Kiran Nevaidos

"Please, spare me your drama."

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Kiran Nevaidos

Gender: MaleMisfit :Ranking

Age:18A small katana:Weapon


Race: Demon/Ghost HybridA:Type

Relationship: Single ☮"Kia"- dubbed by Karne, "Evil Eye":Title



Kiran is, much to his chagrin, remarkably lacking in both height and muscle. He's got short white hair that tends to be unruly most of the time, and his eyes are naturally aqua, but the left eye, the Demon Eye, turns red when in use. His skin tone is paler than most, complimenting his ghostly heritage. Kiran tends to wear dark clothing, and a hood whenever possible. Just under his Demon Eye are a series of red lines. He considers them marks of the Demon Eye, although they're there even when the Eye isn't in use. The lines make him a bit self conscious, one reason why he prefers hoods.


Unholy Shriek:
A combined Demon/Ghost ability. Kiran let's out a high-pitched shriek that, at his own average strength, can incapacitate an opponent by rendering them stunned and impairing their senses. 

Hell's Blade:
Using his Demon Eye, Kiran summons fires from Hell itself and incorporates it into his katana's attacks. 

Basically, any attacks (Besides Hell's Blade) that involve his katana. 

After direct contact and probing the mind of the opponent, Kiran can summon aspects from their nightmares, creating a psychological advantage against them. 

Basic Ghost attribute. Renders Kiran untouchable by an opponent. Since he is only half-ghost, he is not intangible all the time like full ghosts. As this technique is mastered, he can become intangible at will.

:Signature Ability:
Demon Eye
Kiran uses the Demon Eye inherited from his father to suppress his ghostly attributes and increase his demonic powers exponentially. He looks something like this.

Demon Eye
Upon use, he cannot use any ghostly abilities (including Unholy Shriek) for at least six hours, so he often uses it as a last resort. During use, it also overrides Kiran's judgement, making him reckless and bloodthirsty. It's difficult to control himself when using this ability. Also, it wears off after fifteen minutes, after which Kiran falls unconscious for varying amounts of time each use. 

Unholy Shriek
It can only be used once every 24 hours, and it severely drains Kiran's strength upon use. For this reason, it's also a last resort move. Most of the time.  

Hell's Blade
A highly unstable move that requires at least two minutes of concentration. If he were to lose concentration while summoning the fires, Kiran would be consumed by the flames himself. For this reason, he's only used it once before, and doesn't plan on using it any time soon. 

Kiran's forte is speed, not strength, so a strong opponent in battle, if they were to separate him from his katana, would be his undoing. 

Direct contact must be made with the opponent's forehead, and Kiran's probing skills are weak. As such, he can only summon less affective images and it takes quite some time to summon them. Because of this, the attack is best used when the opponent is incapacitated. 

Even though the technique is mastered, Kiran, being only half-ghost, can only remain in this state for an hour at a time.


Kiran is by nature a soft-spoken individual. He is very shy and often finds it difficult to initiate conversation with others. Because of this, he's had very few friends in his life. Of course, this is also due to his being a hybrid, as they're not taken very kindly towards. Not that Kiran minds or anything. He doesn't at all feel like he has to prove himself. But if he weren't as shy, he'd have tons of friends. Kiran is very versatile and empathetic. He's got hidden charisma way deep down inside that could make anyone smile. His perceptiveness allows him to identify and try to fix problems, wether it be people or objects. Just because he's a loner doesn't mean he's not willing to help others. In fact, he's glad to give advice to those who ask. But other than that, he tries to stay out of other people's business. Besides, he enjoys keeping to himself. 

Don't get him wrong; he's not emotionless. Gosh, no. Kiran has a temper like hellfire, no pun intended. When he's enraged, there's little to stop him from going all out and killing the sucker that angered him. Or at least attempting to. The good thing is, it takes a lot to piss off Kiran. He's had practice with mentally strengthening himself against anger with his second-oldest half brother who really was a devil, so to speak. So, it takes a lot to get to Kiran in an angering sense. However, it doesn't take much to become his friend, to gain his trust. Growing up without a lot of companionship made Kiran, admittedly, a tad lonely over the years. Making new friends is very exciting for him. It's like he becomes a completely different person: open, cheery, humorous, charismatic. One would be surprised at how differently Kiran acts in the presence of friends. Kiran is fiercely loyal and willing to do anything to keep safe the ones he loves. He doesn't care about being hurt at all, as long as he manages to keep them safe.


☠Losing control
☠Drowning (Just because)
☠Losing his loved ones


✗His older brothers
✗Needless killing
✗His Demon Eye
✗Most purebloods



Father- Sekruez Nevaidos
Mother- Seychelles Nevaidos
Aunt- Cassia Gabris
Older Half Brother- Eon Nevaidos
Older Half Brother- Canaan Nevaidos
Older Half Sister- Karne Nevaidos


So begins...

Kiran Nevaidos's Story


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For probably about the second time in his life, Kiran was jealous of his sister. Not in the "Oh my lord you bitch I'll murder you and no one will find the body" way, but more like the "Huh. I vaguely wish I was more like you at this moment" kind of jealousy. He discarded the thought as he looked up at her again as they walked, determined to stay close, what with the mob of students and all. She was smiling. While that was nothing out of the ordinary for Karne, Kiran was dismayed that he himself was not in such a mood. It was hard to be, in such a large crowd. For him, anyways.

 There was one small condolence in the crowd, though. Being relatively... short meant he would be less likely to stick out, something he hated much more than crowds. Of course, a much better way to blend in would've been to put up his hood so as to hide his plaitnum hair... something his sister expressly forbade him to do. Among other things...

 "Kiran!" she'd exclaimed upon first seeing him that morning. "What in the HELL are you wearing? You can't go out like that! What are you going for? 'Depressed Antisocial Teenage Reject'? Go upstairs RIGHT NOW and put on something with color! At least change the sweatshirt? Wear the red one! Pleeeeeeeeease? Please Kiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaa?" In the end, it's not as if he had a choice. One did not simply refuse his sister. The fact that she fretted so much about his appearance most likely meant that she had every intention of keeping him as close as possible. She might have been a young woman, but Karne was a child on the inside, no doubt about it.

She smacked his hand adamantly for at least the fifth time that morning as he tried once again, mainly on instinct, to pull up his hood. Kiran sighed and slipped his hands back into his pockets. He had a book cradled between his elbow and his side, although he wasn’t entirely sure which one it was. He’d just simply grabbed one earlier in case the need arose to entertain himself. Kiran sighed. He doubted he’d get the chance today.

Karne strode slightly in front of her brother, face alight with anticipation and glee, only the depths of her eyes betraying a miniscule hint of apprehension. That was silly, she decided, to be afraid, even a little. She had two very special people with her. One, of course, was Kiran. Despite the fact that he was being the exact opposite of encouraging and exciting, he was still somewhat of a comfort. She’d rather have him there than walk alone. Her second comforting companion was in her satchel at her side. Karne tried to walk as steadily as possible so as not to rouse her friend from her probably already substantially disturbed slumber.

Kiran had his letter out moments before they finally made it to the front. Karne, however, was not so prepared. After a few frantic moments of searching her person and finally finding it in the depths of her satchel, she handed it almost proudly to the lady, who took both their letters before handing them their respective keys. 

"Room 111," said Karne as they weaved their way out of the lobby. "How 'bout you?"

"106," Kiran murmured. Wait for it-

"Awwwwww," his elder sister whined. "That's too far awaaaaaaay!" Kiran his a smile. His sister, the big baby. He tried not to think of how her antics could possibly draw attention to them. Instead, he followed Karne silently as she flounced on, brows furrowed in indignant silence.

As they neared the dorms, a strong, authoritative voice sounded over the intercom. "Attention, maggots. Report to the Auditorium immediately for an assembly. This is not a request, so get your asses over here or be expelled. You have 30 minutes. That is all."

Kiran and Karne had stopped to listen to the announcement. Afterwords, Kiran blinked a few times. How decent... he thought as he began walking again, his sister giggling briefly before trotting after. Shortly after, they separated momentarily to set their stuff in their rooms before heading directly to the auditorium. 

Kiran made quick work of unlocking the door and stepping briskly inside. He paused momentarily only to casually throw his duffel bag on the bed furthest from any window. He had a thing with windows. He kept with him only the book as he exited, closing the door again and waiting outside for his sister. 

Karne was having a little more difficulty with the task. Namely, the door wouldn't open. She wrestled with the knob a bit until she remembered the thing in the pocket of her sweater. Key... Duh! laughing softly, she unlocked the door and stepped inside. Humming softly, she gently set her satchel down onto one bed, and opened it. "Nani?" she whispered. A kitten's furry white head raised and two large eyes fixed themselves on the young demoness. "I have to go, but just lay low here until I come back, okay? I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, but just don't make a mess, 'kay?" At a purr of affirmation, Karne smiled and let the flap of the satchel fall again. 

She skipped back out of the room, closing the door after herself. "Alright," she sighed, rejoining her brother. "Let's go!" Together, the pair eventually found their way to the auditorium, and by the looks of things, they weren't late. They sat together, near the middle of a particular row. Kiran's fingertips tapped a silent rhythm on the cover of his book. He kept his eyes on the book as the Big Man In Charge, Tobias Grimlocke, started speaking.

For the most part, Kiran's attention was very lapsed. He figured he had a general idea of what was being said. Anything he happened to miss couldn't have been too important. He had to admit, the curt sharpness of the announcements impressed him. Mainly, though, he spaced out, staring at the book on his lap. 

However, one sentence and one sentence alone pierced his wall of inattentiveness:

And now, I present to you your Student Council President, Darius Grimlocke."

Kiran raised his head sharply and blinked a couple times, just to see if it was true. Once he saw the smug, leering face, Kiran his stomach fall a thousand feet. The feeling was promptly replaced by a searing anger. MOTHERFUCKER! A small, rational part of him had reasoned earlier that chances were, he'd see that dreaded face at the school. Another hopeful, illogical part of him clung to the small chance that it just wouldn't happen... That was exactly the part that was cursing a blue streak in his mind just then. Luckily, if his agitation showed, his sister was oblivious.

"LET'S HAVE FUN, AND A GREAT SCHOOL YEAR!" Darius declared with all the audacity that Kiran expected. He scowled, contempt-filled gaze stabbing at Darius's familiar face. The assembly was soon dismissed, and as people rose up around him, Kiran stayed still for a second more before standing up as well, tucking his book under his arm. He followed his sister wordlessly into the hallway, thoughts wrapped up in a few previous encounters with Darius. He thought of one in particular. Then, his shoulders shook with silent laughter. What a funny encounter it had been. He'd not realized it until just then, but it was all the more hysterical. The inner depths of his mind were rife with a slightly mischievous glee as Kiran wondered vaguely what others would say if they knew what he did...

He stopped laughing in time to see his sister had stopped in front of him. Karne took his arm and took him over to the side of the hallway, where she stood with her hands firm on his shoulders and looking him deep in the eyes.

Karne frowned slightly and worry flitted across her normally cheery features. Her brother's sudden odd behavior had roused a small suspicion within her, and upon scrutinizing his face she found it was correct. She leaned back and smiled a small, tight smile, taking her hands off her brother's shoulder. She lifted a finger and tapped her left cheek, just below the eye. "A little red, Kia," she murmured, and her brother paled, instantly pulling up his hood for at least a bit of concealment, and she let him. "What's bothering you?" 

"No..." he mumbled, not in answer to her question, but more of a dismissal of her curiosity. He looked down, and Karne mentally sighed. That was pretty much the only hope of an answer she could expect from him. Oh well. She took his arm and tugged it slightly. "Okay then," she said, resigned. "Let's just get going then."

Upon entering the cafeteria, the pair decided that they weren't very hungry, and decided to sit across from one another near one corner. Kiran had his book in his lap and thought of another time he was in a cafeteria, where a certain incident with a certain someone had occurred. He shoved the thought from his mind. He'd just regained control. No point in throwing that away again.