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Su-Jung (Su-Su)

"Come on everybody! Smile, smile, smile!"

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a character in “Music Masters: Hi-Fi Prime”, as played by Stitches


수정 Su-Jung
NAME: 수정 Su-Jung (Su-Su)
AGE: Nineteen.
GENDER: Female.
ETHNICITY: South Korean.

Image EYE COLOR: Hazel.
HAIR COLOR: Currently a reddish brown.
HEIGHT: 5’ 3”
Weight: 111 LBS.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A short and petite thing. Su-Su appears to be very young, and is often referred to as being “cute” over beautiful. Her flawless skin flatters her pale completion. Her hair has been dyed many times, her usual colours of choice being bold and fiery shades of red and brown. She is wide-eyed and cannot appear to keep still. Her clothes of choice are trendy items, usually brought from big named, high street fashion retailers. Her appearance is important to her, Su-Su will always appear well-groomed. She loves to accessorise, and wears a variety of different jewellery, hats, scarfs and glasses.

PERSONALITY: Su-Su has an extremely bubbly personality. She seems to have a permanent smile illuminating her face at all times, and cannot fathom why some people appear to be unhappy or stressed out with day to day life. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, Su-Su makes up for her lack of intellect with an eagerness to get involved in any situation. Forever the optimist, Su-Su always finds the silver lining in any bleak situation.

She loves to dance and sing, her voice although sounding somewhat childlike, has a beautiful tone and perfect harmony to it.

SKILLS: Though not really skilled, Su-Su has the ability to lift the spirits of almost everybody. Her presence can illuminate a room.

LISTENING GEAR: A pair of oversized headphones.

Image BACKSTORY: Born to an intelligent Korean mother and an aristocratic American father, Su-Su was born and raised in South Korea. Su-Su’s parents had met when her father was on a business trip. They fell instantly head over feet in love, and married a year after their first encounter. Her parents lived blissfully in South Korea for over a decade after the birth of their first and only child. Just shy of her eleventh birthday, Su-Su and her parents relocated to her father’s old home in the United States.

Her parents are constantly away, her father being extremely busy and her mother extremely social. Su-Su spends the majority of time either shopping with the credit card her dad so generously gave her, or dancing and singing to cheesy pop hits. Su-Su used to have a job of her own, at a restaurant in the city, but quit after an unfortunate event after a late night shift. What should have been a quiet, late night walk home turned into a horrific event. Su-Su was followed by a man who eventually lunged at her in a secluded street, pulling at her purse. The young girl who had her headphones on was terribly dazed and confused. Her first reaction was to grasp tighter onto her two-hundred dollar shoulder bag. The situation took an evil turn when her attacker swiftly pulled out a pocket knife. Su-Su is still not entirely clear as to what happened after the knife was displayed. She was only aware that her body had some strange reaction to the music which was blaring from her headphones. The thug lay on the floor, paralysed, but still breathing. Su-Su ran as fast as her legs could carry her to the sanctuary and safety of her own home. Her heart beat heavily in her chest. For the happy-go-lucky Su-Su, it was hard to believe that anybody could be that wicked.

Although continuing to be her typical upbeat self, the incident had unnerved the young woman, and she promptly quit her job. A number of weeks went by, she had almost put the event into the deepest depth of her memory when an ominous business card in an envelope with her name printed on the front was placed through the door. “Don’t let it happen again. Call Velocity Trance” was printed in bold capital letters on the card, underneath which was a neat, handwritten contact number. In the following few months Su-Su received a handful more of these cards, and now her curiosity is growing larger.


Image SONG NAME & ARTIST: “MmmBop” – Hanson.
SONG CLASS: Overture.
SONG EFFECT DESCRIPTION: Red rose buds appear from behind the user. These rose buds quickly start to bloom. From the centre of the flower a red light appears which hurls itself as if a laser towards the enemy. This laser upon contact surrounds the enemy as if a coiling snake. This paralyses the foe for a short space of time, rendering them unable to either attack or defend.

SONG NAME & ARTIST: “Two Princes” – Spin Doctors.
SONG CLASS: Sentonal.
SONG EFFECT DESCRIPTION: An ice-coloured blue aura appears and cloaks the area. Stepping out from the mists comes two knights, which appear to be medieval. They are both still semi-shrouded in the pale blue fog. One wields a large sword and will attack the foe, whilst the other has a shield in his gloved hands and protects the user from any kind of ranged attack that the foe may try and sneak past the attacking guardian.

SONG NAME & ARTIST: “Heaven” – Dj Sammy.
SONG CLASS: Overture.
SONG EFFECT DESCRIPTION: The user is surrounded by a blinding light, which illuminates the caster and makes them appear golden. Several platinum rays fizz like fireworks from the user and bombard the foe. These rays cast what appears to be a charm spell, which conflicts the enemy. If the enemy has even the slightest amount of goodwill within them, this attack magnifies this tenfold, and may even make the enemy permanently stop attacking.

So begins...

Su-Jung (Su-Su)'s Story