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Mushishi: The Green Sea

Mushishi: The Green Sea


A Mushi is described as "life in its purest form", they are born from darkness and gather in the gloom at the borders with the light.

1,603 readers have visited Mushishi: The Green Sea since Lovebird created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


Originally created by Yuki Urushibara, Roleplay by Lovebird
Here Comes The Rain, Here Comes The Rainbow


❝ Say these four fingers represents animal life, and your thumb represents plant life. Human beings would be here, at the tip of your middle finger, the farthest point from your heart. Moving toward the palm of your hand, you find the lower forms of animal life. When you get to your wrist though, that's where your blood vessels combine into one. This is where you would find fungi and microorganism. From here it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish between plant and animal life. Even so, there is still life beyond this point. And if you keep going, all the way up your arm, past your shoulder... When you get to this point, closest to your heart, right here, these creatures are the Mushi. They are life in it's purest form.❞ β€” Ginko

In this time and age, Mushi are still poorly understood by the majority of people, and there are lots who doubt they even exist. This is because there are only a few born with the ability to see these creatures. But even if you can't see them, that doesn't mean they don't affect your daily life.

There are many different types of Mushi, but almost all Mushi are neither good nor bad. They simply strive to exist, such as all life does... However, there are harmful types of Mushi. Mushi that disrupt lives. And there are people that take advantage of Mushi as well, using them for their own purpose. This is where the Mushishi come in, to restore the balance between Mushi and human beings.

Mushishi, or more commonly known as Mushi Masters, are humans with the ability to see Mushi, and travel the world seeking to assist. Whether they help humans or Mushi is up to the Mushi Master, but they generally favor balance between the two, and are needed if one is to rid of a Mushi.

Mushi Masters are ones who usually travel the world alone. They cannot stay in one place for two long, or else they attract more Mushi to an area. (Technically speaking, it's the things they carry that attract the Mushi, not the Mushishi themselves.) They survive on being merchants of oddities and trinkets, and often accept them as payment for their services. It can be a lonesome life, if you don't count meeting all the new Mushi and people along the way.


In recent times, there have been more children born with the gift of seeing Mushi. However, not everyone believes it as such a gift, but more a curse. These children are outcasts in their home villages for being able to see the invisible. But this is not a story of rebellion, it is a story of peace. This story will follow the path of Two Mushishi apprentices and their teacher as they move throughout the world, assisting and learning about both people and Mushi. This story has no set destination, and neither do they.


This roleplay is going to be a little different. To keep up with the theme of the original show, unfortunately there can't be very
many 'main' characters, and there can't be very many reappearing characters. BUT, that doesn't mean we can't have more
roleplayers in this!! In fact, if you're interested in a unique roleplay experience, continue along. For now though, here are the
main characters.

( ( Noriko ) )

( ( Yoshida Noriko ) )

( ( 22 ) )

( ( Mushishi ) )

( ( Lovebird ) )

( ( Izumi Nase ) )

( ( Ayame ) )

( ( Saruwatari Ayame ) )

( ( 18 ) )

( ( Traveling Merchant ) )

( ( Crossfirewarrior ) )

( ( Bellows ) )

( ( Male Apprentice ) )

( ( N/A ) )

( ( 13-17 ) )

( ( Apprentice ) )

( ( OPEN ) )

( ( Anyone Anime ) )

( ( Nari ) )

( ( Iwasaki Nari ) )

( ( 15 ) )

( ( Apprentice ) )

( ( ηŒ«γƒγƒ ) )

( ( Saten Ruiko ) )


Code: Select all
[url=(place the url of a song that goes well with this character here. finding a song is optional, but fun.)][size=120][font=century gothic]name of song here[/font][/size][/url][/center]

[center][font=poor richard][size=150]Name:[/size]
[size=110]Character's name[/size]

[size=110]Character's age[/size]

[size=110]Role in rp, such as apprentice or merchant[/size]



[size=150]Hair color:[/size]
[size=110]Hair color[/size]

[size=150]Eye color:[/size]
[size=110]Eye color[/size][/font][/center]


[center][font=poor richard][size=150]Personality:[/size]
[size=110]Describe their personality in a few paragraphs. As the roleplay goes on, you could add on as they change.[/size]

[size=110]Same as above.[/size]

[size=110]Same as above.[/size]

[size=150]Job skills:[/size]
[size=110]For apprentices, you can just put regular skills here, like 'persuasive' and 'knows how to cook a mean chicken' or ' [/size][/font][/center]


Toggle Rules

! !

If all the roles are filled and you wanted to be a main character, I'm sorry but they're all gone. However, if you still want
to be in the Roleplay, then I have good news; this Roleplay will be played in episode-like sections. So for every episode,
there will be different stars! The Mushi master and apprentices will always be there, but star characters will be leaving
and entering every episode. They are characters that are part of the main conflict in every episode, and usually don't show
up in the next episodeβ€” unless the conflict isn't solved.

There will be a limited amount of stars every episode, and if enough people actually want into this RP, there could
eventually be a waiting list. (But I doubt it) If you do wish to play one of these characters, please PM me and we will work
out details. If you just have questions, you can still PM me.

If the star roles are not filled, I and/or the main characters will take them over. In the event that there is no one, absolutely
nobody interested in this roleplay, not even people who just want to be side characters, it will probably be because I'm
terrible at making introductions. And I'll probably cry too. It will be a lonely 1x1 at the worst. If anyone wishes to join in after
the RP has started though, please Pm me.

Yeah, here comes the boring part. Here is some more music to listen to while you read.

( ~1~ )
You don't have to watch the show to be in the RP! In fact, I couldn't care less if you have even heard about Mushishi or not.
However, it would still be nice if you could study it a bit. But If you have ANY questions about anything, about what we'll be
doing or about a type of Mushi, just private message me or go to the OOC and ask. There is also a wiki that details pretty much
everything too, just google it.

( ~2~ )
Same rules as any other RP. No perfect characters, no taking control of other peoples characters without permission (that
includes doing permanent damage), and have good grammar. It doesn't have to be perfect, I know mine isn't, but please try.
The only password is the bold sentence at the top of this RP, in the quotes by Ginko. If you are planning on being in the RP,
PM me that sentence or put it in the OOC with you character request.

If you are requesting a character, whether it be main or not, it is not 'fist come first serve'. I know that there are some people
out there that like to reserve characters and never make them, so If you wish to make a character, let me know the password
and your request, and start making the CS. If someone successfully took the role before you could finish your character sheet,
PM me and we can figure out something else.

( ~4~ )
Write in the length everyone else is writing, it's only fair. However quality is better than quantity, so if you can manage an
excellent post in fewer words, that works too. (IF you are NOT a main character, you do not have to follow this rule. But
you still have to do some writing, no one-liners.)

( ~5~ )
Anime and Manga characters only. Please do not pick face claims with the biggest eyes ever and super unrealistic hair,
because they will NOT be accepted. This applies to all characters. ( For bonus points, make the hair color black. )

Main characters must post with the speed of the RP. If it is your turn and you are gone for more than 3 days without
a good explanation or warning, your character will be taken and controlled by another writer or terminated.

Romance is allowed, however not the main idea of this RP. If things somehow
manage to get heated (which I doubt they will,) you must fade to black.

Swearing and gore are allowed in this RP, but must be kept to a minimum. There will be no
swearing in OOC. You have three warnings. Break the rules three times and you are kicked out.

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Fantasy by Lovebird


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Character Portrait: Tagaki Seiji
Character Portrait: Yoshida Noriko


Character Portrait: Yoshida Noriko
Yoshida Noriko

"Don't do that, you'll just make it angry."

Character Portrait: Tagaki Seiji
Tagaki Seiji

"The sky looks peaceful today."


Character Portrait: Tagaki Seiji
Tagaki Seiji

"The sky looks peaceful today."

Character Portrait: Yoshida Noriko
Yoshida Noriko

"Don't do that, you'll just make it angry."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Yoshida Noriko
Yoshida Noriko

"Don't do that, you'll just make it angry."

Character Portrait: Tagaki Seiji
Tagaki Seiji

"The sky looks peaceful today."

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Most recent OOC posts in Mushishi: The Green Sea

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

are all the spots taken?

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Hey, is the frontpage correct in stating there is still a role open (male apprentice). I think I'm interested, so, if it is, perhaps i'd have a go at it and make a character. If.

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

I'm both excited and sorry to say that both apprentice roles
have been filled, Acid. However, if you'd still like to have
some part of this RP, please speak with me in PM.

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

So I guess I will try to take the male apprentice then =)

My first faceclaim choice would be Rammsteiner, Haine from Dogs: Bullets and Carnage (he is a bit eccentric looking and has white hair, not black, but there are a lot of more basic pictures I can use)

Or there's Misaki Yata from K Project

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Hello ηŒ«γƒγƒ! You character has been accepted! Thank you so much for
applying so soon, I love the detail you put into her and her page. Perhaps
Tomorrow we can talk privately about your character and what she will
mean to the story, but until then, get some sleep!

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Hello Lovely~!

So my character sheet is completed more or less. I may poke around it again tomorrow and add some things. Sometimes when I'm this exhausted my writing turns... Um.. Not good. <= see.

Let me know what you think and what I should add and or improve.

Thanks so much!

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Sorry, my mother and I have been cleaning the house all day.
Got busy.

@ Catgirl and Acid,
No characters have been formally completed, so they are still
considered open.

Sieglaide seems cute, but the outfit and accessories
don't really fit the area and time period of this roleplay. If you
could, maybe you could try someone else.

Otherwise, yes, go ahead and make a character sheet!

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Can I reserve the Female apprentice with the faceclaim of Sieglaide Sullivan from Kuroshitsuji? I seem to be really shifting to the KUROSHITSUJI faceclaim these days...
Oh and "They are life at it's purest form."

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Hi, this sounds like a lot of fun so if there are any roles I can play do say so :)

"They are life in it's purest form."

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Oh, it's fine doll! Thank you for letting me know and for not killing us,
I put in a bit of work into that introduction... Heh. And best of luck
to you too, I hope you have a fun schedule planned!

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

I'm sorry to hear that! Hope you're not too busy for too long and will get to join some other great roleplays later :)

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Ah, no worries, BB, I'll bow out from the start, actually. The idea of the RP is enchanting, but then I looked at my schedule for the next couple of weeks, and... well, I have resolved never to be one of those people that kills an RP with inactivity, so it's probably best that I don't take the risk. Best of luck, though! :)

EDIT: And to Lovebird, seriously nice work with this. I see a lot of overwrought RPs, but this one is striking in its simplicity and cleanliness, not to mention the unusual plot structure. That's why my first instinct was to try even though I probably shouldn't!

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Hello Verdandi and Beauty, and thank you for taking interest in my
Roleplay! Gareki is a fine FC and the hair is perfect, but I'm a little worried
about his accessories. If you don't have any other FC's that match the time
period better, I suppose he'll do.

No bonus points for Beauty, but otherwise you're good to go too.

And to everyone; Sorry about how small the CS is, I didn't actually expect
people so late at night! You can edit it as much as you want, but please
don't delete any of the information. And don't stress. Thank you all~!

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea


I'll also be reserving the Male Apprentice with Takashi Natsume for the faceclaim:

"They are life in it's purest form."

And to Verdandi, let's do our best on our characters! :3

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Okay, this looks totally amazing.

"They are life in its purest form."

I'd love to reserve the male apprentice. Face claim... hm. How about:


Gareki from Karneval? I deeply apologize for the fact that his eyes are slightly weird in color. >_> I can certainly find another FC if he doesn't pass muster, I swear.

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Oh my goodness, I did not expect someone so soon! Hello hello!

The face claim is perfect! And so is her hair color. I'll just uh, put up
the CS and you can get on it right away. Thank you for taking interest!

Re: Mushishi: The Green Sea

Hello love. This is so freaking cool. I'd love to be a part of it if you wouldn't mind. :3 Plus I love the music. Just saying.

"They are life in it's purest form."

I would adore taking the female apprentice if you don't mind.

Her face claim will be Ruiko Saten.

I totally didn't pick a black haired character to score extra points with you....

Mushishi: The Green Sea

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