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Grim Reaper

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a character in “My Daddy Death: Revamp”, as played by Gintoki Sakata



The Grim Reaper is Death with a capital D. He is perhaps the most recognized entity of all time, neither ghost nor god. Mr. Death wears a dark cloak with a hood covering his face, and is renouned for carrying a scythe. Figuratively speaking, the Grim Reaper is in the gap between life and death, essentially helping people pass from the living world to that of the dead, he takes the soul of a person when it is their time to leave the living world.
No one would ever have thought that the Reaper himself would have children, or a family. Mysterious as always.

So begins...

Grim Reaper's Story


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Sevan was now working a Saturday morning, taking over for another bartender who was out sick. "Comon Sevi! Take a lurksie. She's real cute, right? EHEHEHE!" The drunk patron chuckled while flashing his cellphone in Sevan's face. There was a picture of a beautiful brunette woman with a dashing smile on it. "You don't say? She's is quite the beauty Joshua. If you're not careful, I might steal her for myself." Sevan chuckled lightly, while cleaning out a glass mug. "Wazzat? You wanna steal ma girl? Yur gonna haff ta fight meh first, bub!" Joshua stated before falling over. He was a regular at the Reaper's Pub, and Sevan has gotten to know him very well.

"Heh. Dumb drunk. Although. I find it funny that you work here, yet you never drink yourself." An older customer who was sitting next to Joshua commented. He was also a regular, but seemed to be a very observant one. "Oh! So you've noticed have you? Yes. It's true that I don't drink. But my brother Raul can compensate for that. Whenever I bring some liquor home for him, he guzzles it all down at once. Then he stays up all night, making me feel like I'm having the hangover." Sevan joked, while getting out from behind the counter to help Joshua back onto his seat. Except that he wasn't actually joking. It isn't unusual for Sevan to awake with a splitting headache every other morning. "My my. It looks like I'll have to call his sister to come pick him up again." Sevan shook his head at his now passed out friend.
"Heh. You sure do talk funny. And pardon me for saying so, but you and your brother's names sound a little weird to me as well." The older patron commented while starring in dissaproval of Joshua. "Ah. Well you see. My brother and I are actually from the Alps. Actually, I do believe we lived much farther south. The Underworld, you could say." Sevan said, putting on one of his winner smiles.

All of a sudden Sevan felt many strange sources of powers bursting throughout the town. 'It looks like it's finally happening, Sev. We should check it out! Let me take over!' Raul called out to him from within Sevan's head. It wasn't the first time Raul woke up while Sevan was still awake. Seeing as Raul spent most of his time sleeping anyway. 'Calm yourself Raul. You'll get your chance to burn your energy later. We have to notify Lord Death before we act.' Sevan responded, beginning to make his way towards the front door. "Jessica! Will you be fine on your own for the rest of the morning?" He called out to the waitress, who seemed to have already been ready to take over. 'She's a real busy body. And why do we have to consult that bastard for anyway? You don't have to follow his orders by the book all the time.' Raul stated, a little upset that Sevan didn't decide to take action yet. As soon as Sevan made his way out the front door, he turned the corner until he made it to an abandoned ally. He then stepped into the deepest shadows while closing his eyes, and concentrating his energy around his body.

When Sevan reopened his eyes, he was in front of a dark sinister-looking castle. It large structure cascaded along the bank of a river made of fire. The river Phlegethon. From far away the building could be mistaken for a small mountain range. "Simply breathtaking. Don't you think, Raul? As always, it's good to be home." Sevan said in absolute awe, as his flesh began to melt away and reform into his actual form. 'Sure. Whatever you say. Can we just get this over with? I don't want to be in Hades anymore than I have to be. Screw it. I'm going back to sleep.' Raul complained, before quickly drifting off. The fuzzy feeling in Sevan's head went away, signifying that Raul had indeed gone back to sleep. "Well at least I don't have to deal with him for now." Sevan stated to himself before walking towards the front gates of Castle Oblivion. Immediately, the gates opened for Sevan. 'It seems that Lord Death has been expecting me after all. Sevan thought to himself, with a tinge of excitement.

He ignored all of the creatures and followers that resided in the castle. At the moment, he was only concerned with announcing the good news to Lord Death. Soon he made it to the thrown room. The doors opened as he stood before them. Sevan bowed his head downward, almost to where his snout touched the floor. The ram-head on his tail swished around playfully, as Raul still had control over at least that. 'It would seem as if Raul is having a particularly good dream.' Sevan thought quickly before he was addressed by a raspy-voiced creature. "The Chimera of Pestilence, Sevan Raul has come to see you, Lord Death." Compared to most of the other beings in Oblivion Castle, Sevan found "Norke", Lord Death's right hand the ugliest. Norke had bulging-red eyes. Skin so black, you would guess that he bathed in charcoal. He didn't even look all too powerful, as Norke was about the size of a rabbit standing upright. And his voice was almost unbearable. Sevan figured that Lord Death must have picked him out of every other entity, because he was the most gruesome. Although Sevan has seen far worse out in the scorching plains of Hades.
"Lord Death. I bring news regarding your children. It seems they have finally awakened." Sevan smirked inwardly, desperately awaiting his master's response.


The silence that inhabited Death's throne room was almost suffocating. The shrouded man studied Sevan Raul. The two spirits he trusted with all his non-existent heart.
"This is an interesting development," A dark, deep voice finally sounded from the hooded figure. "Go, my dear friend, I predict they will be struggling with their new identities. It would be an inconvenience if the world of the living were informed."
He meant to stop, but instead added something more "I will be there when I can, take care of them until I am able to assist."


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While Sevan agreed that they shouldn't jump to conclusions, he couldn't rid himself of the wrenching feeling in his gut that something was seriously wrong with the eighth power source. However, Arabelle's indirect suggestion that he should carry out the main investigation was clear enough for him to pick up. Although, it reassured him that Remiel would be assisting him through his own methods. Sevan envied how well he was able to make use of his human life for matters concerning both the world of the living, and the Underworld. He didn't like the idea of attempting to hide things from his lord, or deceive him in any way. But he knew that he had already been doing so by not mentioning the eighth power in his earlier reports. There was no use in giving his lord any cause for alarm now.

After Remiel had already began leaving, Sevan smiled and turned to give a friendly wave to Arabelle, before closing his eyes, and shifting back to the world of the living. In the middle of doing so, he tracked the first child he could find, and appeared in a close by area. Once he opened his eyes, he found that he was in a back yard of what appeared to be an orphanage. Swiftly, he sprinted through the yard, and found cover in the form of a medium-sized bush."Lets see... If memory serves me correctly, several of the children grew up in an orphanage for at least some point in their lives..." He spoke to himself quietly, closing his eyes and trying to recall who he was looking for. 'Ah, yes! I do believe this is the residence of a miss, Victorinne Eliade!' He thought to himself with a sense of brilliance.

As he surveyed the yard, Sevan found no signs of life. Finally, he put his ear to a shallow, wooden portion of the house, near where he was hiding. Sevan could make out several voices coming from within the room on the other side. He concentrated, while searching through the souls of the house, until he finally came upon Rinne's. 'Hmm. It seems that she has yet to go through any of the three stages...Duly noted.' He thought. He again felt that familiar buzz in his head that could only mean that Raul had awoken again. 'Annoying...' Sevan managed, before Raul began his yammering. 'Who you calling annoying, eh? We finally hunting down these brats or what?' Raul asked, with a mental yawn. 'Although I don't approve of the term "hunting" when referring to Lord Death's children, yes. We are indeed seeking them out.' He replied, while making his way to a nearby window and peering through. He ignored any of the incesent rambling Raul said, while scoping out the room intently. From there, he could make out Rinne with three of what he assumed were her foster siblings. She seemed to be the only one facing in a direction to where he could be within sight. Sevan smiled to himself, reveling in how happy this child seemed. He felt almost ashamed that he was about to show her a world where that happiness cannot exist. He turned away from the window, and lifted his finger directly underneath it. He channeled energy through it and sparked a blue, purple, and pink flame from his finger. It was bright enough to be seen through the window, but not enough to where it gave off a heavy glow through the morning light. The flame only lasted a second, as he merely wanted to grab Rinne's attention. Not make her think the yard was on fire.