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Adam Chase

"I always knew I was meant for more than this."

0 · 415 views · located in Reaper

a character in “My Daddy Death: Revamp”, as played by TheFlag


Name: Adam Chase Image

Nicknames: Sometimes referred to by his last name by associates.

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Adam stands at roughly 5'10" with a lanky frame, he is thin but not unhealthily so. In terms of other physical aspects Adam doesn't look well, his skin originally quite dark has taken on a lighter more unhealthy shade but it remains clear of any markings, facially or otherwise. Black, Adam's eyes look almost completely black but on further expectation they are in fact just a very dark brown, dark purple bags hang under his eyes hinting at his lack of sleep; one unusual thing about his eyes is that one pupil tends to be bigger than the other, it varies but it is often visible. Facially Adam is very standard, his jaw is quite thin along with his chin, his nose is narrow and also thin but very defined, his mouth however is puffy and quite wide in contrast to the rest of his face. Adam's hair is sprawled across his head, it is thick and clumps together, it feels fine and is quite luxurious, the color is a deep black that gives his hair a particular sheen when light is put on it.

Personality: Trying to categorize Adam's personality is a hard thing to do, it tends to fluctuate in the moment, what he feels on a whim often determines how he acts, at times he can be polite and reserved and then other times outgoing and loud, there is no set protocol that Adam follows he does what he wants when he wants. Adam is an abstract thinker, a dreamer who likes to live in his own world, more often than not Adam thinks of life's greater mysteries, focusing more on the unknown then on the known: a philosopher one could say; because of this Adam enjoys a good debate, verbally sparring and debating metaphysical conundrums. When Adam is confronted by reality however his abstractness does him little good, because of his inability to deal with cold hard facts he stumbles, dwelling on the uncertainty's of things, when he should be doing something else he's looking back and wondering if he has done it right.

Adam at times can be extremely bitter and irritable, he doesn't like the hand that life has dealt him and has a serve bitterness that sometimes rises to the surface, along with that Adam is resigned, he tried his whole life to change the hand he was dealt and eventually got tired; point being Adam slowly developed into a nihilist. Life along with everything he views as completely pointless, there is no reason nor explanation for anything it simply is. Because of that he can be at times a stick in the mud, it also infuriates him when people try to explain this pointless existence. Because of all this Adam is quite depressed, there is nothing in his life particularly worth living for but he carries on, like a husk at times. His bitterness and most of these traits usually come out at people he is jealous of, people who have more than him. All these negative traits make Adam look quite neurotic at times or they make him look like an unfeeling sociopath at other times.

Morally speaking, Adam is indifferent, he cares for no one's well being but him and those close to him, that's it. He can be made to feel guilty about certain situations and at times can randomly be a good Samaritan, these are few however. Most of the time he can be a thief a robber and a killer, its not so much the action and crime that unnerves him but the consequences, what is his chance of getting caught? So he rarely runs the risk. Adam usually acts with a dry sarcasm mixed with a sense of irony, he usually appears deeply sardonic and this mixed with his cynical, jaded view makes him deliver his sarcasm in a deadpan tone.

In terms of reacting with people, Adam is usually quite confident, mostly because he couldn't give a single toss about what other people thought about him, he reacts to insults with an equally vile insult and if pushed further he would probably attack them before they got a chance to attack him. It could be seen as violent, but instead it is a pragmatic intuition, better for him to get a first hit after all. In terms of friendliness, it depends really, he does socialize and talk with others but outside of everything else he prefers his own company more than anything.

Adam values logic and reason when other things fail, he values cunning and is more a man who values his mind and wits then his brawn. He trusts his mind and is confident in who he is, he believes what he sees and does not second guess himself. In conclusion, Adam is a neurotic man who sees things as completely pointless, one who dwells on the mind not body and is deeply intelligent, he is impulsive and can react to stimuli differently, he can come off as cold and distant but he simply couldn't care, he doesn't give a conscious effort and is generally resigned. He can come off as sarcastic and warm if something invigorates him enough but generally he goes through the motions of life; you get up, work and then sleep.

Family Life: Family-wise, Adam is the backbone of his family, he supports them financially as his mother cannot work. He has two siblings, both sisters one is a teenager and the other a toddler, Adam is close to them. Adam hates his mother for not being able to support herself and resents them all deeply for not being able to peruse his own life. He often visits them once a day to check in on how they're doing as he feels obligated to them.

Dreams: Dreams are something Adam tries to repress, knowing he'll most likely never achieve it. As much as Adam hates to admit it he often daydreams about waking up in another life, a fresh start with nothing of his old life being there. Simply being able to life his life his way, free of any responsibilities. Often Adam feels guilt over this due to his family.

Likes and Dislikes:

Intellectual puzzles
Being alone

His life
Being in a crowd
Unexplained things

Bio: Adam was apparently born in a small hospital outside of Reaper, his mother had gone into labor early and everyone doubted that he would actually survive, his percentage of survival was a meager 20%, Adam however defied the odds and came out weighing 5lbs it was assumed he would die shortly after, he didn't. The doctors were baffled that there prognosis was wrong, what did Adam's mother do in return? Did she thank god for her miracle baby? No, instead she threatened to sue the doctors on putting her through that ordeal. In truth however he wasn't the woman's son, he was a changeling, a changeling for a baby which had never existed. Simply put the woman was falsely pregnant and on otherwordly entity decided to give her Adam in the pretense that he was her child.

From when Adam began to walk and talk he did things for his apparent mother, she became lazier and lazier due to Adam's constant intervention, he rarely got time to himself. He dedicated his time to usual stuff, studying and watching television. Adam took an interest in computers when his mother had gotten herself a new laptop but couldn't use it due to being technically inept. From that point on, it and he were inseparable Adam was constantly surfing the net, looking up new things and playing new games, over time this led to Adam becoming more technically savvy

In Adam's late teenage years, after the birth of his second sister his mother had a heart attack. Because of her heart condition she was confined to her bed and could rarely do anything, this led to Adam stepping into the parental role of his two sisters, using food stamps and the little money they had Adam supported his family and over time began to support them more fully. Now 20 Adam moved out of his family's house and into a small apartment, he has multiple jobs that he preforms, plus he is juggling a college course on computers. He gives money to his family and spends the rest on himself. Adam feels confined with hardly any time to himself and often feels alone and depressed.

What is your otherworld entity: Corrupt Demon: Essentially a demon that has been corrupted by some ulterior force, in Adam's case being Death's son.

Transformation Appearance: Adam has two complete demon forms, one that he can enter and leave freely, the other requires a certain trigger and is a complete transformation; mind and body alter in this state. His first form has extremely white skin and looks as if it is made out of porcelain with dark veins running across, the eyes are completely black and he radiates an aura of dread. He can enter this form freely.

In his second form, Adam is turned into a much more monstrous sight, he is 11 foot tall in this form, much more muscular and stronger. Shadows ebb and stream out of his eyes. The veins that trail down his body now contain black, moving shadow. If cut the shadows leak out. Adam's jaw extends giving him a snout, full of razor sharp teeth black teeth, the teeth are not rotted but are pitch black. His ears slope up one the side of his head, they sit alert like a bats. He has two white horns on his head, on the horns a crown of shadows rest, ever moving. The skin that looks porcelain before, is now actual porcelain and in actual places is cracked. Lastly Adam possesses a set of razor sharp black claws on each hand as well as his feet. His vocal cords are also manipulated, only allowing him to shout demonic roars and grunts. He can only enter this form during life and death situations.

Adam is inherently immortal, like his father he cannot be slain. He can die yes, but he cannot stay dead. If killed his body will slowly reconstruct itself with shadows into perfect working condition, then he'll simply revive and wake up. He has had this power all his life. It is passive and cannot be turned off.
Secondly, Adam can create blasts of energy, this power is still new so at the moment Adam can only create bursts of simple kinetic energy and only channeled from his hands. If he gains more proficient in this ability, he'll be able to use different types of energy and channel them from other places, such as his eyes or legs.

In his first demon form, Adam's body slowly reconstructs itself with shadows, its skin is also hard and incredibly difficult to pierce. His strength increases and so does his agility, stamina and reflexes.

In his last demon form, Adam becomes a force of destruction, almost impossible to harm by physical means. Incredibly fast and quick but not as mobile as his first form. He has the strength to throw cars in this form and jump incredibly high. Adam's healing rate stays roughly the same as his last form. In this form Adam has changed psychologically and physically, he has no control over his actions and is simply a mindless beast. He can only enter this form in life and death situations.

Anything else: Adam is quite technical, he knows how to fix mechanical things as well as how to make and design programs. Although officially he couldn't he is quite capable of several illegal things, such as hacking computers and other equipment.

So begins...

Adam Chase's Story


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#, as written by TheFlag
Adam Chase
The hand on the clock had finally hit its marker, the alarmed sounded immediately, a chorus of bells shook the small apartment. Adam turned on his bed, facing directly away from the clock, his eyes remained shut for a few moments before he realized it wasn't going to stop. Turning towards the clock his hand gripped it firmly, in his frustration he threw it with all his might; it hit the nearby wall and sprawled into pieces, there was a satisfying crack and the bells were silenced. Adam lied on his back, looking at the ceiling "That's the fourth clock this month..." He grumbled, irritation covering his face, a resigned sigh escaped his mouth as he sat up.

It was 7:00am and he he had places to be, primarily he had to pick up his little sister and take her to school and fast, his mother unable to do it. It wasn't until he picked up his mobile that he realized the date: it was Saturday, no school today, he winced realizing how out of touch with reality he way. He took a quick passing glance at the alarm clock on the floor, some stubborn part of it still ticked defiantly, bending down Adam finally switched it off.

His apartment like always was a mess, the wallpaper was peeling and the walls were cracked, the floor was littered with general rubbish and in the kitchen several pizza boxes sat stacked on the counter along with half-filled bottles of flat cola. It was a depressing sight, Adam pushed the feeling deep down and checked his phone for messages. A few were from his mother asking him to pick up milk, her prescription and a few other essentials; one was from one of his employers, Chase, we need that file found on Monday, if you don't find it don't bother coming in. He rolled his eyes doubting if the file had ever existed, he doubted he'd be fired as his Boss relied on him more than he cared to admit.

Opening up the small cupboard beneath the sink, he took a look at his gas meter, it had three meger zeros meaning Adam couldn't have the hot shower he so desperately craved. Sighing he walked over towards his wardrobe he pulled out a blue shirt that had a plaid pattern, slipping that on he did up all of the buttons and pulled the collar down. For his legs he got a pair of denim trousers that had rips at the knees. Finally he had slipped on the black leather jacket he usually wore, put on his usual brown work boots. Ready for the day, he decided to start the way it usually did: visiting his family.

Upon opening the door a half-balding man was standing there, in a red silk gown, he looked flustered and angry, "Do you have any idea what fucking time it is!" He raised his finger and took a step closer looking half-crazed.

Adam took a passing glance and felt a dull anger ache in his gut, has he been waiting here? Adam thought in absent-mindedness. The man obviously mistook this for nervousness and took a liking, like a man on a power trip, he opened his mouth to speak again. "It's twenty minutes passed seven now get out of my way." Adam spoke in a matter-of-factly tone and went to walk away.

A shoulder gripped his shoulder and pulled him back, Adam being irritated, feeling downtrodden and depressed barely kept control. He turned towards the man barely keeping his cool. "I am sick of this! Every day you have your alarm on full! You piece of sh-", at that point Adam completely lost his cool. Adam's fist swung forward with the intent of breaking the man's annoying face, instead something else happened there was a ripple in the air before his fist reached the man, some sort of energy exploded blasting the man off of his feet, his head hit the wall leaving a dent in the plaster, he slumped down unconscious. In that pseudo-punch Adam felt something open inside of him, something that had been latent for a long time and all Adam could do was look at his fist in wild disbelief.

Quick to disregard what he saw for some illusion caused by stress, he shook his head, usually he trusted what he saw but what he did there was impossible, that and the fact that his teenage sister had recently been institutionalized for schizophrenia. Breathing heavily he muttered to himself "You're not delusional, you've simply had a stressful morning. You punched that man not blasted. Everything's fine. Now get on with your day."

Heading out of the apartment complex Adam felt liberated, nothing like taking out your frustrations with physical violence; granted he still felt stressed but overall it let a more cool head take over. Adam first headed to a general store and picked up a few vital groceries, then headed to the pharmacy for his mother's heart medication. He checked his mother's messages that he had everything then he began walking towards his family's house.

He knocked once before opening the door, it wasn't locked, it was never locked. Upon entering he saw the bleak grey hallway, the stairs leading up where his mother resided, in her room as always. He lay the bags down in the hallway and entered the lounge, his little sister was there; lying on the floor head in hands watching cartoons. Her head turned and she cried happily "Adam!" She rushed over and they embraced in a hug in which Adam spun her around. Emily wore a black vest over a white shirt, followed by a blue skirt that reached her knees.

"Hey Emily!" Adam smiled, taking on a completely new demeanor, the big brother. The one where he acted light heartedly, had no worries and loved his family, underneath though this was simple acting on Adam's part, a front he put up for Emily. He let go and put her down gently on the ground, "Just a sec, kiddo; gotta pack the groceries." Adam proceeded to do so, putting everything in place. Adam headed upstairs where his mother was snoring lightly, oxygen mask on her face, he put her prescription next to her along with a sticky note that read I'm taking Emily out, be back in an hour.

Looking at Emily she didn't have many friends and usually sat inside, mostly because like him and his teenage sister they were all seen as weird. The kids in her class bullied her and called her strange because things had a tenancy to happen around her, Adam too. His other sister was simply seen as insane and she was in a way. Emily was different. Though Adam visited both of them, it hurt him visiting his older sister and seeing her in such a state.

Walking down the stairs he paused in the hallway, "C'mon Emily we're going out to the park!" She turned and faced him and with a quick enthusiastic nod she slipped on her shoes and ran over to him. They both walked towards the door and headed out hand in hand. Emily and Adam discussed her time at school vaguely, the headteacher had apparently taken a shine to her and Adam nodded, he then proceeded to give her his cynical advice, "Make friends in high places Emily and you'll rarely get into trouble. Words to live by." He flashed her a smile and she grinned back.

Nearing the park, Emily asked "You'll push me on the swings right, Adam?" With a quick affirmative nod from him she slipped his grasp and ran towards the gate. Adam hung behind slowly trailing after her as she entered the empty park and ran towards the swings.


The kettle whistled signifying that the water inside had finally boiled, Arabelle sauntered towards it, she didn't have to drink but she sure did love too, making herself a cup of coffee was a simple matter as she poured it into her small china cup. Carrying it over towards the table she seated herself, putting the hot drink on the side. Having been awake all night, a good ol' cup of coffee would certainly help freshen the mind, taking a quick reflexive sip, she sighed as it went down her throat. How she loved modern food, food in the time when she was human was garbage when compared. Her mind flashed and in that moment lit up.

Pushing her small spectacles back up the bridge on her nose, she began reading a few files that she had been sent. Mostly it was about school, a few deviants that had vandalized a teacher's car, she felt a hot rush of injustice and would personally see to them being caught and punished accordingly.

Others were about particular students, a one Emily Chase, looking at the file she realized that she was a sister to Adam Chase, a boy whom she had kept an eye on when he went to school he was one of Death's children of course, she kept an eye on most of them as few avoided her gaze, they all went to school at one point after all, some were still going. Our Lord needs to show restraint... She thought momentarily, she briskly drove the stray thought from her mind focusing on her work as she always did. "Emily Chase, even the teachers show discomfort around her..." Arabelle found herself murmuring, "There's something off about her though..." She found herself admitting recalling their brief encounter.

Ticking various boxes; applications, things that needed her direct confirmation, advice, she felt much like she did in the past except the territory she was ruling over was a school. She enjoyed it though, directing efforts and educating the youth, although in her time the youth were much more grateful about being educated. She shook her head, they were just children after all and she shouldn't judge them, instead it was her job to teach.

Relaxing as she delved further into her work, she was rather shocked as she felt several bursts of strange power from Reaper, so shocked that she stumbled out of her chair, spilling her coffee in the process. She fell towards the ground and sat utterly blank for a few seconds before crying out "It's happened!" Pushing herself up with a grace that can only be achieved by floating, she ignored the mess she had made and darted for her room. Running towards the mirror she ran a brief hand through her hair, then she focused on her eyes.

In almost a heartbeat she felt herself step into the underworld, her skin melted away gracefully and she began to hover a few meters off the ground. Her gaze was fixated on the dark castle in front of her, where Death himself resided. The urgency of the news stopped her from gazing around in awe of the landscape, as she always was. It was always so beautiful down here, especially in comparison to the mundane real world.

Pulling up her wispy hood she began to float forward towards the castle, she did loops and generally enjoyed the feeling off weightlessness, flying towards the front gate it opened for her. Always a good sign, she thought briskly, as she continued through Death's halls, a few creatures waved and greeted her, she politely waved back. She quickly told them she was in a rush and couldn't talk right now, as usual they respected her wishes.

As Arabelle approached the throne room, she noticed the doors had already been opened. Inside Death was sat on his throne, Sevan Arabelle figured assuming that Sevan would never let Raul speak formally to Death was informing him of the news. Knowing how rude it would be to enter and interrupt she waited patiently outside, listening. Silence lingered before Death spoke.

She nodded in agreement, Lord Death was wise, it would be very inconvenient if the world of the living found out about them. She assumed that was it but Death uncharacteristically added "I will be there when I can, take care of them until I am able to assist." She didn't realize Lord Death would be getting involved personally but she reminded herself that these were Lord Death's children after all. Pausing she decided to wait for Sevan to exit, seeing if they could come up with some sort of plan on how to approach this.


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#, as written by TheFlag
Emily took a seat onto the swings, the other three seats sat empty; the park was almost always empty in the morning. Some older children were using the slide and roundabout but apart from that it was empty. Adam wearily sauntered over, positioning himself behind Emily. "So how high do you wanna go?" Adam spoke, his voice overly enthusiastic.

A look of excitement spread across Emily's face "Really high Adam! I mean really, really high!" Taking note of this, Adam nodded.

"If you say so, just don't blame me if you land on the moon." Adam smiled and Emily giggled. "Alright hold on!" Emily tightened her grip on the swing and Adam started by pushing the seat powerfully. The swing moved forward to Emily's elation, followed by more powerful pushes. "Swing your legs you'll go higher!" Adam called as he pushed her further into the air.

Following Adam's advice she called back, "I can't do it!" Emily sounded frustrated stopped moving altogether and Adam began to push her at a more gentle rate. Lowering her head she looked frustrated.

"Relax Emily I'm sure you'll get it eventually. I couldn't do it when I was your age." Speaking in a gentle tone, trying to soothe her.

Emily looked up and quickly said, looking at him with her eyes, "It's not that."

Adam tilted his head curiously, looking slightly bemused, "Then what is it?"

Looking confused, Emily's face struggled to try and explain, "I sh-" Lowering her gaze she quickly said, "It's nothing Adam."

Not willing to let it go so easily Adam responded "No, Emily what is it?" He stopped pushing the swing.

"Why can't mother come out and push me on the swing?" Emily quickly blurted out, Adam froze completely surprised by the question. "Why can't she come out and play with me? She never does anything with me."

Adam's brotherly demeanor quickly crumbled and panic as well as his own views leaked in, "Uh she... has problems.. lots and lots of problems. Y'know with the heart and stuff?" He then added "She's also not that motherly Emily... don't take it personally."

"Oh..." Emily replied looking slightly hurt which immediately made Adam feel bad. Adam resumed pushing her and the silence settled into the background, not an oppressive nor awkward silence but a calm silence as Adam gently pushed her on the swing.

Several minutes passed but it felt like it had been much longer. Emily broke the silence, "Adam?"

Adam stayed silent for a few more moments his face blank; he then shook himself from his daze "What is it Emily?"

The silence had had a calming effect on both of them. Emily morosely stated "I had that dream again." She looked distant at the ground in front of her.

Adam had been told, it had been a recurring nightmare. Acting indifferent Adam questioned "The one with the fire?" While knowing in fact it was.

Emily simply nodded, "...our house burned down..."

Shrugging Adam murmured "Well thank God it's just a dream then."

Emily seemingly ignoring Adam continued, "Amelia was there too."

Adam continued to jovially criticizing his sister's dream, "Well... Amelia is in an institute right now."

Turning up Emily looked at him, "You were there Adam and you weren't moving." Adam could see tears behind Emily's eyes.

Adam maneuvered around to the front of the swing and crouched down in front of Emily, "Emily it was a just a dream. Forget it. I'm still here see! And I'm not going anywhere anytime soon."

Emily looked up at him, "You promise?"

Adam nodded "I promise." Emily responded by quickly leaping into Adam's arms, Adam gently wrapped his arms around her and muttered "Let's get out of this park... its depressing." Gently letting go of Emily he held out his hand and they both walked towards the park's gates.

On the way out Adam felt perturbed by Emily's dream, what if it was going to happen? Adam shook his head, that's just Emily being Emily, she was strange even to Adam but he loved her. Still paranoia demanded that Adam called Reaper's mental institution to check on Amelia. He was sure she wouldn't mind if he was a day early for their weekly visits.


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#, as written by Rarikou
Aria put her hands in her lab coat, looking out into the world. She had spent all of her time indoors, her face stuffed in a series of books. Now, it was simply time to take a break As she let the chill wind blow through her hairm she pulled out a soda, and took a sip. She was never the type to enjoy coffee. Good old soda had always been the way to go.

She was on a balcony leading out from the library she had been sitting in the entire time. She simply couldn't find some of the books she had been intending to research, and thus had no choice but to come here.That, and it was a rare opportunity tto think on her own. That lunatic of leader usually bothered her with random things, and she quite enjoyed the solitude.

'Alright, let's think this through one more time.' She thought to herself, simply gazing out into the city. 'Legends have it that the Grim Reaper himself founded this city, thus it's name. The question isn't 'why would he do that?' but rather 'Why did he pick this location?' As far as I'm concerned, it isn't because the city is on a ley line.' She said, thinking about one of the books she had been reading. 'No,I'm thinking TOO paranormal. I need a more mundane start. Why would someone want to found a city period? To house something? TO make a home for himself? Is there something about the land that is convenient for him?'

She huffed, taking another sip of the soda. 'I can only assume it would be out of convenience... but what could possibly be convenient for Death himself?” She began thinking to the book ;The Reaper Tells Lies, in witch the author constantly stated meeting the Grim Reaper in person. 'Maybe this land has better properties to project himselff? Either way, I had better take a sample of the earth, from outside of the borders and that from within. It's a long shot, but It'll be a decent place to start.”

Her mind made up, she went and returned the books to the librarian... except for one, a book on the city, indicating possible religious landmarks. THAT book she ripped the label for the security code so it wouldn't trip the sensors, and snuck it into her coat before leaving.

Not ten minutes towards the exit of the city, she heard her name called. She blinked, then turned around to find an assistant. “You're... from the lab. What is it?”

“It's... -huff- the boss. He said he wants you to get him some chocolate milk.”

Aria blinked... then linked again. “You couldn't have just GOTTEN IT YOURSELF?”

The assistant yelped and took a few steps back. Apparently, this one hadn't been around Aria for too long. A small pang of guilt gnawed at her. “Sorry, I just hate that idiot. I'll get him his milk.” 'And I'll lace it with sleeping toxin' was she she hadn't added to that, “I would appreciate if you collect a soil sample for me. Go roughly a few yards away from the official city borders and collect about five different samples. Thank you.” She said

She began waking to the nearest store, buying the stupid milk. She paused. “Maybe I should just get him drunk instead.” She thought, also buying a bottle of wine. Taking a syringe, she got some wine out from the bottle, poking a hole in the milk carton and injecting it. “With any luck, he can't hold his liquor, get's too drunk, dies, and I get put in charge of the lab...”

After realizing what she was thinking, she shook her head, and threw the carton away, instead buying a fresh one. 'I'm not that horrible a person.' She thought, and made her way back to the lab.

As she got back, she found the director, aimed, and threw the milk carton straight at his face. After all, it wasn't HER fault if he got a concussion from failing to catch a carton.


As Remiel took the steps back into life, he stopped and thought about it... where exactly was he going to look for this children. He knew their names, but no idea what they looked like. He couldn't just wander around sensing foer power... that would make him look stupid.

A bright idea coming up, he turned to his police vehicle, which he had appeared near, and tapped the com. ' Officer Jihad, badge number 4242564. I need an address on one Adam Chase.”

A moment later, the comm gave him the information he needed. Remiel smiled. “Alright, let's get extreme.” He said, blaring the cop lights and hitting the engine, running as many red lights as possible. Was there a reason why he did this? It was more fun this way. Never let it be said Remiel Jihad let the rules slow him down.

When he got to the house, he parked the car in front of the doorway. “I don't think he's in...' Remiel said, trying to sense life nearby. “I guess I can just wait for him...” He thought.

Smirking, he walked towards the front door to Adam's house. As he did, two swords blinked in front of him, flinging themselves at the door hinges, and they shattered. The door fell to the ground just as Remiel stepped on top of it.

He walked over to the fridge, pulling out a bottle of soda from the fridge, and walked over to the couch. Finding the remote to the tv, he turned it on.


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#, as written by TheFlag

Walking along the sidewalk with Emily, he turned "Alright Emily I'm going to take you home now." Emily simply nodded and they both continued to walk along the sidewalk. It took awhile but they eventually arrived back at Adam's mothers house, "Emily tell mother I'll be back later to help and stuff." He waved Emily off as she sauntered into the house and waved back from the windows.

"Time to visit Amelia..." Adam muttered, not in the least looking forward to it. Getting to the asylum was simple enough, although it sat on the edges of town cabs still took passengers there. It was a simple matter of walking into town in search of a taxi, Adam fiddled about with his pocket realizing he had a few dollar bills, should be enough to pay for the ride Adam thought absent mindedly.

As a taxi passed Adam held out his hand, it slowed and Adam opened the door getting inside the back seat. "Where to mate?" A casual carefree voice spoke, the taxi driver seemed middle aged and had a smile plastered to his face.

Adam leaning forward quickly said, "The Asylum, please." The man looked back at him strangely before shrugging his shoulders and nodding.

"Alright mate... you'll be there sooner then you know it." Stepping on the pedal the car drove forward, Adam looked out, it wars roughly 10:00am now he thought, wondering how Amelia will react to his sudden appearance he felt sad, seeing his sister in such a state was no easy thing.

The journey was a long one, Adam's eyes closed and he entered a brief sleep.

On the outside Adam was a sleep on the inside his mind was very much awake. Adam awoke inside his mind, upon realizing this he became aware and the haze that was his dream immediately became more defined and intricate. He was inside a white office, it looked very nice and most disturbing at a desk wearing an expensive suit was... him. It gestured for him to sit down and without any passing of time nor memory of sitting Adam found himself in the chair.

It simply grinned at him, its skin matching the room was almost albaster white, its grin scared him, he wasn't sure if it was happy or it was going to eat him. Reacting indifferently Adam spoke quietly taking on a reserved tone, "Where am I?"

His doppelganger continued to look at him, its eyes unmoving and Adam found himself quite uncomfortable. After what felt like an eternity it spoke, its voice mimicking his perfectly. "You're walking on the vestiges of your mind, ironic considering where we're headed."

Adam although unnerved snorted, almost laughing his doppelganger reacting in no visible way, "I'm confident in my own sanity... and my resolve." Adam said simply.

Shrugging his doppelganger admitted, "You don't think you're in the least bit troubled Adam? Life has not turned out like you had hoped right?"

Fear gave into a more irritated anger, Adam leaned forward and spoke, his words echoing his cynicism, "Oh... no I know somethings wrong, it's just I don't care. I stopped caring long ago."

Recoiling, mocking being offended his voice took on a patronizing tone, "Oh Adam... Adam, Adam you do care!" A picture of his family appeared hazely in the background.

Remarking upon it Adam simply said "They are my responsibility."

For the first time the doppelganger looked irritated, "No Adam, they're parasites. Feeding off you like leeches, limiting what you can become!" The venom in its voice made Adam unnerved again. Agitated at Adam's silence it trailed around him, "Everybody has used you, abused you and yet you abide by it!" It began to shout, "Kill them. Kill them all. Kill them swiftly, kill them slowly! But do! kill them." Upon this it began revealing more disturbed features, black veins, pitch black eyes.

Looking at it Adam found himself saying, "You're just some apparition. Some representation my mind has conjured to torture me and make me feel like shit." Pausing Adam also added, "You make me reconsider counselling buddy."

Not liking this, his doppelganger hissed and raised his hand, "You'll change your tune eventually Adam. I know you will." Its face twisted into a smile again, "This is the beginning of the end my friend." With that it began to shamble towards him, Adam found he couldn't move nor scream as the creature bore himself inside him. No scream, no escape.

Adam gasped, awakening violently in the back of the taxi, the driver looked back at him and spoke friendly, "It looks like you were having a hell of a nightmare, mate. Anyway we're here."

Nodding, Adam wiped his face thankful to be back in touch with reality. "Can you wait here? I need a ride back." The taxi driver nodded simply, as Adam handed him the dollar bills the taxi driver thanked him.

Adam stepped out, viewing Reaper's mental institution, it seemed ominous enough. A dilapidated, white serene building, it practically radiated a aura of crazy and Adam felt guilty that he had committed Amelia to this hell. Walking up to the gate, it seemingly opened and Adam entered the asylum.

It was empty and the atmosphere stale and oppressive, a slightly overweight woman in her mid-forties was manning the receptionist's desk. Adam approached asking to talk with Doctor Williams and although Adam didn't have an appointment his request was put through. Thankful for his luck he took a seat and waited for Doctor Williams.

Roughly a quartar-an-hour passed, Williams entered the room looking brisk, "Oh! Adam! Its good to see you my friend!" Extending a hand Adam shook it graciously. "You're here to see Amelia, yes?"

Adam nodded, "Yeah, doc I'm looking to see my sister."

The doctor looked slightly amused, "Yes your sister, I must admit I was wondering if you were going to commit yourself, Adam. Your mental health is important too you know? And it appears to be in decline"

Adam recalling his dream muttered, "I gathered doc, though I'm sure you say that to all your visitors. Extra money for counselling right?"

Doctor Williams tutted like a school teacher with a child, "Extreme bitterness Adam, you also look extremely stressed. It would be in your best intere-"

Before the Doctor could continue Adam cut him off, "Look doc, I'm here for my sister not myself, so cut to the chase! Alright?" The irritable anger in his voice had shook the Doctor's composure witch momentarily returned.

"I must warn you Adam, she is stuck in a state of psychosis and delusions. Are you sure you wish to see her?" Williams warned, pulling out a notepad.

"She's my sister." Adam muttered as confirmation. Doctor William's proceeded to have the visiting room set up with Amelia being brought there. "You have half an hour Adam." He said politely as he led Adam to the door which he quickly entered.

Sitting inside, her wrists bound to the table was Amelia. Her brown hair was a mess, several split ends, her beautiful emerald green eyes had unhealthy bags underneath and she generally looked warn. Adam approached the table and took a seat. "Hello Amelia, it's me. Adam?" She looked up recognizing him.

"Adam! Adam!" She cried leaning forward as much as her restraints would allow, "Please you've gotta help me! These people they've been torturing me!" Adam although he knew she was delusional felt immediate guilt.

"Amelia I need you to concentrate, please! I'm begging you." He looked at her with a sincerely, she seemed to have gone blank. "Have you had a dream about a fire?"

Amelia's erratic behavior had changed, becoming slow, apathetic and monotonous, "Oh... Adam. It's you." She said her words slurring and taking longer to pronounce. "The fire?" She took an unnecessary pause, "Has our Emily been dreaming again?"

Shaking his head he turned and admitted it with a nod, "Yeah... she had a dream." Adam turned no longer able to look at his sister.

Looking at him, her mood changed again, "Do you pity me, Adam?" Adam cast an eye towards her, she seemed angry. "To be pitied by someone as low as you!" She spits, landing directly on Adam's face, he didn't move instead he raises his left sleeve wiping his face clean. "You're a monster Adam, although you don't know it yet. You're a demon and you're going to the underworld."

In an instant Amelia began to tug at her restraints, while snarling at Adam. Adam didn't react simply looking at her sadly. He pushed himself up without saying a word and left the room. He ignored Doctor Williams and instead headed directly outside, where his cab was still waiting for him.

Adam looked at him casually, although on the inside he was shaken. He needed to head home, take a sleeping pill and sleep it off. "Take me home please," He gave the address to his residential apartment and once again fell into a doze, this time he had no dream.

He awoke again this time calmer, the taxi driver remarked upon this. Adam gave him the money he owed and stepped out, looking up at his apartment he sighed. Then unexpectedly, his heart began to ache, it felt like it was on fire, falling on the floor he gasped. Rolling on the floor in agony there streets were seemingly abandoned. Was he having a heart attack? He found his death strangely fitting in a way, he was a lonely child and now he was going to die alone.

He lay on the road for a couple of minutes and when the pain began to fade a sense of tranquility overcame him. He had no idea what had happened and although deeply worried he simply lay there. More minutes passed and Adam turned his head seeing a police car parked outside. Sighing he hoped the man he had sucker punched earlier hadn't called the police. Finally deciding to get up he entered the apartment.

Upon entry he found, he found his apartment's door flat on the ground, he guessed the man had decided to pay him back. The TV was also on in the background, must've left it on he thought. Letting out a strangled groan he proceeded into his apartment.

He threw his jacket on the counter and immediately relaxed, proceeding in. Adam went over to the TV with the intention of turning it off, he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the man sitting on his couch, drinking one of his sodas. Was he being robbed? Yes Adam because robbers love to sit around at the scene of their crimes, he rolled his eyes. He then remembered his debts, like a bad dream they haunted him, he owed roughly 10,000$ to a shady bank. He guessed they weren't too above loan sharks.

Looking at him, he treated the man with general disdain, walking over towards the kitchen and fixing himself a glass of water. "Tell the bank they'll get their money." Adam spoke before taking a sip of the water, "Next time you visit though can you break something other than my door down?"


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#, as written by Rarikou
Remiel had sat in front of the t.v for hours, emptying the fridge of it's soda collection. He had watched a comedy, a game show and a soap opera, which he didn't fully understand- why would the supposedly dad mother get facial reconstruction surgery so she could marry her daughters fiancee? It made no sense at all, but it was strangely intriguing.

At any rate, he wondered what he was going to do next... he had almost run out of soda, and the midget was late in coming home. He supposed he could mess around on the computer, but then he might not notice whe Adam came home... but there WAS a nice drama coming on...

Turns out he didn't have to wait too long, because In came Adam, as calm as could be despite seeing a door on the floor. He gave a slight wave. “Took you long enough. You're out of soda now and I was getting bored.” He said.

When he made a comment about telling a bank they'd get their money, Remiel blinked. “There's a police car out front and the first thing you assume is I'm some sort of loan shark? What kind of conspiracy theory books have you been reading lately? Don't worry about your loan, I'll handle it.” He assured

Remiel stretched. “Anywho, I've come to get you. No way else to say it: you're the son of the Grim Reaper. Now, let's get going, shall we?” He asked turning towards the door without really caring. “I've got to fetch another one of your siblings before nightfall, so think in the car.”

Well, Remiel got points for bluntness, if nothing else.


Aria huffed “I'm not your damn assistant, get your own stupid milk.” She said removing her coat and setting it on a chair. She closed her eyes, rubbing her temples. Already, this buffon was giving her a headache. He tended to do that a lot. “For the record, I was in the middle of travelling to get a sample of dirt for one of my theorys.”

She opened the book she had swiped, detailing the myths of reaper, and sat down. “My first idea is to see why on earth the Grim Reaper settled here, thus the soil sample. I'm going to run mineral and density tests on the different samples to see what I can find.” She said, turning a page . “Other than that, no. What about you? Have you been sitting here freaking the assistants out the entire time?” She asked

Regardless, she opened her miniature fridge and pulled out another soda , and took a sip. If nothing, soda helped her relax, as well as think. “I might have to use some other type of experiments too. I have no clue if rituals or such work, but I may try researching a way to call a ghost or some such. Wish I knew more about that kind of thing.” She took another sip.. “Remind me to steal a copy of the Ars Goetia.” She said, making smll notes of things she found while reading.


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#, as written by TheFlag

Taking another casual sip from his glass of water Adam took a passing glance at where his door used to hang, shaking his head he felt weary, so tired and although he felt absolutely nothing for the apartment he lived in it was more of the principle, another thing added to the to-do list; it kept getting longer and longer. He couldn't help but feel tired when gazing at the amount of things he had to do.

Sliding the empty glass aside Adam turned towards the man, although he treated the man with disdain his eyes held an alertness. Leaning against the counter he listened to the man's retort, “There's a police car out front and the first thing you assume is I'm some sort of loan shark? What kind of conspiracy theory books have you been reading lately?" Adam paused, thinking a moment he took a glance aside at his computer, remembering a page he browsed about Lizard people controlling the government. He shook his head glumly.

Amelia's paranoia had a tendency to rub off on him he supposed, not that he believed any of that stuff, it was just Adam was at heart a suspicious person. "Well... the cop could have been under the bank's pay-role. Police have a tenancy to oppress the people more than protect them these days after all." Adam began, his voice dripping his neurosis as well as his cynicism.

"Don't worry about your loan, I'll handle it.” The man announced and Adam found himself perturbed, a man appears out of nowhere offering to pay his debts. Adam's mind rebelled it refused to believe that was a valid answer. Casting a more suspicious eye over the man, Adam doubted what the man said, more likely that he was lying and had some ulterior motive. Pushing himself off the counter he was leaning on he remained silent.

Stretching the man said, “Anywho, I've come to get you." That particular line sent a shiver down Adam's spine, "No way else to say it: you're the son of the Grim Reaper. Now, let's get going, shall we?” Adam blinked a few times like an owl, a stray thought broke off in his mind, well at least I'm not the only one in this town who's crazy, getting up from the couch the man strolled towards the door. “I've got to fetch another one of your siblings before nightfall, so think in the car.” Amelia and Emily? Adam at this point couldn't help but laugh.

Turning towards the remnants of his door, he looked at the man confidently "You my friend, are delusional. Completely out of your mind. Congratulations. I think you'd even give poor ol' Amelia a run for her money." He picked up the empty glass he slid across the counter, pulling open a cub-board he pulled out a bottle of whiskey, filling the glass partially he turned back to the man taking a sip. "If you want I'll put you in touch with my sister's shrink, he's an asshole but I hear he works wonders."

Pausing for a moment, he recalled the number, "Phone numbers 773-338-7786, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Oh wait... I don't have a door." Taking another sip of his drink, he turned away and closed his eyes, setting his drink on the counter.


Figuring that was all that she needed to tell Julius she pushed herself up from the bench, she began to stroll away. Continuing to walk across the streets that seemed somehow desolate, pulling out from her other arm was another file she had taken from her cabinet. Another child of Death, a boy named Vincent. Checking details she was somewhat shocked when she read that he was blind.

Looking at the address in the file she decided that would be the best place to start, noting the address down in her mind she set off. Navigating the streets and turns she eventually found herself at the address, the house looked fine and expensive and Arabelle wondered silently if all of Death's children got families like this. Rich human parents that would make sure their child would want for nothing, she pondered her Master's view on his children.

Apparently standing there gawking wasn't the best of things to do as she heard two people behind her, turning and facing them she guessed they were the house's owners and by extension Vincent's guardians. Having just arrived back home they looked startled to see a random woman standing on their property.

Arabelle in a panic quickly extended her hand, "Hello! Hello! Uh- I'm Ara-" She winced before quickly repairing her statement, "Victoria, uh, I'm looking for Vincent, I don't suppose you could tell me where he is?" The people looked at her suspiciously, the man in the suit asked her who she was. In that time Arabelle had regained her composure and told him formally that she was the Headteacher at the school Vincent attended

The woman was quick to answer, "Oh! Our poor darling has had an accident," Arabelle nodded politely listening.

"Is he okay?" Arabelle asked, actual concern leaking from her voice, she then realized that she was a stranger and winced. The man picked up on this but the woman continued liking the attention.

"Oh he's fine now, he is remaining at the hospital though." Arabelle nodded figuring that it had something to do with his heart. Having a heading for her next destination she thanked both the people and simply walked away. Most probably leaving them very confused. She also felt guilty, knowing that the likelihood of them seeing their son after this was low.

Knowing where the hospital was Arabelle headed towards it unfazed, she walked towards the receptionist desk and asked to see a Vincent, when asked why she said that the school wanted to wish him well. The receptionist thought nothing of it and let her through giving her meager directions. She thought she had found the room but it was empty, it had equipment scattered about; someone had been in this room before.

Shutting the door Arabelle tried to locate the boy's power, to her gratification it was strong like a raging inferno, also among it was another power source. Widening her eyes she began to follow it, was it another messenger? An entity? She broke into a light jog and was in a panic.

Eventually the power source led to another room, approaching it carefully she peered inside the half-window the door had. To her surprise she saw that the other power source had been Grey, Death's weapon. She stood there gawping for a good second or two, she had not seen him in positively ages. Thinking of how to proceed she decided a simple knock would suffice. Rapping her knuckles against the door she opened it and stepped inside.

"Hello." She proceeded to announce, her eyes focusing on Grey, for a moment she did not register the boy on the bed. Breaking her gaze she turned to Vincent, "You must be Vincent, it's a pleasure to meet you. I would like to talk to you if that's okay? About what happened to you today." Her gaze then snapped back onto Grey's, "But first I'd like to talk to your friend..." Her head gestured the door, suggesting that they talk outside.


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#, as written by Rarikou
Remiel sighed. He had hoped he would have just said 'okay' and gone with him. He hated trying to convince people he wasn't insane.” I've heard it all before kid, but do you honestly think a police officer would stay active on the force if there was even a small suspicion of insanity?” He walked over to the fridge, pulling out yet another soda, opening the lid. “ Let me guess: you had a heart attack before walking through the door? You reacted to my supernatural presence, and It's a sign of transformation.”

He walked over and sat down on the couch, sipping the drink. “Listen kid, whoever you think is your blood family, isn't true. Name's Remiel. I'm one of your father's messengers.” He said. He stretched his arms out. “Don't tell me you haven't heard the story of how the Boss Man founded this place? That one's completely true. He exists, and is more capable of having children... in other words, you.”

He checked his watch, and grimaced. “ The longer we stay here, the more one of the others stands of getting murdered... I'd rather not do this the ugly way but... oh I know! Carrot in the front, plank behind.” He said, pulling out a checkbook. “Tell you what- come with me, give me a chance, I'll write you a check for however much your debt is. Don't come, I make up a crime and arrest you, and we go prove my words anyway.” He said, glad he thought of this idea. He unholstered his gun, spinning it around his finger. “What's it gunna be? I can be your best friend, or your biggest nightmare.”

A voice came in on the radio. “Hey, sheriff. That name you wanted us to look out for just came over the airwaves- she's in the hospital.”

“What?” Remiel asked, cursing a long string of words. “Damn it, I have no time for this! That's one your siblings, now hurry and make up your damn mind!” He said, playfulness no loner present in his voice.

“Oh, anything's fine.” She said to Jameson. “I would do well just to have another person versed in the occult giving me a hand now and then.”

As she examined the dirt, she blinked. “Hmmm... some of the minerals seem harder than most... but that isn't much to go on, “ She said, then turned to the assistant. “Get this to an analyzer, get them to tell me the exact chemical makeup on this soil.” The newbie nodded, walking out the door.

She stretched as she got up, going to join Jameson standing next to the idiot. “You mean you actually came up with something of worth?