Ulysses Nolan Owen

"Well that's simply unpleasant."

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a character in “Murder Mystery at Ridgewood Manor”, as played by Kveria


Name: Ulysses Nolan Owen

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Job: Ulysses is a corporate janitor at the moment - however, he also worked to get through his public high school and was kicked out of college for bad grades.

Location before arrival: He lived in Montreal, Quebec, in a low-cost incredibly run-down apartment.

Motive: He doesn't believe that the unworthy should be allowed the precious gift of life, and in a sense, sees himself as a grand arbiter, worthy to rain judgment down upon those who are not deserving of their gifts. In addition, U is incredibly bitter over the perceived rejection of his genius by the world.

Personality: U is an incredibly bitter person. He felt neglected and as though his parents were disinterested in him when he was a child, and he almost flunked out of high school, then did flunk out of college - not due to a lack of intellect, but because of a serious distaste for being ordered around. This has continued, and he consequently cycles through low-paying jobs, always feeling as though something in existence is unfairly prejudiced against him while allowing the people who don't deserve anything to have everything. U looks down on almost everyone. He considers himself something truly rare on this planet, and does not think that many even approach his ilk.

However, U acts in a genteel and sociable manner towards others. He learned early on that it did him no favors to be antisocial, and so he swallowed his distaste for other human beings and is open, friendly, and unreserved. Not a party man, but the kind of person everyone wants to be friends with and everyone thinks well of. Sometimes you see how angry he is underneath, but mostly he lets his kind side show though more than the side that judges harshly and irrevocably.

Likes: Quiet, decent people, normality, being smart, having his intelligence acknowledged, spiders.

Dislikes: Loud, crazy people, entitled people, the majority of people, music, educational institutions, blood.

Quirks: U holds the door for everyone. Literally. He will hold the door open for fifteen minutes until the very last person leaves the room. It's something of a compulsion, as is his anal-retentive posing of his drawing figures, and he will become furious if they are disturbed.

Theme Song: Bruises and Bitemarks - Good with Grenades

Anything and Everything Else!: Ulysses loathes his name and prefers to go by U. He also has a home-made tattoo on his upper right arm that's supposed to be the anarchy fist but really looks a lot more like a unicorn. Consequently, he hates unicorns. U is actually a mildly attractive young man, but he holds himself in a way that makes him seem less physically interesting than he is.

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