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Leiko Umaena

Arcanum regina

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a character in “Mundus alter”, as played by umademeink96





Leiko Umaena

The Blind Queen, Lei


❊|Birth Date|❊
November 23


❊|Sexual Orientation|❊

❊|Beast |❊
Moana the Siren

Sui Generis

Art By Sakimichan


Hair Color || Dark Brown
Eye Color || Cloudy scarlet
Height || 5' 8"
Build || Fragile/Lean/Doll-Like
Scars/Markings || A black Mandela tattoo covering the upper half of her back
Weaponry || Two small daggers | Moana



Positive Traits ||
Negative Traits ||
Likes || Sex, fragrant foods, music, Moana
Dislikes || silence, pity, bitter foods, narcissism
Fears || Lose of another sense
Strengths || Seductive, cool-headed, analytical
Weaknesses || Sheltered, weak, unable to understand others


Leiko Umaena was born deep within the jungles of Sui Generis completely blind. Her clan was an offshoot of the main five that resided, and since she was blind she was too much of a burden for the small clan to properly take care of. She was forfeited to the Iillee Tribe since they happened to be the closest of the five tribes, as customary of the Alre’zin Tribes she was taken in without question. She was revered within the Iille tribe, as a tribe of the moon that operated in darkness blindness was considered a blessing from their god.

Growing up as a gift from god a young Leiko was very sheltered. Even when the tribe travelled the only time she was allowed to walk without supervision was when they had settled a new camp and secured the borders. Most of her childhood was spent with a shaman, where she practiced honing her senses to become a valuable asset to the tribe and be able to pull her own weight within their ranks. This training worked very well, her sense of smell acute compared to that of a regular person and her ears were far more advanced then even the people of the Iillee who were known for their sharp hearing.

When she turned nine the hunters began taking her on trips in the middle of the night, relying on her sharp senses to guide them to their prey and away from the dangers that lurked in the night. She was also taken on scouting trips when the tribe had to travel along the forest to follow food sources or escape the dangers of the forest. Even on these trips she was never allowed to move of her own volition. She was usually hoisted onto the back of a burly man and limited to commanding him in directions as if he was nothing more than a horse.

As she grew Leiko found that she felt no connection to the tight nit community around her. They were all so close and comfortable with one another, yet around her there was always a clear line drawn that she didn’t need eyes to see. She was, after all, a gift from the Moon Goddess Ile, that title alone separate her from the rest of them. She found she didn’t mind though, the people around her were still people and it was easy to achieve any goals that she set for herself. Taking the right tone, the correct demeanor and appropriate gestures she was able to get whatever she wanted. After so much of this though the girl found she had lost interest in this manipulation, though she was sure she could still perform flawlessly, and that she didn’t have any true ambitions.

In her early teens was when a new interest in Leiko began to develop throughout her tribe. Her beauty was apparently unparalleled to anyone in the tribe, and her blindness a desired trait in offspring after seeing how well she performed, many started questioning her marriage. Leiko had little care for these matters, who she married was not something that concerned her, as she had no need for looks and personalities meant little to the girl, but it had begun to cause discourse within the ranks of her tribe. The Lele of the time saw the divide this was creating, but since marriage was so sacred within the Alre’rin for uniting households, and Leiko was considered a gift from Ile, the Lele took it upon himself to create a festival based around the blind girl to celebrate Ile.

On the eve of Leiko’s sixteenth birthday a black mandala was tattooed into her back. It was, notably, the first time she had ever experienced something painful. Stabbed with a needle thousands upon thousands of times in a process that had lasted twelve hours, a symbol of fertility was permanently engraved into her back. She was left with the shaman to calm her and attempt to ease her pain, but the girl was terrified. Pain made her ears ring, her strongest sense, and frazzled the blind girl enough to be unable to grasp her own bearings.

The next day a festival was instated to celebrate Leiko as a gift from Ile, a tournament of strength wherein the prize was the chance to bear a child from Ile’s blessing. Over the course of ten years, the fertility mark must have worked because, Leiko bore seven children, two of them blind and she was told they possessed her scarlet colored eyes. Of the seven children only two of them were sired from the same man. The children became the only ones Leiko managed to form bonds with them that she had been unable to form with the tribes people. She concluded that this was because these children in their development did not have their heads pumped with propaganda that Ile had delivered her to the tribe. Leiko was never sure if she actually liked them or not.

As she bore more children Leiko’s reputation changed solely from a blind gift, to a blind mother, but blind nonetheless. She was told that despite how many pregnancies she had never lost her goddess-like appearance, and she had even become more approachable now that she was surrounded with children that adored her. Life, needless to say, was becoming unbearably worthless to her. Even with the children that she felt… something for.

Then the siren came. Loud, brash, energetic, squeaky. The best ways she could describe the creature that showed up within their tribe and threw another twist into her story. It asked her for a name, which she provided more because she was annoyed with being asked repeatedly, but also because the siren managed to make her feel annoyed at all. She named the siren Moana, to appease the loud thing and to keep her quiet.

The moment Moana showed up though, her tribe treated her completely differently. Her name Leiko, was lost for the title Ravi, and immediately it was decided to move her to the inner tribes, specifically to the Rider tribe Laquai. Moana, it seemed had different plans, the siren said that they had to go to Gnaji, to return to the House of Wonders with the other riders, but strangely of all, as if Moana thought Leiko was frightened and told her, “I will be your eyes.”

|Face Claim|
Leiko Umaena - Yuki from Vampire knight
Moana - Sheba from Magi

Leiko - #55916e
Moana - #a90d54

So begins...

Leiko Umaena's Story