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Eliot Masterson

"Being able to possess people isn't as sweet as you think."

0 · 159 views · located in Archer Facility-44

a character in “Mutant Saga-New Dawn”, as played by The Protagonist


Name: Eliot Masterson


Eliot's main power of possession over humans, animals and objects can be best described as a few giant ups and a lot of small downs. In order to possess a human or animal, they must either willing let him take over or they must be scared to the point of being terrified. To do this he must take possession of objects and use them to scare the person or animal. How long it takes for this to work varies on the person and animal in question. When he isn't in control over a body, he is in an invisible ghost form that others can't see or hear which takes away his abilities as a spy and he can't even touch anything unless if he possesses it. In the ghostly form he sees most people with a blue aura around them meaning they are fine, when they get a red aura is when he can take over. Once in control, he gains all of the knowledge and memories of that person from large things like classified information to small things such as how to whistle. He cannot possess the same person or animal more than once but he can remain in that body as long as he wishes to. It should also be noted that in his ghost state, he is still solid and cannot phase through objects which makes completely sealed areas bad for him.

Age: 16 (Actual), 28 (In his current body.)

Gender: Male (Actual), Female (In his current body)

Appearance: Eliot used to have blond hair and sky blue eyes before he mutated into a ghost. His ghost form can't be seen in the naked eye but through various methods such as infared or sonar, it would appear that his ghost form is a misshapen 5 foot tall figure. He has taken over a female scientist from his escape which has red hair and green eyes but this may very well be temporary.

Height: 5'6" (Before mutation), About 5'0" (Ghost from), 5'4" (Current body.)

Weight: Weightless (Ghost form) 118 lb (Current body.)

Equipment: The female scientist that he took possession of kept an M9 pistol in her house that he has since fitted with a laser optic on the bottom that he purchased off the internet using her credit card. He carries her smartphone with him and uses her BMW as transport.

Personality: Eliot has a cold outlook on things do his experimentation in his past that caused him to lose his original body and be trapped as a soul who has to steal others. He takes no regret in possessing people and has no problems using their valuables for his own gain. He is capable of friendship, compassion and even love for others, however. Just don't make fun of the female body, that will get him mad quick. He wants revenge against OMAR for what they did to him and his sister.

Bio: Eliot had grown up in his childhood like most normal kids, he had his mom and dad and a sister, Claire. When he was 13 years old, him and his sister were abducted by OMAR and never seen their parents again. The Alpha experimentation had killed them both or so it seemed. Claire had died but Eliot's body was transformed into a ghost like form and was placed inside a sealed off cell in order to detain him for the next three years of his life. He discovered his powers trough various escape plans which he took control over animals after scaring them with inanimate objects that were moving on their own but all attempts proved futile. After the Alpha's were set free, he was able to take control over an already terrified female scientist at the scene, named Lynn Swaim which makes her the first and so far only human that he possessed. He made his escape from the facility while pretending to be another scientist. Because he has access to all of the possessed person's knowledge, he already knew about the outside world and how to be able to do things that would have taken years of practice. He aims to get revenge on OMAR for all of the horrible things they have done to him.

Other: Possession of Lynn gave him more knowledge of OMAR. He knows how to operate handguns, do agile gymnastics, drive and other things of the outside world that was kept from him.

So begins...

Eliot Masterson's Story