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Sirius Veneziano

The adopted son of the Rivera family. The Coiled Viper that protects Damien.

0 · 472 views · located in Muralia Academy

a character in “Muralia Academy”, as played by DarknessUndying


Sirius Viper Veneziano

Gender: MaleNoble :Ranking

Age:19Veneziano Snakes :Weapon

Sexuality:HomosexualNone/Serves Damien Rivera as Guardian:Guardian

Race: Vampire(B) Beta:Type

Relationship: Single, although he has a crush on his master, Damien.Viper:Title



A strange and usual man, he stands at 6 foot and has a slender build. He has faded black hair, which turns dark red as it reaches the tips. It falls to his collarbones and he has a VERY long ponytail at the back, tied in a hollow rope that falls to his hips.. He has seductive, yet murderous amber eyes, and pointed features, with traditional vampire fangs. He typically wears a black, sleeveless and strapless vest top, that covers his shoulders and is awfully tight. And he wears black trousers and boots. When not working out or at class, he wears similar clothing to his Master, and is usually wearing a black Kimono, with his hair tied loosely in a ponytail.


Coiled Viper - A protective move that causes snakes to surround his team mates and protect them. Usually broken easily by a brief assault due to the snakes not being strong in defense. He can protect three at a time.
Veneziano Secret Style: Gate One - A barrage of attacks which is followed by the unleashing of a venomous snake. Usually cancelled out by blocking the first two hits.
Constricter - Gate Two: An attack that summons a large snake that constricts an opponent. Rarely used because it requires a blood sacrifice, wounding him greatly.

:Signature Ability:
Veneziano Secret Style: Gate One-


Sirius is hotheaded, strong-minded, intelligent and trustworthy. All the qualities that Damien would need for a guardian. He is more like him than most would realise, as they share the same goals and dreams. ((TBA))

Failing Damien.
Losing the Rivera family.

Rainy Days




Feliciano Veneziano (Father, DECEASED)
Marie Vargas (Mother, Deceased)


So begins...

Sirius Veneziano's Story


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Damien Rivera

Damien sat in the corner of the room, a small, slightly creepy smile on his face as he watched the extreme amounts of people. He watched as people barged past others, and he laughed slightly when some fell. It was rather amusing to see everyone falling over. He playfully threw his dorm keys up into the air, and grabbed them as they came down. He had to admit, being early had its perks. Sirius and Kyouki probably wouldn't agree.

He smiled slightly more when he saw Sirius barrel into Kyouki and the two went flying, landing in a heap at his feet. He spoke, his voice soft and gentle, but with a firm tone. "Get your act together, you two. Wouldn't want anyone thinking bad of us, would we?" He muttered, adjusting his scarf so it covered his mouth. He walked past everyone, and sat down on the floor, hugging his knees in the shadow.

Sirius and Kyouki

"Hey! Stop it, Zombie-Head!"

"Shut it, Fanged Freak!"

The two shouted, practically throttling each other. They were like cat and dog, never to really get along. There was a reason Damien never invited them to come to places with him.

Sirius attempted to Fly-kick Kyouki, and she did the same to Sirius. Damien slapped both of them. "Stop it." He hissed.

The Trio

The three, after checking they all got their dorm keys, shuffled to the auditorium once summoned, and Damien smiled at Tobias. As far as he could tell, Tobias and Lucius got along pretty well. That is, when Lucius wasn't being an idiot. Damien chuckled to himself. He was pretty sure that was right.

Sirius latched onto Damien when they were given the rules. Under his breath, Sirius whispered to Damien. "Dude.. Do we need to drag the Zombie around?"

Damien turned, his eyes like cold steel. "Kyouki is nice. And so are we, Sirius. So. Are. We.."

Sirius shuddered. Damien was a creepy mofo, but he liked him. After all, he was his guardian.

Kyouki creepily stared at Darius. Not in any other way. He scared her. Only a little though. She gently rubbed her Scythe's blade, smiling as she did so. She awoke from her trance when she heard Sirius exclaim at the fact he wasn't roomed with Damien. "What?! I'm not with you? Aw.. I wonder who I'm with, then. Kyouki, what's your key number?"

"Hm? Oh.. 108." She muttered, Sirius fist pumping because he wasn't roomed with her. "What're you two?"

Damien looked up and smiled. "107. We're next to eachother. "

"Awh! That's not fair, Damien! You two get to room near eachother! I'm further.. Uh.. 105. Two dorms away."

Damien face-palmed a little, and dragged the two into the cafeteria with the others. He sat in the corner where there was least sunlight. Sirius and Kyouki moved over to the more center tables. Damien took off his scarf, and replaced the cover on his face with a mask, and the scarf morphed into a book. Namely, the Rivera family tree. He read through it, while the others decided to chat idly. Kyouki remembered one of the rules, and made her scythe fade away.

So this is home now? I have to admit, it's nice. I'm guessing head of comfy-chairs-and-beds-and-such was Dad. Heheh. I'll have to find out later. I hope nobody is intimidated by the fact that I'm a pureblood, though. It'd get messy if they did. Mainly because I have a bad temper when it comes to dealing with idiots. Kyouki, Sirius? Ugh. To be honest, I know everything about Sirius, but nothing of Kyouki. She carries around that weird Scythe like it's a pet, though. Calls it uh.. Sezu, I think... Ah, well. This school will be fun. He thought, relaxing into his small corner. He was sitting on the clean floor, hugging his knees as always, reading the book idly. It was more or less just looking at his dad as a child. He had little similarities, as he took after his mother.

He stretched, and his book returned to its scarf state. The hands sorted his mask, and he sat, watching the room.