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The Kingdom Of Korina

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         Amethyst refused to smile as she watched Cain shout at Honey. She was distracted when Tiny spoke. She rolled her eyes. “Die of fright because they’d think he was a mouse,” she murmured under her breath. When Cain began to walk towards the woods, she followed a few feet behind. She looked around as she listened to her surroundings. She listened to the conversation occurring as well.

She decided she wouldn’t say anything if the mother appeared. She looked at Honey and smiled. Amethyst was going to miss him. The thought of just taking him to her kingdom crossed her mind. He would be cared for there and have land to roam. Although, she knew she couldn’t keep him. The village elder would want his home to be in peace.

It wasn’t long before Amethyst tensed up. She felt like something was off. Amethyst wondered if it was the mother. Quickly she walked over to Cain. She stayed close to his side. “So, we may have company soon…” she whispered. Her eyes widen when Honey rushed by them. She assumed he sensed his home and was rushing towards it.

How far should we really take him? I don’t want to really meet Mama Dragon. I am not trying to be brunt into a crisp,” she added. Amethyst jumped and grabbed Cain’s arm when branches rustled above. “Just the wind,” she murmured, but she kept her grip on Cain. Luckily for Cain, her nails only laid against his arm.