at any level. They were all riders such as he stated earlier. They were equal regardless of the situation. He was sad for Ben and Sera but it wasn't these new riders fault for it. He sighed softly to himself and his hands clenched the arms of his chair. He needed to talk to Enyo.

Then Amir spoke up and even tried to be civil towards Jilpryis. He had to give him props for that. He hadn't expected that. Amir was always surprising him. He was glad that he invited the Pegasus rider to sit at the table with them. Before he could even smile in Amir's direction, Tryethus spoke up again. Unfortunately Trytheus didn't have anything really that nice to add though he didn't snap at the new rider. But oh, he was trying to instigate a fight with Amir again. Oh for the love all the shells in the world, Amir had just calmed down. Why was Trytheus trying to bring this all up again? He was always saying such rude things about other peoples character. Why? Why did he do this? Did he take pleasure in putting people down? Did he really think of himself that high above everyone else? It was really annoying and hurtful and was making him very angry that Trytheus, the rider of justice, would act this way. He had hoped that the two of them could get along.

"You are a grown man, Trytheus. Would you give it a rest for once? Don't you ever have anything nice to say about anyone but yourself?" he groaned as he got up from his seat.

Aquarian sat up and grabbed his rider's arm and quirked an eyebrow at him. Just what exactly was Dae up to now? He wasn't going to go ranting on Trytheus, was he? "I am going to talk to Enyo," he explained and the siren let his rider go. "Good. I can take lounge on your seat then," he grinned and did just that. He flopped down on the seat so that his back was pressed against one of the arms while his feet dangled on the other side. He let his head fall back and he gave Amir a grin while he was upside down. The shells on his person clinked as he moved and tangled in his hair. "Why don't you ignore Trytheus and just focus on me, Hotstuff? I promise, I am much prettier to look at." Dae rolled his eyes at his siren's antics. "You need to give it a rest to." Dae walked around the table and headed out the door. The first thing he saw was the gigantic Cerberus. He forgot how big it could get. He walked over to Enyo and sat down beside her. He was quiet for a moment trying to gather his thoughts and figure out what to say to her. He really felt awful for making her cry.

"Enyo... I am sorry. I lost myself in there and I should not have said what I did. You are a rider just like the rest of us and I should not have let myself be fueled by emotion." He brought his hands up as fists and pressed them together before he gave her a bow from where he was sitting beside her. It was how his people asked for forgiveness when they know full well they had slighted another person. "I hope we can start over at some point. I understand if I am undeserving of your forgiveness right now. I hope to make it up to you in the days to come."

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Skyla ran through the streets like a hound dog. Her eyes were fixed on the bastard just ahead of her. He thought he was going to get away with all of his crimes but Skyla wasn't going to let that happen. She'd much rather die than let the pirate Silver Bane escape her sights again. She'd been after this particular pirate for a year now. He was notorious for kidnapping children and turning them into well bred slaves. He also had quite the fighting ring in the Cape so he was some pretty nasty shit and deserved what was coming to him. She was happy that she had spotted him while she and her dragon Ferringaw had been on heir way to the mysterious house in Gnaji that he kept telling her about. She had spotted him trying to drag a couple of kids onto his boat and she couldn't let it happen so here she was, hot on the man's heels. He thought he was going to get away. Silly thing.

Skyla grinned darkly, her light strawberry hair whipping in the wind behind her as they both turned the corner of one of the alleys. The man skidded to a halt when he saw the massive white dragon cutting off his escape route in the sewers. Skya didn't stop. She rushed forward and used her momentum to kick the bastard hard. The pirate toppled over himself with a satisfying 'crack' of ribs. The man wheezed, the wind leaving his lungs for the moment. Skyla wasn't about to let him try and recover. She jumped on the man's back, her light blue eyes reflecting a fire that burned just as hot as the one Ferringaw produced.

"You thought you were goin' t' get away from me? You be finally goin' t' answer for yer crimes, ya bastard," she growled in his ear, falling back on her pirate speech as she often did while on the hunt or when she forgot she needed to be proper. She pressed down on his chest as she twisted his arms and earned a satisfying groan from the man. "Where be t' three other missin' sprogs?"

"I don't know what you be talkin' about," the pirate grumbled against the ground.

""Don't lie t' me you cretin. I know you took 3 sprogs two days ago. Where be they? Or do you want me t' melt yer arm into t' ground?" For added effect, Ferringaw inhaled deeply, causing a thrum to fill the air as he prepared his fire deep in his throat. The pirate's eye widened as he squirmed.

"Okay! Okay! They be in t' cellar on Dreggin street. House at t' end o' t' street.

"See? That wasn't t' bad, now was it? Let's go." Skyla cuffed his hands behind him and got off of him. She gave a nod to Ferringaw who swallowed his flame and leaned over to pick the man up by the shirt and stared carrying him like he was his next meal. The pirate gave a cry of pain as the motion made his ribs ache. Skyla paid him no mind as she hurried down the street the man mentioned and stopped in front of the house. Ferringaw smashed the door down with a flick of his forked tail and the rider quickly rushed in, her eyes searching wildly. After moving rugs and other furniture around the house, she finally found the door to the cellar and shoved it aside. She slid down into the darkness and used her flint to light up one of the torches. And just like the pirate had said, there were 3 young children huddled together for warmth at the far end of the cellar. The entire room smelled like shit and mold. Skyla smiled softly when the kids, two girl and one boy, looked up at her. They looked scared. The poor dears.

Skyla knelt down in front of them. "Don't you worry. You be safe now," she cooed. She set the torch in one of the iron holders and took out a small dagger and cut the ropes that tied the children together and to the wall behind them. When the kids were free, she stood up and the three glanced at each other before getting shakily up as well. She motioned for them to follow her up and she heard the gasps and cries when the kids saw the dragon waiting outside. They cowards away a moment before they took off running back towards their homes. Skyla rested her hands on her hips as she watched them. She was glad they had stopped on their way. She was sure they were late for whatever was going on but it was worth it. She walked her dragon to the station then where they dropped off their pirate and the Coppers paid her the reward money.

Skyla tied the loot to her belt and she caressed the marble like scales of her companion. "I reckon we be best on our way," she mused. He gave a thrum of approval and leaned down so that his rider could get up onto his back. The dragon extended his wings and the two of them took off into the sky. Skyla grinned against her dragon's neck and ran her hands over him. He truly was a magnificent creature and he saw her worthy and together, they'd be a great team. They'd bring an end to the pirate menace and make Melgrove a decent place to reside, even if it was surrounded by marshlands. It didn't take much longer before the strange house was visible. There was a massive shape outside as well. When Skyla squinted it was the three headed dog Cerberus. She smiled a bit exited to meet the other riders that had gathered. She could feel them as if they were part of her. She knew that some were angry. They felt hot. She wondered why they were so angry. Still though, she was excited to finally meet the riders that she already felt in her body. And she'd never seen a Cerberus or a siren or a griffon or a phoenix. She couldn't wait!

The two landed with a spray of sand and dust and Skyla easily slid off the dragons back, a bright smile on her lips. She waved at the two riders she saw on the steps outside of the house. One of them was the Cerberus Rider. Who was the other? Skyla tried to fix her wind tossed hair into a more manageable pony tail and made sure the pirate mark on her arm was covered by her sleeve. [color=#1289]"Hello! Sorry I'm late!"[/color] she greeted and hurried over. She looked between the riders then and curtsied for them. She wasn't normally this formal but she wanted the riders to like her to. "My name is Skyla. The dragon behind me is Ferringaw. It is a pleasure to meet you three," she said, including the Cerberus in her greetings.

Dae looked up and took a moment to reconcile the image of the stranger who was taking Alasahe's place. He gave her a nod. They were finally all here. "Hello Skyla. I am Dae Valen, siren rider. As fair warning, the other two male riders will not greet you nicely. Be prepared for that." he explained.

Skyla frowned. Why would they react negatively? "I see. Thank you for the warning, Dae." She looked him up and down. He was wearing very little clothing, but she did recognize the the style for his region. It was exciting to see someone from the other countries up close. She'd never had that opportunity. She was excited all over again as she turned to the other girl as she waited for her introduction as well. She was the one that hailed from Wolfbane, right? She'd never been there!

Inside the house, Meg and May were grinning. "All of our-"

"-riders are finally here."

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#, as written by mjolnir
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Nyx's head raised from Enyo's lap just before she heard the sound of foot steps. She sniffled, bringing her hands up to wipe her eyes. She then raised her hand, waving as she spoke, "I'm coming back inside... I just needed air."

But the footsteps continued, until the person who made them sat beside her. Dae was quiet for a moment before speaking, "Enyo... I am sorry." She glanced over her shoulder towards him, brushing her dark hair behind her ear. "I lost myself in there and I should not have said what I did. You are a rider just like the rest of us and I should not have let myself be fueled by emotion." Dae then pressed his fists together and bowed towards her from where he sat. "I hope we can start over at some point. I understand if I am undeserving of your forgiveness right now. I hope to make it up to you in the days to come."

Enyo smiled softly towards him, nodding her head. "No need to apologize... I understand why you said it." She twiddled her fingers in her lap while looking towards Nyx, "Sometimes what I say doesn't come out the way I want it to... I don't talk much." She gave a halfhearted chuckle. It wasn't that she didn't like talking more of the fact that most of her company was under the age of five and couldn't form complete sentences.

There was a long pause in conversation as Enyo tried to figure out how to word what she was going to say right so it wasn't misinterpreted. Then she finally just decided to avoid detail and put it plainly, "It wasn't you or what you said that made me leave the room." She glanced over at Dae just before a cloud of sand blew over them, causing her to raise her hand to block her face.

A lively strawberry blonde slid off the back of a massive dragon that seemed to be the only beast as large scale as Enyo's own Cerberus. She smiled while waving towards her and Dae. Enyo raised her hand and gave a slight wave with the best smile she could manage. "Hello! Sorry I'm late!" The girl then curtsied before introducing herself, "My name is Skyla. The dragon behind me is Ferringaw. It is a pleasure to meet you three."

Dae nodded towards the girl responding with his own introduction, "Hello Skyla. I am Dae Valen, siren rider. As fair warning, the other two male riders will not greet you nicely. Be prepared for that." Skyla then thanked him for the warning.

"No they won't." Enyo sighed as she pushed off her knees, moving to her feet. "I'm Enyo Custos. And that-" She paused momentarily when she saw her Cerberus already nuzzling the dragon with two of its heads while the third sniffed and licked its head, "Giant softy would be Nyx... She's really about as terrifying as a bunny rabbit... Well if she likes you."

She chuckled softly, giving Nyx a pat on the rear haunches before pivoting and heading towards the door. Enyo took a deep breath trying to compose herself once more. There just words... Once I prove myself they'll stop. At least that's what she hoped for. With that she made her way back inside silently, not looking towards the two men afraid it'd instigate more debate. She found her way back to her seat, lowering herself into it. She crossed her right leg over the left and rested her hands in her lap.

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"By which Amir means that he is a terrible example of humanity and is required to have constant supervision. I truly pity the poor creature for having to endure that torment." It was impulsive when the boy felt his temper spike after the comment and vault himself over the table at the armor clad man. He was so wound up from the heat, and these fake riders, and having to see Trytheus again, and never seeing Serafina again, and the hammering in the back of his head that he couldn’t see a reason not to physically attack the Griffon Rider.

Even as Aquarian tried to redirect Amir’s attention to himself the boy was already hurling himself over the gathering table. Hassan let out a surprised squawk as he was jolted from the boy’s shoulder, having no time to try and control the blonde boy and stop him from doing something rash. Trytheus was covered in armor, and Amir had attacked him on multiple different occasions only to be the one to end up more injured due to the hard, sparkling, cover that protected Trytheus. If he could knock that stupid helmet the boy would at least be able to get in a nice black eye on the pompous asshole’s face. “Is it possible for you to not be a dick for five fucking seconds?”

Amir wasn’t even halfway across the table when all the momentum he had put into lunging at the Griffon Rider was halted as if he had slammed head first into a brick wall. Pain exploded in both his shoulders as the bony fingers of the twins dug into his flesh and forced him back into his seat for the second time that day. Their expressions as still as they always were, but their grip on his shoulders told him he was talking on thin ice now. He recoiled back into himself, the force of being stopped dead in his tracks felt like his had tore the muscle along his neck and shoulder blades.

“All of our-”
“riders are finally here.” Amir looked up, his anger towards Try ebbing slightly as the final rider made her appearance. He knew it couldn’t have been Alasahe, the girl would never allow herself to be late to a Gathering, and the sight of a strawberry blonde girl was much less impactful after exerting so much energy resenting the other two. He glanced at her and the ache he had felt when he realized Serafina was gone was still there with this stranger, but not nearly as prevalent. Alasahe had been the rider he had known best, they had gone on multiple raids on The Cape to stop pirate bands that were getting a little too confident in their abilities, it was saddening that she was gone. He didn’t make an effort to acknowledge her though, instead choosing to slump in his throne and nurse his throbbing shoulders.

“Gather Riders, there is a matter of urgency that must be addressed.”

“Huitzilopochtli has awoken.”

“Huitzilopochtli has awoken.”

“And it is your jobs to find a way to put it back to sleep. This ancient monster-”

“-whose very presence brings chaos and destruction, is a power no human is capable of stopping.”

“If it is left undisturbed-”
“-Mundus alter will surely cease to exist.”

“The Siren and the Pegasus must seek out a beast who in age rivals Huitzilopochtli. She is ancient and powerful, residing deep within Sui Generis, and an ally that the riders must seek.”

“The Dragon and the Cerberus must seek out a powerful magical weapon capable to fending off this ancient beast.

“Lady Sahira.”
“Master Trytheus.”

“You both are forbidden from aiding your fellow riders-”
“-until you can make amends.”

“Darling Sahira, you are to accompany the Griffin Rider to his home region to learn-”

“Of Amstrian culture. Both may only return once you have a mutual understanding of one another.” Amir jolted in his seat. He made to argue against the twins, but one look in there direction had him subdued and slouching back into his seat. Twice he had tried the Gemini Twins that day, any further and there wasn’t a doubt in his mind they would rip him apart and eat him alive.

“Fine, whatever you say.” He grumbled, shooting a glare at Trytheus. He couldn’t even begin to imagine was Amstra would be like, no doubt clone upon clone of Trytheus walking around judging people on appearance alone and screaming at anyone who didn’t abide by their strict and narrow point of view. He continued to pout as the twins continued with some other information for the riders, even the fake ones, that were going on what would probably be epic quests to stop Huitzilopochtli.

“You only have six months before Huitzilopochtli accumulates the power-”
“-needed to destroy Mundus alter, but alas-”

“These assets are not the only advantages you have against it.”
“Its heartbeat, thoughts, emotions, dreams, magic, and perception.”

“It is tied to you-”
“-as you are tied to it.”

“Best of luck riders, may the stars be in your favor.”
“Best of luck riders, may the stars be in your favor.”

The setting changes from Meg & May's House of Wonders to Amstra


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#, as written by claw
It was with some grim smugness that Trytheus was ready to receive the boy that had elected to leap for him from his chair. He had to wonder if that was the base emotional state that the desert rat often felt, when he wasn't being oblivious to the plights of the common man that was. In fact he was more than willing to engage in a fight here and now, even in this most dangerous of places, more than confident that his superior size, strength and experience would provide him with the obvious advantage not to mention the fact he was clad from head to toe in his signature armour. None had ever been able to pierce the steel he had forged using the Amstrian technique of folding the metal many times over, indeed it was that technique that inlaid the stars and diamonds into the armours metal itself.

And yet the fight drained out of suddenly as like a broken dam to replaced with a block of cold dread as the boy was caught in midair and violently wrenched back to his seat. He had no doubt that the force of the pull had done some form of damage to the boy. But that wasn't what had caused him to feel the pull of dread in his gut, rather it was the speed of it. Once again, despite this time being looking directly at the Ladies Gemini he saw neither of them actually move, to his eye it was as if they were in one place one second and another the other. He had the distinct feeling that any further transgressions would bring their wrath upon himself and not unwisely he managed to reign himself in to prevent such actions being needed.

"All of our-"
"riders are finally here." Trytheus looked up as the door opened, once more a stranger stood there, yet again another false Rider. He felt little need to educate this one of her place here, after all the others could inform her well enough and besides he was all too aware that any further outburst, especially now that the meeting had begun in earnest, would likely cost him dearly.

"Gather Riders, there is a matter of urgency that must be addressed. Huitzilopochtli has awoken."
"Huitzilopochtli has awoken."

"And it is your jobs to find a way to put it back to sleep. This ancient monster-"
"-whose very presence brings chaos and destruction, is a power no human is capable of stopping."

"If it is left undisturbed-"
"-Mundus alter will surely cease to exist."

The ancient progenitor of the cycle had returned? After thousands of years and countless cycles? What could have caused such a thing and why now? It seemed clear enough to him now at least what had attempted to rip his soul into the Beyond now, but what didn't make much sense was simply the why. What could posses the ancient creature to simply desire the destruction of the world after all this time? Certainly he felt that he had kept to the cycle as best as his vows would allow. He only half listened to the Ladies Gemini as they assigned the other Riders, though he knew they would know how to best combat the beast he couldn't help but notice they had yet to direct himself. And then...

"Lady Sahira."
"Master Trytheus."

"You both are forbidden from aiding your fellow riders-"
"-until you can make amends."

"Darling Sahira, you are to accompany the Griffin Rider to his home region to learn-"
"Of Amstrian culture. Both may only return once you have a mutual understanding of one another."

He could feel his mind screaming, of course there would have been some repercussions for his actions, but this? The very world was threatened and he was forced to play nursemaid, to the desert rat of all people?! He could feel his grip on the arms of the throne grow increasingly tight as his rage built and built. He was the eldest living Rider, he was the most experienced and the best fighter out of all them without a doubt and they were denying him his place with the others? Even favouring those false Riders over him?! It was as thought two plates of metal were grating over each other in his mind, such was the red haze of anger. He barely registered hearing the Ladies Gemini- damn them- dismiss the Riders before he pushed himself violently to his feet and stormed from the house, resolving to be the first one out the door and the first to be gone from this place, he didn't even deign to cast a single glance at the others.

Outside in the heat- the damn desert heat- he saw Mavegen laying waiting for him, half asleep in the shade. The great beast quickly got up upon seeing Trytheus emerge, especially considering the mood he was in. A look of concerned question was in her eyes and her questions were quickly answered as she looked over Trytheus's shoulder to see Amir behind him. Trytheus didn't even turn to look as he mounted the Griffon once again, all too glad that the saddle had remained on her back this time. Still not looking at the boy, all but ignoring his presence and not even looking to ensure the rat was even paying the slightest attention.
"We shall head north east, through Wolfsbane. We shall go over the mountain,, not around unless we want to arrive after the world has ended. Do not slow me down boy." Almost hesitantly Mavegen launched into the air, and for once she tried not to kick too much sand into the air.

A month.

A entire ancestor forsaken month it had taken them to get even close to Amstra City!

That damned boy had decided that rather than take the sensible route and buy a horse that he would walk the entire way, even though Trytheus had offered to pay for him considering he still carried a healthy sum of gold from the Grand Tour, the boy still refused. It was beyond all reasoning that anyone, even one as foolish as Amir, could desire to simply walk half the continent rather than take the simple option of a horse. He could only presume that it was done with nothing else but the intention to spite him. And more fool him. The boy didn't have the sense to wear anything other than that pathetic robe and the gaudy jewellery and had more than certainly felt the ill effects. Though Trytheus had tried to lead them through the most direct routes and paths through the mountains he could not prevent those from sometimes reaching high altitudes or snow drift ridden peaks. Long years being assailed to the cold had done much to acclimatise him to the chill of the mountain air, and the armour that had in that desert heat done so thorough a job of attempting to roast him, now acted perfectly to keep his own warmth tightly bound around himself. To him the chill of the frozen air was as welcoming as the plains of home.

He had spent almost all of the long and tiresome journey in the air in fact, trying to spend as little as possible near the boy. In part because the speed that he was being forced to go at which would have been reasonable had he been accompanying an army on the march, not a single loan figure. But it was mostly the fact the boy did nothing but complain and whine the entire way. A fact that did little to improve on the experience in the slightest. Trytheus even tried to make camp as far away from the boy as he could whilst still keeping him in sight, it wouldn't do for them to have come half the way across and for a sudden snowdrift to suddenly pile up and roll the boy off the edge of a mountain.

Yet still somehow they had made it. It was no small amount of relief when the mountains ended and the vast, endless plains of Amstra revealed itself once more. The gently rolling hills and the odd forest were a bright and rich green, evidently the work of heavy presence of both sun and rain in the region. And even though it was starting to make a good way though the season of summer the air in Amstra was only barely that much warmer than the air in the mountains. From then on it would be a direct line over calm sloping hills of green, dim blue-grey skies and cool and refreshing air and if they were lucky they might even get a few rain showers too. Trytheus had always enjoyed listening to the sound of raindrops pattering against his armour.

As they continued to make their painfully slow trek north, though it had sped up considerably now Amir no long had to ascend mountains constantly, they came across a few people. Usually merchants heading from one village to another, or a pair of guardsmen patrolling along old stone walkways. They always seemed happy to speak to their king and often were curios and even wary of the young blond boy that was often the cause of some insult or trying no doubt to start a fight with his people. Even in Amstra, the most populated of all the Riders domains, Amir could manage not run out of ways to annoy people. Time and time again he hated having to guide the boy into his lands. With luck he could just send to boy to be educated with some of his knights, perhaps even make an apprentice of him whilst he sent secret aid to the other Riders where ever they were. Even though most of them were not true Riders they were still the ones doing the important work whilst he was trapped with the incarnation of human annoyance.

It was on what was to be their final days journey, with only a few hours to go until they finally reached Amstra City and with the first of the great rings of walls that surrounded and divided the city just beyond the edge of the horizon Trytheus saw, out of corner of his eye light shining from the road below. Flying lower he could see a small troupe of mounted knights swiftly riding their way down the road to where Amir was still making his slow way up the cobbled roadway. Though at first he was all too glad to finally be reunited with his knights, he saw in their midst one of the few individuals he did not want to have to encounter any time soon. With his good spirits once more quenched Mavegen turned about and flew back to Amir, landing a short distance ahead of him.
"Amir. There is an honour guard of Knights of the Order of the Forge riding this way to receive us. For once at least try to have a sense of decency." He turned his head as he could hear the distant sound of iron-shod hoof on stone and not long after that he could see the first of the knights riding up the road towards them.

He urged Mavegen onwards as the knights pulled up a short distance away and approached at a canter. He could see that the leader carried a lance with pennant that had the crest of the Kingdom of Amstra sewn into it, the front half of a rearing griffon clad in armour. The cloth itself was a rich sea blue whilst the griffon was made out of yellow and the armour was white. Upon the shields that the men carried he could see the crest of the Reach of Amstra, a torc with a downwards pointed hammer with the hammers head sat in the perfect centre of the ring whilst the haft of it cut through the ring at the top. The Amstrian forged steel shone brightly and proudly and Trytheus felt the warmth of pride in his heart as he looked at the knights, like he each of them had forged their armour and weapons themselves after learning the craft from their masters, who had been knights themselves and thus the Order continued as it always had. In the vaults under the Smiths Keep there were rows upon rows of stands containing arms and armour that stretched back to the founding of the Order, each piece stood watch over the tombs of the knights that had worn it.

"Hail, sir knight. What brings you and this contingent of proud knights out this day, under the kings banner?" Called Trytheus, which was the standard greeting a knight from a smaller group would call to a knight of a larger group.
"Hail, sir knight. We ride forth from the capital to receive the king and bring him to his home safely once more." Which was also, a fairly standard response. No two knights were to reveal their name or identities until they were sure of what the other was doing. It would sometimes lead to tiresome exchanges that lasted for some time with neither side entirely willing to tell the other their reason for being on the road if they did not trust the other.
"Then hearken to me sir knight, for I am King Trytheus, three hundred and thirty second to bear that name. King of Amstra of Grand Master of the Order of the Forge. I have in my company Mavegen the Griffon, King Amir Taheri of Gnaji and Hassan the Phoenix. I declare your search for me over."
"Indeed it is, Your Grace. I am Sir Arstlan. With your permission we shall escort you back to the capital." With the traditional greetings out of the way the honour guard moved forwards again to take up positions around the two Riders. It was always the way of Amstra that it would be the smaller party to declare how many was in their company, not the larger, though where that rite had come from and why was a mystery.

Trytheus kept his eyes steadily forward as the men rearranged themselves as best they could, and in particular made great effort to avoid looking at one of the men in particular. He stood out from the other knights painfully obviously. Where the others had shining steel armour and some wore short clocks of red and gold this man in particular was wearing jet black armour, even though it was still of Amstrian design, and instead of wearing a clock he instead worse a set of robes that were a deep, rich blue inlaid with fine silver and despite having the capacity to cover his armoured chest rode with the robes open, so that they only covered his arms and back. His helm too was different from the others, whilst none were uniform and seemed to fit the wearers personal taste all had some form of face plate that could be pulled back to reveal the knights face inside, instead this black knights seemed to have no such addition. Instead it was made of a one complete piece, without a crest, and bearing a single long slit for a visor and a number of randomly placed holes over the mouth so the man could breath. He also carried no lance, no shield and oddly enough no war hammer as all the others did, instead he carried at his hip a longsword that judging by the scabbard only had a single sharp edge on it. The man rode close Amir, on a horse that was smaller than the others, with black hair and a long black mane too, yet it had kept up with the other larger brown or grey horses so its smaller stature clearly didn't affect it poorly. With practised ease that only really came from knowing the animal under you, the man managed to direct the horse around on the spot with surprising quickness and when he was facing forwards once more turned to look at Amir on the ground below.

"Hello there." Came the voice from inside the armour. Where Trytheus's voice was a deep commanding bass, this black armoured mans voice was light and gentle, by its nature soothing and pleasant to the ear and very recognisable as the voice of a natural singer. The man reached up to his helm undid the metal clasp at the base of the skull, just another difference between the man and Trytheus, who simply placed his helm on his head and presumably through force of will forced it stay atop his skull. The man removed his helmet to reveal a man not too much older than Amir. An untidy mess of black hair matched the black armour that he wore. He had managed to retain his youthful good looks, and indeed he certainly was good looking, even if his hair was a little unkempt. His face was clean-shaven, which by the people they had passed before on the road wasn't exactly the fashion in Amstra and even though Trytheus too usually went clean shaven, the months long trip had worn him down enough to give up the practice until he returned home, so now it was that he had grown out a thick stubble that was starting to take shape into a beard. When the boy opened his eyes once more to look down at Amir, for he had closed them when taking his helm off, it revealed startlingly intense and piercing ice blue eyes. The young man smiled at Amir, giving him a look of genuine friendship, before extending an armoured hand downwards. "You look like you could use a lift. And seeing as nobody else seems to have the decency to offer I thought I might as well try. I am the Prince Proles, officially anyway. But you may know me as Mordred Morrela."

The setting changes from Amstra to Sui Generis


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Huitzilopochtli has awoken. That simple sentence alone sent a shiver down the Siren Rider's back as he took his seat which Aquarian had vacated. The earthquake... the emotions... all of that was Huitzilopochtli doing. He was back and those emotions that weren't his own were his. It was very unnerving. Dae touched his chest and swallowed hard. They needed to find a way to put Huitzilopochtli back to sleep. He glanced at the Pegasus Rider who would accompany him back to Sui Generis where they had to find this creature whose age rivaled Huitzilopochtli. He had never heard of a creature like this. At least not from his clan. Maybe one of the other clans knew what they were looking for. She was deep in he forest, the sisters admonished but nothing more. This was going to be like trying to find a a Chimera hair in the fields of grass. They'd have to find her. There was no other way. When the sisters were done instructing them and they were released, Dae gave a nod of respect to everyone and motioned for Jilpryis to follow him out of the house. It was time to get to work. Aquarian followed without missing a beat even though he did look back to wiggle his fingers in good bye at Amir who thus far, was the only other rider besides Dae that had fun responses and paid attention to him.

"We will be traveling to Sui Generis via ship. We'll get there in about a week or so. Maybe a little longer." Dae explained. He hoped they weren't deterred on their way. The sea could be a dangerous place after all. Thankfully, the little team made their journey with little event. Dae was far calmer now that he knew the source of the other emotions and didn't let them overcome him. He wouldn't give Huitzilopochtli the satisfaction of knowing he could overwhelm him and make him lose his rationality. But now that he was calm, he was also much quieter. Aquarian had to do most of the bantering and of course, he flirted with the other rider and the other shipmates under Dae's command. They were used to the siren's antics however so there wasn't much cause for concern.

When they did finally near the cost of Sui Generis, a week and a half later, Dae's heart skipped a beat. Home. He loved his home so much and it was honestly a relief to be back. He sported a darker tan now thanks to the unforgiving rays of the sun on their journey. The young rider sported the markings and tiara made of differently colored beads and feathers once more. Wearing the markings did make him feel more at home and comfortable in his skin again. He didn't have to be so self conscious of his appearance. He was the siren rider. That meant he was attractive and his life style made sure he kept up his lithe muscles and he was in top form. He just didn't like people staring at him and judging him based on it as he was sure Trytheus had been doing silent and Amir had done blatantly. Regardless, he was feeling much more confident and self assured now that he was home.

What surprised him most was that Jilpryis had decided to adopt their style since it was much more comfortable in the humid heat of the forest region. Dae didn't have any female clothing aboard the ship so she ended up wearing one of his longer pants tied with a rope so it wouldn't fall off her smaller waist and he had helped her fashion her original shirt into a makeshift bra. Dae and Aquarian had adorned her hair with feathers and extra beads that he had and Dae even applied the blue and white markings of his tribe. He did vary the design to represent the Pegasus rather than the siren and accented some of the markings in black so the others would know her for what she was. Though all the tribes generally viewed everyone on the same level, some honors were only provided to the riders. Dae gave a nod of approval when he was done working on her markings.

"You look good," Dae said then before he got off his stool and turned to the mirror himself to finish applying the black marks on his eyes and dragged the paint down his face to mimic the look of a cheetah's tears once more.

Aquarian chuckled at his rider as he moved past him to circle around Jilpryis. "Just good, Dae? I think she looks amazing," he purred and walked two of his fingers over her shoulders. "The tribal looks suits you well."

"What is it with you and trying to get into bed with all of the riders?" Dae grumbled then.

"What's wrong with it? We are young. These bodies will expire. You are all fun to play with. You should try it sometime." Aquarian chuckled. "I saw you blush when Amir complimented you."

"Damn it, Aquarian!" he growled and glanced at the siren who was now draped over Jilpryis's shoulders. This was not how he wanted Jilpryis to see him. He wanted to make up for the childish behavior he had displayed upon their first meeting. Aquarian just laughed. "Did you finish applying the beads and feathers in Barnabus's main and tail?"

"Yeah, yeah. Everyone is ready."

Dae gave a nod and looked over at Jilpryis, a small blush touching his cheeks before he turned away. She did look good with the markings on her body. He kind of liked how she looked in the pants to. She shook his head. It was time to focus again. He left the captains quarters where the make up session had just taken place and inhaled deeply. Ah, the salty smell of the ocean air. It really was the best place to be. He took over the wheel again from his second mate and couldn't wipe the smile on his face as they finally made harbor. "We are home!" His crew gave a cry of joy as well as they began the flurry of activity as they prepared to leave the ship. Various other ships also rested on the gentle waves but Dae's truly was the largest and most elaborate considering Dae had often sat carving away at the boat when he needed to be alone with his thoughts or get away from the burden for a while. Crafting the vessel had been something he had really thrown his heart into and in a way it was his baby even though everyone on-board had helped him finish the ship. He still added things here and there when he had a chance.

Dae pulled himself out of his day dream and easily made his way onto land. He would have thrown himself onto the short beach and rolled in the sand and then run through the forest like a true wildthing but again, he didn't want to give Jilpryis the wrong impression of her fellow rider. Besides, he hadn't been gone that long. Last time he had dove into the water at first sight of shore and swam to his homeland in his excitement that he had lived through the events and managed to get home again. There was no better feeling than being home.

Dae looked back when he heard Jilpryis coming after him. "We will reach my village in two hours," he explained.

At last, their traveling came to an end. He gave a whistle and those closest that heard turned to see who was calling out a greeting. Upon seeing their rider return along with the other crew, an uproar erupted with squeals of relief and excitement which alerted everyone else. It wasn't long before the whole village swarmed around them in greeting and bowing towards both Dae and Jilpryis, awe in their eyes. They'd never seen another rider beside Dae and that meant they'd never seen a Pegasus either. They were very curious and excited to see another rider. And within seconds, it was decided that a festival would be held for the quick return of their own rider and to welcome Jilpryis among them. Not even Dae could stop that from occurring, not that he wanted to. Dae was wearing the brightest smile he had worn yet in the presence of any of the riders as he hugged and touched his people in greeting.

"Ravi! Ravi! Ravi Dae!" came the voice of a little girl. Dae looked around trying to locate the voice but the owner of said voice had her own greeting planned out. From a tree above, the little girl who couldn't be more that 6, leaped towards Dae. Dae had thankfully turned in time to see the child falling towards him. His eyes widened and he extended his arms outward to catch the bundle of energy. Her momentum almost knocked Dae over. It did make him stumble but the girl didn't seem to care. She hugged Dae tightly and nuzzled her head against his chin. "Dae! Al vai'ben! {Welcome home}"

Dae grinned and hugged the girl tightly and twirled them both around. "Arai, it is good to see you," he answered her softly and kissed her head. The little girl had hair as gold as corn; just like Dae himself. Her eyes were a startling green and she refused to be put down. Her little fingers and arms held on like a vice. "Arai, this is another rider. Her name is Jipryis and the Pegasus beside her is Barnabus. Jilpryis, this is my sister Arai," Dae introduced then. Arai gave a nod to the other rider but refused to let go of her older brother. She was very attached to her sibling and hated it whenever he had to go away regardless of how long it had been. Last time he had come back injured.

"Dae," cam another voice and Dae beamed as an older woman approached. She was also blond but silver had replaced most of the gold. Her kind eyes looked her son up and down to make sure he was healthy and Dae moved forward to hug her tightly while he continued to hold his sister. "Momo," he called to her. She kissed his cheek before she pulled out of his arms and patted his cheek before she looked behind him to see Jilpryis standing off to the side. Her eyes brightened as she moved forward to greet the stranger.

Dae's mother raised her right hand to cross against her chest before giving her a bow. "Eta ari'vai neh, corai Pegai et Raeis. It is an honor to welcome you, friend, Pegasus Protector," she translated. "It is good to meet one of the other riders and companions my son travels with. You will find a friend in all who reside here, Rider. I am Lele when Dae is not here and his momo. I would be honored to have you complete your stay with us in our humble home. You may call me Momo or Cari. What is your name my dear?" she asked then.


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{Hex Code-#EB2A93}

The week and a half long trip gave Jilpryis a lot of time to mull things over. She spent most of her time with her eyes cast out among the waves, a trance like stare reflecting the glimmering surface of the water. Occasionally she would try to keep an eye on Aquarian, to study his movements and swimming patterns. It was easy save for when he dove beneath the surface, which was frequently.

Her most common thoughts were of the beast that the twins had told them about that had awoken from it's slumber. Hutzilopochtli. This ancient being had risen and now was the cause of all their bizarre feelings. If something wasn't done the world as they knew it would surely be plunged into chaos. More and more she came to realize what her task was meant to be, what she had been chosen for. She couldn't comprehend it. How her, at one point no more than a farmer's daughter, was setting out on a quest for an ancient creature that would help them save the world from slipping into darkness. A daunting thought indeed.

Several days into the journey, her dress began to get a bit uncomfortable with all the spray from the waves, and constant need to be dried. Dae seemed to notice this, because he offered her some more suitable clothing for their sea voyage. She donned the same leg wear as he did, which was a little loose, so they used a portion of her dress to fashion a belt, the rest they rolled tightly into sort of strapless bra, the tattered lining reaching a couple inches below her chest, keeping her concealed but offering a cooling exposure to her torso.

She had inquired about the markings that covered Dae and Aquarian, and upon learning they were customary among their tribe, she insisted that her body be painted as well. She wanted to give off the impression that she was open to the customs of her fellow riders, hoping to ease the uncertainty that lingered among them. They were happy to do so, Aquarian seemed a bit more eager considering the flirtatious behavior he had displayed the length of the trip. More than once she felt his touch lingering while they painted the markings. When they added the finishing touches of beads and feathers to her hair, they set to work on Barnabus, which turned out to more amusing then she anticipated. They both had begun to look like they belonged, and that was a pleasant feeling for Jilpryis.

Finally their time at sea had come to an end, and not a moment too soon. Though it hadn't bothered her, she was starting to get more and more eager the closer they got. By the time they had landed ashore, they were making preparations to depart and begin the rest of their journey on foot. Dae had commented on her appearance, and Aquarian one upped him, draping himself around her shoulders and offering a more sugar coated comment. She couldn't help but blush, especially as Dae scolded him for trying to bed the other riders. She giggled slightly. "I'm just glad I'm up to someone's expectations." She said, playfully prodding Dae in the chest.

Once they were on land, they were greeted with many happy faces, greetings, and curious stares. Dae immediately seemed to be overwhelmed with a more cheerful and relaxed demeanor. She was glad for this. Though their journey wasn't over, at least nobody was in low spirits any more. Things were starting to look up.

Several more hours into their journey, they had reached their destination at last. The crowd that greeted them was much more excited than the last, by the time their enthusiastic greetings had concluded, they had declared a feast was to be had in celebration of their arrival. Jilpryis felt so welcome that she almost started crying, steadying herself on Barnabus as they made their way through the throng of benevolent villagers.

Dae introduced her to his sister and mother. Both of them took kindly to her, welcoming her to their home with open arms. She was surprised how willing they were to treat her like one of their own, it seemed the polar opposite of her meeting with the other riders.

"I am Jilpryis, and my partner is Barnabus. It is so nice to meet the both of you. Your hospitality and greetings are too kind. I'm looking forward to spending time among you." She bowed slightly to Dae's mother, offering her respect.

The setting changes from Sui Generis to Languinre


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#, as written by mjolnir
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Enyo sat there patiently, listening as the twins as they spoke. Someone known as Huitzilopochtli has awoken. Of course she didn't know everything like the know it all Riders. but she assumed that wasn't good. They then proceeded to tell her about how her and Skyla had to seek out a magical weapon. But nothing more, nothing about what it is where it is or even how to find it. They had only 6 months until rises to power, but thankfully she will be with a Rider who was actually nice to her. Also the realization that they are all connected to this beast could be useful... But it made her nervous. Did that mean if they kill it, they'd die too?

Trytheus was the first to storm out, obviously not happy to be partnered with the one he seemed to bicker with the most. Enyo sat there, waiting and watching as everyone exited the house. She then leaned forward looking towards Skyla, "Since all we know is we need this weapon... I think our best bet would first be some research."

She stood up from her seat and slowly made her way towards the door, and outside to Nyx. She gave her Cerberus a soft pat on the side before brushing her dark hair back into a ponytail. Nyx lowered herself to the ground so that Enyo was able to climb up onto her back, giving her another pat when she was settled so the beast could stand. "The two closest cities are Languinre Town and Gnaji Town... But since Gnaji is in the desert their library would be lacking if at all. Heat and books don't mix. So I think our best bet would be Languinre."

With that, Enyo lightly kicked her heels into Nyx who then bolted through the desert with a rejuvenated source of energy.

Two weeks, mountains of books and they were no closer. Enyo slammed another book onto the leaning tower of pointless books. She sighed out of frustration, running her fingers through her hair. "We are getting no where! They couldn't give us anymore than 'a magical weapon'! There's like a ba-gillion different kinds. How do we know which one is the right one."

Enyo stood up, knocking over the stack of books before making her way through the rows of bookshelves. Half of the shelves were empty from already being torn apart. As she reached for a new book a high pick ringing rose in her ears. She brought her hands up to cup her ears. Her vision started going black as she stumbled into the bookshelf before falling to her knees, burying her head in her knees. Then it happened... The images flashed before her eyes, first they were incoherent. But then, there it was an ancient dagger unique in every way. It was only there for a brief second but she could feel it in her gut that it was what they needed. And if they didn't get it first, Huitzilopochtli would.

When her vision returned, Enyo raised her hand wipe away the bloody nose that undoubtedly was brought on by the insight into the beast's mind. She sniffled back the blood before running back to the giant mound of books. "Skyla! Where was that book!? The one about the Fae!?" She threw books around furiously until she found it. She flipped through the pages so quickly that she nearly ripped some of them out until she came to the page with the image of the weapon they needed. Enyo sighed softly in relief, setting the book before the strawberry blonde. She then pointed to the picture, "There... That's what we need."

She fell back into her chair, "So where do we find the Fae?"


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Skyla was going crazy. She was not someone who found sitting in a library full of books for two weeks as magical. She was a physical person and much preferred being out in the open. She wanted to explore. She was a busy body and was always walking, running, searching, doing something. Reading books was nice and all and you got information, but reading about places vesus actually going there? It was a waste of time. And the worse part was that she felt like these two weeks were a waste. She and her partner were nowhere near finding what they needed. And the whole task was made worse with the fact that reading didn't come natural to her. She had taught herself how to read so puzzling over the words took longer for her than it took others more 'educated' than herself.

She sighed as she slammed another book shut and shoved it away from her and into the 'hopeless' pile beside her. She rubbed her eyes and groaned. She was sure they were red from forcing them so much and they felt so heavy. She wondered if Meg and May had done this on purpose to test them or something. They really couldn't give them more than 'magical weapon?' She glanced up at Enyo when the other woman said the same statement out loud. She gave a nod in her agreement. There were millions of weapons out there. How were they supposed to figure out if they needed a sword, a dagger, an arrow, or an ax? She sighed and dropped her face against the table and tried to rest her eyes for a moment.

When Enyo suddenly called out, Skyla jumped 10 feet in her chair and looked at her. "The one about the fae? There was a couple..." she said and started to scan the titles beside her trying to find any that she remembered mentioned the fae. She wondered why Enyo suddenly wanted to read about the fairy creatures. She watched as Enyo tore through the pages like a woman possessed. Then she stopped and pointed at the picture of a dagger. She read the caption beneath it then. "Oberon's Dagger... How do you know this be t' weapon that we need?" she asked as he lifted the book to look at the dagger better and scanned the page. "They have a kin'dom in t' forests o' this region so we don't have t' travel too far at least." she answered. "None o' t' books tell exactly where t' Fae live. We'll have t' find them ourselves. She closed the book and tucked it under her arm. "Shall we get goin'? I be itchin' t' get this started. We don't have a lot o' time."

Skyla was worried about their time limit. The had only just found out what weapon they needed and their only lead was the Fae. The Fae were a tricky sort and it would take a while to get an actual answer from them. They of course had to find the kingdom first and then convince them to help. Then they'd have to find the dagger. Yup. Still quite a few things on their check list before they could get things done. She wondered how the other groups were fairing. It didn't matter if they found the dagger if the others didn't get everything else they needed in time. Maybe if they could finish their task early, they could help Dae and Jilpryis. She knew the other two boys were working out their differences or something so she didn't know if they could really help them with that one.


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#, as written by mjolnir
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"The one about the fae? There was a couple..." Skyla responded after she nearly jumped out of her skin.

Enyo probably looked like a mad woman as she threw books across the room, sniffing back the blood that threatened to trickle down her nose. If anything, now, she felt as though time was of the essence. She didn't know but she just had this feeling... Deep in her gut that they were under the clock even more than the other riders. Something said he wanted to use this against them and that if they didn't get it soon... Who knew what would happen.

"Oberon's Dagger... How do you know this be t' weapon that we need?" Skyla asked after she pointed out the weapon they needed.

She sighed, wiping her nose. "You know how the twins said something about us all being connected to the beast somehow?" She went silent for a moment, "I get these... visions... But I wouldn't really call it that it's not like I see the future." Enyo tried to figure out how to word it, "I get glimpses of insight into his thoughts... And I saw that." She pointed to the dagger once again, "I think he wants this to use it against us so we can't stop him. So we not only need this to stop him, but we also need to get there before him. And since it's Fae... That would be a good place to start."

"They have a kin'dom in t' forests o' this region so we don't have t' travel too far at least. None o' t' books tell exactly where t' Fae live. We'll have t' find them ourselves." Enyo nodded her head as she scooped every book about the Fae, but most specifically the one about the dagger. "Shall we get goin'? I be itchin' t' get this started. We don't have a lot o' time."

Enyo nodded her head, leaving a couple gold coins and apology note for the mess they made. "We don't." She agreed about the time they had to figure this out. "And I think I might have to go crazy if I read another book comparing the sands of Amstra to the sands of Gnaji." She rolled her eyes as she hefted up the books and headed out of the library.

Enyo had no idea what the Fae were like. She read numerous books about them but that still didn't tell her about how they'd act when strangers travel through their land. If they were a helpful society or violent. So in a nutshell she had absolutely no idea what to expect. Once her and Skyla reached the woods, Enyo dismounted Nyx and told her to keep a fair distance in the woods. Enough so the beast could keep its eyes on her but not too close to be threatening to the Fae.

She walked grasping the book with the single picture of the dagger held tightly against her breast. This was all they had for a lead. Who knew if there were any other copies of this book? They couldn't risk it or have to waste time going to yet another library and searching. that would be counter productive. So instead she walked with it in her clutches.

"What happens if we cross the entire forest and don't encounter them?" She looked towards Skyla curiously. "These books say nothing about how to even track them down. If I had their scent, Nyx could track them... But we don't have that either."

Before she could say anything else, something clipped Enyo's foot as she took a step causing her to nearly fall over. Her gaze looked around and saw something from her peripheral... Something small, flying about. Then by the time she took another step something was wrapped around her ankles which restricted her from completely the step. "This isn't good." She said as she fell to the ground, the book slipping from her grasp on the way down.

From the ground she could see them all buzzing around, frantically dragging ropes everywhere across her. Enyo started thrashing furiously, breaking some of the ropes but in other areas where they were reenforced they wouldn't budge. Before she was unable to move at all she quickly crawled towards the book and grasped in tightly in her hand. She brought it to her chest once again, but this time when she kicked her legs they binds held her still. Enyo tried to wiggle and break free but after a few moments of trying, she sighed and let her head fall back in the grass. "Great."


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Skyla was right behind Enyo as they traversed through the forest of Languinre. She was excited to see the fae since she'd never seen them before but at the same time, she couldn't shake the sense of trepidation that shadowed her steps. There was a reason that no one described the fae in the books that they read. Little was known about the fae because they were hard to find but also because they were tricksters. They ensured that those that found them never came back out again or were in a shape that they couldn't reveal their secrets. Or at least, that is what she assumed. There was no other explanation. She hoped that this meeting didn't go awry.

Skyla stopped walking and placed a hand against her forehead to shade her eyes as she peered around them, hoping to find some sort of sign.

"What happens if we cross the entire forest and don't encounter them?"

"I don't know. We'll have t' think o' somethin'," she answered with a sigh. Hopefully it wouldn't come to that. She really didn't want to try and come up with another plan. This one was already a hassle as it was.

"These books say nothing about how to even track them down. If I had their scent, Nyx could track them... But we don't have that either."

"Yeah and I wouldn't be able t' see anythin' from t' sky with Ferringaw." Skyla turned her gaze upward and she tried to peer through the leaves of the trees to gauge how far the sun had gone on its trajectory. They had started this early in the day but they had done quite a bit of traveling. She could only assume that it was going to start getting dark soon; especially the deeper they went into the forest. Before Skyla could mention the idea of finding a place to camp, she a rustle that didn't quite make sense. It hadn't come from either of them and then she heard Enyo falling. She whirled to face her but that action completely failed as she found herself toppling over like a sawed off log. "Whoa!" she cried and hit the ground. Skyla tried to scramble up to her knees and get the vines off of her ankles but the little humanoid creatures were already lacing her body with more vines. In the next instant, she found herself being yanked backwards on the ground, her eyes wide.

Skyla looked around herself frantically and finally saw what was actually tying her down. Indeed they were human like, no bigger than her hand. Their wings fluttered behind them in a dizzying display of colors. They chattered and whispered to each other but she couldn't understand or truly hear what it was they were saying. Some of the creatures spilled from the trees then and flew above them, their heads tilting back and forth in curiosity before zipping away again. Skyla forgot about trying to escape at this point. She was mesmerized at these tiny little things. When one got close, she could see that the human figures were rather beautiful and they all sported corn-shell curved ears that extended against their heads and their little clothing seemed to shift in texture and color and were almost transparent. It was hard to tell if they were actually wearing clothes or not.

Skyla glanced over at Enyo and swallowed hard. "I think we found t' Fae."

Skyla gasped and tensed when she suddenly felt herself moving. She looked around herself wildly and froze when she saw the vines that were wrapped around herself and Enyo had suddenly come to life and were now scurrying across the floor. The vines had lifted them up an inch off of the floor and they were being carried off somewhere. Where were the fae taking them? All the fae that had once been on the ground took to the air and many seemed to vanish with a wink of light. 5 fae remained to escort them to their hive. Or at least Skyla assumed it was their hive.

It was a long trip or at least that is how it seemed with the slow pace of the vines. For a while Skyla just watched the light pass through the leaves above her but soon, silvery white blooms caught her gaze. They had entered an area full of Weeping Willows and little ponds. It was beautiful to watch the scenery change. And just like before, the fae reappeared all around them and the air hummed with their chatter. Despite the situation, Skyla found herself smiling. This place was gorgeous. Skyla twisted in her bonds to try and see everything they passed. They were rising over the water and when she looked down she realized they were going over a bridge made out of the roots of the trees. And the deeper they went, the more she noticed other structures embedded into the plants around them as they mad their way closer to a looming castle. Various mirrors were carved into the walls that they passed and the way the water moved over the stone and trees was surreal. She had never realized that the fae had a castle of their own. She glanced over at Enyo to see what she made out of all of this.



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#, as written by mjolnir
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Enyo thrashed and groaned as the Fae made quick work of taking down her and Skyla. But eventually she knew that there was no point. She sighed. Glancing to her left she caught three pairs of yellow eyes, followed by it bearing its fangs and preparing to attack. Nyx would do whatever to protect Enyo and in the beast's eyes it didn't look good for her. But they needed the Fae. They needed them to tell them what they could about the dagger or whatever else. And having a Cerberus that looked at them as a boot looks at an ant... Well that wouldn't get them the answers they needed. So with whatever movement she could muster, she nodded her head towards Nyx in a silent gesture to stand down. If for some reason she was needed a whistle would bring her barreling back.

As the ropes tightened it threatened her newly established grip on the book. Enyo held as tightly as possible but as her arms were pulled to her sides, a few of the Faeries snatched up the book carrying it away over their heads. "Hey give that back!"

One of the little flying creatures moved near her ear and even then she barely could hear them speaking to her. "You will get this back if we let you go." They more moved near either one of Enyo's shoulders taking her swords from their holster on her back. She fought the binds but to no avail.

"I think we found t' Fae."

Enyo startled when she felt herself begin to move. She didn't know how because she could barely move her head to look around. "I think they found us."

She lost track of how long she had been dragged through the forest. It was a slow subtle change then all at once the entire atmosphere that surrounded her changed. Enyo couldn't help but wonder how a kingdom like this in the forest has gone over looked for years, centuries. People knew of the Fae but there was almost nothing on them. No sketches of appearance, map of location, nothing. She was trying to wrap her mind around all of this. At first she didn't pay any mind to half of the things around them until the mirrors caught her attention. Why have mirrors in a forest? She stared into each one as they passed by. At first the image passed too quickly for her to make it out, but then she caught glimpse of a reflection in the mirror. At first she thought it was some grotesque beast but then the more she looked at it and searched for the source of the reflection she grimaced.

Enyo quickly glanced away. She didn't know if they would treat her worse if they knew she had already seen so she tried to play cool as much as possible. But as they carried them towards the castle she got an uneasy feeling in her gut. She looked over to Skyla and whispered, "I have a bad feeling about this."


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At last, the fae stopped moving their prey and settled both women down on top of a large dais. A small table that doubled as an altar rested not far from them and light danced on the black marble as if it to were held captive here; searching for a crack in the stone to escape. Beyond the table were stairs that leaded up to a throne made of the same eerie black slab as the table with inky tendrils reaching outward like branches. A figure was seated there but in their position, Skyla and Enyo would not be able to see who exactly resided there. Skyla tried to crane her neck to see better but the throne was far too high for her to see.

She was made aware of soft footsteps however as someone or something began to descend down those steps. The echo was soft, almost as if the feet never truly pressed on the ground. The rustle of cloth was indicative that whoever was coming forward wore long robes that made more noise upon the ground than did his feet. The riders were then introduced to a loud scratching noise as the figure dragged a claw over the table.

"Well, well, look who we have here," came a soft masculine voice. The timber was musical and sent a shiver through Skyla though there was an edge to the voice that demanded attention. It was strange how such a gentle voice could be sharper than a blade. "But oh, where are our manners? You are our guests and here we have you on the ground! I will remedy that right away." With a flourish of robes, both Enyo and Skyla were righted so that they were standing up but the vines never fell away. At least the two riders could now see who it was they were talking to.

There before them stood a fae as large as any human with hair as dark as ink cascading down his form in a waterfall. His equally dark robes were etched with green vines and a silver trimming around his collar and wrists. His skin was pale as moon beams making him almost ethereal thanks to the stark contrast of his dark wardrobe. Corn-shell shaped ears poked through his hair and extended back behind his head. Following that arch, Skyla saw the large navy blue wings behind him. All in all, he was an imposing figure. She never thought that fey could be the full size of a human. The fairy was giving the two of them a bright smile but it did not reach his smoldering dark eyes. Skyla took note of the large black crown embedded with obsidian and rubies.

"Well, if it isn't the Cerberus Rider and the Dragon Rider!" the fairy laughed as he began to circle the two of them, his gaze wandering over them. "You've changed your shell again but you have come to visit with me so soon! Although last time, you didn't really come and see me, now did you?" he said with a mock pout. "You two just came into our forest and took the fae wood with you and ran away. Not even a hello from you or a 'can we take some wood'." he said as he finished his circuit around the two and stood in front of them. "Did you think I'd let you wander in here and take what you pleased again? Things come for a price after all."

Skyla frowned as she watched the fairy. What the hell was he talking about? "We have never been here," Skyla answered then. "We would not just take someth-"

"Do not proceed to lie to me, Dragon Rider. You were just here not too long ago with the Cerberus Rider and you took the wood."

Crap he had to be talking about the other two people that they had replaced. How were they going to explain this to the fae? "It was t' previous riders. We be not them."

The fairy looked between them and frowned. "I am well aware of your immortality and your shifting shell. You retain your memories."

"We did not this time," Skyla insisted. "I be sorry about what they must have done but we came here lookin' for you. We had somethin' we were lookin' for and wanted t' ask you personally."

"You came here to see me? And maybe I could help you but maybe not." he grinned, a mischevious glint entering his eyes and playful smiling tugging at the corner of his lips. "But what would I get in return?" he asked, his eyes now settling on Enyo and the book she was still trying to hide against her body. "What is it that you seek from me?"