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Tagaki Seiji

"The sky looks peaceful today."

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a character in “Mushishi: The Green Sea”, as played by BespectacledBeauty



Hallelujah ■ Rufus Wainwright

"Sometimes you just have to stop fighting and accept the life you've been given."


Seiji Tagaki


Mushishi Apprentice



:Hair Color:
Dusty Blond

:Eye Color:


Ignorance is bliss, so they say. In Seiji's case, he practically has the naivety of a child, still having much to learn about the world and how its gears turn. The majority of his knowledge comes from the few books he was provided as a child to pass the time, only making conversation with the Mushi that found their way into his room who never talked back. Because of this, Seiji is often mistaken to be a mute around those he's just met and it may even take a few days for him to finally manage a few words out loud. He tends to use actions over words, but his silence isn't always present around those he's grown comfortable with, though he still seems to hold longer conversations with voiceless Mushi and animals rather than with people who can actually acknowledge him.

Though Seiji isn't a very social person, he seems to care a lot about the well-being of all living things, Mushi and humans alike. He doesn't like seeing someone in distress, but unfortunately he's not very good at giving advice or expressing his concerns. Instead, he might pat the head of whoever is upset or bring them pretty stones or flowers. Even if he doesn't know what to say to make someone feel better, he'll sit and listen to them for hours if they decide to share their troubles with him, surprisingly enough since he has a habit of quickly losing interest and dozing off or playing with things.

His curiosity knows no bounds, always wanting to explore and understand every little thing, stepping into the unknown without a second thought for the sake of learning something new. One could say he has no sense of danger, and for someone who seems so docile and polite he can actually be pretty reckless. He'd climb down the side of a cliff if he saw something shiny just to see what it is. He's more likely to act on impulse than to properly think things through before taking action. Don't get me wrong, he's no rebel and surely does what he's told, but with his short attention-span, it's not unusual for him to go off on his own sooner or later. To put it simply, don't send him on an errand without expecting him to get sidetracked multiple times on the way.


As a child, Seiji barely had the chance to explore even his own village. He could look out the small window in his room, but seeing the same thing everyday would get boring. Now that he's become the apprentice of a traveling Mushi Master, one could say he's already living his dream- to journey to new places, seeing new sights and learning new things everyday. Of course, Seiji would also like to make friends as well, something he has trouble with since he's not very good when it comes to interacting with others.

It's true that Seiji lacks the sense of awareness that he should have when stepping into a situation that's potentially dangerous, but this does not make him fearless. It might seem like he's not afraid of anything, but there are a number of things that can make him feel uneasy, such as being left alone in a large crowd or being trapped in a small space. Silence and dark places also make him uncomfortable, but most of all he's afraid of never being accepted or finding a place to belong simply for the fact that he is able to see things others cannot.

:Job Skills:
Seiji, as spacey as he may seem, has unbelievable senses that may sound impossible if not witnessed first-hand. He could notice a leaf falling from ten feet away or catch a faint, odd smell in the air that most would pay no attention too. With eyes and ears as sharp as his, it's no wonder he gets distracted so easily by every little thing.

Not only are his senses amazing, but his memorization skill are also incredible. If you asked him to recall what he did on a specific day years before, he'd be able to tell you what the clouds looked like, how the air felt, what he ate that day and how he spent his time. He wouldn't be able to forget something even if he tried, not that he'd want to. From Seiji's point of view, it doesn't matter if a memory is lovely or painful, it's still something that's precious and important.

With his impressive senses and memory, Seiji has very little trouble taking in knowledge of Mushi and how to handle them. However, despite being fully aware that there are some Mushi that can be quite harmful to other living things if not dealt with, Seiji has never been able to successfully assist his teacher in a job that requires the extermination of a dangerous Mushi. In a way, after spending years in a room by himself with Mushi being his only company aside from the occasional appearance of his parents, Seiji's still in a sort of denial that Mushi could really hurt someone, even if he's already witnessed it a few times.


So begins...

Tagaki Seiji's Story