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Yuki Inoue

The Angelic Vampire

0 · 608 views · located in Muralia Academy

a character in “Muralia Academy”, as played by Kaire23


Yuki Inoue

Gender: Female Noble :Ranking

Age:18Nightfall :Weapon


Race: VampireType Beta (B):Type

Relationship: SingleThe Angelic Vampire:Title



Yuki has long bright blonde hair that she usually keeps up. Her family crest in tattooed to her shoulder and back. She has bright scarlet eyes and is fair skinned. She has a sleeveless zip-up black shirt that goes up to her neck, brown shorts, with a white sleeveless buckled up coat to got over it. She has black and brown boots that stop right under her knees.


Mesmerization: When people look into her eyes, she can gain some control over someone and can make them forget some things but only if they are thinking about them at that moment. The control isn't really control but it's more like making them want to do it but it can be resisted if their soul is strong. Other vampires are immune to this power.
Silence: Yuki is able to go around while making no sound but it steadily drains her power after awhile.
Telepathy: Yuki is able to talk to others with her mind. She has to connect their minds while doing this so they can also talk to her. When she uses this, they both are weak to each others mind attacks.

:Signature Ability:

Yuki is a sweet girl who does everything she can to help people. You can usually find a smile on her face and is never thought to be a vampire. She puts everyone before herself and hates it when people worry about her. She often tries hard to make everyone happy and often forgets about herself. She doesn't really like being a vampire and is often embarrassed when she has to give blood. She sometimes will be too embarrassed to give blood that she will have major nosebleeds. She also is fine with misfits unlike the rest of her family.

Hurting someone
Biting someone who doesn't want to be bit

Likes:Caring for people
Having someone who is willing to have her bite them.

Being sick all the time.
People fighting
People worrying about her.


Mother: Aiko Inoue (Dead)
Father: Akira Inoue

Yuki was born into a family that only was her and her dad. Her mother died giving birth to her and she was left to figure herself out, Her mom was a beta vampire while her dad was an Alpha vampire. She never liked biting people even though she was giving blood. Yuki was often was told about how she shouldn't like Misfits and that they were lower than her but she couldn't help it, she couldn't look down on anyone. She can't even look down on other races.

So begins...

Yuki Inoue's Story


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Character Portrait: Yuki Inoue
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#, as written by Kaire23
Yuki smiled as she walked up to the school. It was everything she hoped it would be. Moving some of her bangs out of her eyes, she walked in. She looked around and admired the school.
"Woah...." Yuki muttered as she saw all the students. After the brief pause, she quickly got herself walking again up to where some people looked like they were pausing. She soon found herself face to face with a lady she didn't know.

"Acceptance latter?" She asked as I quickly looked around in my pockets.

"Oh! Hang on. I have that around here somewhere." She said right before she came across her letter.
"Here you go." Yuki said happily as she handed her the letter. She soon found a key in her hand with a number attached to it.
"109..." She muttered quietly while looking at the key until she noticed she was holding up the line. She started walking to her room until she remembered she forgot her manners.
"Thank you by the way!" She yelled back and then ran the rest of the way to her room. She was extremely excited to start the year and couldn't wait to meet her other roomy.
Yuki found herself slowly walking down in the hallway before too long, examining every number, wondering who was behind them and if they would be nice to her. She soon pushed the idea out of her head as her eyes caught her number. Smiling again, she unlocked the door and walked in. She only had a short amount of time to dump off her stuff until she heard a big announcement.

"Attention, maggots. Report to the Auditorium immediately for an assembly. This is not a request, so get your asses over here or be expelled. You have 30 minutes. That is all."

Yuki quickly walked out of the room and speed walked to the auditorium. She absolutely loved assemblies. She quickly got a good spot before it all started. She hung on every word but her jaw dropped at the talk of tournaments. She completely forgot about those and shivered slightly. How could she have forgotten? She never liked fighting anyway. She gave a slight sigh as she quickly got over it and started listening intently again.


Yuki smiled and nodded slightly as she noticed people already heading for the cafeteria. With a slight shrug, she headed off with the crowd to their next destination.