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"I will become stronger. I’m The Dragon Swordsman!"

Name: Cain Azura

Age: 21

Gender: Male

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Physical Description: Standing at 5"9 inches tall, he tries to look as strong and intimidating as possible. Cain's long red hair falls past his shoulders and down to the base of his spine. He likes to boast and brag about his manly physique. His amber eyes hold a spark of fiery eagerness that hungers to prove himself to the world that he can be just as strong as any warrior Mercenary, or become the hero he feels he was born to be.

Equipment: Draconil: A broadsword measuring five feet in blade length. It has magic runes that enables him to summon armor if he needs it, as well as have enhanced strength and agility for a time. It’s enchantments bind the sword to its Wielder via its soul. Such conditions can be changed by a spell user if they’re powerful enough.

Strengths: Silver Tongue- When outnumbered, he usually tries to talk his way out of a messy situation, but it usually costs him either some of his rations or hard earned coins.

Warrior's Temacity- He does not give up so easily. Knock him back down he gets right back up again for another round or two.

Swordsmanship- he learned how to wield a sword with great fervor and tenacity, making him a known man for his skill.

Weaknesses: Arrogance- He has a bit of a bad habit of oftentimes bragging a bit too much in the middle of a fight. Which usually makes him open to a swift punch to the face.

Berserker- If hard pressed in a fight he lets himself go and fights even more fiercely to win, this does endanger himself and any allies nearby.

Anxieties- He has a slight issue with his anxiety that flares up when he's either very uncomfortable or frustrated, it especially comes when something from his past comes to mind.

Personality: When one meets Cain, expect a warm smile, a welcome handshake, and a loyal friend almost instantly. He's caring, charismatic, if somewhat slightly silly at random times. His friendly tones are often seen when he's fighting, because he'd become a totally different person entirely. He loves to joke around and make someone laugh when he isn't fighting, or arguing with anyone nearby.

He fights like he's running out of time, as if he's trying to go the extra mile to save a friend, and if a friend is in trouble, he'd do it in a heartbeat. He loves to help people, and is willing to always. But this eagerness makes him jump into the fray without thinking. And put him near a woman and you'll get a very shy and crazy mess.

Likes: Blacksmithing- It's a useful skill, and it also helps him repair and maintain his weaponry.

Traveling- After eleven years of being a mercenary, Cain has grown to like traveling it requires.

Women- Put someone very pretty in the room and he melts almost immediately and is unable to focus for a little while.

Dislikes: Hypocrites- People who don't practice what they preach receives his left hook if he catches them.

Racists- Anyone mistreating the other for being different makes him bitter to his stomach.

Witches- Due to his past and how he feels about them, he immediately puts them under suspicion.

History: Cain Azura was born to a well known Village of craftsmen and forgers in a kingdom north of Korina, but despite this slight prestige, his origins are nevertheless humble. He was an only child, and the Village Elder, a grandfather to all the children, affectionately called him Na’ari, or "Blessed by a Dragon" in his old tongue which was custom when one was born with red hair and Amber eyes. It was a sign a great future awaited him.

As a youth he found it hard to make friends because he couldn't understand certain things and was distinctly quiet. That distanced him from other children, but he gained one friend which he regarded as his first, if not his only friend. She literally had the ears of a cat and was regarded as different too, and that brought the two together.

They would play all sorts of games. Especially when it was pretend that made him look dashing and heroic. Some of the village believed the two would marry when they grew up, and would be very happy. Even the village elder believed in that good fortune. But fortune took a turn for the Worst as all of a sudden, The Witch Came. He forgot her name along with the village he dwelled that night, as she came to snatch whatever children she could for her own ends. The two friends were especially for that regard. Both friends ran, but in the end, Cain escaped not knowing his only friend tripped, separating from her.

By the time he realized it though, it was too late. Desperate to try and locate her, he ran wildly through the woods, tear stricken. That was when he found a Mercenary, who took him under his wing and became a teacher to him.

Five years roll by, and Cain and the Mercenary, along with his company, discovered and defeated several trolls, and found their treasure hoard. It was there Cain found a sword made by a powerful blacksmith. But it was also enchanted by the Witch he grew to hate. It bound to his soul and granted him abilities beyond his imagination.

Six years roll by and he was now well known by anyone. He was called “The Dragon Swordsman” for his Might and dedication to help those in need. But he kept the memory of his one failure close to his heart. Even when he now heads for Korina, to face again, fate and it’s rolling dice.


Face Claim: Adlet: Rokka no Yuusha

So begins...

Cain Azura's Story

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Ame huffed when Tiny, what she planned on calling the sword’s spirit, spoke. She could catch her own fish if she wanted. Her mind went blank at Tiny's next words. She quickly turned her back to them when he mentioned Cain's crush. She felt her cheeks turn hot as if on fire. Her cheeks grew hotter when Cain silenced Tiny. She knew she was talking about Cain having a childhood crush, but it brought up her own memories.

Amethyst ran her fingers through her hair. She pushed away old memories that popped up in her head. She would never admit it, but she had a crush on him when they were little. Some would say she was in love, some would assume it was puppy love. She remembered how Elder would tease her about how she found her future husband early.

She rubbed her face to ease the heat she felt. Once she felt her face cool, she glanced around for Cain. He was cutting at some scarecrow in the distance. She knew she hurt his feeling, but she couldn’t allow herself to care. A tiny part of her wanted to comfort him. She refused and just watched Honey.

When she felt her temper leave, she walked over to Cain. She noticed he had been crying and bit her inner cheek. Amethyst felt bad, but ignored the feeling. “Cain, are you ready to keep traveling? We should get more space between us and the castle,” she said. She glanced at her palms. There was dried blood on them from her fresh wounds. I need to treat these woulds later..

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Cain wiped his face clean of tear streaks and jumped up and sheathed his sword. “Yeah. I’m ready to continue. I think we’d be better off getting to a more fitting part of the coast where we’d have a good shot at going on a flight to Kilos.” He explained, sounding like he was back to his normal typical attitude.

That part is obvious genius. Yer anxiety shifts are really dodgy at times, Partner. And how do ye know which way we need to go? Belkorin stated to Cain.

“At least I know where we need to go to get the fledgling the best route to get him home to mother before she decides to fully turn what people call home to cinders.” Cain said looking at the spirit with a wry grin. “Besides, You’re the one who needs to remember that the world probably looks a little different today, old lizard.”

Why you little fiend! This is what I get for being a good friend to ya for nearly seven years! I’m feeling so unappreciated!

“Oh calm down buddy. You’re alright ain’t ya? Amethyst, let’s try and direct Honey to the coast and get our flight preparations underway.” He said with a smirk and he walked in the best direction of Kilos from their current position. The sooner he put more distance between that kingdom and them, the better itd be for the flight towards his old home.

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Amethyst stayed quiet as he spoke. She was irritated with herself for feeling bad. It was weak. The witch would give her hell if she knew. She just listened to the two males bicker. Amethyst gave a quick nod when he spoke to her. It took a while, but they finally led Honey to the coast. She was worn out from the walk. Amethyst knew it was because the shadows had been gone for so long. She felt weak. Amethyst had never realized how much she relied on the shadows.

We are going to rest here before we fly to Kilos. It is getting dark as well,” she said. She glanced at the ocean and laced her fingers together. She did not look forward to flying over the ocean. Honey had just learned to fly. Despite her fear, she led Honey to the water. She knew he would need some food soon.

Let’s see if you can catch yourself a meal,” she added. Honey saw something shiny in the water and ran in, kicking back water. He kicked enough water back to soak her. A shirk escaped Amethyst’s lips, which made her immediately cover her mouth.The water was freezing. The stupid gown felt like one hundred pounds now wet. She took a deep breath and walked over to Cain. Her face was filled with annoyance.

Cain, undo the back of the dress please. I plan on going to sleep soon. We can leave early in the morning,” she said.

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“Ah the feeling of the coast. The salt air, The atmosphere, who could ask for more?” Cain asked as he watched Honey splash Amethyst. Belkorin had to cover his maw to keep himself from restraining a laugh. Both then watched as she walked over looking annoyed as ever and gave out the orders.

Cain’s usual good demeanor changed to a frozen look. He nodded dumbly as he went to the back of the dress, and with trembling hands undid the back of the dress before turning around sharply. His face turned as red as his hair.

“Th-there. All done A-Ame.” He stuttered as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I-I should get some firewood.” He said, as he began to walk along the beach for driftwood and fuel for the fire.

I saw that lad. Belkorin told him. ”You like her, don’t you? Or is it those childhood feelings? Cain gave a glare as the spirit began floating in front of him.

“That’s a non-issue. It’s obvious she doesn’t give an iota. But... I hope deep down, she kept me around because of our friendship.” Cain said as he gathered the wood for the fire. Once he did, he built the fire in a nice secluded part of the beach big enough to hide Honey and the group as well as the firelight.

“That should at least make us a bit comfortable for sleep.” He muttered to himself as he lay on his back and slowly began to nod off. He hoped things turned out alright in the morning flight over the ocean, yet he predicted claws in his back painfully.

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Amethyst had no idea why Cain was trembling. She was the one drenched in cold water. She felt the weight of the dress lighten once he finished. She nodded when he spoke and grabbed her bag. Amethyst had a blanket in there she’d sleep in tonight. She had a white slip under the dress, but knew she’d freeze sleeping in that. She watched as Cain went off into the distance to collect wood. Ame wondered if a fire would attract unwanted attention.

Quickly she slid the dress off. She wrapped herself in a brown wool blanket. Lucky for her, the slip was just a bit damp. She walked over to the fire he had built. Her gazed wandered over to him as he spoke. Amethyst watched as he began to fall asleep. She had the urge to curl up into his side. She resisted as she knew it was just because she was cold. It was a habit when she was a child. She could just curl up and fall asleep next to someone. Though, only those she trusted. She only trusted the village elder and Cain.

She sat next to the fire for most of the night. Amethyst couldn’t think of sleep. She had trouble sleeping since she was kidnapped. Amethyst wished she was back at her castle, but she be dammed if she let Xavier rule the world. Hours later she walked over and sat next to Cain. A yawn escaped her lips eventually. Let me just lay down... Amethyst curled up into the fetal position next to Cain. She kept a few feet away though.

During her slumber, she ended up in Cain’s side. This is when she fell into a deep sleep. She woke up as soon as sunlight hit her eyelids. She went to stretch out, but realized how close she was to Cain. She stood up and walked away from him. She walked over to the sleeping dragon. She tightened the blanket around her. Amethyst stroked the dragon’s cheek gently.

Wake up little one. Wake up, time to head home,” she said softly. She wanted to ease the dragon into waking up. She wanted to leave soon.

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Cain slowly began to wake up, opening up his eyes as he sat up and stretched. “Morning everyone.” He mumbled out as he fished one of his pockets for some dried meat and popped them into his mouth and chewed. “I had a pleasant snooze, and am fully ready to get the little dragon home again.”

Just a quick tip so that way ya know Lad. Just hang on for dear life. Don’t panic and it’ll be smooth flying. Oh, keep your mouth closed too. Just in case of a stray insect or two Belkorin stated, causing Cain to roll his eyes.

“Flying just sounds a lot of fun. Let’s um, make sure you’re properly dressed and be on our way!” He said raising his fist in the air. “Operation: Homenest is officially underway!”

Oh dear he’s naming quests again, ignore him Amethyst he does this whenever something thrilling is about to happen. The spirit said as it decided to slink back into the sword for the time being so that the beginnings of the flight wasn’t commented by him.

As Cain thought about it, he realized they were heading back to where they were once innocent children. Which meant if it was by chance, they came across the village of their childhood, they’d end up confronting old memories. Whilst the thought seemed nostalgic, he was afraid. Afraid of the past because it holds the answers, and was the root of his desires to be strong.

Shaking his head to snap out of it he looked towards Amethyst. “Are we ready to go?”

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Amethyst was glad when the dragon woke in a pleasant mood. Her ears perked up to listen to Cain and Tiny. She rubbed the back of her neck anxiously. Hang on tight. Don’t panic. Try not to sink my claws into Honey or that’d cause rough flying. I better not swallow a bug… She was pulled out of her thoughts when Tiny mentioned how Cain named quests. She watched as Tiny disappeared back into the sword. The spirit was amusing.

I’ll be ready in a second,” she said. Quickly she pulled on some tights and her boots. She left her slip on. She thought of putting the dress back on, but decided to leave it. “I’ll buy something else to wear once we are home. That dress isn’t the easiest to move in,” she said.

She walked over to the dragon and stroked his side for a few seconds to calm her nerves. After, she climbed onto the dragon. Once Cain got on, she took a deep breath. “Let’s go Honey,” she said. She felt her breath catch in her throat as Honey flew into the air. She had to keep herself from screaming. She kept her eyes on the scales of Honey. Amethyst refused to look down at the ocean.

Honey flew for a good distance before it landed in a cornfield. Amethyst was glad when they landed. She was happy they landed in one piece. It wasn’t long before she jumped off Honey. “Good job Honey,” she said. Ame looked back at Cain.

We should travel by foot for the rest of the day. I’d hate to overwork Honey,” she said. Amethyst was not too fond of flying she now realized. It was a bit nerve racking. She moved her hands to her tail to smooth it out. She slowly looked around to make sure the owners of the farm weren’t coming their way. Despite no one heading towards them, she began to head to the woods nearby. Though, it seemed like Honey had other plans. She groaned as she watched him begin to chase cows. Amethyst looked at Cain.

Do you and Tiny want to talk to Honey? We are going to have an angry farmer if we don’t leave soon,” she said. She glanced at Honey who was happily eating now.

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Cain blushed at her current appearance. But he only nodded and put on his confident face. “Let’s do it Then!”

Before he knew it, they were in the skies, and it was the most exhilarating thing he ever felt.


They landed on solid ground after crossing the ocean. He breathed the air, smelling the familiar scent on the breeze. He remembered this land. He knew this land. He was smiling, if his sense of direction was correct, they were near or on the lands of Kilos. Or to be more precise, on the borderland.

He nodded. “Right Ame. If we keep going we’ll be well within home.” He then heard her request and watched Honey devour a cow. “Oy, Oy!” He shouted.

Only one cow for the road! We’re almost home fledgeling! This way! Belkorin shouted as he turned to Amethyst briefly. Tiny Huh? Well, I’ll take it as a compliment. I’m travel sized after all. The cattle would’ve died of fright if I was physical and me real size, Lass. Knowing that Honey would follow them after both his and Belkorin’s prompting, Cain began to walk towards the woods.

Almost an hour on foot afterwords, Belkorin began to look around nervously.

“What’s the matter with you?” Cain asked.

Cain, we're almost in Her territory. If ye say you’re not scared I’m gonna call you a liar. Now listen carefully boyo I’m only explaining it once. If she decides to trade words you must use the name your Elder gave ye. Older Dragons respect the old customs. Whatever you do, act confidently and do not waver.

“Great advice Belkorin, But do you really think she’ll trade words with us?” He asked seriously.

To clear the mystery of what happened to her child and cease whatever assaults she’s been giving to your home, yes! This is a serious matter. You have to behave properly, cause I don’t know if she’ll pay attention to Amethyst. Be prepared.

“Okay, just calm down.” Amber eyes looked around the woods and back at Amethyst and Honey before looking at the skies. They seemed clear for now. At least Cain hoped.

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Amethyst refused to smile as she watched Cain shout at Honey. She was distracted when Tiny spoke. She rolled her eyes. “Die of fright because they’d think he was a mouse,” she murmured under her breath. When Cain began to walk towards the woods, she followed a few feet behind. She looked around as she listened to her surroundings. She listened to the conversation occurring as well.

She decided she wouldn’t say anything if the mother appeared. She looked at Honey and smiled. Amethyst was going to miss him. The thought of just taking him to her kingdom crossed her mind. He would be cared for there and have land to roam. Although, she knew she couldn’t keep him. The village elder would want his home to be in peace.

It wasn’t long before Amethyst tensed up. She felt like something was off. Amethyst wondered if it was the mother. Quickly she walked over to Cain. She stayed close to his side. “So, we may have company soon…” she whispered. Her eyes widen when Honey rushed by them. She assumed he sensed his home and was rushing towards it.

How far should we really take him? I don’t want to really meet Mama Dragon. I am not trying to be brunt into a crisp,” she added. Amethyst jumped and grabbed Cain’s arm when branches rustled above. “Just the wind,” she murmured, but she kept her grip on Cain. Luckily for Cain, her nails only laid against his arm.