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Kiandria Garrison

Necessity knows no law.

0 · 185 views · located in Mortal Realm

a character in “Murder by Myth”, as played by Selene Durlan


Name: Kiandria Garrison
Nickname: Kia
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Creature: Vampire- As a vampire Kiandria looks slightly different, with the exception of paler colored skin and a leaner frame. Vampires thrive among evil people, by drinking in their darkness vampires can sustain themselves. An untrained/new vampire often will drink someone’s blood to extract the darkness, but later they will simply need to stand near someone to absorb. As a rule vampires are very rare creatures, born from a strong amount of indecision; many vampires cannot bring themselves to kill that one person, so they forever live on the fringes of human society. The ones that do make it to the Otherworld are very unique indeed. Being a naturally introverted and secretive race, not much is known about the full extent of a vampire’s powers. New vampires need to have mentors or they risk losing themselves to the darkhunger.

Magic Affiliation: Grey. It is the typical type of magic for vampires; with one foot in the living world and one in the dead, they are both dark and light. Once making it to the Otherworld vampires always choose to stick to the Lighter or Darker side or Grey. There has yet to be a vampire that can change back and forth.

Picture: (Human)Image

Appearance Differences: Hair reaches down to the bottom of her shoulder blades, dark blue eyes, gaunter face.


Jessica (Mother) was a brilliant Microbiologist, she worked for a massive pharmaceutical company. She loved her daughter deeply, wanting the very best for Kiandria, she often pushed her hard to exceed in sports and school alike.

Matt (Father) owned a large engineering company that worked across the globe. He was gone most of the time on business trips, so he would send Kiandria many gifts, hoping it would make up for his absence. When he was at home, it often caused strain for Kiandria and Jessica. They felt he was a stranger in their house rather than a husband and father.

The color blue
Driving fast at night
Men ;)


Amount of Schooling: Barely passed her Junior year in high school.

Background History:
Kiandria led a very privileged life, traveling around the globe before her thirteenth birthday. She attended the very best private schools offered, participated in all types of sports and recreation. She had everything a girl could want; her mother doted on her continuously. Even her father who was distant gave her presents and attention. They had wanted their daughter to not want for anything, for Matt and Jessica had barely escaped their war-torn country, once arriving they had vowed to better themselves and make sure their children never experienced such loss and desperation.

One night, about two months before Kiandria’s fourteenth birthday. She was awoken from a deep sleep by angry shouting coming from her parent’s room. Living in such a massive house, it was very loud indeed for Kiandria to hear it six rooms over. Creeping down the hall, she had just put her ear to the door, only to hear her mother crying and her father angrily pacing back and forth. “I don’t want you working there anymore Jessica. They only care about profit.”

“But, I must tell someone what they are doing. Alex Courtney needs to be reported, as the CEO he should put a stop to it.” Jessica replied softly.

Matt gave a grunt and left the room, choosing to sleep in another bedroom.

The pattern continued for several weeks, Kiandria’s father threatening all sorts of things unless Jessica quit her job. The young girl was not truly worried after all she had been sheltered and felt secure her entire life. Nothing bad would happen, her parents would always be there for her.

That all changed November 23rd, Kiandria was supposed to be over at a friend’s house, but she realized her phone was not in her bag, so she hopped on her bike and rode ten minutes down the road, entering through the back gate, she climbed the sturdy trellis up to her room. Finding her phone quickly Kiandria had begun to descend when she heard several people talking; she could hear her parents, their voices sounded scared. Peering down the staircase Kiandria caught sight of several men standing, before she could puzzle who and what these men were doing, a pop was heard and then her mother began screaming, another pop quickly followed and an eerie silence filled the house. Kiandria was so stunned and horrified she would have probably remained on the stairs, if her cell phone had not begun to ring at that moment. Waking her from her stupor she raced down the trellis, barely keeping her grip.

The next several months passed in a blur. Her parents death had quickly been ruled a murder/suicide, especially after they had found the note written by her mother. Kiandria had realized it would have been useless to accuse the true killer; he had an airtight alibi according to the police. Kiandria quickly fell into despair, unable to handle the death of her parents and the truth of their deaths. By the time she turned sixteen she had began to consume all kinds of drugs, attend parties, with her parent’s wealth she opened every dark door she came across. If she wasn’t high, drunk or doing something dangerous, Kiandria would wander around aimlessly in her three story mansion.

How they became an Outerlander: Kiandria had been driving home at five in the morning strangely sober, a most unpleasant feeling for her. It took only one moment for a SUV to weave into her lane, causing a head on collision. Kiandria flew through the window hitting the pavement causing major internal injuries. Blood began to pool in an ever increasing circle, Kiandria realized this would be the end unless she fought to survive. Since she still had doubts about her desire to live, she became a vampire, a dead yet still living monster. At first she thought her newfound hunger was for human blood, but while the blood was delicious. Kiandria actually fed off the darkness in their souls. Humans seemed to have an abundance it.

The Person/People they will kill in the course of the roleplay: Her parent’s killer.

Favorite Fairy Tale: The Donkey and The Lapdog

“To be satisfied with one's lot is better than to desire
something which one is not fitted to receive”

So begins...

Kiandria Garrison's Story