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Julius Amator

"You're all so annoying... I mean, nice to meet you."

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a character in “My Daddy Death: Revamp”, as played by libidinosus





Ahh, the strange personality of Julius. Julius appears simply as a carefree, benevolent, and averagely intelligent person to those who do not know him. He appears to be a sociable and easy to read person. He is someone who people would trust to take care of their children or to take care of their banking. People tend to see him as naive and quite frankly, stupid. He gets perfectly average grades and doesn't stand out mentally to others, giving others a sense of superiority over him. He does however, stand out in physical areas. He is highly skilled at gymnastics and will most likely be seen climbing around buildings or trees.

Julius is one of the most dangerous people you'll ever meet. He is not in the slightest idiotic and could easily pass school. He simply chooses to stay under the radar. He wouldn't want to stand out in this little town, now would he? Julius is, to say the least, manipulative and destructive. He does not however, solely destroy passively nor actively. He destroys by whichever manner is quickest and easiest to hide. Should it be easier to strike quickly and obviously, then he'll do so. Should it be safer to strike slowly and hidden, then he'll do so.
Julius does have emotions however, and will protect those he cares about to an insane degree. He adapts quickly and easily to most situations. He will, if he is shown enough evidence, accept things that would shock others with ease. He is in actuality, capable of doing horrendous deeds without feeling remorse. He could slaughter millions without feeling a hint of regret. This is due to his solipsistic nature. He believes that only a few beings are truly alive and the rest are simply there for a background. As for being good or evil, he's neither. He doesn't believe that those words actually hold any meaning. What is good to someone, is bad to someone else. What is bad to someone, is good to someone else. He sees the words 'good' and 'evil' to be entirely subjective and unnecessary.
Julius can however, truly enjoy himself around people he cares about. He'll prod them and joke around with them. If you should anger him however or his 'family', you'll see how terrifying he is. He will kill you without a second thought should the chance to do so safely arises. He will not back down in fear from any being and will only back down if he knows he'll be defeated.
Julius has a sort of sister-complex. This is mostly due to the fact that he has no known relatives to whom he can turn to. Although the fact that he's spent six years with her plays a large factor as well. He tends to treat her as he imagines one would would treat family: with respect, kinship, and love. Julius will not tolerate people harming his sister and will not hesitate to act should someone do so.
Family Life:
Julius lives with his adoptive sister, Vivi, who unknowingly to him, is his biological half-sister through his father's side. He knows not of his mother, father, nor if he has any blood-related siblings. He does however, plan on figuring out.
Success - Julius plans on being a successful business owner when he grows up. He plans on manufacturing weapons and selling them to countries at war, usually both sides of the conflict. He plans on doing this by making two seperate companies and running them both publicly as rivals, without revealing the CEO's of either.
Finding Relatives - Julius is, unsurprisingly, curious about his lineage and wishes to find out who he is. He wants to meet his parents, assuming their alive, and figure out why they left him on his own.
Own the largest library ever - Julius is quite literate and spends a lot of time reading books. He wishes to have a library much larger than the Royal Library of Alexandria. He plans on having purely paperback books in this library, with the books stored on a digital server should the paper copies be lost.
Likes and Dislikes:
☑ Books - Julius enjoys reading. There's not much else to say. If he were to choose a favorite author, it would be "Howards Phillips Lovecraft"
☑ Music - Julius enjoys classical music the most, but he doesn't necessarily dislike any other type excepting Dubstep, Country, and Death Metal. He just genuinely dislikes dubstep, country, and death metal.
☑ Lovecraftian-themed art
☑ Control
☑ Cooking - Julius was prepared in advance for the eventual leave of his butler, cooking being a skill he learned.

☒ Fools
☒ Close-minded people
☒ Not being in control
☒ Most people
☒ Liars - It's not a moral issue. He just dislikes people who specifically lie to him.

Julius just as much as anyone knows about his mother and next to nothing on his father. Julius's mother was, from what he was told, a rich and eccentric woman. She was named Alexandra and lived in a quite large estate. Alexandra was rumored to be interested in dark arts and to be a demon herself. She was said to have done many things, but none of those things have been proven. Julius himself was raised without knowing his mother, for she had disappeared after his birth. She had, supposedly, been sent to the underworld after giving birth to a Son of Death. Insane, right? That's what Julius thought when he heard the rumor.

Julius and his sister, Viridiana Contessa Amator, were raised by a butler until Julius aged sixteen. By that age, Julius was seen as capable of taking care of himself and the butler left Julius on his own. Julius was slightly hurt, but he wasn't particularly worried. He hadn't been an idiotic child who could not take care of himself. In fact, his new liberty was refreshing. Although it did take him a bit of time to decided to go to school of his own volition. He didn't need to pay a rent for his estate, seeing as he owned the land he lived. Nor did he need to pay for power, seeing as he had invested in an electricity company which was quite successful. He did, however, need to find experience for a future job he have ended up working at, so he started a digital business. This business specialized in creating video games, which were quite easy to sell. Julius didn't really have to do much and ended up simply exploring his estate. He could easily cook, seeing as he was taught by his butler a year before his butler left. This in mind, Julius didn't really have much responsibility other than protecting his sister and keeping his business running.

What is your otherworld entity:
Umbra Daemon - An Umbra Daemon, otherwise known as a Shadow Demon, is basically a demon with abilities related to shadows.
Transformation Appearance:
Julius has two demonic forms to choose from. His first has little change to his physical change to his body and instead affects his shadow. When in this form, his eyes turn black and he can no longer move his body. In this form, he controls his shadow instead of his body.
In his second form, his body and shadow merge together and become a 3-dimensional shape. This shape is usually amorphous unless Julius wills himself into solidity.
When Julius is in his first demonic form, he cannot move his physical body but can move his shadow. His shadow can be stretched quite a bit but looses strength the more it is stretched. Julius can shape his shadow into any shape imaginable as long as the shape is still connected to his body. The density of his shadow is equivalent to the power Julius has and Julius power is equivalent to the Shadow's. Julius's shadow grows in power as it kills other beings and absorbs their shadow, meaning that Julius also gains power when he kills another being. He could also eat the shadows of objects, but absorbing an non-living object's shadow isn't very efficient.
In his second form, Julius's body merges with his shadow and becomes a 3-dimensional amorphous shape. Julius is free to shape his shadow at will, but must be careful not to overstretch his shadow or risk losing its density. Should his shadow loose to much density from having parts of it cut off, then Julius, when returning to his non-demonic form, will experience fatigue.
Anything else:
Not at the moment.

So begins...

Julius Amator's Story


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Julius had awoken quite a while ago, specifically at 5:00am. He rarely woke up later than that on weekdays or weekends, mostly due to having decided to do his chores early in the morning. His, self-issued chores of course. He had to learn responsibility after his butler left, it was either that or act like an idiotic child until he decided to hire new help. He could certainly afford it, but he didn't trust most people and he didn't know if he even wanted help. He'd need to talk to his sister about the issue, later of course.

As for where Julius had gone after getting his hygeine taken care of and finishing his chores, he had gone outside of his mansion and onto a bench of his estate. He still had quite a bit of land till he reached the edges of his estate and more importantly, his electrical fences. He had quite a tight security system around his estate put into effect. He had cameras covering every enterance to his estate and cameras covering those cameras. He had multiple electrical fences, each built higher than the last, and weapons hidden around his house. He could easily defend his estate from outside threats should that be necessary, but he rarely worried about being attacked. He did, after all, have a "Glock 21 .45 ACP". He most likely wasn't old enough to own a gun, but that didn't stop him from owning over forty. Money could let you get past a lot of rules.

"Damn..." Julius had dropped the book he had been reading. He had a pain in his chest, one that seemed to feel like if his heart itself was being ripped out of his chest. His vision turned red for a second before returning to normal. He was sweating and immediately thought that he had a heart attack, before remembering that his conclusion was heavily flawed. He hadn't had insomnia, restricting feelings, nor any symptoms other than those. The ones that he did have could be ruled out due to having had them for a few weeks. He would have had a heart attack earlier had it been one.

After a few minutes of calming down, he noticed that he was in a sort of paralysis. He could only close and open his eyes. He panicked after seeing an unfamiliar shadow on the ground. One that appeared to be mocking him by copying the movements he was attempting to make. He closed his eyes suddenly and counted to three, then opened them and was met with his normal shadow. He could now move and decided to sigh in relief before getting up and running towards his mansion. He didn't bother to pick up his now discarded book. He instead, ran into his mansion, went past the kitchen, up to the third floor, into his room, and finally into his bathroom. He turned on the water from his sink and splashed some on his face before regaining his composure completely. He had probably not had enough sleep and was getting hallucinations due to that. Yeah, it was probably that.

Julius's false sense of security was soon shattered after he looked into the mirror and saw the deep-black pupils his reflection had. They were unnatural, eerily unnatural. It took him a few seconds to register what he was seeing. When he did register it, his hands were on the sides of the sink yet the mirror broke. He had subconsciously broken the mirror with his shadow and he had seen his shadow do it. He could no longer put these happenings to the side as mere hallucinations. He accepted that he was most likely not human after steeling himself. It took him a bit of time, but he managed to make it to the library which made up most of his mansion's basement. The library made use of the large size of the estate and stretched itself to fit those borders. It stretched downwards as well and had quite a bit of its floors filled with books. Julius had taken to filling up the rest, but had not managed to do so completely. Julius however, did not come down to his library/basement to find a book to enjoy. He came down there to find a book regarding supernatural entities.

Julius didn't find what he was looking for. He simply found books of fiction and none which seemed to be written seriously. He hadn't actually expected to find the answer to what was happening in a book, but it would have been nice to have done that. He after deciding to search in town to see if he could find anything relating to his situation, went up to his room and found contacts. He checked in his full-size mirror to see if his pupils were still black, noted that they were, and decided to put on the contacts. He then, after putting on his contacts, decided to put on glasses. It had been quite a while since he had to wear them, but they still worked, sharpening his vision slightly. He'd have to live with it until his pupils returned to their normal color or at least until he found a way to hide their unnatural blackness.

He, after having done all this, went to the living room on the first floor of his mansion and decided to simply lay on a couch and watch television. He didn't bother checking if his sister was awake or if she had seen his haste, but he didn't need to worry about that. She was probably awake after the little incident with the mirror if she hadn't been awake previously, and he was wearing contacts to hide his pupils' unnatural color. He turned on the television and went to the news section. Maybe he would find something interesting or something that corresponded to his current situation. He couldn't just go out into town after having experienced all that he had. He'd have to wait a bit until he was sure he was calm.


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#, as written by TheFlag

Arabelle turned her back towards the door, satisfied that everything would go according to plan and that hopefully they'd find the children and everything would go off without a hitch. In the corner of her eye she saw Sevan wave at her before quickly disappearing, having gone back to the mortal realm, after this was over she hoped she could have a proper talk with both of them and catch up. A wave of calm washed over her and she smiled, it was time to get to work.

Closing her eyes and opening them she appeared in her room again, standing in front of her mirror, as if she had never left. Noting that her hair had fallen out of place she quickly began to tidy it, her brown locks were in a tight bun and one stray hair covered her forehead. Satisfied she headed down stairs, ignoring the work and coffee she had spilt earlier, at the moment it was irrelevant. She had documents on all of Death's children, at least the ones that had passed through her school, it was the best place to start with the ones she had more information on.

The files lay in her personal study's desk, which always was under lock and key. The files were ordered alphabetically, with the child's surname and gender. Upon reaching her study she produced a key from her pocket and unlocked the desk, "I really should get with the times and go digital..." She absent-mindedly stated unaware that there was no one here to listen to her. Simply choosing the closest and first file, she opened it and her eyes began to scan it intently: the name on the file was Julius Amator.

The child, Julius appeared in all respects average, he scored exactly average on everything he partook in but he did appear to excel in gymnastics. Teachers commented that Julius was a nice person, one that socialized and had little problems and although he only scored average he was nice to teach. On the negative Julius was quite care free and frankly as some teachers put it: dull. Upon reading this Arabelle thought it would be easy enough to approach this boy, scanning the file for an address which she quickly found she prepared to set off. Grabbing her black leather coat she set off towards the address.

Upon reaching the address she was quite surprised, Julius appeared to be quite wealthy but it seemed logical, Lord Death would want his children to have comfortable lives she supposed. Glancing at the gates of the estate she decided it'd be better if she just appeared, rather then have the boy speculate about what she was going to ask. Taking a quick look around to look for any people that might be watching, she found she couldn't see anyone. In an instant she leapt far normal than any human could, she hovered gently before landing gracefully on the other side of the gate. Brushing down her clothes she strolled up to Julius's door.

Upon the first knock she waited politely for several minutes, she knocked again after and lastly for a third time. She guessed that no one was home from the lack of response. "Well now what am I going to do?" She murmured to herself, she began pacing outside before she realized that there had been a burst of power in this proximity, writing it off that she had not properly attuned herself to it. It seemed especially thick inside the house, turning she noticed that although the residual power got weaker she could follow it.

Setting off in a set direction she noted the landscape change into a more urban one. Upon walking on one of the sidewalks she noted that the trail had ended, ended at a boy who had sat on a bench. Although Julius' file had no picture she figured that this was indeed him. She stopped on the sidewalk and quickly ran a brisk eye over the boy, he had brown hair and eyes and generally looked very unassuming. Shaking herself free of this daze she strolled forward towards the boy.

Arabelle confidently strolled over to the bench and sat next to the boy, sitting up straight she gathered her thoughts and generally how she was going to break it down for him. "Hello... Julius, it's good to finally see you." She paused before adding, "I usually make it a prerogative to have met all students. You however I haven't had the pleasure of meeting before." After a longer pause Arabelle decided to speed things up a little, let him know that she knew, "How is your heart by the way? There's nothing wrong with it!" She quickly said "It just hurts when... well I'm sure you know." She turned looking at him more analytically, trying to determine what response she was going to get.


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Julius hadn't been shocked about the fact that a supernatural creature had approached him. He was expecting that. He just wasn't expecting the creature to be someone from his school or so blunt. It had been obvious that the person, Arabelle, who had sat next to him was someone who knew him. She most likely wasn't a reporter, seeing as Julius had spent quite a bit of time staying under the radar. She wasn't a neighbor or family friends, because his mothers' friends were all dead and he knew all his neighbors.

He figured out that she was a teacher at his school when she mentioned students, and subsequently deduced that she was someone of importance. Otherwise he would have met her before in one of his classes. Julius began laughing when she mentioned his heart. It seemed funny at the time.

"I guess you know something about what's happening to me." He had stopped laughing a few seconds before. "My heart's quite well, although it has been acting up lately." He had taken off his contacts and glasses to reveal the deep-black eyes he had. He was surprisingly calm, mostly so he wouldn't do something stupid. He didn't want to risk making quite possibly the only person who had answers to his problem go away.

"Now then, would you mind telling me about what's happened to me?" He had a rather serious and calculative demeanor, although he didn't notice this. He was being careless, and letting his facade down. He had forgotten to add a jovial personality to his voice and act naive. Any observant person could have told that he wasn't idiotic.

"While we're on this subject, how did you find me and could another creature similar to you find me through the same manner?" He didn't particularly enjoy the idea of being found by non-friendly supernatural creatures and he didn't know any wards to keep them away. He had been lucky that Arabelle had been the one to find him instead of something else.


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#, as written by TheFlag

Arabelle looked at the boy, taking in his response and was glad that he wasn't surprised or shocked, that's always a good sign she thought; hopefully the boy would believe everything else, she doubted it though. Although he knows and believes there is something wrong with him she doubted he'd believe that he along with six others are the children of the Grim Reaper.

Julius broke into a short laugh when Arabelle had mentioned his heart having trouble, raising an eyebrow she looked at him. Laughter was also an abnormal reaction, from where Arabelle was standing this didn't match the boy on her file. Anyone normal would reject this, still she supposed he was on of Death's children. They all had something strange about them she guessed.

After he stopped laughing he began to respond, "I guess you know something about what's happening to me." Arabelle answered with a simple nod, "My heart's quite well, although it has been acting up lately. Adjusting her position on the park bench she remained stoic and serious as she always did when she worked.

Julius had removed his glasses and contacts, revealing the deep-black pools he had for eyes, Arabelle inched closer and muttered to herself mostly "Interesting." So he was at the second stage, he had already began manifesting his demonic side. His entire demeanor was calm while doing so, silently she wished that the other children would be as accepting as she figured this one was.

"Now then, would you mind telling me about what's happened to me?" The boy had asked, his voice and body language echoing his seriousness, his tone of voice changed becoming more sharper. Raising an eyebrow she had realized that all her teacher's observations on this Julius were worth absolutely nothing, he acted more serious, firm and there was an intelligence behind those black eyes. He was a completely different person, noting this she figured that most of the children would not fit the teacher's observations.

Remaining silent, she let the boy continue, "While we're on this subject, how did you find me and could another creature similar to you find me through the same manner?" Nodding, that was quite the pragmatic question. If she found him other entities could find him.

Closing her eyes and gathering her thoughts she began, "I found you by trailing your power, at the moment it's out of control. The heartache you feel earlier is you awakening and due to it being your first... well it lets off a lot of power that I can track..." Pausing she decided to be honest with Julius, "Yes other entities can track you like I did. That's why we have to hurry and get to the others." She left it purposely ambiguous.

Time to get down to the main question, looking directly at Julius she spoke, "Julius you've kept an open mind so far and I ask that you listen and do so again. I work for your father... he is the official creator of Reaper, he is Death to be blunt. The scythe, robe? All that. Your powers have so far been latent but now you have awakened and well... it's time for a family reunion I guess." Deciding to not tell him the whole story, let him comprehend this she stopped.

While awaiting his response she moved to get up from the bench, "Julius I've got to go, I have urgent business, but I would like it if you would come back to my apartment and wait while I do so. I have wards there and you'll be safe for the time being."


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Julius had slightly expected that Arabelle would blow him off and call him insane, but that didn't happen. Instead, she answered his questions to what appeared to be her best effort. Julius would have gone into shock or become mad if he wasn't as solipistic as he was. Nothing is true; everything is permitted, this was the way he was saw the world, but enough about that.

Julius furrowed his brows when he heard that others could track him and was about to say something, but stopped to listen. He wouldn't interrupt, he might miss something if he did. He only smiled when he was told of his 'supposed' lineage. It seemed so funny, how all the pieces of his life fitted into that story. Julius would get to meet his father and decided whether or not to be angered towards him.

It took him a few seconds to register what she had said, and what she had forgotten to say. She had forgotten to tell him where her damned appartment was at, but he could handle figuring it out. He pulled out a phone and went into the school's website as an administrator. He found the addressess of the three most influential people in the school he went to and decided to pass by each of them.

Finding the correct house took a bit of time, but he finally managed to find the house of who he now knew to be Arabelle. It felt different from the other houses and instinct had told him to go inside. He sat down at a random location and expanded his phone. After doing this, he began typing into a journal. He'd need to keep track of events, and so he would.


James had been met with broken machinery when he went to see the equipment he would monitor the fairy through. He had the ability to, through connection with optic nerves, see what the fairy saw. He could as well hear what the fairy heard, but that was unimportant. The data was being transmitted on a specific frequency and could not be deciphered without the proper equipment. He could not however, go back to his mansion to use the equipment there, for he had already wasted enough time.

He decided to instead see if any of his associates had similar enough equipment which he could configure to decipher his signals. He doubted his luck would be that well, but it was worth a try.

He walked through the hall and passed assistants with a smile on his face, a fake on at that. His body language radiated serenity and benevolence, but anyone who could look into his mind would know otherwise. James eventually reached the place he was looking for and the person he was looking for, Ulrich Lehtnur. He would have asked his other associate, but he felt that he had little time. He waited a few seconds before entering the room and calmly approached Ulrich, smiling as he did so. "I apologize to bother you, but would you by chance have a device capable of receiving signals of specific wavelengths?" He waved quickly at Aria then returned his attention to Ulrich, "I may or may not have a tracking device put onto a... creature of sorts, if that interests you." He kept his description of the fairy ambiguous. He didn't want people to think he was insane, mostly out of unconventionality. He didn't want to bother dealing with assistants who feared him, that would have been too troublesome.

That's when he noticed the book Aria had. He hadn't expected it to be there and had an expression of shock on his face for a second. He quickly traced an Enochian sigil he had sketched on his hand, making his palm glow slightly. Anyone looking at his palm would see that he had the warding on it, but most would probably dismiss it as a luminescent drawing. If she knew about the sigil however, she would be able to notice it. He quickly regained his composure and stopped tracing the sigil on his palm. She was probably just scientifically interested in the myths of Reaper. "May I ask if you're having any progress with your endeavors, madam?" He didn't dare ask directly whether or not she truly knew of the supernatural or if she had barely scratched the surface.