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Name- Myran

Mutant ability-
Panther: Myran was born with a natural panther mutation. Instead of having normal ears he has a cat-like ear on each side of his head. The fur on them matches his hair; they are dark black to the point where they look almost blue in certain light. To go along with his ears, he has a long black panther tail. From it being stepped on by his brothers so many times, he tends to keep it either curled around his leg or his arm.
Foresight: This is one of Myran’s undiscovered abilities. Foresight allows him to see glimpses of the future. But there is always a small catch; he can only see things while he is asleep. Although if it is a scene where he is the main focus, he can watch it while he is not unconscious.
Farsight: This is the other half of his undiscovered abilities list. Farsight allows a person to view what is going on in a different location. Again, he hasn’t completely figured out how this works and so can only use this ability while he is sleeping.

Description: Myran has shaggy black hair that reaches down to his shoulders. He lets the unruly locks do what they want; he has given up on trying to tame his hair because it just goes back to the way it was. Almost hidden by his hair are his panther ears. He tends to keep his ears flat against his head which causes them to blend in and disappear on top of his head.
Most people are fascinated by his eyes. They aren’t a set color and depending on the person looking, his mood, and the time of day, his eyes will be different colors. His eyes do always have a small amount of grey in them but have many different colors that change depending on the conditions. Sometimes they will be a dark blue grey; they can lighten to a grey, green or yellow green. The lightest they have been is a bright blue green.
He has a small build, his small frame standing at five feet, six inches. He is almost a head smaller than either of his brothers and his slouching doesn’t help, causing him to look a few inches shorter than he really is. He is naturally skinny, and the beatings from his brothers and parents don’t help. He doesn’t get much food at home and so he tends to eat a lot at school, making people wonder why he isn’t larger than he is.
Over his small frame he usually wears large baggy clothing so he doesn’t look as small as he really is. His normal attire would be a black T-shirt that he just found somewhere in his bare and slightly messy room. Along with it he would pull on some loose and dark jeans. On top of it all he would put on his black sweatshirt, mainly to cover bandages that he always seems to have one or two.
If you look closely you can see that he has at least one different bandage on every day. They in different places, is arms, hands, face, neck. But he has always has a bandage somewhere that he covers with his clothing or his long black hair.

ImagePersonality: Myran has two different sides to him. One that he has at home and one that he shows to everyone at school or in public. He does this mainly because of his family situation and they way he is treated at home. At home he gets a lot of the verbal attacks from his parents, anything his brothers do will be taken out on him and he will be the one to fix whatever happened. His brothers beat on him most of the time, physically and verbally. They are the main reason he has the bandages all the time and are the reason he stays quiet a lot. He gets a lot of mental abuse from them also; their comments bounce around in his head and make him doubt things.
At home he tries to be quiet and out of the way, trying not to do anything that will get him trouble. He stays out of the way, keeping to himself and sometimes he doesn’t even go home so he won’t have to deal with something he knows he would get in trouble for. This keeps him timid and shy, he doesn’t like making new friends and it’s very hard for him to talk to people and let them get to know him.
In public he isn’t as scared. He isn’t constantly trying to stay out of the way; he is almost the opposite in class. Because of him missing a lot of school, he tries to show that he isn’t skipping because he doesn’t want to be in school. He wants to show that he is smart and capable of learning, that he isn’t a bad kid the way his clothes and attitude make him seem.
To those he is close to, he is a little more open and more himself around them. He likes to joke around with his friends and has a slightly skewed perception of humor from his brothers’ treatment towards him. He doesn’t have much sympathy towards others in pain because of his somewhat high tolerance to it and the constant pain he has learned to ignore by now.

ImageHistory: Myran’s life, like so many others, has had its ups and downs, more downs than ups I’m afraid. He has lived in the same place all of his life and can walk you around the town with his eyes closed. He knows all the back alleys, all the safe hangouts, the places to hide and spend the night.
His parents were astonished when they saw that he was a mutant. His mother seemed to break the most and refused to be around him or take care of him. His father was ok, for a time, he got pulled into his mother’s thinking and became cold to him also. They would let him figure things out, make him fend for himself and get things done on his own. His brothers thought it was interesting that he was a mutant but then starting picking on him because he was different.
As he started school, the other kids would ignore him or bully him because of his ears and tail. He learned how to hide them, keeping his ears down would keep them blended in with his hair and he could keep his tail hidden if it was curled around his leg and covered under his pants. He got through school keeping his mutation hidden and isolating himself from the others.
Because of the constant mistreatment from his family he learned how to live on his own, get his own food, cook, steal, and find good places to sleep out on the streets. At school he would keep to himself, avoiding his brothers who would bring attention to his tail and ears, getting the others to pick on him. This started his normal pattern of not attending all of his classes and skipping school when he could. His teachers asked questions and his parents, his brothers and him, all said everything was fine. He didn’t want people knowing what was going and still doesn’t.
He won’t talk to many people about what is going on; only one person has been able to get close enough to him to actually get a small amount of the truth out of him. When his parents found Sunshadow academy, they couldn’t send him off fast enough were slightly ticked that he could live on campus like some private schools allowed students to do. They let him make his own way there and don’t care what he does on his own time.
He met Julye there; she seemed as lost and scared as he was. It took him a lot of courage to even say a few words to her, but once he spoke, he didn’t stop. He was glad that someone was actually listening to him and didn’t yell at him for speaking his thoughts. He was glad when Julye started speaking to him. He doesn’t know much about her past because she doesn’t like to talk about it, but he let her talk at her own pace and let her tell him what she wanted to.
Now he is just focused on getting through the days. His brothers’ treatment has gotten worse and he doesn’t know why. They tell him things that make him feel worse and he is going to school less and less. He avoids people as much as he can so no one asks him questions.

Class Schedule: 1)Music 2)Math 3)History 4)Lunch 5)Chemistry 6)English 7)Weapons Skills

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