"I don`t like to be seen."

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a character in “Murder Ultimate: Tales of the Sierra Madre.”, as played by Dragonrogue


Canon: Alphas

Age: Adult

Attributes: Griffin is a mercenary for hire. Her alpha ability allows her to take advantage of the human blind spot allowing her to be invisible to the eyes. However cameras can pick her up, animals can smell her, and scanners will tell that she is there as well. Most normal people will sense that someone is watching them, but would shake it off as being paranoid. Griffin can turn her ability off allowing other people to see her. She is great at hand to hand combat and is a master of all weapons. Griffin carries a butterfly knife on her person at all times. She is also very agile. Griffin wears a specially designed body suit that allows her to move without a sound to the human ear. The suit will not rustle and the shoes will not squeak. She has gotten very agile over the years and has learned to evade people as well as things. She is however not perfect and she will rarely bump into anyone or anything that she sees.

Personality: Griffin enjoys being invisible and hates it when people can see her.She loves the feeling of being in control when she is invisible and enjoys messing with people that have a suspicion that she is there, but will not do so if it would endanger the mission. Griffin also hates owing people and will pay off a debt as soon as she can.
Background: Griffin was born in a world before the government even knew about
alphas. She grew up normally until she found out that she could turn invisible. After she found out, Griffin kept her power to herself and began training and testing her limits. She began with harmless pranks, startling people and hiding thier items. The biggest thing she had done was scare little kids walking home. It wasn't till she had trouble with the popular girl at school that Griffin realized the potential that she had. She followed the girl home watched as the girl sat down and started writing in her diary. Griffin waited until she was done and took it. At the end of the next day everyone had read it. Not soon after money got scarcer than it had ever been and Griffin realized that she could use her power to get cash and began stealing. She continued using her power and thought she was the only person who had powers until one day when Griffin stole from a boy with a heat seeking power. He stopped her and introduced her to others with powers. Years later Griffin was in college and her situation had not improved. She was in debt after the group had made her stop stealing. With no money and no idea what she wanted to do Griffin was bored. Her friends had stopped using thier gifts and wanted to fit in without being found out. Griffin realized that nothing would get better and quit college and after paying of her debs changed her name and disappeared. When she became a mercenary she choose Griffin as her name after the invisible man.

So begins...

Griffin's Story