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Luciana Belle

Regina Lucida mare

0 · 321 views · located in Gnaji

a character in “Mundus alter”, as played by umademeink96








L U C I A N A - B E L L E

L U -|- L U C I -|- T H E - M E L G R O V E - M I N I S T E R

1 7

A P R I L - 2 2








B R I G H T - R E D - H A I R

S O F T - B L U E - E Y E S

5' 1"


N O - M A R K I N G S

B O W - A N D - A R R O W




Positive Traits ||

Negative Traits ||

Music | the arts | economics | people | teamwork

violence | conflict | evil intention | bitter foods

Failure | Losing those close to her

Persistence | Unwavering Mindset | Adaptable | housework

Inexperienced | pampered | no combat ability | physically weak


Luciana Belle was born into the prominent and known trading corporation called The Belle Co. In Melgrove, where the port cities thrived off the commerce of port trading and fishing, the family business thrived as one of the best. Well educated, well bred, and wealthy the family was considered celebrity amongst the Melgrove population. With close ties to the Dragon Rider and their hand in nearly all aspects of economic growth many, as many feared them for their power as they were loved. The Belle family was so close to the Dragon Rider organization that their children would often be volunteered as servants for the new rider cycles.

Luci, though incredibly bright and with a strong sense of business, was destined to become the next Dragon Rider’s attendant after Alasahe passed away. In both Melgrove and the Belle family, culture dictated a patriarchal model where the heirs to families and businesses were placed solely on male offspring. So though all Belle children went through an education in the maths, and sciences, and literatures, and economics, only the boys practiced athletics, and only the girls practiced housework. It was actually unusual for women to be learned in business topics such as economics, but it was a tradition of the Belles for a more selective breeding. The idea being creating a brighter bloodline by choosing the kid’s marriages based on their looks and intellectual capacity. Luciana was supposed to be married at 18, but her chosen partner suffered an untimely death two years before their marriage. With how heavily the Melgrove wealthy plotted and planned the breeding of their children Luci would be without a husband until she turned 23 and the next man suitable to produce genetically superior children would be available.

Luci was groomed into the the perfect noble daughter she was supposed to be. Brought up with her older brothers and betrothed, she was the only daughter born to the current president of The Belle Co. She spent her childhood learning how to be a lady, the perfect lady, while her male counterparts went out hunting in the swamps or sparred in their courtyards she longed to join them. Luci craved the adventure, the heroics, of the storybooks her attendant used to read the children when they were too young to read themselves. She was enthralled by them, delusions of grandeur were what her mother called them, insisting to be taught in the male designated fields of hunting, and sparring, and sports. She was always denied, however, forced to sit and watch her brothers and finance romp about as she arranged flowers, or embroidered, or painted. She never lost her hopes and dreams of becoming a dashing hero like the ones from the story books. Luci has always hoped one day she could do something to save those in need, though currently the most she has done was create philanthropic organizations under the Belle name that her father has told her have been ‘great publicity.’ Luci spends a lot of her free time now volunteering her time to help those who weren’t as lucky as her to be born rich.

It was troubling for the family because she was so adept at business whilst both her older brothers seemed to lack the natural talent a Belle should possess. Of her four older brothers, the eldest in his mid-thirties and the youngest just two years older then Luciana, they all went to Luci for advice when they were too embarrassed to confront their father about their shortcomings. She was gifted in mathematics, which in turn gave her a sharp edge in both economics and finance, and it coupled with her keen business sense to pick and choose investments that would benefit them the most. Her father was also keen to this impressive talent she held, and although she would never gain the recognition of the head of The Belle Co. because of her gender, her father never reprimanded any of his sons for advising with Luci and sometimes seemed to encourage it though it would never be made public.

The biggest tragedy in her life was when her betrothed was killed in a ransom kidnapping. He was out hunting with one of Luci’s brothers when they were swarmed by enemies of The Belle Co. that felt wronged by their family and wanted to take some of their fortune. Her fiancé was thought to be a servant because he did not sport the trademark bright red hair of the Belle family and was subsequently killed off as unneeded baggage. Luci was heart broken by the news, it stirred a deep seeded craving for justice to be brought upon the criminals that killed her would-be husband. Knowing that telling anyone would lead to being kept under close surveillance and not allowing her to move freely the girl began to conduct her own secret investigation into the murderers.

A year later Luciana ended up uncovering more then she ever intended. Not only was she able to figure out her enemies and make them pay using The Belle Co. to run them clean out of business, she was able to ruin their lives as well. Digging up scandals to reveal to the public, all true and not that well hidden, she watched these men get sent to jail, tore their families apart, and made sure they could never rise to prominence again. She discovered her family had its own secrets as well, strong ties to the Melgrove Mob, illegal weapons dealing, drug and human trafficking to Wolfbane, things that she would have never known otherwise. It horrified her, and despite it being her own family she began building a case to bring them down. After her fiancé had been killed she vowed that she would always uphold justice no matter the cost. Always help those who needed it, treat all peoples equal, and to never judge a book by its cover.

There was only one problem: the Belle family had a far and encompassing reach across the Melgrove governments. In the police, in the court rooms, in nearly all the businesses, and ports, and everything that kept the region a float. No one in the cities would dare to testify against the massively powerful family, not that Luciana blamed anyone, it was near suicide. The only one that would be able to put an end the monopolistic hold the Belle’s had would be The Melgrove, but she had suddenly disappeared. Yet even before that Luci had doubts about going to Alasahe, she new her family had a huge influence in the Rider upbringing so there was still a chance she wouldn’t listen. She had a figure a way though, she couldn’t let such atrocities against humanity continue to be perpetrated by her family.

And then it happened, Piccolo appeared to her. She, by some grace of the Almighty, became the Melgrove Rider. Although appearing out of nowhere, the fact that a dragon had come to her and Alasahe and her dragon had disappeared could not be disputed. And though politics slowed down her progression to the Rider Title, in about a week she was fully accepted. And the day after she declared the shut down of The Belle Co. It shocked the region, but Luci had spent a long time creating countermeasures to fill the voids that would be left by the absence, she was an economic genius after all, with nothing to lose.

Piccolo swept her away in the midst of the changes, and although she made large enemies, was disowned from her family, and was under the threat of assassination she did not waver. She was pushing Melgrove through an economic reform, one that would hopefully make life better for the citizens she was now responsible for.

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Yona from Yona of the Dawn


So begins...

Luciana Belle's Story