Sylvester Opernus

"Stay at least 5 feet away from me."

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Full name: My name? Why do you want to know? And don't touch me, please. It's Sylvester Opernus all right? Just don't touch me.

Nicknames: We elves have no need for nicknames. It distracts us from our learning and well-being. Nicknames are useless, disgusting little things that disturb the natural balance of things. Why not just use the name you were given by your parents? They obviously worked hard to think of such a thing just for you. What am I doing right now, you ask? I'm picking at my skin, of course. No doubt there're plenty of germs from when you stood too close to me. I must get rid of them immediately. And I told you to keep away from me.

Age: I suppose I am around 21 measured in human years. We elves have a different standard for age. One hundred of your human years equals a mere Leaf in ours. A Leaf is worth a hundred years in case you didn't get that. I am 6 Leaves and a Twig, 610 if you must know.

Birthdate: My royal birth was on the auspicious April 1st. Since my birth had been prophesized for a long time, my parents expect a great deal out of me. Stop jiggling my leg, you say? Who are you to tell me that? I can't help it, even if I want to stop.

Race: You ask too many questions. Go away or I'll call the guards here...Still here? Very well then. I shall answer this "interview" quickly in hopes of getting rid of you once and for all. The graceful, ferocious race of elves is where I belong. My family has been around for millions of years, ruling over the forests and keeping the peace between different tribes. We are often characterized by light colored hair and pale skin, much like this one right here: Elf

Sexuality: I have no opinion on the matter. I trust my parents to pick for me a suitable bride, since that has been the tradition for as long as I can remember.

Why were you placed into the Asylum? I can't stop washing my hands. I can't stop picking at my skin. I can't stop cleaning and organizing the entire castle. I can't stop pulling my own hair out. I can't eat, drink, or even sleep right anymore. I have been inflicted with some sort of horrific disease. It's controlling my every waking moment, and even in my sleep, I dream of counting. Oh, the horrific sheep! They just won't stop appearing! I can't relax at all. I need to do everything myself as I can't seem to trust my fellow people anymore, even my own parents, to do anything right. I can't stand being touched. I have this urge to count every single leaf in my forest and upright every tree and put them in a single formation. I'm slowly going insane.

What do you think about being in the Asylum? If it helps me with this ghastly compulsion, I will gladly enter it. Oh great. My skin feels dirty again. It must be your spit that flew over here just now. Can you please go further away from me? I just hope it's clean and safe there. I have this impulse to lock my door every night. Even though the castle is the most secure place in the forest. Silly worry right? But I just can't stop.

What race do you think could have caused you to become ill? I don't know. But when I get to the bottom of this, I will personally wring the neck of every person in that race. You think I'm joking? Oh no. I don't joke. At all. So you can see to it that I will carry the threat out. Although I think I'll get someone else to do the deed. I don't even want to think about touching someone, let alone actually do it.

What power do you have left? I used to be able to jump and run higher and faster than anyone. I could dodge anything you throw at me, due to my lightning fast reflexes. But the transformation to a human has left me in this weak, pathetic state. All I can do know is keep my ability to learn anything with a single touch.

What do you miss most about being in your true form? My reflexes have dulled into that of a snail's. I would love to get them back.

Likes: I love the forest. It is my home forever and I will always cherish it.
>The forest
>Being the best warrior
>His former lightning fast reflexes
>Being orderly

Dislikes: I hate dirt. And dust. And just about anything greasy, grimy, and disgusting.
>Dirty things
>His now dull reflexes
>When someone messes with his things
>When someone touches him

Fears: Don't touch me! Keep your filthy paws to yourself!
Haphephobia-fear of being touched
Ataxophobia - Fear of Disorder

Personality: I am often told that I am too serious, even for an elf. I can be blunt and uncaring, and like to have things go my way. I am stubborn and unyielding if I think something is right, and will stick with my opinion till the end. However, I am loyal and unwavering in my trust, should you happen to have it. You will not find me talking bad about anyone I like and believe in, although with this disease, I find it hard to trust others as I had before. I hate messes and disorder, and I like to take charge of things.

History: As I said before, my birth was prophesized. My mother and father were overjoyed to have me as my birth means great things for the kingdom. I could have anything I wanted ever since I was young, but I preferred to be outside, spending my time in the forest. Elven schooling was strict, and its warrior training was even stricter. Since we elves value discipline and hardwork, I had to work harder than anyone else to prove that I am a capable leader.

I had few friends due to my high status, but one elf wormed himself into my heart. His name is Fakir. We often played together as children since he was the only one who wasn't intimidated with my status. I had a happy childhood. Since elves aged slower than you humans, I had a longer childhood. But then, this disease settled its roots in me and ruined everything. I was irritated everyday, and my obsession with cleanliness almost ruined my friendship with Fakir. Thankfully, he understood me and did not ignore me, like the others have.

Other: Oh good. We're done. I will now go take a very long bath and wash myself fervently in hopes of cleaning away the germs I've accumulated while talking to you. I hope we don't meet again.

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