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Murder Ultimate: Tales of the Sierra Madre.

Seirra Madre Villa


a part of Murder Ultimate: Tales of the Sierra Madre., by deathdisciple.


deathdisciple holds sovereignty over Seirra Madre Villa, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Seirra Madre Villa is a part of Murder Ultimate: Tales of the Sierra Madre..

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Thorin Oakenshield [0] "Home may be far away, but, heed my words, the Lonely Mountain will see the return of it's King!"
Konrad Curze [0] "Peace reigns, as I reign. I wouldn't expect your to understand. You are a little man, with little dreams."
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Griffin [0] "I don`t like to be seen."
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The sky was blood red. Not for a sunset, but it was a red mist. It smelled of sulpher, and other chemicals that made you gag. It smelled horrible. It would make weaker people pass out in minutes. And in the distance you hear shuffling. Of what? No one knew. But you do know that there were other people around you. Some, weren't even human! You try to gather your thoughts, but that was hard considering the feel the metal of the bomb collar around your neck. Holy shit the guy was serious! Rang in your brain deep in your self conscience. You looked around. The city was obliviously abandon, and dirty....although, barely anything as destroyed. Sure, there were some destroyed buildings....but nothing to serious. You were in the town square. The cobblestone fountain in its magnificence was being diminished by the terrible blood red sky. The ominous voice on the radio was finally done talking. He had talked of gold and wealth beyond belief, but his words of warning stuck in you. Stay in the town, watch for danger, and who the hell are ghost people? Well, you'll find out later. You stood, or maybe lay there, wondering what the hells happening. Or maybe you know what's happening. But whatever the case, you were stuck here. But the more you looked, the more it looked like it was the late 50's Mexican art. Then after the announcement, a electric blue hologram dressed in a tuxedo appeared on top of the fountain like a ghost it waved at you. But it waved like a poorly programed robot.. Were the hell were you? And what year was this? You may not be thinking this consciously, but you were thinking it. Maybe you should talk to the other people trapped, or maybe you should think of your situation, and keep silent. The choice is yours to make. Let it be that you stick alone, or get a group, your decisions will make or break you. Stick to your instincts, or play a selfless hero, or a greedy villain, but be careful, and remember, gold isn't everything. (Matches perfectly)