Effy Greyson

"As we fade in the dark, remember you will always burn as bright,"

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a character in “MY CHEMICAL GARDEN”, as played by LivyGrey



Bitter || Passionate || Musical || Agitated || Intellectual

[ Strange|| Kerli ft Tokio Hotel ]

“I won’t cry, I won’t weep because music speaks better than words so I’ll play. I’ll let the words swirl free from my mouth and the sounds fly from my piano until you understand, this world isn’t mine and I’m not yours,”

Full Name: Elizabeth Astrid Jane Greyson
Alias: Effy
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: House Wife
Religion: Atheist
Heritage: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birth Day: 14th February
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Character Role: The 2nd Cold Reluctant Bride


Detached || Animal Lover || Vegan || Sarcastic || Moody

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”Choose not a life of limitation,
Distant cousin to reservation.
Defunk the pistol that you pay for,
That punk feeling that you stay for,”

Family Members: Before she was abducted, Effy had an older brother and a little sister. Her parents were deceased but she lived comfortably amongst her parents’ old home with her two siblings- they all worked at poor paying jobs but they made ends meet every time.
Future Plans: Go home. That’s all there is to it.
Personality: Effy was a wild and restless soul before she was abducted. She was always very vocal and demanding but she had passion, fire and spirit which she’s know buried deep inside her as she makes her best attempt at remaining mute. Everything about Effy in the present is quite cold, her eyes, her expressions, her dresses, she’s even physically cold to touch but that might be due to her weight loss and depression. That’s the thing, being a house wife out of her own choice has brought Effy to a silent sort of depression. No one really notices it because they didn’t know her before when she was anything different but Effy has lost weight and colour to her skin since being in the house and she’s lost the light behind her eyes too and all her personality. She’s a shadow of herself and the only real glimpse you get into that cracking wild heart she once had is when you catch her off guard, when her mind is absent and her fingers are wildly dancing across the keys of a piano- then you can genuinely see a real spark of passion and fire in her personality again but other than that, she’s hard to look at be around because her aura is a grey one of misery and anger. Though despite this, she can be quite affectionate to her sister brides for they are in the same boat she is and she can appreciate that about them even if she can’t always appreciate their jollier attitudes or upbeat personalities. However despite all her silence and sombre attitude, she isn’t afraid to make a scene as an effort to stand up for herself, others or injustice and she can be counted on to make life difficult for those who try to oppress her.
Fears: She fears for her siblings back home and worries if they’ll get by without her okay but she has no fears for herself, not pain, not heart break- not death. She’s very numb to emotion and has little sense of terror or concern when it comes to herself, so her only real fear is worry that her siblings back home will experience pain, heart break or death. Otherwise, she’s fearless.
Quirks: Effy has a tendency to mime playing piano against the side of her legs when she’s bored or stressed and can often be heard singing to herself in her room whilst she reads but she’ll never sing in front of people or show any sign of happiness or content. She wants them to know she’s upset and angry about being in the mansion- she wants to go home to her family and she tries to tell them this in silent gestures every second of every minute of every day. Effy also has a tendency to pull facial expressions, because she holds back on her speech there’s a lot of eye brow raising, hip popping, lip quirking and fidgeting that appears in her daily communications and it’s almost joked about how often her eye brow arches in question every single day.
Hobbies: Piano and reading
Passions: Her only real passion is playing piano and singing, she writes poetry to sing whilst she plays but that’s all there is to her passion. It’s the only thing you’ll ever see her do anymore that makes her happy.
Bad Habits: Swearing, though she speaks little she does make a habit out of cursing or cussing and she often has to stop herself from lashing out and throwing things or slamming doors- physical release is the only way she’s ever found that genuinely helps her calm down and holding that back she often finds…tricky.
Guilty Pleasures: Lemon sherbets and inappropriate jokes.
Likes: Music and literature, that’s genuinely all she really likes. She obviously loves her siblings but thanks to the virus they can no longer be a part of her life, so the only real things that she likes would be monochrome dresses and fashion and piano music.
Dislikes: Her husband and his family. She hates people who can act like their genuinely happy being abducted and held against their will- impregnated and controlled. She doesn’t understand how the other girls can stand by and live with it.


Narcissist || Tactical || Aggressive|| Faithful ||Cold

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"I'll spread my wings and learn how to fly, I'll breakaway,"

Face Claim : Amanda Seyfried
Height: 5,9
Weight / Build : Thin, weight around 110lbs
Hair Colour: Very pale blonde
Eye Colour: Bright blue


Unforgiving || Resentful || Incomprehensible || Infatuating || Mysterious

[ Light Behind Your Eyes || My Chemical Romance ]

“Be strong…as we fade in the dark, just remember you will always burn as bright,”


History: Effy grew up in an unusually poor family, her Mother was ill ever since she gave birth to Effy's younger sister and it wasn't any surprise to the family when her Mother eventually passed when Effy was 15. This tore Effy's world apart but more so, her Father's since his death followed after a month of depression and heart break. Bonded together by their misery, they trio of siblings grew incredibly close especially Effy and her brother Jasper since their survival was completely reliant on their cooperation together to get by. Effy and Jasper provided for their younger sister Ana the best they could and once she was 7, they trusted her to sell products Effy made in their home outside their house and deliver them locally- she was so young they couldn't imagine anyone would ever abduct her or wish to harm her, so it was all okay for them. They never suspected it was street wise Effy who'd get caught out. Before she was taken to the mansion to be a house wife, Effy had been the wildest and most high spirited girl you could imagine- she'd dance in the rain and smile when she should be in her deepest sorrow just to be strong for her siblings and she laughed in the face of people who rose against her, questioned her or challenged her because she couldn't imagine anything more pathetic than picking on the orphan girl with under 5 years to live who was only ever trying to provide for her family. Jasper at 20, was always the intelligent, collected and thoughtful one out of the two and he was always the one to keep Effy grounded and thinking realistically especially when they worked out they'd die around the same time meaning they had to make sure Ana would be capable and strong enough and manage alone without them- that's what kept Effy thinking all the time. That simple motivation to make sure Ana would always survive when Effy or Jasper couldn't. Her siblings were her whole world and she'd play music for them on their Parents' pianos when they were sad and when they were happy, a song at least each night so they never went a day without reminiscing the days back when they were children and so at the end of every night, they could still keep on singing and dancing and even now in the mansion, she has kept to the vow she made her siblings to sing and dance once a day, every day- she's just not so happy about doing it anymore or as public about it.

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