Emily Leeh

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a character in “My Country Love Story”, as played by ♥ILoveParis♥



Name: Emily Marie Leeh
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role: Girl 4
Personality: Emily is the typical country girl and that is a fact. From the way she talks to the way she acts. She likes being the country girl and doesn’t like anyone that isn’t. She hates the city because everyone is so rude and you don’t know anyone.
She is a very outgoing person, not really in the way where it’s like she is silly but more like she a total flirt that isn’t afraid to flirt with anyone. She is a really big flirt and everyone knows it, she dates a lot of guys.
She is a very big partier especially if it is a bomb fire party. When there is a party she is usually the life of it. She’s the one that gets everyone to dance and have a good time. She is really good at getting guys on the dance floor, all she has to do is ask.
There is no doubt that Emily is a pretty girl, most guys would describe her as ‘smoking hot’ and she uses that to her advantage, big time. She gets her way a lot because guys just love her. She isn’t a really big bitch about being pretty and stuff unless she wants something. So that’s hardly ever.
Emily treats everyone like a best friend when you meet her, but you do something mean to her and she will turn on you, and it won’t be pretty. She has a very short temper and everyone knows it, she’ll most likely yell or slap you if you make her mad.
Emily may come across as a bitch to some people and that is sometimes true but not very often. People don’t like her because she flirts a lot and knows she pretty. But once you talk to her you’ll realize that she is really is nice and just because she flirts doesn’t make her a bad person.
SHORT History: Emily is the farmer’s daughter and that is the name she is known as around her town. She plans to go off to college to become a teacher like her mother and then move back home and meet a country boy. She has had her future planned since she was little and she won’t let anyone get in the way of what she wants.
Family: Her mom who is 45 and a teacher. Her dad who is 47 and a farmer. Her younger sister who is 10.

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